The Appreciation Game Changes Your Mood in Minutes

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Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn this post we’re going to play the appreciation game! I learned this tool from the Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Is Given.

I teach many tools from Abraham-Hicks (often referred to simply as Abraham) in my book Super Attractor.

Appreciation is a big theme in Super Attractor. Not only is it a very important element of manifesting, but it’s also one of the best ways to shift your mood. And the better you feel, the more greatness you attract!

Appreciation turns around a negative attitude fast

The appreciation game is all about getting out of a negative attitude quickly. It’s a fun and easy way to raise your vibration in a matter of minutes.

The simplest way to get out of a negative attitude is to focus on what you appreciate and redirect your focus onto what’s working. Don’t underestimate the practice of saying out loud what you appreciate!

You can watch the video below or keep reading for a breakdown of how to play this simple but powerful game.

Why appreciation is so powerful

I am the loving energy of the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWhatever you appreciate you create more of. This is because when you’re in a state of appreciation, you’re in vibrational alignment with your true love nature.

That’s the perfect energy for allowing your desires to come into form.

Appreciation is also the antidote to worry. When you’re in a state of appreciation there’s no room for worry, because they cannot coexist.

Whenever I notice myself worrying about something out of my control, I immediately play the appreciation game and redirect my focus.

How to play the appreciation game with another person

This practice is a great tool for shifting the vibe in a relationship. For example, anytime my husband and I are feeling stressed or arguing over some silly thing, we play the appreciation game.

Tweet: Playing the appreciation game catapults us out of a negative attitude fast. @gabbybernstein #superattractor #abrahamhicks

We just take a couple of minutes to go down the list of what we appreciate about one another. I’ll say something like, “I appreciate the way you take care of me.” He’ll say, “I appreciate how good of a cook you are.”

These are very simple things. But within seconds we start to feel more connected and more loving. And within minutes the entire energy within our relationship changes.

Playing the appreciation game catapults us right out of that negative zone.

How to play the appreciation game by yourself

If you find yourself stuck in negativity, such as feeling anxious about a situation that’s out of your control, stressed out over work or just in a bad mood, then play the appreciation game by yourself.

Out loud (if you can) or to yourself, express appreciation for all that is good in your life. You might say things like:

  • I appreciate all the people who are supporting me.
  • I appreciate the love that’s in my life.
  • I appreciate the home I have.
  • I appreciate the shoes on my feet.
  • I appreciate the meal on the table in front of me.

Going down this list every day — or several times throughout the day — is the fastest way to get out of a negative pattern, a fear-based story, or a toxic situation with a partner or a friend.

Raise your vibration with meditation

Do you have a regular meditation practice? Sitting in stillness for a few minutes each day is a powerful way to cultivate appreciation and get into alignment with the loving energy of the Universe.

I want to make it really easy for you to meditate, so I created a FREE 2-track album of guided meditations! The meditations include my Manifesting Meditation to attract your desires and my Cord-Cutting Meditation to clear negative energy.

Click here to get your free meditations!

What to do once you’ve elevated your energy

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckOnce you’ve played the appreciation game and noticed your energy shift, you’re in a new vibration! At this point you can start reaching for new thoughts that you feel really great about.

Thoughts such as:

  • Yes, I can change this pattern.
  • Yes, I can feel better about this relationship.
  • Yes, I can move forward.

Appreciation is a bridge back to a lighthearted way of being. When you raise your vibration, you become an energetic match for what you want. You begin to magnetize your desires, and your elevated state allows you to lift up and help those around you, too.

Now that you know this exercise, share below! What do you appreciate about yourself, the people around you and your life’s circumstances? Test-drive the appreciation game today and leave a comment letting me know how it goes.

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  1. I appreciate that my husband always does the washing and folding of our clothes.
    I appreciate that I have a roof over my head that keeps me safe.
    I appreciate my family and my friends.
    I appreciate that I am healthy and I got your email today just when I needed it most.
    I appreciate this energy right now.

  2. I appreciate my health and that I am sober today to show up for my family.

    I appreciate that I really care about people and love connection

  3. Hi Gabby. I had a stressful day at work. I was not myself. Contractors are difficult to work with. I need to look at this. I recognize I can be difficult as well. No need to go into all the details.
    Here is my appreciation list:
    I appreciate my loving wife María
    I appreciate my beautiful daughter Abigail
    I appreciate your wonderful support
    I appreciate my career
    I appreciate all the people in MM and AA
    I appreciate where I live
    I appreciate my spiritual practice
    I appreciate my new outlook and mindset
    I appreciate I can feel out of it and folks will
    Help me
    I appreciate a keener sense of intuition
    I appreciate how far I came
    I appreciate I can communicate how I feel.
    I appreciate my friends
    I appreciate I can help
    Someone els
    I appreciate I have a bed to rest

    1. You’re doing awesome work Bernie. I especially loved reading “I appreciate how far I’ve come”. Such an important reminder for all of us. XOX

  4. ~ I appreciate the laptop in my lap that connects me to wonderful messages like yours!
    ~ I appreciate the friends who helped me locate a healthier place to live in the last couple weeks.
    ~ I appreciate my intuitive body that tells me what it needs quite clearly (even when I don’t want to listen…).
    ~ I appreciate money and how it’s always trying to come to me.
    ~ I appreciate my loving family, even if we’re far apart physically.
    ~ I appreciate my caring, driven and thoughtful partner who always makes me giggle.
    ~ And I deeply appreciate the food that I will eat here in a minute (quite hungry, haha!).

    I like this game! Thanks Gabby!

  5. Another great post, thank you!
    Drawing my attention to the things I am grateful for really does change the way I feel about things in a wonderfully positive direction. Once again it’s amazing how such a superbly elegantly simple exercise can have such a big effect.
    Thank you for sharing
    Mandy x

  6. I appreciate my health
    I appreciate my friends
    I appreciate my dog
    I appreciate my work
    I appreciate my home
    I appreciate my sister and niece and
    Thank you gabby

  7. I appreciate my dad always being there when I need him
    I appreciate my mum for always listening
    I appreciate my little niece for always making me smile when I see her
    I appreciate having a roof over my head and great housemates to make it feel like home
    I appreciate my work colleagues for always encouraging me to reach my goals
    I appreciate my boss for always pushing me to learn something new
    I appreciate the Miracle Membership community for providing support on my ongoing spiritual journey
    I appreciate my local church for providing a place for solitude and prayer
    I appreciate myself

    1. This is gorgeous, Duncan! Grateful that you’re part of this awesome Spirit Junkie community. Keep shining your bright light!

  8. *I appreciate you Gabby for sharing this!
    *I appreciate my adoring husband who so generously and effortlessly helped me set up and break down a Mother’s Day Retreat I hosted this past weekend.
    *I appreciate my beautiful son who have me the gift of time, love & laughter on Mother’s Day.
    *I appreciate myself for always being willing to stretch and grow emotionally and for continuing to show up, find joy, play and be creative!
    I appreciate God for the super hard challenges our family went through, for without them we would not be where we are today!

  9. I appreciate my 90 yr old parents and how healthy they are, my constant supportive husband, my unconditional love filled dog, my thirtysomething gracious son, tenaciousness, compassion, the knowing and the unknowing, change in perception and the ability to take three minutes for me.

  10. I appreciate that there are messengers like Gabby to help us navigate through the rough waters of everyday life. We are all in this world together, and we are tied by a higher power. I teach fourth grade and share Gabby’s messages with my students daily. Their youthful hearts are open minded enough to understand and appreciate the wisdom and positivity of these powerful messages. I find a few precious moments whenever I can fit them into our busy school day to work with my students in the hopes of strengthening their life resilience with this wisdom. For that I am grateful and humbled that I too can be a messenger of the light, albeit on a much smaller scale, through my young charges. Thank you Gabby! Peace, light, and love to you.

    1. You’re doing awesome work in the world, Valerie! Grateful that you’re part of the Spirit Junkie community and helping the next generation. XOX

  11. I appreciate your messages. Since reading your book and receiving your emails I feel uplifted and have turned my thoughts around and my life is also beginning to turn around as a result. I have found an inner peace. I am grateful for everything in my life, my family, friends, a job I love and also the many things I know I am going to attract in the future x

  12. What a wonderful exercise! I love that this can be done both with a partner or someone else and alone as well. I appreciate this post. I appreciate this time in my life to gain clarity in my life and business. I appreciate this time to create the career of my dreams. I appreciate this time to heal. Thanks, Gabby!

  13. I appreciate that I had a loving mother.
    I appreciate my healthy body
    I appreciate my amazing husband, who is so supportive
    I appreciate that I have a job that meets my current needs and then some
    I appreciate being a child of God
    I appreciate that we live in a world, full of caring people
    I appreciate my home and the land I have to grow my own food
    I appreciate the support of my siblings and extended family
    I appreciate the gentle reminders that I am in control of my own thoughts and the impact they have on the kind of day I have and the kind of life I live.

    Thanks Gabby

  14. Thank you for the reminder!
    For some time I am working with a Mandala-Picture containing the words: I say “Yes” to my life and I take and appreciate every situation as it is.
    At first it was not easy to appreciate every situation, but now it is more common to think and feel like this .
    Thank you so much for your work!!!

    1. Easily getting stuck in negative vibes and feelings. I’m gonna get unstuck.

      I appreciate that I stumbled across this article.
      I appreciate that I have a healthy body.
      I appreciate that I have a comfortable home.
      I appreciate that I choose the light over and over again.
      I appreciate that I choose the joy of living.
      I appreciate all kind people that I am surrounded by.
      I appreciate that I have a lovely family.
      I appreciate my boyfriend.
      I appreciate my friends.
      I appreciate school.
      I appreciate that I am able to do what I want & enjoy.
      I appreciate that it’s christmas time.
      I appreciate that I get to sleep in a warm bed.
      I appreciate my dog.
      I appreciate all the oppurtunities in life.
      I appreciate that I know myself.
      I appreciate my therapy.
      I appreciate the things that make me grow.
      I appreciate all the love in my life.

      I almost couldn’t stop when I began. Sprinkle, twinkle.. Sending some magical vibes to universe

  15. I appreciate the love I have that I am able to share with others and that I share with others. I appreciate my children and the gift of my children. I appreciate MN and all he has done for me, and who he is, the love he has shown me, and the love I have for him. I appreciate my family and friends who care about me and show it. I appreciate my education and the opportunities I have been given and will be given in the future. I appreciate all the ways others have recognized the good qualities that are in me, and all the good qualities I recognize in others. I appreciate all those who have been able to recognize them and value them in me and those I have recognized them and and valued in them. I appreciate the time I was able to spend with my children this weekend, and being able to share my gift of knowledge and love with them. I appreciate God’s presence in my life and movement through my life. I appreciate le papa and how he has listened to me or taken my advice. I appreciate my sister and who she is and all she is. I appreciate the goals and dreams I have for the future and for my life, and the fact that I have goals and dreams and desires for the future. I appreciate any future opportunities to show love to others, especially MN and my children. I appreciate any future opportunities where God uses my gifts and talents to help others. I appreciate the desire for intimacy and to have more children. I appreciate the way Our Lady has guided me through life, and protected me, as well as helped reveal to me God’s will for my life, and the love I should have for myself, as well as others, and the deep love God wants me to experience in my life everyday, not only in my relationship with God, but with others, as well as by being in love.

  16. Hi Gabby,

    This is just what I needed to hear this morning. I recently got engaged and the wedding planning process has felt more overwhelming and stressful to me than exciting. I am trying to be positive and focus on the love around me and all the good that is in my life right now, but it’s been hard.

    I appreciate my fiance for all of his love and support throughout this time and I know this is just a small bump in the road.

    Thank you for your words, they are truly healing and came to me at the perfect time. Just another reminder that the Universe really does have my back 😉

    1. A beautiful reminder for all of us 😉 You’re doing great work. Big hugs and congrats to you. XOX

  17. having a difficult time with an unwanted divorce. i have become resentful and quite hateful of my soon to be ex. I have tried gratitude to change my energy level, but i feel like I am lying to myself. I of course want of change this situation, but the wounds seem to be just too deep. How to overcome this??

    1. Try turning the focus lovingly towards yourself. What feelings need to be fully felt? Let yourself know it’s safe to feel those feelings. When practicing the appreciation game, go very simple: what are some things that you appreciation about yourself, your surroundings, friends, etc. What is currently lighting you up? Remember to be gentle on yourself during this time and take it one day at a time. <3

  18. Thanks Gabby for this easy and light tool :).
    The list of what I appreciate is so long.. what a good sign. I also got to a feeling of rest and peace at the end of saying my list out loud.

    I’m going to try and use this more often.

    With all the love,

  19. I appreciate you, Gabby! I am learning about a Course in Miracles from you so much, and it is changing my life.
    I appreciate my family; I appreciate that my kids are old enough to play together on this super rainy day and I can read and hang out online and know that they are handling it.
    I appreciate my home; I appreciate being warm and dry.
    I appreciate my dogs; they are so cute and so cuddly!
    I appreciate the new opportunities that have recently been placed before me and the possibility of moving forward in a new direction with my career.

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