The ego on Celebrities

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

In today’s vlog I address how the ego goes wild when it comes to celebrities. The ego loves to hook into gossip stories about celebrities we’ve never even met. These false illusions make us perceive the celebrity as more special than we are. This special celebrity relationship totally flips the ego out. In efforts to make ourselves feel better for not being as famous and cool we go into attack mode, judging someone we’ve never even met. I know, it’ sounds super trippy, but in some way we’ve all been there. In this video I get honest about how my ego is a star f*%%er and I offer spiritual solutions for releasing our special illusions.

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  1. I don’t know, Gabby. Jim Carrey is special for both my ego and my ~ing. haha. He is just so magical and has been my hero since his In Living Color days. 🙂 But good to know that he is equal to me – and I know he feels equal to all of us. That’s why he rules. 🙂

    1. there is nothing wrong with admiring others. but remember that what you love about jim is a reflection of you!

  2. Star effer! haha. cracked me up – but you’re so right.
    Do you think we sometimes get hooked in because we see things in them that we see in ourselves and we either judge them like we judge ourselves or want what they have because we think more will make us happier (like they seem to be happy/successful etc)?

    1. yes we judge them for having something we want or for the things we don’t want…
      judgement is all over the place. the key is to F everyone. Forgive yourself and them!

  3. I’ve never been that impressed with fame, but I do revere people who are artistic, beautiful, kind… spreading light into the world the way you are. I remind myself that whatever qualities I admire in others are qualities that are also in me, and that by allowing others to inspire me I can cultivate those qualities & spread more light, too. Thank you for your inspiration! ~Jennifer

  4. You are dead on here, Gabby! I often catch myself doing the same with celebs or people who seem more accomplished than myself. Recently, though, I have really come to terms with the idea that I don’t want to be anyone else’s carbon copy. Instead, I want to solely focus on being the best me I can be. On Oprah’s Master Class, she essentially says the same, as well. I think if we all remind ourselves to be grateful for leading the lives we lead then we will “despecialize” others.

  5. ha! this is great. i’m so into you.

    much love from india
    (where the only book i brought with me was…well, i’m sure you can guess)
    xo, LK

  6. Gabby- have a friend that introduced me to you recently (was at your April lecture in NYC) and really enjoy your work. This Vlog reminded me immediately of a client of mine, who runs the website, which takes celebrity relationship news and rather than sensationalizing it chooses to offer real world, highly relatable love advice for everyday situations. It’s a way to make the obsession with fame have tangible value rather than just serve as a place for envy or ego. Think it is a very important message to pass on as the idea of celebrity seems to consume too much of societal time that could be devoted to bettering our own connections. Thanks for setting the example for healthy exploration.

  7. Hey Gabby,

    Loving the vlog.. Now I only sneak peeks at gossip mags in the grocery line up.. after 10 years of being ACIM student my ego still loves this stuff!! WTF?? Anyway..glad to see you talking about it. It’s not harmless at all.. Peace Tina

  8. I continue to fall prey to this ego madness!!! I have a tendency to make people more special then myself …especially celebrities. Also because I have a small business I’m always looking at the possibility of getting that one celebrity client!
    I have to remember that we are all special in this vast Universe!

  9. Thanks you Gabby! I agree, and wish people would realize this more! When I lived in Los Angeles I was in the company of many celebrities, and I remember at one party a woman came up to me and asked why so many celebrities were saying hello to me. I always thought it was because I treated them like anyone else.
    That said, Imagine if we admired ourselves the way we admire celebs! Imagine how happy people would be if people knew that they were worthy of being as celebrated as any celebrity. Imagine if we took such care in getting to know the people around us. I am a filmmaker as well as a spiritual teacher and I had chance to meet Gotham Chopra, Deepak’s son, recently. I was impressed with how down to earth he was and how he was like most of my filmmaker friends, and since I chose to see him this way, and not just as Deepak’s son, talking to him was easy. But also, don’t we all too, have celebs that we admire and are impressed with Gabby! I once walked into a door after meeting one particular celebrity!

  10. LOL…great twist, and well said! everything you mentioned is soooo very true, not only for celebrities, but with relationships, as well, weather it be with your business colleagues, family, friends, or neighbors…we are ALL human, if we all just stopped judging one another, life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  11. Great topic Gabby… so funny how we humans are so inclined to think one person is greater than another.

    Lovin everyone for being their own little “inner rock stars”, as well sending blessings out to those in the public eye, praying they can take their celeb klout, and put it to amazing, positive use!

  12. One of my fav quotes and I used it in one of my jewelry designs as we do need reminders from time to time is ” If you judge people you have no time to love them.” -Mother Theresa of Calcuta. Thank you for your vlog much needed after a long few weeks.

  13. I really enjoy listening to your messages but not the swearing. It makes you sound bad, in my opinion. that is just my opinion, though. other people may think it’s okay. Just thought I’d give you some feedback.

  14. Gabby – oh boy I love this topic. So cool you spoke about it. Your words are both eloquent and raw, a combo I dig. I often like to think we’re all unique but not more special than one another. I’ve certainly been guilty of this plenty of times, especially when it comes to musicians.

    P.S. Because of “happenstancing” on your work, I’m going to jump into a course in miracles (even though I’m not Christian) because I saw a lot of fundamental crossover with a lot of Buddhist/eastern philosophy I’ve studied. Very cool to see the metaphorical crossover.

  15. Totally #BOSS and True.. I don’t care for Reality Shows or what’s on the Television.. So my Blessings goes out to ALL! I’m a Fan of No Man and Support All I can.. But geesh Git’ over it.. to the ones that are side eying me because I don’t know the latest or past gossip on so and so.. or of certain Celebrities, Because I Don’t, As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for twitter I wouldn’t know of them..period. And I use “of” very loosely. Great Story! Brightest Blessings~

  16. I Love, love, looooove this!! I had to stop myself buying all the gossip magazines in order to stop gossiping and judging people I didn’t even know, but now I know I can just bless them all 😀 beautiful!! Thank you Gabby xx P.s Come to Australia sooooon!

  17. Dvid,happy to see joining the men:)
    gabby,huge gorgeous topic,very close to all of us and me,I see myself many times,being conscious of my temptation to gossip and still doing so, not trying to stop and hold myself back,
    Thats isnt good, need more willigness to really stay away of that smelly ,sticky stuff:)

  18. Thank you so much for addressing this topic Gabby!! I love everything you talk about it, but this one…. Oh man, this one had my name on it. EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I live in Los Angeles and work in the entertainment business as a performer and when you’re in the thick of it, networking, meeting industry folk, including celebrities it can be very intimidating when you’re not at that level of success (yet 😉 and you’re still forging your own path. There’s so much competition in this town and it’s so easy to compare yourself to the other person, when ironically they’re probably doing the same thing! Even people who would be deemed the most successful can be riddled with insecurities because of this very reason. I just really needed this reminder because this is a battle I deal with daily always being in the thick of it. Thank you so much. This video is going into my favorite list for sure!

  19. Really loved this. Oneness… yes ! Say yes to oneness.

    And…. when are you coming to Australia missy 🙂

  20. Gabby, let me just say I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your messages! This is such a valuable one, especially for our American society. Also, I’m lovin’ the authentic language in this video. Hey, if it gets the point across, it gets the point across, right?! 😉 xoxo

  21. So cool that Zach kept you in check. AWESOME! Our men rock! Chris does that to me sometimes, too. I thank him and am so proud of him when he does that!

  22. Thank you for that vlog. on ego..What I have caught myself and it isn’t with the stars in the magazines. It is when I see beautiful doing what I am doing from tent studio. And I see their books, blogs, vlogs. How I catch myself and not put them on a pedestal. Seeing what they do and how they do it. I get overwhelmed and feel that I am not living up to my dharma and get in the oh they are better than me mode.. Listening to you today makes me check myself and know we are all connected and we are playing the role we need right now.. Blessings to Gabby.. You are awesome and doing fabulous job.. Blessing ~The Guru Mama.~

  23. I’m so glad you brought humor to a difficult topic! Especially a topic that I’ve felt embarrassed about when I catch myself doing it unexpectedly. Blessings to you and all the people who are coming to learn this lesson from you!

  24. omg- as always right on time! i have been really trying to work on this as is the first site i go to in the morning- WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! you inspire me beyondddddd xoxo

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