Super Attractor Card Deck Reading + 3 Ways to Use Your Deck

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Hey Spirit Junkies! I’m so psyched to share the brand-new Super Attractor card deck with you today.

The deck is officially in stores on Tuesday, November 5th, but you can preorder it now. It contains 52 cards with mantras from the book so you can live in alignment with the Universe, get in the flow of well-being and connect to your Super Attractor power.

I’m so grateful to my best friend, Micaela Ezra, for designing this deck. The cards are so vibrant and colorful!! Her watercolor illustrations bring the mantras to life in the most beautiful ways.

In this post I’m doing my first-ever reading from the card deck for you, and I’m also sharing a few ways you can use your deck when it arrives! I want to note that if you’re reading this post sometime in the future, you can trust that you’ve been guided here because this is the guidance you need now.

Let’s start with our first reading from the Super Attractor card deck…

Super Attractor Card Deck reading

I decided to draw three cards for us. Before I turned over each card, I shuffled the deck while calling on spiritual guidance of the highest truth and compassion.

I asked for the first card to show us what we need to heal from our past. The second card offers guidance around what we need to work on in the present. And finally, the third card shows us what we need to know in order to step into the future with confidence and faith.

Card 1: What we need to heal from our past

I let the Universe catch up with my dreams | Super Attractor card deckI let the Universe catch up with my dreams.

This card shows us what we need to heal from our past. This is a very cool card to turn up here, because it lets us reflect on the ways in which we haven’t been letting the Universe catch up with our dreams.

In the past, you may have been scared to hold big visions for fear that they wouldn’t materialize. Or you may have tried to force them into happening in a certain way or by a certain time.

What it means to let the Universe catch up with your dreams is that you’re willing to be patient. You’re willing to surrender your timeline, your agenda and what you think you need.

In Super Attractor, I say that faith is always available to you when you suspend your disbelief and let the Universe and spirit guide you back to your right mind of love. Faith in the Universe is easy to access when you’re willing to receive.

No matter how often you detour into fear, you can always call on Universal guidance to lead you back to faith in love.

Card 2: What we need to work on in the present

I accept that good things come easily. I am a Super Attractor | Super Attractor card deckI accept that good things come easily. I am a Super Attractor!

In order to truly live as a Super Attractor, we must accept that good things can come easily.

As I say in the book, this is likely the opposite of everything you’ve been taught! Our society tells us that nothing good comes easily, that anything worth having requires a battle.

Maybe you’re reading Super Attractor right now and you’re loving the methods and messages, but there’s still a part of you that doubts that good things can come easily, and that you truly are a Super Attractor. (Or maybe you’ve been resisting picking up the book altogether!)

If you recognize yourself in any of this, then I want to reassure you that you’re not alone! Why do you think the guides showed us this card? Because we all need to see it.

Right now, I invite you to join me in accepting that good things CAN come easily. Read the book, apply the methods and claim with conviction that you ARE a Super Attractor!

And now for our final card…

Card 3: What we need to know to step into the future with confidence and faith

My greatest spiritual shifts don't come through force, they come through freedom | Super Attractor card deckMy greatest spiritual shifts don’t come through force, they come through freedom.

This ties back to our first card. Both of these mantras are found in chapter 10! So I’m going to share the prayer from the book, since it’s clear that our guides want us to surrender and have faith.

On page 179 of the hardcover book you’ll find the prayer below. You can say this prayer to yourself or out loud in order to turn over your plans to the care of spirit:

Thank you, Universe and guides of the highest truth and compassion. I am ready to feel free. I welcome a newfound faith.

When we pray, we welcome freedom from resistance. Surrender doesn’t require much action at all. All that’s required is your desire to feel free and your willingness to ask the Universe for help.

As you step into the future, whether that means tomorrow or whether it means the next chapter of your life, call on this prayer regularly to reconnect you with your Super Attractor power so you can feel free.

3 ways to use your Super Attractor Card Deck

There are lots of ways to use your card deck! You can do what I did in this post, drawing cards to show you what you need to heal from your past, what you need to work on in the present, and what you need to know to step into the future.

Here are three other ways you can use your Super Attractor card deck

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Ask your guides to show you a card

Using your card deck is a beautiful way to allow spirit guides and angels to share messages.

As you shuffle your deck, call on a guide such as your spirit guide, your guardian angel, an ancestor or one of the archangels to give you guidance.

You can ask for guidance around something specific, like a problem you want to solve or a decision you need to make. Or you can simply ask them to show you what you need to know right now.

Choose a card and use it as a writing prompt

Your card deck is an awesome companion to your journaling practice. After asking your guide or angel to show you a card, you can then free-write on the card you pull, letting intuitive guidance come forward.

You can also pick a card and use it as a prompt for a story or anything else! Break out your journal and let your card deck spark creativity.

Choose a card each morning

I’m a big fan of morning rituals. One great way to use a card deck is to choose one card each morning. You can then make it your mantra throughout the day. You may want to meditate on the mantra or do the journaling exercise above.

You can also carry the card with you, keep it out on your desk, or set reminders on your phone to buzz throughout the day and remind you to turn inward and repeat your mantra!

Enjoy the Super Attractor card deck and leave a comment letting me know how this reading resonated with you. I hope this serves you.

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      1. Love these cards! Each morning I shuffle, draw a card, and meditate/journal feelings and thoughts that come about. Throughout the day I reflect on the card and apply it to situations and feelings that come my way. I’ve noticed such a shift in my energy and attitude – “it’s good to feel good”! Thank you Gabby and Micaela for coming together and creating these amazing daily reminders that we are all SUPER ATTRACTORS!

  1. I got the cards off amazon, but it did not come with a book. Is the book the jourmal? Can you give me a link so I can get the book?

  2. Thank you so much for the explanation for ‘I let the universe catch up with my dreams’. I drew this card twice so it is significant for me and now I understand it is guiding me to have faith in the universe, trust universal timing, and to hold big visions for myself knowing the universe will deliver what is for our highest good.
    Thank you Gabby!

  3. Thanks, Gabby, that you‘ve sent this Description to me via Instagram. I Love your Open and clear way to write. One gets the feeling to know you. Even your english texts feel good to me (living in Germany) ☺️ Greetings from the baltic sea!

    1. Wonderful, Nathalie! So glad this post resonates with you! Sending you much love from the US! xoxo

    1. Great question, Emma! It is not unusual to draw the same card– it likely the universe’s way of gently reminding you to focus on this lesson. I hope this helps! xoxo

  4. I got the card deck today after listening to the Super Attractor audiobook and I am so excited to start using it. I was going to ask in the MM Facebook group for suggestions as to how people used the cards but was guided to this blog post instead! So I have different ideas to get going with now!

    I am looking forward to making this part of my daily ritual.
    Lesley x

  5. Love, love, love this desk. I use them every morning to guide my day. They are so incredibly intuitive with such a loving message. I also use them with my clients at the end of the session. Inevitably it always backs up what the session was about.

  6. Hi Gabby,

    i got my cards yesterday. when i asked for cards in Barnes and Noble – this was only one deck available for me ! The book was the last copy available in the store when i was looking for. I feel so lucky that you are available for me when i look around…i have read all the books and i am a different person…I am super attractor receiving guidance every day for my dreams…love you gabby.

  7. I have received my cards but very sad to
    Not find a little hand book within the box. Will you consider doing one?

    1. Hi Gemma. My card desks are designed so that you can pull a card for yourself anytime you need spiritual guidance. I suggest shuffling/mixing up the cards as you say a prayer such as, “Guidance of the highest truth and compassion, please show me what I need to know.” Then flip your card for your message.
      You can use the cards in any way you are called, for example you could pull one for your theme of the day or week or month. I did a reading that you can also try here:
      I hope this helps! xo

  8. This morning I took a card from the card deck. It was the same card as is shown as the first card ‘I let the universe catch up with my dreams’. So thank you for the explanation, it is much clearer now. And also this morning when my husband put his arm over my belly, I wondered why I did not like that. Suddenly I realized it gave me a feeling of not being free. What do I read in your third card? My greatest spiritual gifts do not come from force, they come from freedom. So now I will find a way to feel free.

  9. Every day that passes I learn more and my spirit is released, difficult by the way but motivating, a lot of universal light for you GabY

  10. Just ordered my first card pack ever and I am so excited! Have looked at similar cards for one year now and can’t wait to start my new journey.

  11. Bought the deck after getting the release email and felt compelled to so so right away. Picked it up the deck a short time after (the bookstore is right across the street)and overturned my first card moments before a phone interview for a job I had recently applied for. I am now one of two finalists for the position. I read a card every morning to remind me to release and give in to the Universe.

  12. I received my deck a couple days ago and I love it! I use A cats a day as my daily mantra! I keep it in my desk when working and I take a picture of it on my phone to bring up when I sense I am embracing fear instead of love! I also have timers from my spirit junkie app deck that I use to recenter me back to spirit so I have multiple mantras each day! ☺️ I now do want to shuffle them since I’ve read this and try choosing 3 cards based on my prayers! I have read so many books over the years and always get a little way into them and stop….but this one… I read through once and now I listen to it on audible to and from work and whenever I can….writing in my journal, truly LIVE-ING it! Thank you Gabby! For giving me a way to free my self from my fear and live in light and love!! This time I can feel the sense of awareness and “knowing” I would feel but it would go away before…. The tools and the prayers resonate with me…. I am ready to hear the message and BE-ing a super attractive instead of reading about it and talking about it! I want to be free!! One day at a time! I am so grateful my prayers were answered and this book found me! We found each other!! Thank you Gabby!

  13. Dear Gabby,

    The Universe is catching up with my dreams, I know that for certain and I am waiting patiently, this card reading was just the reassurance!

    Thank you again for your generous sharing. I have had other people read Tarot cards for me or even read my cup of Coffee. Both methods gave me guidance and important information at different times in my life. The reason I asked OTHER people to do it for me was because I felt disconnected from myself and needed help. Now I am starting to feel a little more in tune with the Universe and my intuition, thanks to your help and other spiritual gurus. My questions are:

    ¿Is the reading card deck only to be read by myself or can I have a friend to pick the cards for me?
    ¿Will I still need the Tarot or coffee reading, how are they different from your cards?
    ¿Does the Super Attractor Card Deck come with guidance on how to use them, besides the three on this post?


  14. Hi Gabby…

    I’ve posted a couple of other times on this blog, but, after finishing Super Attractor for the 2nd time, I just want to say, again, Thank You for writing such a tremendous reference book.

    The pages are starting to look a bit worn, after about 3 weeks of use.

    I just picked up “Miracles Now”, and plan to start it this evening. Thank you for your help….I certainly need and appreciate it..


  15. You told me to get them.. I got them.
    You told me theyll be good for me, I know u meant it. I felt it in my heart.

    Thank you for being my guide my teacher and mentor.

    Love u x

  16. Wow! This pretty much says it all. I’m having a total hip replacement in four days. I caught a cold over last weekend, because I wasn’t looking after my own well-being. I’ve been fielding scheduling issues for my supervisor, because she’s on a mission trip. Again, not looking after my own well-being. I’m waking up in pain every night so I can sleep next to my husband and reassure him of my love & fidelity. Yet again, not looking after my own well-being.

    My job this past week has been to prepare myself for surgery and recovery … I. have. failed. Now I get to pick up my wounded body/mind/spirit and move forward mindfully & purposefully.

  17. Just ordered this deck. Super Attractor came into my life at a time where I truly needed it. I am grateful to you, Gabby, for setting me on this spiritual journey. It started with an article in the New York Times which led to me preordering Super Attractor. I was having a really difficult time one night and then I got an alert on my phone – Super Attractor was available for me to read! Talk about divine intervention. I love how approachable, kind and compassionate the writing is. For so long I thought spirituality was some rarified thing that just wasn’t for me, and I’m incredibly appreciative to have found this book and Gabby’s teachings.

  18. Dear Gabby, I can’t find the words to express you how thankful I am with you. God knows I was in the search and in the need to find answers to my prayers and that is why all of the sudden I found your book or your book found me. Couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it. Every single word you say in the book Super Attractor resonates within me. I’m so ready to surrender and receive all that God has in store for me. I can feel the presence of my guardian angel and archangels and loving ancestors.
    I already ordered my card deck and can’t wait to have it to meditate each day and unleash the super attractor divine message on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!

  19. Thank you for posting the reading. I DO need to be patient. The Universe does have my back. I need to sit back, relax and realize that.

    1. D’Ann, so glad this served you. When you find yourself becoming impatient, say this prayer, “I lean in to the inspiration of my desires and I know it’s enough to lead me toward what is of the highest good. I surrender this desire to the Universe and I know I’m being guided.”

  20. That reading was spot on for me today! Thank you so much. I am starting your book today! I definitely need those cards too.

    Lisa P

  21. I have my deck and LOVE it. The illustrations and messages are perfect. I have already used it to draw a guidance card for the day and had a friend draw one too. Thanks for this reading, am going to do a three card spread tomorrow. Thank you!

  22. I have just start to read your book “Super Attractor”. I am very excited to read it so I feel it is time to order your new deck too.

  23. Hi Gabby, I have just received notification that my card deck is in the mail from Booktopia! I look forward to their arrival with great anticipation! I have only recently purchased the journal and e book. Then I received a hard copy as a gift. Vicki

  24. My new deck was delivered today!! So excited! I can’t wait to start using it. Thank you for sharing the first reading!

  25. Hi Gabby, You are amazing & I want to start by saying that you’ve changed my life! I went to your recent book launch in Boston (I NEED to tell you that when you played Hallelujah I was brought to tears by all of the FEELS that were rushing through me!) & ever since I’ve been thinking about how I could contact you to tell you that Super Attractor is one of those monumental, life changing & soulFULL books & I believe it should be in everybody’s reading nooks! I’ve read nearly all of your books & while they are all brilliant & all exactly what I needed at that moment (divine timing & all)…Super Attractor is, by far, my absolute FAVORITE! Off the charts! Since reading it I’ve been asking for signs and surrendering to the Universe & I’m getting signs left & right! However, in the past few days (or week) I’ve been busy with work & being a mom & wife (such is LIFE, right) & I’m guilty of allowing myself to hit the autopilot button. Hello misalignment! What was I thinking?! So this morning I was led to your blog & then to the recording of your SoulSession with Oprah. I followed your 5 steps to spiritual surrender & was sooo moved. In the end, I realized I had asked Spirit to guide me & once again it led me to you & your words. I felt compelled to send you this note right here, right now so that you knew what kind of impact you are having. Thank you Gabby! Thank you for all that you are & all that you share with this world! Namaste ❤

  26. Hi Gabby, just received my deck and I can’t wait to start using it, as I do with your other two. Not only are the decks beautiful-(love this one, had a quick shuffle, fabulous, I swear!) but they bring positivity to my day, and have helped me with my work stress, as I meditate on the cards that come up. I appreciate your work and what you put out for those of us that at times need a calm hand on our shoulder, thank you for inspiring me, as I have written my own book and shall tirelessly put it out to publishers in hopes a dream of mine is realised. Thank you Gabby and Co!
    Best wishes and gratitude,
    Clare x

  27. Yes! I’ve discovered that these things are real and I’m so grateful. Miracles have touched this heart humbled by such an outpouring of loving benevolence from sources everywhere. I’m grateful for you, Gabby, that you are such an articulate spokesperson for our amazing Universe.

  28. I’m so excited to order your Super Attractor Cards Gabby! These will be my very first cards to use for the flow of my life, thoughts and connection to my spirit guides. I have been waiting for the right cards that resonate with me. Thank you for sharing your light & love with us. So it is <3

    1. So grateful for this shift Nancy. Keep focusing on things bring you joy, which will help you make choices from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety. <3

  29. So excited! Picking my deck up today at B&N after work and your FB Live at 1Pm EST. I have finished the book & am now willing and ready to go deeper with the card deck. See you online Gabby! Peace ✌ love & blessings ✨

  30. Cannot wait to receive these beautiful truly inspiring cards, just ordered on Amazon Uk. They will be delivered this evening I can get to work on them first thing tomorrow morning, have nearly finished Super Attractor book, where I will leave an outstanding review . Loved The Universe has your back, also have cards. Gabby you have inspired me more than you know & have given me the guidance to follow a dream I thought not possible. So I pick up my pen & allow it to flow on my pad & ask for my guides of the highest truth & compassion to be by my side whilst writing my first ever book.

  31. Dear gabrielle
    i am felling that the universe is a little harsh on me on job search. I struggle with anxiety over my last job that was traumatic and made me scared to apply even if i really want to work and need to have money urgently and feel a sense of happiness serenity before christmas even if temporary. I asked for help in order to find a job where i could be happy feeling good help and have a schedule that i like. I fallowed the universe but when then one day i opened to a store closing soon i applied because it seemed easy to apply without cv ( biggest anxiety) and did let me do a schedule that i loved. However, somehow i had my gut saying nono no !! I taugh it was fear and i did not listen. After my first day i cried and spend 3 hour in the shower because it was so dirty and i did not fit at all. I feeling like i can’t trust anything now… i don’t know what to do… even my mother thinks i am just to lazy to get another job… can i quit today? How can i trust the universe? Where do i look? thank you and sorry for needing your support

    1. Cynthia, there are 2 things about your post that jumped out to me. The first is that you said your gut was telling you “no,” but you dismissed it as fear. As it turns out, your gut was right — and this is a good thing. This is spiritual proof that you are being guided!

      Check out this post for 5 steps to knowing the Universe has your back:

      The second thing that jumped out to me is the fact that you felt called to post here at all. That is a clear, strong statement to the Universe that you are ready for miraculous shifts. And when you ask, you will receive.

      I write about this in Super Attractor and it applies to your situation right now: In order to attract a job you like more, focus on finding what you like about your current job. Even if it’s just one thing, like a flexible schedule or a kind coworker or that paycheck every week. Cultivate appreciation for the job you have now (assuming you feel safe being there) and you’ll raise your energy and feel better. Once you start to feel better (and this can happen quickly), you’ll be able to find a new, better job much more easily.

      Make this your mantra: “I am open to creative possibilities for earning.” Write it down and say it often. Turn to it whenever you detour into fear. Being open to creative possibilities changes everything! And listen to your gut, because that is guidance from the Universe. And I promise you, the Universe ALWAYS has your back.

      1. I deeply appreciate your support and i truly believe that when u ask you receive. I decided to quite after a week and i now look forward to founding a job even more beautiful than i thought or imagine it. I know even if hard nothing is lost because i now can see that it can exist. I have broke free from unemployment after a 1year/2 and worked on 2 occasions. I know now I love waking up early to go to work and I know I like walking standing. I wish the places i love would let me do the shifts and work a love. However maybe i can find somewhere else i never been. I just need to trust again and i will succeed i know just hope before december. I thank you and am soo thankful for having found year book 7 years ago . Love ❤️

  32. Thank you so much for your teachings and guidance, Gabby. Your work has truly shifted my life the last 6 months . I am grateful I found you.

  33. This is PERFECT for me to see today. I opened this in the morning and have re-read again just now. I love it and LOVE how the universe spoke to me with this post, Gabby! Thank you and can’t wait for the cards!!

  34. Thank you for this lovely three card reading for all of us, Gabby. I preordered. So I will get them when I come back from vacation, I would assume. So excited to make this a morning practice journaling habit. Thank you for helping us be Super attractors and for giving us these tools.

  35. My cards arrived today! Looking forward to using my cards to start each day and give me focus or guidance. Thank you for creating this beautiful deck.

  36. Hi Gabby, I love this message, it is of course exactly what I needed to hear today. It is also exactly what I have been telling myself I need to do. Surrendering the outcome as well as the timeline, keeping my faith, and the release of anxiety and stress when I am able to. I can’t wait for my cards to come, I pre-ordered them last month! And thank you so much for your Super Attractor book whenever I pick it up to read further it is always EXACTLY what I needed in that very moment!

    1. Tina, so excited for your cards to arrive. I love what you shared here about keeping the faith… this is a beautiful, key piece for you. Continue to surrender and trust you are on the right path.

  37. This is exact where I am in my Super Attractor journey….strengthening my faith and letting go of the belief that everything good comes at a price. The greater the joy, the higher price you will pay. I pray for freedom to accept all the universe has to offer and my way is made smooth and easy!
    Thank you Gabby for your work. It has been a game changer for me

  38. Thank you Gabby lovely card reading I’m enjoying the supper Attractor hard back Book I just started reading it I read the Universe has has your back & it helped me your so inspirational xxx

    1. So happy this work is supporting and inspiring you Sue. Continue to trust in the guidance you receive. xo

    1. I nearly skipped past this link in facebook, until I saw there was 111 comments and 11 shares! I’ve just finished reading super attractor and loved it! Definitely needed to read this reading as I’ve bee n feeling a bit unaligned the last few days. Thank you, Gabby xx

  39. Dear Gaby,
    This is beautiful and it arrive in my mailbox at the perfect time!
    I’m sure this happens to you and the people you touch a whole lot, and I truly wanted to ratify it for you today.

    I loved the reading, the messages in the cards and the explanations on them. For quite some time fear has been sneaking up on me due to loss and grief of a loved one, and suddenly I realized fear had taken the wheel of my life and scared away my super attractor, as well as dimmed my usual happy, trusting, light bringer positive self. Thanks to your messages and starting “Super Attractor” audiobook I am adding more ways to get back to who I truly am.

    Thanks you and keep on believing in your own magic, so we can keep believing on ours too✨ Truly,
    Angela De Sousa, ACC

  40. Wonderful reading and so appropriate for me. I am always block myself . This is why I went to your launch on Oct. 26th in Boston and bought the deck. I pull a card each day that tells me that the universe will let good things happen I just need to receive it. Thank you for everything Gabby , kindly

  41. Beautiful card pull and very appropriate for me . I keep blocking myself with fear of what if it doesn’t happen. The cards showed that I need to just believe good things will come . I keep pulling a card a day of super attractor deck I bought when I attended your launch in Boston on oct. 26th. The cards keep telling to give to the universe and everything will work out for the good ! This is also helpful as I am taking the nursing boards on 11/11 – hope I pass , all will work out ! Thank you so much Gabby
    Kindly , Liz

  42. Thank you for this gift!! I needed to hear these words. I appreciate you sharing the wisdom of the universe with us.
    Be well,

  43. Hi Gabby.

    I love the idea of the cards.
    I have ordered some from the universe has your back.
    Think this will truly inspire me and keep me focussed.

    Blessing to you gab
    Fiona xoxo

  44. I just sent a message to you through Insta. The second card you pulled speaks to my knowing that we don’t have to perform a certain amount of work, in order to have the impact, gain the traction or attention we desire. Thank you for this confirmation of my intuition that I’ve been working from for a few years now, yet with some doubt, because of past trauma that I’m still healing. I’m working my way through your book, and so grateful for your diligence in the writing process.


  45. I loved reading this so much! Such an amazing way to start off the day! So much wisdom in those three cards! hope you have the best day! Hope it’s filled with miraculous shifts, lots of love and freedom! ✨

  46. Gabby I’m a big fan of decks but I’m also feeling like I need to reduce the amount of “stuff” I’ve accumulated. Will this deck be available as an app in the future?

  47. Wow, did I need this today! I just submitted a huge proposal for a national program that doesn’t yet exist and I want it badly! I’ve been asking the Universe to guide me but I’m realizing after the first card to I need to surrender my timeline, agenda and get back to the faith that “good things come easily- I AM A SUPER ATTRACTOR!!” I don’t need to force things. I’ll be saying the prayer for sure. Thanks lady!

    1. Yes Sheri, and while you leave the details up to the Universe, continue to take aligned action to move towards your desires. When you take aligned action and trust the Universe, you’ll move forward in flow. XOX

  48. I asked for some clear guidance today and then your post showed up! Amazing! I’m moving into my day with FAITH and acceptance that good things come easily! I AM ready to “feel free” knowing the Loving Universe is behind me all the way!❤❤❤

  49. This was very timely advice to receive. I’m currently re-adjusting the way I manifest so that it doesn’t come from a place of control. Reminding myself that I already have all things within me to grow to where I want to be. Therefore, I can just be and believe and allow the Universe to provide for me. I’m working on surrender and being in a state of gratitude when I notice control or un-alignment so that I can come back to alignment without feelings of shame or negativity towards myself. I know I am doing my best and on the right path. Thank you for this post, it’s very encouraging <3

  50. I ordered them last month and I believe they’re coming today! I ordered your Super Attractor book and journal (and audiobook, too) and I just received your, The Universe Has Your Back book and cards. I’m hoping to be able to attend your book signing in Atlanta this weekend. You are an answer to prayer. I’m letting the Universe guide my calendar if I’m supposed to attend. I hope to see you soon!


  51. Funny, I was listening to “Super Attractor” on audible and thinking about the card deck when I got this email! All of the cards you drew are so relevant to me right now. It’s been a struggle to accept that good things *can* come easily and to have the patience to let them happen! Thank you!

  52. Beautiful ❤️ Thank you so much I can’t wait to read the book and have this beautiful cards in my hands!

  53. I absolutely loved this post!!!!! I loved the reading most of all, and its exactly what I needed today. I can’t wait to receive my cards tomorrow!!!

  54. Gabby, I received Super Attractor a few days ago and have read through the entire book , watched some bonus videos and went looking for Aad Guray Nameh , I did not know what it was called just that it moved me and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I have heard. I am a Blogger who is on a spiritual path of healing and learning to help others do the same. I suffered for over a decade and although I am feeling much better these day, at times I still feel the lack, which I am working to clear. I just wanted to say thank you because you brought me renewed faith , hope and a guiding light. Thank you.

  55. This presents a wonderful opportunity for self care and personal growth. I absolutely love the idea of the cards ❤️

  56. With regards to “asking for a sign”, as mentioned in Universe & Super Attractor, why in the past when I’ve asked for a sign about whether a person will be in my life do I receive the sign when they don’t end up being a part of my life. It’s like I ask for a sign, I get the sign but then that person isn’t in my life. It’s for this reason, I am skeptical of the asking for signs, I feel like I don’t understand as it leads me astray, confuses me. As a result, I’m doubting of this process. Can you help me understand, please? Tks 🙂

  57. I had committed that prayer to memory last week – it’s been helpful. I’m finding release and turning things over..hopefully the highest good will come from it! xx

  58. Gabby, I am SO excited to see that you’ve created this beautiful deck! I am hoping that the card you posted on FB yesterday is included in this? I’m really looking forward to spending time with these cards on my own journey. Thank you for your shining your light so brightly for all of us! Blessings! Xx, Ineke

  59. I love this Gabby. Thank you. I’m working my way through the book making notes as I go and have made it part of my morning ritual along with the Super Attractor meditations. I’m really loving the wisdom you share – this was definitely the perfect timing to receive it.

    Thank you


    Kathy UK

  60. Thanks so much for your reading Gabby. This all made complete sense. I’m currently staring at the mountain of notes from the past 6 years about to start sorting through what’s still relevant to the book series I’m working on. In the past I pushed for things to happen in my time line, not getting very far. In the past 6 years my health has forced me to take a different approach to work, writing when I feel well enough and then 2 years ago I knew I had to take a more spiritual approach to life as a whole. My main guide has since told me that he was the one who directed me to you… that my spiritual development is more important than anything else right now. This past 2 years I’ve been the happiest ever and I am truly grateful for all you’re teaching me.
    Now, as I start to get back into writing this series, there are many old fearbased thoughts that keep surfacing, which I choose to think again about. Your reading made perfect sense to me and I thank you.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Love and light
    Vicky xxxxxxxxxx

  61. Thank you for this reading this morning. How did you know I have resisted picking up the book to read it! Spot on! Well that’s all about to change today.
    Love the look of the cards and will be ordering them.
    Thank you so much x

  62. Thank you for this advise it has been very helpful this morning. Again I have been nudged to choose love over fear and trust that the universe has my back, and my higher self along with Jesus and my angles are supporting me,
    Thank you Gabby

    1. Grateful you connected with this message when you needed it most Mark. Keep focusing on things bring you joy, which will help you make choices from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety. <3

  63. I’m super excited to use the card deck. I’m ready Super Attractor at the moment and love every word I read!
    Thank you Gabriella for your wonderful books, and just opening my world to the universe.

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