The #1 Key to Manifesting

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I’m so psyched right now because it is TIME. Tomorrow, August 16, is the night when we open up to manifesting during my workshop!

Remember, this workshop is totally free when you preorder my new book, THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK. Grab your copy of the book and join me tomorrow from 7 to 9 p.m. You can attend from anywhere via Livestream!

During the workshop I’ll be sharing 5 secrets you must know in order to attract what you desire and manifest an awesome life every single day.

You’ll learn how to clear the blocks to your attracting power, retrain your thoughts and energy, and become a magnet for miracles.

Pretty groovy, right?

Be sure to join me tomorrow at 7! Remember, the workshop is free when you preorder my new book (which comes out September 27).

To get you psyched for what’s coming, I’m wrapping up my manifesting video series by sharing the #1 KEY to manifesting!

This is the biggie. This is what is most important. Ready? Press play….

I hope this video serves you, and I can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow!

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