Spiritual Tips for Changing Your Diet

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If you want to be healthier, have more energy or just feel better about what you eat, I’ve found that the key to changing your diet is to change the way you think about food.

Spiritual tips for changing your diet

Watch the video below or keep reading, and follow these 3 steps to experience miracles and change the way you think about food!

Step 1: Be willing to let it go

If if you want to change the way you think about food, whether it’s to put down sugar or get rid of dairy or gluten, you have to really want it.

I’ve found through my own personal experience with my own diet that there’d be times when I tried to make changes. But when I didn’t REALLY want it, the change wouldn’t stick.

I honor how I want to feel | The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinWe have to get to a point where we’re fed up with the old behavior and have a great experience looking at that old behavior without judgment, but rather with a sense of discernment, saying, “I no longer want that path.”

A few years ago I made that decision when I quit sugar. I looked at how the sugar was weakening my immune system and how I was breaking out, and I made the commitment to say, “No, I don’t want this anymore.”

So that first step is a spiritual act. It’s a commitment. You’re saying: “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done with this behavior.” That’s a profound statement — it’s a prayer. You need to check in and ask, “Am I ready to let go of this pattern? Am I ready to let go of this behavior?”

Your readiness is everything when you want to create change and release an addictive pattern.

If you’re truly ready to let go and change how you think about food, you’re ready for step 2.

Step 2: Create bottom lines

Decide what your bottom lines will be as you change how you think about food.

For me, my bottom line is: I don’t eat sugar. I also have the bottom line that I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t partake in drugs. That’s been a bottom line of mine for 11 years!

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A bottom line is something that I do not change, I do not waver on. There’s no question of what I’m going to do there. When I have a clear bottom line and I know what I’m sticking to, I can stay consistent on my path.

When you have the willingness (step 1) and the bottom line, you can create patterns that will be long lasting. You can also start to hold yourself accountable to the changes you want to make.

Step 3: Surrender daily

This final step is the most spiritual step. Every day you say a short prayer, thanking the Universe (or God, or spirit, or your inner guide) for helping you stay consistent with your commitment.

This spiritual reliance is far more powerful than sheer willpower. It’s far more powerful and way easier than white-knuckling it and trying to force a new energy into your life.

You begin with your desire and willingness, you form clear boundaries and bottom lines, and then you offer it all up to the care of your inner guidance system.

Every day, surrender and pray. Spiritual surrender is something we can do all day long. Anytime you’re struggling or stuck in fear, just call on a higher power that resonates with you and turn it over. (You can connect with your spirit guide!)

Get more guidance in my Finally Full digital course

Finally Full: A digital workshop on spirituality and food, with Gabby Bernstein

To further guide you, I have a digital course called Finally Full, which is all about spirituality and food.

If you want more support around how to change your diet and change your relationship to food, click here to check it out!

Combine practical action with your spiritual practice

This method for changing your diet combines practical action with your spiritual practice so you can create that long-lasting change!

Gabby Bernstein cooking food | Spiritual tips for changing your dietYour relationship to food (and your body) should bring you joy and make you feel good!

These steps have helped me stay very consistent with the beautiful changes I’ve made.

If you’d like to quit sugar, check out my spiritual tips for staying off sugar!

There’s great value and great support in these steps, and I can testify to them.

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  1. I LOVE these tips Gabby !! as I love your books! you’re always a great source of inspiration!!
    better go and keep on reading my Judgement Detox copy 🙂
    kisses from Italy !!

  2. On reflection, I realise that beautiful Gabby has so expertly distilled the complex steps, the emotional and spiritual awakenings to the need for change that lead to peace and recovery from addictions into something practical and relatable. It is so empowering to realise that I have done this before with recovery from the most dangerous aspects of an eating disorder. I’ve been feeling so stuck in my recovery. Knowing that these steps worked for recovering to where I’m at today, I feel like I do have the tools to let go and move on from the lingering disordered behaviors keeping me stuck. Looking forward to a mind not obsessed with food and exercise. I feel excited!

    1. Beautiful! Call on your inner guidance system for support in your recovery. Please let me know if you need more resources. xx

  3. Hi I´ve dieted all my life. My mom died and I got obese. I had panic attacks and I am under medical prescription of antideppresants and anti anxiety pills. I weighted 165 pounds before. I began working out and down it to 140. After that came the panic attacks. I wasn´t allowed to do something that may hiperventilate me. So… I gained back the weight. I was feeling horrible and decided to do something about it.
    I went to a nutritionist friend working at a Spa. They work with machines to melt fat and sculpt your body plus massages to detox.
    The thing is I made a diet for a month to boost my metabolism. It worked and now I am 150 pounds. My friend told me to eat normally afterwards with a few nutritional directions.
    I like to eat. Is hard for me to eat vegetables and workout. I get bored. But I know this isn´t about dieting anymore. It is about me getting healthier. I guess I am lazy.

  4. Hi Gabby, I love all your videos. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth and I have all my drinks without sugar. However, I can’t say that I have a sugar-free diet given that it’s present on EVERYTHING from rice, pasta, bread. I’d like to enjoy the benefits of a sugar free diet but I’m afraid it’d be too restrictive and I wouldn’t know what to eat. How do you manage?

  5. Gabby
    Do you believe that there is a connection between the way that you feel about yourself and the choices of food that you eat? If so how do you stop the self destructive eat patterns?


  6. Wonderful blog Gabby. Recently I’m treating SIBO. No sugar, or anything fermented. It’s been an on/off battle, and now realizing it’s got to be a life long commitment, and there’s no going back.

    Wondering what you put in your coffee or tea, as I’m hearing that almond milk has a lot of thickeners that can contribute to digestive issues. Also can you recommend some good teas?

    Your books are great inspiration, and looking forward to more.

    Thanks again for everything,

  7. Ahh!! The Universe has been guiding me to take this course for the last few months and something aaaaalways comes up!

    I’ll keep manifesting it. It’ll happen! ✌️

  8. Gabby. May I link to your site from my site? I’m going to do a blog about not worrying in retirement and would like to include your peaceful views

  9. So on point! Love it! I’m a health coach, and I often use your tools, and refer my clients to your work to really support and reinforce the changes they are making. Xoxo

  10. thank you so much, made a decision today to give something up that is no longer serving me…these 3 things seem so simple yet i know will be game changing. <3

  11. What do you do when your husband likes to go drink, like as entertainment? He wants me to go along and partake, but I want my path to be different. How do you handle that?

    1. amazing! This was meant for you, sister.
      Massive love your way on your journey <3

  12. Thank you Gabby for this. Today in my car I was listening to The Universe Has Your Back and it was up to the part where you ask the universe to help guide you to find the right support for what you need. I said my prayer then went into work. When I came to go home I checked my emails and your blog came up. Yesterday I had made a commitment to look after myself and follow a starch free diet as I have recently been diagnosed with a immune disease. The universe kept giving me reasons to do this but I never stuck to them then it gave me 3 cases of uvetis (an eye infection) which is horrible I then was told by the hospital that I get this because of my poor immune system. This time I had had enough and like I said yesterday I decided to commit once and for all.
    Thank you again for all your love and support. Jenny ❤

  13. I went to the doctor today and got serious about my digestive concerns. I have been doing tons of research to get practical about “fixing” things but not as much emphasis on the spiritual aspect…and here is this week’s post…on my birthday. haha! Thank you. Well done on no sugar!

  14. Thank you Dear Gabby. I watched your FB live on quitting sugar, and at the time I just wasn’t ready to commit. A few weeks later, my desperation led to a new commitment to quit sugar and the results far exceeded my expectations. With prayer, I am committing to this path, and these tips will help me greatly. I hear you on white-knuckling it; I found I was holding my breath under water until I prayed and got the support both physically and spiritually. Love, Karilyn

  15. Thank you for this video!
    Anyone else needs to get rid of the following items ?
    1. Alcohol (not as an addiction but as a poison for my skin…!)
    2. Coffee (I looove coffee, but my skin hates it and gets literally red with anger !)
    3. Sugar of course (the only thing that keeps me energized. I’m trying to replace it with sleeping, meditating and yoga, but it takes time.)

    Keep posting, coach! <3

  16. Gabby. Thank you for your blog. Wanting it its the most crucial part. I have been sober for the past year and 3 months after abusing alcohol for all of my life and the key that held the door for that decision was that I said: NO MORE. Being all fucked up its not something that I want or that I deserve and it has been a dream come true. Not only the process but how I feel and the person I am today thanks to that decision. There is no coming back. I know the bottom line and the surrender parts are very important but I just wanted to ad that the “WANTING IT” part its, or at least was for me, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
    Thank you.
    I honor your light, Laura

  17. Decided yesterday to start eating healthy and get rid of the crap food in my life for various reasons, when I woke up this morning was already thinking how am I going to stick to it, (have tried more than once before to do it) and there was your email in my inbox with those great 3 steps, they made so much sense I know this time I can do it.
    Thank you

  18. Very true. Been doing this with my diet after years of “knowing” the path I needed to take but taking ownership and committing fully has made it come to fruition. Can this be done in relationships where I am struggling most these days given the complexity of human behavior and it involving another person ? Of course I get that I can only change myself but how can we set out commitment to our well being and know a “bottom line” in relationships. I surmise the first step is defining what is and isn’t acceptable. Thanks f Thur insights compassion and sharing.

  19. If I think I will never have sugar again it feels like too much …if I give myself a block of time I seem to be more disciplined. You are able to fully commit. Do you feel relief as soon as you wholeheartedly commit than if you went moment by moment? Do you feel the universe still shows signs of support when you are just in the moment but could be wishy washy as far as the future goes? Thank you for this conversation! ❤️

  20. Thanks Gabby, I agree with all you say about getting fed up and creating new patterns but the spiritual has not been front and center. It’s been there but not front an center, unfortunately. Or maybe I have not been appreciative of it’s presence in a consistent way.
    Thinking back, this is how I quit smoking, improve diet, weight, exercise… I think too my body speaks to me and I honor that as a spiritual message.
    I do like to drink, do not like to get drunk, but I enjoy my wine a few nights a week. Not sure total sobriety is where I want to go, but I wonder about that or feel guilty (my perfectionism?). Anyway, these are my random thoughts. Thank you!

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