My Favorite Fun Workouts

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People often ask me, “What do you do to work out?” As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, we have to get a little creative with our fitness routines—so in this video I share my favorite workouts and tips on how to stay committed to exercising.

Want more info in the products I talk about in the video? Here you go!

I hope this video inspires you fall in love with your fitness routine!

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  1. SO true! Exercise should never be forced or feel like a chore – it should be fun. I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer, but it was wearing me down (both physically and mentally). Now I love Pilates, so that’s my fun exercise and it keeps me lean and in great shape. Others hate Pilates, and that’s fine. Do what you love and move, move, move 🙂 I also love the concept of an exercise “igniting your spirit.”

  2. Gabby,

    I always see you wearing a beautiful crystal triangle necklace! Where can I find one like that?

    Lots of love!

  3. I love taking dance classes with live percussion. It really helps clear my mind and center myself. I LOVE yoga, very into Forrest yoga now. I also love mma workout classes to bring out my inner warrior

  4. I’ve been doing aerial yoga for the past couple months and absolutely love it! I’m so very thankful to have a class near home!

  5. Gabbs!!!!
    I have been waiting for this opportunity! I am currently at the ButiYoga certification in Raleigh NC and thought of you. My soul searching combo of Spirit Junkie, May Cause Miracles and BUTIYOGA is changing my life in miraculous ways! Try it out and let me know what you think.
    Online at there are sample videos. If you like it I’m sure it would open up some great opportunities to spread self love, release and inner peace.
    – Cass.

  6. Only recently did I discover how much I truly loved hot yoga. I never considered myself “a person who loves to workout” and now, I am training to become a yoga instructor. I feel truly grateful for my new found love.

    Great video! Completely resonates. Affirming. ?

  7. I think that it’s important to find something fun otherwise you focus on the ‘work’ part of workout, which is a complete deterrent. I love nothing more than just putting on my iPod and doing various cardio exercises, with no specific routine in mind. I find that the time flies by and before I know it, a half hour or 45 minutes has passed and I didn’t even notice. Also as a writer, I find this is the time I get my best ideas! I guess the combination of being present in the moment and at the same time, lost in the music increases my creativity and helps to unravel the stories that I’m meant to tell. It really is what helps me to stay centered.

  8. I must admit that I enjoy most my own dance&workout. Moving is a great part of my spiritual practice. I call it the wild path to enlightenment 😉 But I also love rebounding, running and some yoga.

    You’re so right Gabby, exercise should be fun! I do something every morning and every evening, and I go for what my body, mind and soul crave.

    Without movement I’d loose myself in my head…

  9. Thanks Gabby. I think this is an important message. I am a therapist, yoga teacher and health coach and in each of these I have come across so many people who have such a” grin and bare it” mentality when it comes to exercise. Over 20 years ago, I also struggled with an eating disorder and have since worked with countless women to help them recover from their eating disorders. Even though not everyone with a “force myself to work out” mentality has an eating disorder, the energy and message they give themselves is the same, and it is not one of self love. I discovered a long time ago that, for me, that was a form of self hatred. When I got into my own recovery, I promised myself I would not “exercise”, but rather be physical in ways that I love and were an act of self love. I too do something daily. Lately it is either yoga, tango dancing, and or sex. For many years I studied belly dancing and flamenco dancing. In yoga, I try to teach that it is not about physical exercise but rather a spiritual practice with a side benefit of physical fitness, strength and flexibility. I love your message of do what you love and the physical fitness will naturally follow. The biggest mistake people make is doing things they hate. The results are giving themselves the message that they hate themselves and/or setting themselves up to quit and feel they have failed. Instead, let’s all show ourselves a little more love and do the things we love.

  10. I’m doing Focus T25 with Shaun T, but I also love Zumba and just ordered the IntenSati DVD. Can’t wait to get it! Did IntenSati with Patricia Moreno at the IIN Conference where you also spoke (amazing talk!) and it made me cry! I’m also super into yoga and my intuition is telling me to get back into power vinyasa heated yoga – eek! Haha, it’s fun, but intense. Baby steps, planning on going back this Saturday 😉 Oh and I’m getting into Kundalini thanks to you, been practicing a little at home each day, but I’m also going to a class on Thursday! <3

  11. Hi, I have been so inspired by your books and blogs. A fun workout you might enjoy is Pound Fit. It is a workout using lightly weighted drum sticks. It is so much fun!!!!! I don’t even realize I have done a workout, until the music stops. Then, I am exhausted and energized at the same time. Thank you for doing what you do!

  12. I love this post Gabrielle, so true, I love your words of ” Awaken your energetic spirit” and yes if you don’t enjoy your exercise it will become tiresome and you won’t continue. I start Yoga this week and can’t wait. I love walking and I fit in 3 weights sessions at home per week. I have committed to gyms in the past but only usually last 3-6 months as I find it hard juggling, kids, family and work. Each individual person has to find something that works for them and stick to it. Cheers Gabrielle

  13. Currently alternating diffrrent hot yoga style, pilate and juming on our trampoline at home..also keeping a kettlebell around the house helps, and my newest..3 miles a few times a wk even if its walking. Walking is the best exercise for my mind and body..walk for exercise, even if you walk to get dessert
    I named my kettlebell for inspiration.. check on instagram Mariasor29
    Ps..I took yoga and intensati eith you and Patricia in Montaulk! Love! 🙂

  14. I love love love that you suggest finding an exercise that feels spiritual for you. I’ve never thought of it that way! It *totally* makes sense, though, because everything else in my life has some spiritual nurturing for me, why not exercise??

  15. Love Pilates!! Been doing it for years and starting kundalilini on Monday! Have u heard of pop physique? Based out of CA but franchised! It’s great also!

  16. I fell in love with Pilates so much I started teaching it! Not only has it provided balance in my life, as a sedentary writer, it has also helped to fulfill that mind/body connection I crave. Best yet, it has restored my *confidence* and *strength* that anything is possible after a double mastectomy! Thank you for your post, Gabby — loved your message! Love, Leslie

  17. Gabby!

    This is a great post. I totally swear by loving your workout routine, it’s how I lost 45 lbs. I’m totally inspired to try a few new workouts now. Looking for that fun to get me going again. Maybe squash…

    Stylings & Stories

  18. Sculpere is a ballet based workout braided with yoga technique. Part mat, part barre, this workout is great for every one not just dancers because it unites the rigorous physicality of classical ballet training with the enlightening practice of yoga. Although primarily a physical workout, Sculpere is designed as an all-encompassing approach to health and well-being. The Sculpere philosophy centers around the ideals of self love and acceptance and include Ayurveda and nutritional counseling. Unique in its approach, students are encouraged to see beyond the obvious physical transformation of the workouts and to simultaneously experience higher vibration & mental growth. It is the most fun, therapeutic, and healing workout experience ever!!!

  19. People should check with there home insurance companies before purchasing outdoor trampoline, Im being forced to take mine down after 12 years. Hurricane Sandy has caused stiffer liability for home owners. Im bummed about it but there is always an alternative! PEACE!

  20. Hi Gabby and all,

    There is a “workout” that doesn’t feel at all like working out called Qoya.
    It combines the divine feminine with yoga, dance, and community. You will fall in love 🙂 There are classes in Manhattan at The Yoga Collective or in Brooklyn at Sacred Studio. Also, fyi, there are numerous retreats every year in amazing places just to give you that extra special connection to your body, mother nature, and other spiritual women. Come to Costa Rica in 2014 – it’s going to be amazing!

    1. Hi Gabby:
      I just wanted to say thank you, Your work has really inspired me. I am a yoga teacher and a Zumba instructor. I do a lot of Tara Stiles yoga DVDs at home.
      I loved what you said about making your workouts spiritual rather then a chore. I like working out, but I would be so hard on myself if I don’t fit it in. So that idea of committing to move everyday even just for 15 mins make so much sense.
      This video was so helpful! . I am reading your book Spirit Junkie and I love it. Thank you for being such a inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am running my first full marathon on saturday.Whoa! I am more than a little nervous.Nevertheless, the whole training experience has been invaluable.I learned so much about,technique,fueling properly,clothing,injuries,set backs,and I have even experienced a runners high.I am only at the very start of what I hope will be a lifelong relationship with this.I found it has even helped my yoga practice.

    In all honesty,a half marathon would have been a more reasonable choice for me but making the commitment to the full has gotten me on my legs.My goal is to finish.It has been a lesson in humility,that’s for sure.I think that whatever exercise you do,it is important to be invested on some level beyond just looking good and staying in shape( not that there is anything wrong with that)


  22. One of my fav workouts here in the city is SLT- NYC- Strength Lengthen and Tone, using Pilates Reformer Machines in a group setting. It’s challenging and really works your core!!!

  23. I grew up with a pretty big backyard and we had one of those huge trampolines, something I can’t have living in a condo downtown. I like the small trampolines too but I would spend hours on the big trampoline on a summer day and I just loved it so much! Have you tried an indoor trampoline park where you literally bounce off the walls? Those are super fun too, and make you feel so free.

    Lately I’ve been doing Chi Run-Walk programs, which uses principles of T’ai Chi in your running or walking. You create your movements by moving energy through your body and keeping your arms and legs pretty relaxed. I think the #SpiritJunkie community would like this form of running if you haven’t tried it yet.

    Great topic Gabby xo

  24. Hey Gabby,

    Stellar video. I am also a bit obsessed with Pilates. I follow Cassey Ho. She runs a site I love it because she creates a calendar every month filled with different Pilates exercises for each day that you can as long as you have a connection to YouTube. Might be something you want to check out.

  25. Hi Gabby,

    I used to dance so much when I was younger right through into my early 20’s. I gave up my dream of being a triple threat and went off the radar. I then found pole dancing. I love the achievement of getting a new move, I never felt the same about any work out as I did when I first nailed going upside down. It’s creative, challenging and when I’m spinning around and around I feel so free.TRY IT if you haven’t already. 🙂


  26. Thank you so much Gaby ! I totaly understand the feeling you were describing about runners. I love to run for a 30-40 minutes, it feels like freedom to me and after my run its just amazing. As well, I love hatha vinyiasa yoga. As you said, it is good to figure out if we go to the Studio because we have to or LOVE to… i did Ashtanga yoga and this was like non-stop and rough… so when I turned to hatha vinyasa it was just perfect… still moving in a flow after every posture, but we still take time to do every posture and breathe so it’s a perfect match… THANKS 🙂

  27. Hi Gabrielle! Thanks for your tips! I love your vibe as usual, and as many said already you are very beautiful =)
    Have you heard of Blogilates by Cassey HO? She is a Youtube fitness guru and she rocks! I’m sure you would love her as well, she is doing Pop pilates, Hiits, and many other stuff! She even makes a calendar for her Popsters! Anyway Spirit guided me to her last April and it’s amazing! And very recently I’ve been guided to you and some of your buddies! =) I’m glad to be surrounded by such positive people!

  28. Thanks for your great posts, Gabby! I find you so inspirational! I love Bar Method!! It is such a great workout. :). It really is all about finding something that you love! Makes a world of difference!

  29. Hey Gabby,

    Thanks for this post around the holidays! I too love yoga though I need to work on my consistency in practice. I also really love Pilates. Do you do mat work or a reformer class?

    Finally, over the last few months I have been incorporating studio barre work into my fitness routine. It is also terrific for lean, long muscles.

  30. I’ve never tried Kundalini yoga but I’ve heard wonders about it. I’m an avid yoga student and I love dancing (hip hop and salsa). Kundalini has been on the to-do list for too long. This has inspired me to go try a class today! Thanks.

  31. Hi Gabby! I really liked how you said you enjoy exercises that elongate your muscles! I live near Chicago and go to an exercise studio called The Dailey Method. They are a small franchise, I dont think they have made it out to NYC yet but they do have studios in California and many other states so you should check it out next time you are in Chicago or Cali! Their whole focus is on creating longer, leaner muscles, and they really focus on posture and mental clarity! Thanks for another great video

  32. Inspired by you and tara stiles, I created YOM which is yoga of miracles. A yoga class that combines affirmations. I love ACIM principles and love to share them with people, i want to be a speaker like you but am taking baby steps in this regards, i love to throw miracle mantras in the yoga classes with affirmations. 🙂 P.S. Tara was in delhi and i got a chance to meet her, one day wanna surely attend your workshop in person and give you a big hug for being my virtual teacher. Love!

  33. HI GABBY!


    SAT NAM!

  34. P.S. Gabby, I would love for you to give my Inspire Workouts a try! They’re a blend of yoga, cardio intervals, body weight training + inspired affirmations and meditation throughout the workout delivered through audio (so you can take them anywhere) for a total mind-body movement experience. My mantra: move your body – change your life. Would love to hear your input 🙂

  35. I’ve been practicing yoga first thing in the morning and in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s not a continuous flow of poses because my kids (2 yrs and 9 months) start jumping on me, but I use that as part of the workout! I’m in much stronger shape after 2 kids than ever before–with no gym. Doing body workouts with them–even just carrying them for extended periods–is amazing..and they always keep me moving 🙂

  36. Thanks for this vlog, I feel like moving again despite the cold… I exercise with Tracy Anderson DVD’s which are a good solution as I don’t like going to the gym. I’m gonna try the DVD Pilates for beginners & I have resistance bands hidden somewhere that are gonna see light again! 🙂 Have a nice day

    1. What do you guys think of Tracy Anderson’s exercises? I am kinda interested but not sure whether it’s worth the investment. What’s your call on that?

      1. I LOVE Tracy Anderson! The metamorphosis and continuity is really great because it’s only $30 a month (much less than any gym I’ve ever tried) and you get a new workout every ten days. I really committed to doing this 5-6 days a week and my body has never looked better. I couldn’t recommend it more!

  37. I love how you said “the key to exercise is to fall in love with your exercise.” Play, fun, and all the things that get us moving in our entire being is so awesome! Great advice Gabby 🙂

  38. Hi Gabby! Love this video, thank you! I am also a big Kundalini lover and I am a Gyrotonic instructor! Have you ever heard about Gyrotonic? I think you would love it because it is very similar to pilates but we do more 3 dimensional movements to move the body in all direction to lengthen and have a very free spine! Actually there are many Gyrotonic studio in NY you should check it out! It is so much fun! 😀 Here is a link to my youtube video if you want to see what it looks like!

    1. I eat a lot of veggies. I also eat grassfed meat, wild salmon and green apples.

      i don’t eat sugar, yeast, anything fermented, dairy, or gluten. I am pretty clean these days:)

      1. I would love to hear more about why you don’t eat fermented foods. I always thought they were good for you because of the probiotics, so I’d be super interested in learning more about your take!

  39. Hi,
    I travel internationally so much, mostly Africa where there is no access to gyms – I love the idea of using resistance bands – any tips on how?

    Love G x

  40. Great Vlog Gabby! I an addicted to Hula Hooping. So much fun! I think you’d love it! But I am a gym junkie and PT (just about to launch my new website Fit Girl Secrets) so I love most things. I do agree people need to find something they love. Sure, if you want serious results you’ve got to sweat and it’s not always fun, but I always tell people that if they hate the gym, don’t join one. You have to find a few things at least, that you can enjoy so it’s easier to begin.
    I also love to bring words of power (affirmations) into my workouts and I do so with willing clients. If you’re holding a plank it’s a great time to repeat a few positive words or pray!

  41. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I live in Sydney, Australia and am fortunate to live by the ocean so I do a variety of exercise; running, hatha yoga, swimming, body balance (combo of yoga, pilates & tai chi), I’ve tried boxing classes, zumba classes, had my first experience sand boarding yesterday, go kayaking and I’m going to try Kundalini Yoga soon. Unfortunately, I don’t do anything consistently because I get either bored or complacent – so thank you so much for saying that you commit to moving daily, that is so inspiring! 🙂

  42. awesome topic this week Gab, I adore your Kundalini frog poses so much. I still do my 26 every single morning, do you still do that too? I sometimes do more but my legs get real tired when I get up to 100… working my way up!
    I’m asking for a tramp for Christmas, look so fun and will be great for when I don’t want to go outside in the winter! I’m also in love with Shrink Session, it is way cool and super inspiring and fun!
    Thank you for getting me into Kundalini, I love it so much I can’t even handle it. xxoo Happy December!

  43. Have you ever tried Qoya? I have never been to a class, but there are a few free videos online. It’s mostly dancing, but also some yoga and other things. I’m really loving it!

    1. I liked what you had to say that one must do whatever feels good and find something to fall in love with, that you can consistently do.
      I would love to get your weekly free email and also, would like to know what can be done by someone who has bad feet. I work on my feet all day, and the last thing I want to do at the end of my day is stand and do exercises. Are there any aerobic routines that one can do sitting down, or lying down?

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