Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Happy Thanksgiving Spirit Junkies! In today’s vlog I throw down the Three G’s – Gratitude, Giving and Gorging! Enjoy the video and feel free to share your gratitude list in the comments below. I am grateful for you all!!!
AND there’s another visit from my spirit friends in this video… Pay close attention:)

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  1. Cara Gabrielle, non so se hai molte altre fans italiane, ma io sono certamente una delle più appassionate. Ho comprato i tuoi libri e ascolto con gioia e come un dono i tuoi messaggi settimanali (sono andata ad ascoltarmi anche quelli vecchi a partire dal settembre 2009). Dico GRAZIE per averti incontrata: il tuo libro mi è caduto tra le mani nella libreria inglese che frequento e da allora ha cambiato il mio intimo … Peccato che vivo a Firenze, lontano … Tua affezionata, Laura

    1. Ciao amico mio,
      grazie per questa bella nota. Ho veramente apprezzato il vostro amore e gratitudine. sarò conferenze in Gran Bretagna questa estate e mi piacerebbe fare un viaggio in Italia. Vorrei anche pregare che i miei libri vengono tradotti in italiano in modo che io possa venire conferenza nella vostra città.

      tanto amore per voi Junkie Spirito!


  2. Wonderful video blog Gabby! I am thankful for finding your blogs and books recently. I’ve found a spiritual teacher that I can relate to. Lots of love and light you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hello, Gabby ~

    I recently got Spirit Junkie and it is helping me so much. I have purchased A Course In Miracles at least 2 or 3 times over the years, and each time it collected dust and I sold it. I’ve loved the books by Marianne Williamson, so I don’t exactly know what my resistance has been do actually doing the Course. Your book is breaking through whatever barrier that’s been there! I’ve been doing the meditations and journaling like crazy, discovering patterns that have been holding me hostage in miserable relationships my whole life. Forgiveness, I’m finding, is WAY easier said than done, but your book is helping me start that healing process. I will be buying ACIM again and will actually do it this time ~ I know I’m ready.

    For your Thanksgiving vlog, **thank you** for helping me and many others pause and see how we can really be active in this holiday. It truly is **thanks** and **giving** ~ being grateful and then finding a way to give back the blessings that we’ve been given. Many Bright Blessings to you and yours, Gabby ~ keep shining :0) ~kat~

  4. I am grateful for finding this community of like-minded sisters. Spirit has not spoken this clearly to me in a very long time. This year our family will be giving to a local charity that helps youth and a larger organization, Heifer International, that helps families in developing countries. I want my two teenage boys to understand that giving to others is as enjoyable as receiving gifts. Thank you for spreading such a powerful and essential message. Peace, love, and light to you and yours!

  5. Hi Gabby!

    Thank YOU for being there for all of us! I saw the sprite! too cool!!! I am grateful for finding you &, grateful for EVERY day!! Love & am grateful for my family & friends! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Thank you, Gabby, for your vlogs, books, and constant, self-less giving. I am so appreciative of your strength and kindess and for sharing your message with women like me. You’ve inspired me to shift my perception and expect miracles every day. It has truly changed me for the better. I look forward to meeting you some day soon and hope that I can inspire others the way you’ve inspired me. May your holiday season be full of love, joy, and laughter! Om shanti, sister.

  7. Thank you Gabby for all of your insight and inspiration on how to live a peaceful life. I recently came across your books and let me just say; within the last few days I have already experienced change within myself and have noticed a change in others around me. Or maybe it’s because I am seeing everyone in a much brighter light. I can’t say thank you enough. You couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

  8. Gabby… I am grateful for my spiritual awakening. To realize that by fearlessly submitting through the act of forgiveness and graditude I am opening my heart to an abundance of pure love. Thank you for the beautiful vlog. From my heart to yours <3

  9. I am grateful to be living in such a place with so much opportunity to give to others. I live in SF -the homeless situation here is widely known. And while there are many organizations here that help us help, I can just walk out the door and communicate and give any kindness. But after hearing this vlog today, I think it’s time to donate all of the blazers that I don’t need anymore from the corporate world.

  10. I’m grateful for synchronicity.
    I just finished my ~ing write for the day and committed myself to much of what you talked about today.

    I have made donations to my community food bank, Holiday Helpers(gifts for hospitalized children) and Soldier’s Best Friend(guide dogs for military affected by PTSD).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Wow, I’m so grateful for THIS video! I just checked out the Mind Up foundation and I simply LOVE what they do. I’ve been trying to move past all that ego and fear in relation to my career path and within two days I have found two organisations that promote mindfulness amongst young people, though I’m currently in law school, this is exactly what I love! The other organisation is, in case you want to check it out! Here’s to letting my ~ing guide me to exactly what it is I’m meant to be doing. Thanks Gabby – You’re Awesome! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  12. I am grateful for your giving spirit, your guidance, your spirits :), and all my ~ing and Spirit Junkie sisters. I carry you all with me everyday. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. hi gabby- thanks for reminding and teaching us what is important. i am so grateful that you and spirit have come into my life just when i needed you both.

  14. Hi Gabby! I am grateful to be reminded that we always have a choice to be grateful. Being grateful as a way of life. When I am in gratitude I feel better about myself and about the world. Love your vlogs.

    Thanks! Lots of Luminous Love! Sarah

  15. Thank you for this, Gabby! I have found so much inspiration in your books, vlogs, and lectures. Today I am grateful for the guidance I have found through your work, and I am grateful for the spiritual support and sustenance that I know I receive every day. A very happy Thanksgiving to you, and thank you again for shining your light in this world, and encouraging all of us to shine our lights as well! Peace and Blessings 🙂

  16. Grateful and blessed for the crisis that put me on the path of transformation and seeking more purpose in my life. Guided by wonderful and inspiring folks like you Gabby!! Namaste, Pam

  17. I am thankful for Love & For Gabby’s video blogs.
    Thank you Gabby for sharing your love & wisdom!
    I am also thankful for groups like Heifer International & St. Mary’s Food Bank for helping those that need help.

  18. I am very grateful for you Gabby! Thank you for your dedication to all of us! I am new to the spirit junkie world but have learned soooo much from you in a very short time! You have become one of my greatest teachers in my spiritual journey and I can not thank you enough for that. You are awsome Gabby!

  19. I am grateful for being lead to your podcast. It opened me to make the shift and now I am living in a world with much more peace and love. Thank you Gabby for spreading the message through your books and vlogs, I am forever changed because of you. I look forward to attending a lecture in person one day and meeting you in the future. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  20. Grateful for so many people supporting me on my path, and Gabby is one of them. Grateful for meeting people who’s lives are guided by kindness, gratitude, compassion, higher purpose and seeing the light in themselves and others. It’s time to realize out interconnectedness and make small and big steps together towards a more sustainable and thriving world. Grateful for my loving parents, for having my basic needs met, for so many blessings available here in NYC in a form of yoga, dance, inspiring lectures, spiritual communities and many other things that nurture me. Thanks Gabby so much for mentioning Mind Up – I will definitely go check them out, this is what is truly calling me – bringing mindfulness to young people.
    Wishing well-being, enjoyment, relaxation and yummy connections to all this week and further!

  21. I am grateful to now live my life free from past pain. The power of forgiveness is truly an enlightening experience. I can live my life fully with love, acceptance, and freedom!

  22. Grateful for a blessed life, live in a beautiful area, have a healthy body, a family, and the wonderful opportunity to learn and grow via these online spiritual communities. May I recommend checking out, an organization I love to give to that really has a wonderful philosophy. Podcasts free thru iTunes or the website. Blessings to all my fellow seekers. Namaste!

  23. I am so grateful for the spiritual awakening journey that I’ve been thrust into over the last few years. I’m finally opening myself to what the journey has been trying to teach me. I finally see the reasons for it all. Whew!

    You’re a new teacher for me Gabby and I love watching your vblogs!

  24. I’m so thankful for all the love I have in my life, for my family and friends. I’m also incredibly thankful that I know my purpose in life. It’s a Blessing…now I know that I need to share it with the world!

    And thanks Gabby (and all the lovely ladies of for the guidance & support!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  25. im very greatfull for you gabby and your wonderful book…THANKS! also im greatfull for my guru Baba Hari Das in my life and divinity..GOD..

  26. Gabby, I am so grateful for your book Spirit Junkie and all your vlogs and wise words. It has helped me change my percpective on life and to trust that there is an awesome life out there for me…I don’t worry about it anymore! This year I am most grateful to be in a much happier, calmer place. After 30 yrs. of being married to an narcissisitic, alchoholic, I finally worked up the courage to file for a divorce . It’s been 9 months since it’s been final & I’ve been on my own. I am learning so much about me….learning to love myself for the wonderful person that I am and looking at every situation with love. I am thankful for my kids,my family & friends. They have been so patient and supportive of me. I love them all.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving <3

  27. I am grateful for all of the things in my life. But this year I am most grateful for being introduced to you and your message. It has made me be in the world like I never have before. And although I’m still a work-in-progress it’s because of your book, A Hip Guide to Happiness, that really got me started on this path. So thank you! Sending many blessings your way.

  28. I am grateful for beautiful nature, my body and health, families help, my connection to spirit, my spiritual awakening, positive energy, my material items, shelter, food, free inspiring videos and blogs like this, free seminars, music, living in a beautiful country, my travel experiences, awesome like minded souls ive met, the friendships ive had, the mentors that have come into my life, the feeling of divine love, angel and guide guidance, signs and synchronicities from the universe, getting to drive a new car, my bills paid, work opportunities, the sun, inspiring books, youtube and all the people spreading positive inspirational videos, life, divine creator, everything available the me at my fingertips through google and the internet, all the abundance that surrounds me.

  29. Happy Thanksgiving Gabby and fellow Spirit Junkies! I am super thankful for Elle Magazine publishing an article on you because it is what lead me to you. I’m super thankful that I found you when I really needed it. I am thankful that I’ve started to do the work and that I feel the change. I’m thankful that I have support in a very loving and connected husband and a great network of friends. I’m thankful that I am being guided. I’m thankful for music and the way it touches my life.
    Much Love and well wishes,
    Jamie Renae

  30. i am feeling very grateful tonight. i am so grateful for my amazing boyfriend and his family, my own beautiful family and home that i live in, all my beautiful posessions…..i am grateful for so many things…….xxx

  31. Hello, Gabby. It thrills me to leave a comment on your blog. I was one of the fortunate few to be at the 11/11/11 book talk and panel. That was my first introduction to you. What a treat! Talk about gratitude! I am just about to start chapter 5 of Spirit Junkie, yet more gratitude and love. One thing that I grow more and more grateful for every day, however, is my amazing son. The two of us live here in Manhattan and while some days may feel like an uphill battle, all I have to do is relax and be when I am near him to receive the amazing gifts he has to offer. My heart swells with joy just thinking about him. He is a super special being. Kids in general are, which is why I am so happy you said something about Mind Up. Totally hitting that up! Also, for teens that are in a place where they need immediate and basic help with homelessness, people can check out

    Peace, light, love and hope,

  32. Gabby,
    This year i am thankful for my parents. They are truly wonderful, beautiful people who only want to see me succeed and accomplish all my dreams. I love that they support me through everything I pursue!

    Also, I’m extremely thankful to you Gabby. For all your vlogs and lectures and books. You are truly an amazing person and have opened my heart and mind and my soul to all the precious things life has to offer and all the miracles that can occur once you open yourself up to them!
    Thank you again!
    Zoya Gervis

  33. Hi Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Gabby, I love your messages–you are SUCH a positive light in this world!! You have really helped me get and stay positive and loving in my own life. I appreciate you! Thank you!
    Hey by the way…please check out this amazing organization called Thistle Farms. They are helping save the lives of so many women–helping them get off the streets and out of prostitution, helping them get clean & sober, and giving them hope and hands-on work through making beautiful organic lotions, candles and other products. Becca Stevens is the minister at my church here in Nashville who founded Thistle Farms and Magdalene House and she is my HERO! She was just honored by White House and I’m proud to say she’s my friend.
    Check out
    Cheers to all!
    Big love and shiny light!
    Nancy Terzian

  34. I’m thankful for A Course in Miracles- and I’m thankful for you, Gabby, for leading me to it. I can’t wait to finish reading it, so I can start reading it again!

    I now know that I’m living the most amazing science fiction story that ever was, because it’s all REAL. Love and light to you-

  35. i am so thankful for my great family that we stick together and support each other and that i can help others and thankful for my friends and my great kids

  36. Hi! I’m an art therapist working in an outpatient day treatment program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. After watching this video, I turned the concept of the 3 G’s into an art therapy intervention I used with my substance abuse clients. They responded really well to it! THANK YOU so much for the inspiration today!

  37. Thank you for your videos! You and your following has been helping me to regain hope in this world 🙂
    Feeling the positive energy and really starting to appreciate it.

  38. Dear Gabby,
    I am grateful for you and your two books! I flew through Spirit Junkie two weeks ago and now I am DEEPLY involved with Add More Ing!!!!!! This inspiration has created (and continues to create) a magical holiday season within! I have been aware of these principles for years but until your material I was not able to apply them.
    Heaps Of Love,Kara

  39. Thank you for another amazing Vlog, Gabby! I am grateful for you, for this community, for this message, and I am grateful to give monthly to one of my favorite organizations, The Institute of Heart Math- they are doing such wonderful things with children in teaching them how to connect their hearts with their mind, and live more peacefully <3

  40. Gratful for
    Happiness; so grateful for happiness,
    joy in the moment,
    the *letting it all go*,
    the confidence,
    dance music,
    hot showers/yoga when it’s cold outside,
    becoming happier, more and more content,
    sings of love in the world,
    signs of change in the world, courage, honor, eagerness,
    ladybugs 😉 ,
    bunny rabbits (they run aournd in my back yard),
    and on!
    grateful for you Gab, and all of you out there engaged right along with me.

  41. I am grateful that I heard you speak last November at the Ladies Who Launch Conference: Dream it. Launch it. Live it. I was so inspired by your story and loved reading Ing. I am grateful you published Spirit Junkie and I sat with you during the month of October. Those four Monday sessions helped prepare me for the most incredible trip to India.
    I am grateful for color. I am grateful for my eyes, my ability to see beauty in this world and for the courage to process it and create.
    with LOVE and gratitude-


  42. Hi Gabby,

    I am grateful for self love and self awareness. With these things I am able to positively GIVE to others as well as receive the many wonderful, beautiful things around me.

    One way I enjoy giving (and great for economic hardships) is signing up to volunteer. Therefore I give my time but also I get to give myself as I smile and give to others who I encounter during my volunteer shift (a few hours). Personally I love working out so when I volunteer I do it for Fleet Feet Sports or for RAM Racing, as well as for other organizations.

    Thanks Gabby for creating this virtual space of wonderful welcoming energy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. I am thankful for finDing your youtube viDeo for all the young girls (cant remember exact title) It really resonateD with me anD motivateD me to continue on my path anD that I am NOT alone..THEN I founD your website! AND your book! Which is even more inspiring!..
    I am also thankful for my son anD the many blessings anD little miracles I see before my eyes everyDay.
    I just maDe a Donation to a frienD who is holDing a funDraiser for an animal shelter anD I have also committed to making monthly Donations to the Cancer Research FunD. I DiD it as an act of faith, not knowing exactly where the money will always come from lol but I will holD my faith.
    THANK YOU Gabby for inspiring me 🙂

  44. I am thankful for the moments of humbleness I have felt this week. They help me to remember I am one person in the world connected to many others who are better and less fortunate than I. However, we are are worth the same as we are all beautiful beings filled of light/love.
    People can give to Whisper n Thunder an organization dedicated to empowering Native Americans through education, awareness & opportunity. We have lots of great initiatives this winter:

  45. I just returned home to spend the week with my family for the holiday and already I’m finding myself falling into old patterns – sibling tiffs and bad eating to name a few. I’m grateful that watching this helped re-ignite my inner strength, a sense of appreciation, and the comfort of knowing that I can come back to my center and my spirit and that’s all I need 🙂

  46. i am grateful for my children and for being an American. I have many friends and am so grateful for them in my life! I am also grateful to have found this website to listen and learn new things!

  47. Hi

    I am so GREATFUL for your inspiering videos 🙂 It is always a treat to watch them 🙂 And I am so GREATFUL for everything I learn, and that I feel very lucky………….I have evertything to be greatful for 🙂


  48. I am grateful for my amazing man! I met him earlier this year in Antarctica (of all places!) Now I’m working on manifesting the perfect job this Season! Thank you Gabrielle for all your info and inspiration! Happy Holidays!!

  49. Thanks Gabby for your messages of love and gratitude.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving all the way from London!

    Light and blessings,
    Dee x

  50. I love this message….it reminds me to take a step back at a time when I have so much stress and to be grateful for the people and tools that are there to try to help me dig out. I’m grateful for your wisdom Gabby and your ability to say things in a way I can hear them. I’m grateful for my family and that we have enough food to share with each other and that we care about each other even when things are hard.

  51. Thank you for reminding me about gratitude. I have been ill for awhile, but functional. Lately, volunteering daily at an elementary school, in preparation for a job or full-time college classes (only one online now) has really been helping me. It seems like everyday I need that attention and stability to keep me going, but this holiday week has taken me away from some of that. I needed this blog to motivate me.

    I love the One Drop foundation: Choose to conserve drinking water by commiting to mindful acts! The site includes a list of acts and a worldwide map of people who have commited to do each. Make YOUR FREE CONTRIBUTION to a worldwide network and help others who desperately need drinking water!

    I love the fund a friend organizes for with an annual gala art auction and talent show. It helps fund a scholarship in honor of one of the Virginia tech shooting victims. The victim’s brother is now touring the country to help put more vigilant background checks on gun users.

    There is literally no end to the philanthropic organizations I love, nor is there an end to my love for helping to keep the environment balanced. And while we’re at it, there’s no end to great Spiritual and energetic centering techniques.

    That’s amazing that you can see fairies or angels now! My mother began seeing them when I was in a desperate emergency, begging her for help. She sees them differently on everybody, including animals. She’s a school teacher, and she still thinks it’s a little odd, but I’m glad to see you’re embracing it. I recently drew myself in the arms of angels and I’ve been thinking about painting it. Much Love.

  52. Thank you Gabby!! I am so thankful and grateful for all the unconditional love and miracles I experience in my life. I am so very grateful for all the beings of light who are my support and guidance and inspiration. And I am grateful for this life that I am living, for all the transformation and gifts and experiences, may I never forget how very blessed I am.

    Love and light to all,

  53. Thank you, Gabby! I recently moved to the Big Apple and starting an entirely new life, inside and out. I love tuning into you in the AM & starting my day right with positive thoughts. Exciting!

  54. I love the movement and ministry of As Our Own, an organization that helps mothers and daughters in India who have been stuck and forced into generational sex slavery. They provide a safe haven for these women and their daughters, educate, feed and protect them, helping them learn how to provide for themselves and break free from prostitution. I am grateful for the tweet love fest with you Gabby (and other spirit junkies). I am also grateful for painful truths being revealed this past week, which I know will ultimately set me free and can be turned and used for joy and love and have already experienced a peace that passes understanding.

  55. Your vlogs give me hope that things can and will be better. I’m grateful for them and also my very loving and supportive boyfriend and twin sister who never give up on me, no matter how rough the road is.

    Thank you and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  56. Welcome home is right. Those words ring in my ears and I see it everyday. Everyday!
    Grateful for finding Gabbby
    Glad to live
    Gratitude for all the love
    Grateful for the job offer I just got today
    Greatful for my Guests who arrive tonight
    Greatful Guidance Giving Gabs of Goodness

  57. Gabby- I turned 40 in September and your books were my gift to myself. You have been with me everyday since and I am grateful for your addition in my life. You have helped my business grow, helped my non-profit expand into amazing avenues and made my real career as a mom more fulfilling. Thank you for awakening the inner spirit in me! xo

  58. When the student is ready the tacher appears, and boy am I grateful that your book practically screamed my name when I was ready. Thank you for your amazing vlogs, creating a space like HerFuture for women to support and uplift each other, and for your amazeballs books. Reading Spirit Junkie allowed my soul to open up and begin receiving all kinds of yummy amazing bits of knowledge that I would have sought out on my own. In about three months I’ve torn though Spirit Junkie and A Return to Love and am working my way through The Course and this is only the beginning of a kick as journey! Thanks for helping me hear my ~ing!

  59. I’m so greatful for the ways in which God works! The last 3 months has been a whirlwind for me and it all started with reading an article about Spirit Junkie in a magazine (and I NEVER read the articles in magazines)! I’ve bought both your books, and my loving Hubby surprised me with A Course In Miracles. I’ve started a Spriritualy Minded Moms group where we meet and meditate and talk about topics from your books and A Course and try to better ourselves. I fee as though I’ve finally found my calling in life…and it’s all because you listened to your ~ing one October morning! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! God bless!
    Namaste! Jennie

  60. I am grateful for waking up to a new day everymorning whether it good or bad ……yes im feeling a bit down at the moment………but……..why should i be…….i have 2 healthy children and twin grandchildren on the way ……what more could i ask for ? !!!!!
    Thank you god bless x

  61. is greatful for: my new nephew, the fountain tire guys finding my blockheater cord, my mom, free bottles of wine from firm partner, the tires being light enough for me to roll down the stairs tonight.

  62. Hi Gabby 😀

    I’m a total newbie, received Spirit Junkie in the post yest & started reading it l/nite. So excited, because I just KNOW I am going to learn so much from it. I am ready to release old negative patterns & embrace the love 🙂
    I live in Ireland & saw a note in one of our magazines which said “If you buy one thing…..make it Spirit Junkie”

    So, thank you, thank you, thank you Gabby & thank you also to the universe for helping me be in the right place, at the right time to learn about Spirit Junkie.

    Love & Light

  63. Thank you Gabby for your uplifting messages. I am grateful for this time and place to learn to grow, make mistakes, and grow some more. There is so much positive energy flowing rather than condemnation that it makes it a wonderful time be alive.

  64. Thanks Gabby! Very inspiring and comforting. I’ve got a collection of great Souls here in Northern California who have been feasting on the wonderful soul nourishment you have been providing. Lots of Love to you. With Gratitude. Steve

  65. Hi Gabby,

    I was moved to tears by your vlog. I am so present to the shifts I have made so quickly by reading Spirit Junkie and being so committed to doing the meditations daily. You have truly inspired me to be a Spirit Junkie at a whole new level! I am grateful for this spirit conversation and for all the amazing people that are on board. I’m really passionate about the Open Heart Project which I just created this summer. It’s a charitable organization that is raising money for childhood obesity and diabetes. You can find more information on Facebook right now and a website will be up shortly.

    Peace and Thanksgiving to all Spirit Junkies!


  66. “Gorge on your spiritual buffet” resonates with me, and is a beautiful mantra practice this time of year. Thank you for your inspiration.

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