Super Attractor Card Deck Reading + 3 Ways to Use Your Deck

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Hey Spirit Junkies! I’m so psyched to share the brand-new Super Attractor card deck with you today.

The deck is officially in stores on Tuesday, November 5th, but you can preorder it now. It contains 52 cards with mantras from the book so you can live in alignment with the Universe, get in the flow of well-being and connect to your Super Attractor power.

I’m so grateful to my best friend, Micaela Ezra, for designing this deck. The cards are so vibrant and colorful!! Her watercolor illustrations bring the mantras to life in the most beautiful ways.

In this post I’m doing my first-ever reading from the card deck for you, and I’m also sharing a few ways you can use your deck when it arrives! I want to note that if you’re reading this post sometime in the future, you can trust that you’ve been guided here because this is the guidance you need now.

Let’s start with our first reading from the Super Attractor card deck…

Super Attractor Card Deck reading

I decided to draw three cards for us. Before I turned over each card, I shuffled the deck while calling on spiritual guidance of the highest truth and compassion.

I asked for the first card to show us what we need to heal from our past. The second card offers guidance around what we need to work on in the present. And finally, the third card shows us what we need to know in order to step into the future with confidence and faith.

Card 1: What we need to heal from our past

I let the Universe catch up with my dreams | Super Attractor card deckI let the Universe catch up with my dreams.

This card shows us what we need to heal from our past. This is a very cool card to turn up here, because it lets us reflect on the ways in which we haven’t been letting the Universe catch up with our dreams.

In the past, you may have been scared to hold big visions for fear that they wouldn’t materialize. Or you may have tried to force them into happening in a certain way or by a certain time.

What it means to let the Universe catch up with your dreams is that you’re willing to be patient. You’re willing to surrender your timeline, your agenda and what you think you need.

In Super Attractor, I say that faith is always available to you when you suspend your disbelief and let the Universe and spirit guide you back to your right mind of love. Faith in the Universe is easy to access when you’re willing to receive.

No matter how often you detour into fear, you can always call on Universal guidance to lead you back to faith in love.

Card 2: What we need to work on in the present

I accept that good things come easily. I am a Super Attractor | Super Attractor card deckI accept that good things come easily. I am a Super Attractor!

In order to truly live as a Super Attractor, we must accept that good things can come easily.

As I say in the book, this is likely the opposite of everything you’ve been taught! Our society tells us that nothing good comes easily, that anything worth having requires a battle.

Maybe you’re reading Super Attractor right now and you’re loving the methods and messages, but there’s still a part of you that doubts that good things can come easily, and that you truly are a Super Attractor. (Or maybe you’ve been resisting picking up the book altogether!)

If you recognize yourself in any of this, then I want to reassure you that you’re not alone! Why do you think the guides showed us this card? Because we all need to see it.

Right now, I invite you to join me in accepting that good things CAN come easily. Read the book, apply the methods and claim with conviction that you ARE a Super Attractor!

And now for our final card…

Card 3: What we need to know to step into the future with confidence and faith

My greatest spiritual shifts don't come through force, they come through freedom | Super Attractor card deckMy greatest spiritual shifts don’t come through force, they come through freedom.

This ties back to our first card. Both of these mantras are found in chapter 10! So I’m going to share the prayer from the book, since it’s clear that our guides want us to surrender and have faith.

On page 179 of the hardcover book you’ll find the prayer below. You can say this prayer to yourself or out loud in order to turn over your plans to the care of spirit:

Thank you, Universe and guides of the highest truth and compassion. I am ready to feel free. I welcome a newfound faith.

When we pray, we welcome freedom from resistance. Surrender doesn’t require much action at all. All that’s required is your desire to feel free and your willingness to ask the Universe for help.

As you step into the future, whether that means tomorrow or whether it means the next chapter of your life, call on this prayer regularly to reconnect you with your Super Attractor power so you can feel free.

3 ways to use your Super Attractor Card Deck

There are lots of ways to use your card deck! You can do what I did in this post, drawing cards to show you what you need to heal from your past, what you need to work on in the present, and what you need to know to step into the future.

Here are three other ways you can use your Super Attractor card deck

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Ask your guides to show you a card

Using your card deck is a beautiful way to allow spirit guides and angels to share messages.

As you shuffle your deck, call on a guide such as your spirit guide, your guardian angel, an ancestor or one of the archangels to give you guidance.

You can ask for guidance around something specific, like a problem you want to solve or a decision you need to make. Or you can simply ask them to show you what you need to know right now.

Choose a card and use it as a writing prompt

Your card deck is an awesome companion to your journaling practice. After asking your guide or angel to show you a card, you can then free-write on the card you pull, letting intuitive guidance come forward.

You can also pick a card and use it as a prompt for a story or anything else! Break out your journal and let your card deck spark creativity.

Choose a card each morning

I’m a big fan of morning rituals. One great way to use a card deck is to choose one card each morning. You can then make it your mantra throughout the day. You may want to meditate on the mantra or do the journaling exercise above.

You can also carry the card with you, keep it out on your desk, or set reminders on your phone to buzz throughout the day and remind you to turn inward and repeat your mantra!

Enjoy the Super Attractor card deck and leave a comment letting me know how this reading resonated with you. I hope this serves you.

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