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  1. Thank you for helping me understand why for years I have awakened between 2 and 3am. I have Ptsd and need help. I am grateful to be led to you.Thank you, Mike Wingo

  2. Wow, Gabby!

    Thank you so much for this incredible message. It reminds me of the saying, “Let go, let flow.” When we let go, everything will fall into place, exactly where God intended it to be. Thank you for this message.


  3. I woke up at 5 after a super vivid dream where I was told I need to meditate for an hour a day. I could break it up into whatever chunks I like, but an hour of meditation a day is my new “objective.”

    After an hour of meditation this morning, I was drawn to this video, and I’ve found the same thing. The second I have the willingness, the universe opens up and the most miraculous things start happening.

    Thank you for sharing your truth.

    1. i got the same hit yesterday! thanks for this post… i’m taking the memo… xoxo i’ll keep you posted on my hour a day practice

  4. Just found you via the fabulous Mrs. Marie F. I love the 3am wake-up you talk about, just happened to me last night, though it was a 2-5am block. Had a creative & productive early morning! I blame Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions for it! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your story…I can relate in many ways having live in NYC for 10 years, being on the burnt-out, overwhlemed lifestyle track.

  5. I really enjoy listening to your lectures, videos, and I have a lot of your lectures and meditations on my iPhone. When it comes to addiction, it is more addiction to food than anything. Though I want to coach others, I too have my own struggles and will binge when having a hard time. Especially since I tried to change my career to be more financially comfortable, to find something that I love only to be unemployed, with no money, and having a fear that I won’t be able to support myself like I want to. I have so many dreams, but on days like today where I can’t even afford to fix my car to travel around it makes it even tougher to believe that things will get better.

    I watched you on Marie Forleo about manifesting. I wrote down my affirmations and believed things would get better. I feel stuck and boxed in at the moment. I can’t afford the things I would like to afford to pull myself out. My dream is to be a life coach/health coach. I just need the Universe to work with me and help me to get to the point where I want to be and deserve to be. I feel like I’m fighting a war. Yet, I’m thankful for people like you that give me some hope. Take care.

  6. I just posted this to my FB page-and said meet my new BFF! GREAT talk! I am going to go take my Course In Miracles off the shelf now and OPEN IT! You have released my Fear!

  7. A friend sent me to this video and I am so grateful he did. Great to hear your story. I am also an addict in recovery and now I help others to recover too.

    You are right it is about turning your mind to willingness, letting go of fear and living with love and forgiveness. The hardest part I think was forgiving myself, but I have. I have my truth too and I know what I’m here to do. Great to hear someone on a similar journey.

    Beth Burgess
    Recovery Coach

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