The Lovetarian Diet

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Four years ago, I decided to clean up my mind and become a Lovetarian. Choosing loving thoughts over fearful delusions was a tough transition at first. Giving up fear is like giving up sugar. Much like sugar, fear is a sneaky ingredient that hides out in everything. And just when you think you’ve got it under control all of sudden it pops up again. Therefore releasing fearful patterns requires you become a Lovetarian. In this vlog I throw down three simple steps for you to begin your Lovetarian diet today! I welcome you to leave questions or comments below:)
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  1. Good stuff! Thanks for this, Gabby. Funny how this was LITERALLY my thought and meditation this morning. I asked the Universe for support on this very thing. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Love it! I have noticed that there are certain places that I cannot go on a Lovetarian Diet. I’ve literally stopped hanging out with a couple of women because I feel so awful after I hang out with them. For the time being, I can’t online date (hard to abstain from judgment when the whole point is to online shop for a man!). Nor can I read/watch the news. I’m like a new vegan in a cheese shop in those places! I’m wondering if I will ever be able to be around those people or go to those places without blowing my diet?

    1. you will totally be able to be around them and stay on the lovetarian diet. the diet is in your mind:) it’s a moment to moment choice to choose love and forgiveness over fear and lack.

  3. Gabby,o
    I am totally convinced that I found your website for a reason. I am so ready for a lovetarian diet in my life! My life is very turbulent right now and you are very calming and bring peace to my life. I grew up in a very negative household and I am learning to forgive my past and let it go and start a new nonjudgmental way of looking at everything! Thank you so much for being there for me! I am now a devoted follower! Thank you and love and peace to you Gabby and to all! xoxo

  4. Gabby ~

    This has stuck with me since the first time I heard you mention it during one of your lectures I attended in the Ustream (such an awesome “place” to be, though someday I will see you in person ~ can only imagine the energy in those lectures!). Being a Lovetarian a cornerstone for me already and I l feel like sharing your message with others is a gift to them. I choose LOVE.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message and your continued inspiration, Gabby, and your sincere efforts to lift others up to a place of truth and service to humanity where their ~ing flows with ease.

    xo ~ N.

  5. Gabby,this message awesome:) Perfect match for the Monday morning,new day:) I got back on my path at 5 a.m after some days of absence and unwilligness,So good to be back and to know that Universe works for our greathness:) Love You Gabby,You are my spiritual teacher:)

  6. will you ever write a cookbook or something in this area for people who want to try this new lifestyle? im a binge eater, always have been, and i want a new way to live. i want to get rid of my anxieties and fears and this sounds pretty epic.

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