The Spiritual Secret to Success

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For many years I thought my success was based on how stressed out and anxious I was. I equated accomplishment with overworking, pushing and manipulating outside circumstances in my favor.

My “go out and grab it” mentality only got me so far. I constantly felt like a hamster in a wheel, trying to run faster but always winding up right where I left off.

Worst of all, I pushed my nervous system beyond its limit. I’d work, work, work and then burn out. This was a typical routine for me.

Stillness is the secret to success

I let an inner sense of quiet multiply each day as I strengthen my faith in the love of the Universe | Super Attractor card deckThen at age 25, upon hitting bottom, I came to learn the blessing of stillness. I learned that stillness is the spiritual secret to success. In my case I had to hit an emotional, spiritual and physical bottom in order to slow down. I guess it doesn’t matter how I got there. All that matters is that I was finally still.

Through meditation, prayer and my commitment to an inner awareness I was able to realize that my greatest accomplishments would come from stillness. This is when I really started living.

When we still our mind and body we can truly connect with our spirit. Then once we establish a spiritual connection our job is to follow the guidance we receive. Slowing down and listening is the key to living a guided life. In stillness we hear. And then it’s our job to pay attention to the guidance we receive.

When we embrace stillness, life flows

Living a guided life is about extending the seconds of stillness. As we add up the moments of stillness we begin to feel life begin to flow. What we need comes directly to us, life lessons are no longer so difficult and we have a greater awareness of our purpose and our connection to the world.

Stillness is where it’s at. This is the spiritual secret to success!

How to practice stillness to have more success

In the video, and in the breakdown below it, I share tools for practicing stillness to harness success.

1. Create mindful moments throughout the day

We speed up by slowing down. Try this yourself by creating mindful moments throughout your day, when you can sit for 1 minute with your eyes closed, paying attention to your breath or silently reciting a mantra.

2. Begin a daily meditation practice

Another really important tool is to begin a daily meditation practice of any kind, whether you sit for five minutes or 20 minutes. Maybe you sit for two times a day, and give yourself that great opportunity to reorganize your energy.

You can practice any kind of meditation that feels good to you. Check out these posts for more resources:

Download my free guided meditations!

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Do nothing and let the Universe show you what to do

To begin the practice of allowing I must get out of the way and let spirit give me direction | Super Attractor card deckThis is a very important lesson I share in my book Super Attractor. All our doing gets in the way of our receiving. Therefore, get into the practice of not interfering with the Universal guidance that is available to you. If you’re not receiving clear direction right away, then be patient, relax and distract yourself with a fun activity.

The sooner you get your ego out of the way, the sooner you will receive guidance. This is the practice of noninterference. When you no longer interfere with the Universal guidance then you can truly fine-tune your receptivity and connection.

The next time you’re trying to find a solution out of a sense of urgency or fear, take a deep breath and ask the Universe for help. Then say this prayer:

Thank you, Universal guidance, for guiding me to solutions that are of the highest good for all.

Release your expectations through a prayer, surrender to receive support and trust that the Universe will lead the way.

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