The 1 Thing You MUST Know About Manifesting

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The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby BernsteinAre you ready to open up to manifesting?

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The art of manifesting

During the workshop, called The Art of Manifesting, I share five secrets you must know in order to attract what you desire and manifest an awesome life every single day.

You’ll learn how to clear the blocks to your attracting power, retrain your thoughts and energy, and become a magnet for miracles.

To get you psyched for the workshop, I’m sharing the #1 key to manifesting in the video below!

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What you must know about manifesting

The #1 key to manifesting is being in the energy of what you desire.

What happens is that when we start to gain the faith, clear the fear, clarify what we desire and meditate on the energy of what it is that we desire, we start to become the energy of the desire.

When we become the energy of that desire, the Universe recognizes us as the desire. And when we become recognized as that desire, that’s when the Universe begins to reflect what we believe we are back to us.

Your commitment to your desire is what allows the Universe to bring it into your life and fast. Energy is the key to manifesting. Positive, high-vibe, beautiful energy. Free-flowing, high-frequency energy. An energy of joy, energy of commitment, energy of faith.

We think we need to ‘get’ something, but we already have it

A lot of people like my teacher Wayne Dyer talk about the mantra “I am.” I am that. I am that. I am that. “I am that,” meaning “I am God. I am love. I am my desire.”

I am the loving energy of the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWe think we need to get something, but we already have it.

When we get into the energy of what we believe we are, we begin to recognize that we already have it. Inspiration is already within us, joy is already within us. The manifestation is already in form, even if we can’t see it.

What happens is that when you start to practice these principles, you begin to see beyond your physical sight. You get into the faithfulness of knowing. In that knowingness, you begin to attract what you are.

The energy that you put out is what you receive. This is the #1 thing you must know about manifesting.

Become a magnet for what you desire

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