The #1 Key to Manifesting

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Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein[Sept. 26th update]: I just launched my new book, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Whether you already have it or not, I want to help you get ready for the powerful methods I teach in the book.

So… let’s talk about the #1 key to manifesting. NUMBER. ONE.

What is the #1 key to manifesting?

There are many important elements of attracting your desires… but the #1 key to manifesting is to cultivate the energy of what you want to experience.

Cultivating the energy of what you want is crucial because manifesting happens on the level of energy.

It doesn’t matter how many vision boards you make or affirmations you say. Ultimately, it’s all about your energy. So I want to demystify this concept for you and give you some ways to start practicing it.

Our energy attracts our experiences

We’re all beings of energy. When our energy vibrates at a low level, we attract low-level circumstances. But when our energy is in a high vibration, we attract positive outcomes.

I know that may sound heady, but it’s the truth. This is why the first chapter in Super Attractor is titled “The Universe Always Delivers.” Your energy is always sending a message to the Universe.

My energy creates my reality. What I focus on is what I will manifest. | Gabby Bernstein | The #1 key to manifestingHere’s an example. Let’s say you want to create more abundance in your life, but what you feel in your daily life is a sense of lack or deprivation. You think a lot about what you don’t have, and you compare yourself to people who have more.

Since what you’re feeling is a sense of lack, you manifest more lack. This is because each thought and feeling we have sends an energetic message to the Universe. And the Universe always responds in kind.

The Universe will deliver us people, experiences and outcomes that match our vibrational frequency. You can write a million times in your journal, “I am abundant,” but if you don’t feel abundant, you won’t attract abundance.

It’s really important to understand that we’re always manifesting, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

The #1 key to manifesting: Cultivate the feeling you want to experience!

This practice is so huge that if you practice it regularly, you’ll start to see your desires come into form quickly… and you’ll have fun doing it!

In this video I talk about how to start cultivating the energy you want. Watch it and then keep reading for a more detailed breakdown.

Step 1: Get clear about what you want

Before you can start attracting what you want, you first need to know what it is you want.

Let’s go back to our abundance example. Your first step is to clarify your desire. It might be something like, “I want to feel abundant. I want to have money in the bank and I want to feel financially free.”

When you’re clarifying what you want, focus primarily on how it will feel to have it. This will help you to release it, which is step 2.

Step 2: Turn over your desire

Gabby Bernstein praying | The #1 key to manifestingNow that you’re clear on your desire, turn it over to the Universe. Spiritual surrender is a theme I come back to again and again, because we can’t manifest without it.

Release it, trusting that it’s being taken care of. You can say this simple prayer to turn over your desire:

“I step back and let the Universe lead the way.”

If you want more guidance on how to let go of the need to control, check out my blog post on manic manifesting.

Step 3: Do everything you can to support the feeling you want

Once you’ve gotten clear about your desire and turned it over to the care of the Universe, your next step is to do whatever it takes to support that feeling.

Tweet: When you give yourself permission to feel good right now, you become a magnet for what you want. @gabbybernstein #SuperAttractor

So if you want to feel loved and find romance, then make sure that you’re loving yourself very deeply. Tend to the non-romantic relationships in your life and appreciate the love you do have. Really let yourself receive love from others and marinate in that good feeling.

If you want to feel abundant and earn more money, then make sure you’re respecting and enjoying your money. Pay your bills, save what you can and indulge mindfully on experiences and things that bring you joy.

These don’t have to be extravagant purchases. You can find abundance in a cup of coffee! Let yourself feel grateful for an iced coffee on a hot summer day.

Appreciating what you have now will attract even more of it to you.

Give yourself permission to feel good

Joy is the ultimate creator | The #1 key to manifestingDo you withhold feelings of happiness from yourself until you achieve what you want?

This is very common. It’s also completely backward!

When we tell ourselves something like, “I’ll feel good once I’ve got money in the bank,” or “I’ll be happy once I’m in a relationship,” we’re putting the outcome before the feeling.

We think that by living in fear we’ll attract joy. But the truth is that by living in joy, we become a magnet for more joy!

It’s safe to feel how you want to feel even before your manifestation has come into form.

Here’s how I put it in Super Attractor:

When you approach the world as a vibrational reality rather than a physical space, that’s when your desires become real. When you’re able to access the energy of abundance and have faith that the Universe always provides, you can begin to feel your desire come into form before it shows up in the physical world.

Step 4: Watch my free Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop!

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Today, commit to cultivating the feeling you want

As you start to dwell in the feeling of what it is that you want, that feeling becomes your reality. Cultivate the feeling and then take actions to really support that feeling!

This practice is the #1 key to manifesting, and I hope it supports you. If you feel called to share, leave a comment and declare that you’re ready to manifest what you want!

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  1. I am ready to manifest abundance in my life. I am ready for the abundance of wealth, love and freedom I am attracting into my life. I am ready to celebrate my abundance by achieving my dreams and making lives of others experience abundance, joy and freedom, too.

    1. I trust that my powerful intentions combined with my faith are enough to allow my vision to become my reality. xo

  2. Hi Gabrielle! I’m a little confused with few things that I’ve been reading based on a few experts like yourself. My first question is in regard to scripting- how specific or broad should the statements be and how often do we script? My second question is how do you manifest something, but then kinda not really think about it and leave it up to the universe? And lastly, can you manifest a person comes into your life? Lets say I know someone named Tim who I want to go on a date with. Can i think that into happening? Or do I first have to love myself without Tim, and then Tim will just come? And if I’m scripting a date do i write “Tim will ask me on a date next week.” SORRY if that’s a lot I’m just confused and needing clarity!

  3. Gabby, if I raise my vibration and positive energy significantly but not so good in visualization clearly i.e. creating clear images in mind, can I be able to manifest?

    Plz, reply and help me. Thanks in advance.

  4. I have read Super Attractor twice and I am preparing to read it for a third time. I originally ordered the kindle version but I also ordered a print copy because I wan to hi-light and underline key thoughts. My life has been changed by Gabby Bernstein who I only discovered a few months ago.
    I am an incest survivor with an extremely traumatic background and because of that trauma I have a condition known as dissociative identity disorder or DID. Two years ago I got sober and have gone back to college to finish my degree even though I am 65 years old. I feel abundant and I am going to graduate school next year. I have written a book about my life, have a podcast, a blog and a page on Facebook. Through Gabby’s teaching I am growing spiritually and have been blessed to see my sign (a butterfly) all along my spiritual journey.
    I know manifesting is real because I am seeing it take place in my life. Let me conclude by saying how deeply grateful I am to Gabby for her presence in my life.

    1. Christine, I deeply honor you for healing your past wounds. It takes courage and strength to share your story with the world. It sounds like you’re doing great work. We love that Gabby’s work has served you on your spiritual journey and that you’re a part of our community. Keep shining your bright light!! xoxo

  5. i have nerves for a very long time, i know its from childhood trauma..i allways hoped i would meet a nice person one day and have to kids..since i was 17 i dreamed of being a dad…im 48 now, both my own parents have passed recently..i became a christian/spiritual person about 6 years ago….i have read so many books and seen so much of everybody else been blessed around i just have to accept i cant manifest?..i believed so much..maybe i just try to hard!.i keep going ..OH! it might be this or it might be that!..then i read something online..and i get talked out of it!…i dont know what im doing thats wrong..i give new meaning to “I havent a clue”…i feel alone in the world….if people have such great knowledge and expertise with metaphysics ..why is it allways about money..why is allways the rich telling the poor how it is..and the married telling the single how it is..perhaps jesus has an explanation for the search for answers..isuppose eventally i will find out


    1. When Gabby talks about having faith and expecting miracles, she believes it. Miracles, such as babies, can come in many ways that may not be how we planned but they are exactly as they are meant to be. There is a beautiful book called Spirit Babies that you may want to check out. I truly hope it serves you. xoxo

  6. Gabby, what is your advice on how to gain clarity about what it is that I desire in life? I struggle because I do not have a clear vision of what that might be, so I cannot take action towards the direction I want to go in my life. The main one is figuring out what is my passion? Thank you for all your insight and guidance.

  7. Gaby – for the manifestation practice, I’m trying to select my 1 main desire and was wondering: can I work on manifesting intanglible things, like self-love and feelings of self worthiness? self confidence? Or does it work better for actual wants like – a beach house?
    Thank you!

  8. This has helped a lot, but I’ve been meditating and manifesting for a few days now and I don’t think it’s working. I have belief in the journey and the universe I really do, but how many times can I manifest that one thing, and is it ok if I think about that one thing positively or after I manifest do I have to forget about it until it comes into my life. Because forgetting about that one thing is proving to be hard.

    1. Both meditating and manifesting take practice, Drew. Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. Here are some additional practices to help you surrender the outcome, which is an important part of the manifestation process:
      You’re doing great work! xoxo

  9. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this website . I have a different question; how to be or act when I get manifestations? I often get experiences and material things that I love and I am grateful. However I also start thinking and can get nervous about how can I keep this good feeling up and maintain the good flow. Basically I get confused on how to maintain my well-being and how to allow more (not blocking) and be safe.

    Thank you

    All the best,

        1. Just wondering, is it possible to use the law of attraction to get my separated husband back who is in another relationship?

  10. Dear Gabby,
    Thanks for all you do and the insights you share. I truly appreciate it. I have gone to top schools and have worked at big name organizations, yet today I stand here part time employed at a mediocre organization that I am set to leave end of June, so will be unemployed after that. I stand here with the realization that I was in pursuit of what was socially desirable, the “right” things to do and not pursuing joy and happiness. My childhood traumas are finally surfacing and I am finally in realization of self love and acceptance and that the little girl in me deserves attention love and healing. I try providing that for her. I also am so confused about what’s the next thing. My rational brain knows the answer will only come in total faith and surrender, yet I struggle with the uncertainty of future and the want for success, financial abundance and soulful joy in doing that what would fulfill me. The question is what is that what will fulfill me. How do I know?
    So grateful for your insights and guidance.

    1. Great question, Pritika. Here are some practices that you might find helpful:
      – Start your day with this prayer from A Course in Miracles: Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom? Then sit in meditation to receive guidance.
      – Check out this blog post to find your purpose:
      – Stay present with these practices:

      1. Dear Gabby
        Thanks so much for your guidance. I feel like this is a true blessing. How does one stop from the doer mode to the observer mode? How does one give up the comfort of certainty? I ask this in realization and awareness of the fact that certainty is a word already limited by what we know. How does one strengthen the muscle of faith? Thanks so much for your guidance.

  11. I’m a 40 year old woman who is grateful for many things but I severely desire a husband and kids. I get discouraged sometimes when other people talk of of their children. It depresses me but I keep a smile on my face. I feel everything will happen in May. Things are already looking up despite some bumps in the road.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your honest share. Seeing other people’s “success” can trigger our fear/lack mentality. In this moment we have an opportunity to have faith that the universe has our back or to have faith in the story our ego is telling us. If you find yourself detouring into fear, here are some practices that you might find helpful:

  12. Hey Gabby! I was just a teenager trying to get through, but after reading your book#superattractor and this love and hope filled blog, I have started to lived better, feel better, view things differently and I am eagerly ready to manifest my desires. I just realized its only me doubting the universe while it always gives back. I really want to express my heartiest gratitude and love to you.
    Thank you so much for your work.It really helps to live an amazing life.
    Love always

    1. Amazing, Krishna! I’m so grateful that you’ve experienced this shift in perception and that the book is supporting you. You are a Super Attractor! Keep shining your bright light. xo

  13. Hi, I love reading your posts about manifesting. I am taking the ACT in 2 weeks and really want to get a 36. Usually, if I was taking the ACT I would do a ton of practice tests and try to get my score up, but now that I know the Law of Attraction I am trying to feel as if I already have a 36. Should I trust in the Universe that I will get a 36 and not do more tests because those tests are in the mindset of I don’t have the score I want yet (or lack), or is it more useful to keep taking practicing tests and learning the material so I will be more confident? The issue is when I don’t do well on a practice tests I start doubting that I will get a 36, however I know I want the 36 very bad, so it feels weird to not do any work over these next 2 weeks to get what I want. Thank you for your help!

    1. Great question, Kelsie. After we get clear on our desire, ask the universe for help, and surrender the outcome, the next step is listening for the next right action. Only you know what the next right action is for you, so my suggestion would be to listen to your intuition.

      Ask yourself, what would be the energy behind taking the practice tests– faith and inspiration or fear and the need to control? The idea would be to shift your energy so that you could take the practice tests from a place of faith and inspiration since this would be a great template for you to have in your muscle memory for test day!

      I hope this helps! xo

  14. Hi Gabby,
    I am planning to purchase Super Attractor on Audible. Am I still about to access the bonus workshop? Thanks so much I am looking forward to listening!

  15. Hi Gabby, I love everything about this experience and I am enjoying the book. Quick question, if we but Super Attractor on Amazon, is there a way to gain access to the bonus workshop?

  16. I’m new to this and it’s not coming very easy. I’m trying my best to clear the way of negative energy . I always start by clearing my mind and cleansing the room. Every morning I take my time to do some stretches make my plans for the day and it seems the more I get my ideal life and situation clear, the more barriers I face. If this sounds like a situation you can help on please let me know or if there are any other people practicing this and can help me out. I’ve known about the law of attraction for about 10 years. I’ve only recently starting practicing the steps but no results thanks for the read Gabby. Very interested in all your work and a big fan! Just another questions do you ever do private seminars with smaller amounts of ppl to get that personal time ?

    1. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts, Ryan. When we become willing to look at our spiritual assignments, it’s like turning on the light. Suddenly all of our fearful thoughts, limiting belief, and blocks become visible to us! Try not to judge your ego with your ego. Take it one assignment at a time, one day a time. Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! I do not offer private seminars at this time, but I do offer something called the Miracle Membership. Here are the details: . xo

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