Who said you can’t be spiritual and still wear hot shoes?!

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I love today’s vlog! In this video I talk about how we can be spiritual without giving up things like fabulous shoes or other material goods. I believe that if you’re on a spiritual path you’re always heading toward your authentic truth. When we accept that truth we’re called to express it through what we wear and how we present ourselves. Watch this video for my insight. Oh, and make sure to watch the end of the video, where I give a tutorial on how I do my hair. Seriously!

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for doing an amazing job representing those of us who believe in spirituality and fashion. My question is about make up. I have been interested in finding a product line that is natural, organic, free of toxins and does not test on animals. There are several viable choices but I thought you would probably be a great guide in this quest as well.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. This vlog made me smile so big because you’re just amazing! So happy, genuine and sooo funny! I love you! Your mood and your being passes on all the way to me in Sweden! I hope you’ll pop up in Sweden soon!!

  3. Now, I really know who I am. I have been conflicted for many years with my spirituality and my love for fashion, hair, makeup. You have demonstrated that being who you really are is being spiritual and authentic! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, I can enjoy me and embrace my spirituality….what a relief.

  4. I like the values of caring for oneself, respecting oneself, and having a positive impact on the world. One trouble with the “material world” is that it often does not reflect these values. For this reason, I would hope that you would support all of us being careful how we enjoy the 3 dimensional, object oriented world in which we live. For example, stilettos harm the spine, the joints, and the feet. Also, curling irons, like blowdryers, harm the hair. In addition, if what we are enjoying is not environmentally and socially responsible, than what we “enjoy” is harmful, to others and the environment. How can I work to become a healthy spiritual being if I am not also working toward becoming a responsible “enjoyer” of the “material world?”

    I would be interested in hearing a “spiritual guru” like yourself speak more about being responsible “enjoyers” of the “material world.”

  5. I remember when you first posted this. It was an Aha moment for me. I struggled with wanted nice girly things and trying to be spiritual. I have come a long way since then. The way I see it, you attract abundance when living your truth. How you choose to use that abundance is between you and spirit. You do a LOT of things for all of us at no charge. For you to make money for sharing your gift is only natural. For those who feel poverty should accompany their journey, that is just fine too. Sorry if some don’t grasp it yet. But you keep doing what you do…and one day they will. You helped me bring laughter & freedom to my spirituality! XX

  6. Hi Gabby,

    Absolutely love this message! It’s so important to have the courage to be you unapologetically. It is a choice and with some courage and an open, loving heart- it’s possible.

    Honey, you have great hair and thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing the secret!

    You also have absolutely amazing, gorgeous, glowing skin. Can you share with us your daily face care routine and the products you use? I suffer from moderate acne and clear, glowing skin seems like a fantasy that may never come true. Any suggestions, ideas you ca share to help?

    Thanks so much,
    God bless,

  7. LOVE the tips! And of course love the perspective. Thank you for making your life so open to us to show us how to be spiritual girls in this material world in real, meaningful ways! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much, Gabby!! Been dying to know how you do your hair. Now tell me, where can I find spiritual girlfriends who are interested in girly things too?

  9. absolutely love that you posted this. have been following you for years & it’s so nice to see someone – real, love & “preach” the goodness that you do 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for sharing!! I’ve always envied your gorgeous hair. Could you please also share your workout routine? I remember you showed that frog yoga exercise as how you wake up, but what else do you do to stay in such great shape?

  11. I Love this! I found myself visiting a particular church that did not believe in females cutting their hair, wearing makeup, wearing shorts or even pants. I walked into the building for the first time having no clue about any such rules. I walked in w/ my cut, highlighted hair with full makeup on & high heals. (I didn’t understand why I was turning so many heads, did I look that cute?) It took me a few minutes after sitting down & looking around to figure out something was very different about my surroundings.
    Ironically this church literally was next door to the house I was renting at the time. So, it made it very difficult to turn down offers to return. I did return a few times and felt so much shame and guilt, because of my appearance and the messages I was hearing. I respect everyone’s choice of where and how they want to connect to God. However, after literally becoming depressed and feeling so much shame, I finally made the decision that the God I believe in~ is a loving God, that loves me the way I am.
    Then God gave me the biggest confirmation that I made the right choice leaving & going some where different when the very first message message the preacher was teaching was “SHAME OFF OF YOU”. Unbelievable, after feeling so much shame & guilt! God was delivering a message through the preacher of shame off of you! “God does not make these rules, man does.”
    This is in no way to offend anyone that has that belief system. But please respect others that have their own way of connecting to their God..
    I have now come to KNOW I don’t have to connect to God in a building once a week. I can sit in my sweats and have the most intimate connection w/ my God! Namaste
    BTW Gabby what is the name of your curling iron?? I thought you said Bazzaro, but I cant find that.. lol

  12. Love love love this! I drifted away from makeup and hair dye bc of the toxic chemicals….what brand of make up do you use and hair dye? Thanks for all that you do!xo

  13. love everything about this post, gabby. and will be buying that curling iron. you’re the best, thank you for being you.

  14. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing. Finding the balance between embracing my spiritual gifts and enjoying a happy human life is something I struggled with for a long time. In fact, life was really hard for as long as I was trying to be a saint, thinking that this was what people were expecting of me. No more of that. After all these years, I’ve found that the best way to make the world happy is to simply be myself. And that definitely includes wearing nice clothes and make-up, eating out whenever I feel like it, being a little rebellious at times 🙂 And yes, being financially free to afford all the things that make life on Earth enjoyable. Thank you for being you, Gabby! You are amazing!

  15. Love this video! Would you do another one about clothes?
    I love the gray shirt you’re wearing.
    Thanks for the courage to be oneself!

  16. Wow Gabby I loved your energy in this video, you seemed especially authentic. Way to be true to yourself and call out the “bullshit”. Made me laugh and smile!

    Thanks for being a wonderful teacher and student!!


  17. I Love this one Gabby! Thank you for sharing such a powerful meditation! I also love that you represent someone who is spiritual and stylish. I think that when we embrace the beauty of the material world while being grounded and true to our nature, we are also allowing for other’s creativity to shine. If someone didn’t love beautiful shoes, jewelry, clothes, art, food…. then those who create it would never have an audience. Thank you for bringing inspiration and miracles to my life! M

  18. Hey Gabby,
    I really loved this episode. I totally agree. I believe fashion is a form of self expression and all about being a spiritual fashionista:)!
    Also I love the curling iron tip- I’m going to try it. thanks again for your heartfelt stylish tip!

  19. LOVE IT Gabby!!!
    I have loved make-up my whole life, but I’ve felt so guilty about wearing it that maybe if I wear make-up then it means that I don’t love myself without it or something. But it really is and has always been just a fun and expressive art form for me!
    You’re the best – thanks!

  20. Hi Gabby
    I enjoyed your post and love how the light coming through the window seems to respond to what you’re saying! A little cosmic synchronicity?!
    Wishing you well on your beautiful spiritual path.
    Sat nam


  21. I love this! I think it’s so important that we find a way to live in alignment. There has always been a perceived disconnect with spirituality and delighting in the “rest of the world”. Glad you addressed this! (I want to go out and get that curling iron now) 😉

  22. Thanks Gabby! I’d love to hear how you embrace your femininity. It is so refreshing too see you be authentic.
    Love… always…

  23. This was incredibly fantastic and all things great and wonderful! I think this is a huge misconception and I am so happy that you adressed it! I commend you further of sharing more of your authentic self and being unapologetic, it or refreshing, and inspiring! Thank you!

  24. Thanks for the vlog! I am a recovering addict & your work has really helped my recovery in so many ways. I am currently on day 8 of may cause miracles & really loving it!! I am grateful **SAT NAM 🙂

  25. Thank you Gabby, I’ve followed you for a long time, and I’ve been dying to know how you do your hair for years. I actually bought one of the curling irons not too long ago but I accidentally threw away the glove! Whoops, oh well. Here’s to spiritual fashionistas 🙂

  26. Absolutely! We can be spiritual in a material world! I wear my hair long and natural with little makeup and I love to wear bright comfortable clothes- this makes me happy!

  27. It’s one thing to look fabulous, shopping from ethical sources and supporting local business- but so much of what you wear and show off from these designer brands are known to be harming and hurtful to those who make them. How do you spiritualize your way through that?

  28. “When we accept that truth we’re called to express it through what we wear and how we present ourselves.” Yes!! As a personal stylist and life long lover of fashion I have always felt this, but haven’t heard it stated quite so eloquently.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  29. I loved this blog!!!!my fave part is at the end when you say” put on make up or stop shaving, whatever works for you.” This is a great topic because as a hard core spirit junkie I had to address this issue within myself. As I became more connected to spiritual teachings I began realizing how much authenticity was connected with spirituality, and there is a huge difference between pretending to be spiritual or a fashionista or being yourself. I had the opposite happen to me, I thought I was so into fashion because tht is what hip and cool was and the more me I became I realized I like what I like. I’m not so into what is in. Really great vlog!!!!!!!!!

    Xoxo clari

  30. It is true that what we portray to the world needs to be an expression of truth, and in finding our inner truth is our spiritual journey. Some people call it “going through phases” but in it all is the exploration of ourselves. I find myself continuing to experiment different personas embodied in myself which can manifest itself in what I wear. The more I try to let my inner self direct my outer self the more I find freedom and happiness in each expression.

  31. Gabby, you are absolutely adorable and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for ALWAYS being down to earth and approachable!!

  32. Thank u Gabby for so REAL! I resonate with u firstly because u r such an inspiring spiritual being but also because u r beautiful inside and out and u don’t have to tone it down! Shine ur light ,lovely and feel no way about it! U spiritual fashionista;)

  33. Fantastic message! Showing people that they don’t need to fit into any style stereotype – or give up material things – is powerful. I also think that some people are reluctant to take a spiritual path because of the spiritual stereotype, or because they think that they have to change their style or stop caring about outer beauty as well. And yet, we tend to think highly of those who are beautiful inside and out, those with a great soul AND great hair.

    In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, “This above all- to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” I used to have that quote posted on a wall.

  34. I was attracted to ACIM through you gabby, through your books and now Im a massive follower. As a young woman in this world, you were the light of my spiritual journey as you made difficult concepts digestable and fun. Thank you for expressing this message! As i go deeper into my practice, i find my clothing and appearance changeing, this is a gentle reminder for me, to be my authentic self and not be so consumed by the “persona” of a spiritual person. Yes, I am spiritual, I meditate, I do triathlons and Im a nurse, and yes i like to take pride in myself and my apperance and send the message that is me out to the world. Sat Nam

  35. Hi Gabby!
    Thanks for sharing today about embracing whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful. It is so important & it can give us that extra glow that really enhances our true inner glow. I really needed to be reminded of the validity of this today. I just launched my coaching business two weeks ago, Be Beautiful Now, a holistic approach to feeling & being beautiful from the inside out. Prior to I spun & doubted & spun more about how I could combine the two inner & outer with the right balance & whether it was even possible. At the end of the struggle with my ego I followed my ? & I have put my message out there to inspire, empower & awaken individuals to their unique beauty & self worth. I resonate with you & believe each one of us is uniquely beautiful & it is our birthright to shine in our beauty in whatever definition or way we choose!! Thanks for confirming!! You are adorable in this video, glowing with beauty from the inside out!!
    ????Melissa Schooling

  36. OH EM GEE!
    Thank you so much for talking about this, I can’t tell you how much I’ve battled with this, because I love make up, I love fashion, I love accessories and shoes, bags, etc! I’ve been doing some reading on Kundalini, and in the book I have Yogi Bhajan talk about how we shouldnt wear make up and I swear I was like NOOOOOOOOO! lol But you just made it ok! It is ok, this is me, I dont wear it ask a mask, I wear it cause I like it! Thank you again for being such an inspiration! And for the tips! I will be ordering that iron STAT!

    Sat Nam

  37. Sometimes I have a hard time with consuming. I really do believe we are over-consuming and hurting the planet by doing it, but I love to buy nice clothes and the latest technological gadgets. This is something I struggle with – when to know it’s OK to buy new stuff.

  38. Thank you Thank you Thank you! The more yummy I feel the better my presence, the easier it is for me to attract and manifest and stay in my feel-good energy. Wild hair, scented oils, organic makeup, lush fabrics, gemstones, and tons of legs. Spirituality is bringing my goddess energy full force. Rock on! Thanks Gabby. Nice hair technique btw lol <3

  39. Hey Gabby! God Bless You for this one gurl! No matter our beliefs, they all come with expectations, traditions etc, of how we should look, especially women. Thank you for reminding and encouraging us to accept that it is not only ok, but a good thing to embrace that part of our spirit that makes us feel whole, healthy and beautiful inside and out!

  40. I love how you can address something really thought provoking with a sense of lightness. I’m really thinking right now about how I authentically present myself to the world. There are so many ways we tell the truth besides the words we use and they can inspire or discourage people too…really interesting to think about this morning!

  41. What a fabulous start to a beautiful week! Thank you, Gabby, for bringing light and truth to an all-too-common misconception. Such an important and liberating message to be who we truly are and to radiate that in every way we possibly can. Cheers to spirituality through expressiveness, beauty and fun! P.s. I am a hairstylist, and I think you may just have an extra career teaching Spirit Junkie waves! Sat Nam

  42. Gabby,

    Love this topic so much! To me being spiritual is about connecting to your inner spirit in whatever form that takes.
    I also totally share your love for heels.:)
    You rock woman! Thanks so much for sharing your journey and wisdom.

  43. Hi Gabby
    Thanks for sharing this blog today. I have been struggling with this for a while. I have such a passion for fashion and makeup but also for spirituality and I have felt such guilt because I don’t want to be a “spiritual fraud.” I have been trying to start a blog incorporating all my passions but have been procrastinating due to the fear that no one will take what I have to say seriously if I have the latest fashion on my blog. Thanks for opening up this conversation and shedding such light! Be beautiful inside and out!

  44. Oh Gabby B, I hope you are feeling the virtual love I am sending you through this comment :-). I’m onto my second round of MCM and it’s so much better this time around! Thank you for addressing today’s topic…I’m absolutely loving what you have to say in your books and comments. I love make-up too! And fragrance! And…clothes! Sat Nam, sister Gabby B :-).

    Thanks for being a way-show-er and sharing what you have found for yourself to be true and for sharing. Cannot wait to make it to a live lecture of yours in the near future. You are one of my favourite miracle workers in the personal growth scene x x x

  45. MERCI! Thank you so much Gabby! I am so happy that I found you. Deep down, I always new that their was a way to be very commited to your spiritual practice and still love to be a girl. Thank you for giving the world your gifts! xxx

  46. THANK YOU. I love you for being able to combine the spiritual and the material!!!! I plan to do the same as a musician with rock’n’roll and spirituality!! Thank you for being you. xxxx

  47. Thanks for this great vlog Gabby. I work for a fashion magazine for so many years, I thought I had to choose between my love of fashion and my need to connect to spirituality. I totally agree that they can go together. The importance is to not get too attached to the material stuff or identify with a certain status. I try to appreciate the glamourous world I live in (I do realize how lucky I am), and am grateful to have a job I am so passionate about. Everyday when I walk to work, I do a little prayer inviting love in everything I will do that day. One of the lessons I have learned about being spiritual is that it’s not what you do (for a living) but HOW you do it. So I always walk in with a smile, say Hi to everyone, try to share my good mood with others, be understanding and patient, etc. And people around me really FEEL that positive energy. It’s contagious! Keep up the amazing work! You are truly inspiring.

  48. Hi Gabby!

    LOOOOOOOOVE you & this vid. Just had this convo with a fellow spirit warrior recently as she had given away so many lovely things that she enjoyed & loved because she embarked on a spiritual journey & felt those things were no longer “allowed” as well she felt like she couldn’t be happy for her blessings & abundance in life because its frowned upon.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you! Standing in our light is about the WHO of who we are & not being in judgement about it…inside or out. I love being a sparkly spiritual girl in a material world!

    Passing judgement on ourSELF or others about what we each feel connected to & in how we express ourSELF with how we dress, wear our hair, makeup or no makeup etc is just that…passing judgement. NO THANK YOU! Being this way lights me up & honours my sparkly spirit so I shall keep on keepin’ on. I shant shun abundance either…thank you very much…that is all! <3

  49. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!
    Absolutely! We CAN be spiritual, fashionable & fabulous all at the same time!
    That’s what I’m about.
    Our presence on this planet, on this beautiful earth is about balancing the material with the spiritual. We were born spiritual beings in a physical body: why not enjoy it?

    Sat Nam Lady!

  50. Gabby.. you are amazing. I am giving lots of talks these days, being a messenger as you are.. and the other day i was so excited about the dress i was going to wear and how to do my makeup. haha its fun! and when you look good and speak words of love, the world welcomes you gracefully. I praise you Gabby, I am also becoming more of who I am and I am grateful to have found a role model to follow like you. You are awesome, girl!
    Pura Vida.

    Paola from Costa Rica

    p.s Im a surfer and I heard you love surfing, if you are ever in CR let me know and ill take you to some sweet surf spots.

  51. I have been asking the question like “Who am I? Why am I in this world?”
    And I have been trying to find myself all these years. No matter what I do or where I am, I always feel there is something missing. What is the essence that is missing?

    Now I know it is the essence of being real and living in the truth. I am so much happier that I finally found myself and having clarity what to do.

    I’ve asked that’s why the universe led me to you. Thank you Gabby for guiding us to find our authentic truth. It feels wonderful to speak from the heart, and have others hearing from theirs. (^_^)

  52. Hi Gabby!
    Glad you brought that up, I actually loved you from the beginning because you look like a real lady and I love seeing the woman that you are. I also love fashion and I think that being true to yourself from your outside statement helps you even more to become/show who you are within.
    Thanks for inspiring us to embrace our femininity 🙂

  53. Love your energy!! Have just started with day 1 of May Cause Miracles. Am very excited about the journey I am embarking on. So grateful to you for your honesty and being real. You are an amazing role model for girls and women today! Sat Nam

  54. Hi Gabby! Totally Right on! As a new Spiritual Teacher as well I find that I love fashion and make up because it allows me to draw in that creativity and be connected to my creative being ! I found God in Creativity so I have no apologies as well! We are all Creative essences! So Heres to being Hot, Sexy, Spiritual, and Fashionable in one awesome God Being Bundle!

    Love and Light


  55. I loved seeing this side of you!We love all of you, GabbyB, just like you inspire us to love all parts of ourselves. Thank you 🙂 Blessings.

  56. Thank you so much for this video! I feel guilty sometimes about being so into fashion/hair/makeup and being spiritual. I am a hairstylist/makeup artist and love making others feel good about themselves on the outside too! :0

  57. “Give yourself permission to be who you really are.” LOVE that! It’s funny that you posted this vlog today because my blog for today is about overcoming the inner critic so we can express our true authentic selves through fashion, material things, or just life choices. It’s a little different, but still has that main focus of “just be who you are free of fear”. If anyone is interested, check it out here: http://jennifertwardowski.com/2013/10/28/weekend-took-new-risk-self-expression/

  58. Hi Gabrielle, Really nice topic! Actually I’ve noticed that my take on make-up has changed over the years, and especially after recently having my first baby.
    We can use make-up either out of fear to hide what we perceive as flaws, or out of love for ourselves to enhance our beauty.
    When I was younger, I used to dwell in the first situation. Now, I’ve been embracing more and more the latter approach.
    As a result, I’ve simplified my style. I prefer to take good care of my skin and hair with (fairly) natural creams and shampoos, and limit my use of foundation.
    I think French women are brilliant at this sort of approach. It’s a matter of self-confidence!

  59. I love this soooo much! Thank you for posting this. I was at my ND’s last week explaining to him how I feel like I’m straddling two worlds – these very two worlds. I feel so much better after hearing your thoughts on it. Thank you for helping me make sense of it – and thank you Universe for listening!

  60. Love this Gabby! It touches the heart of my favorite quote by philosopher Epictetus: Know thyself and dress accordingly. I believe the more you get in tune with your true self, the more it is reflected in how you dress, whatever that may be. I spent years trying to keep up with prescriptive fashion trends (and dressing like someone else) but it was only when I got to know who I really was that my signature style started to appear. Now fashion feels less like a competition and more like self-expression.

    You are amazing! Thanks for this! xxxxx

  61. Love it so so so much! I am a spiritual girl in a material world, and now will be totally unapologetic about it because that’s my truth, my naked reality 🙂 Thanks for always showing up, paving the path and reminding so diligently!

  62. Perfect! I honestly believe in the very same thing. In becoming more in tuned and spiritual I have noticed that my fashion sense and style have flourished because it is the part of me that I have suppressed. Your personal style has nothing to do with how spiritual you are. It really is being true to yourself and my ING!

    Thanks so much for staying true to yourself and your ING Gaby! YOU FREAKIN ROCK

  63. I love it! I used to be in conflict with this exact issue. I was so into spirituality and also loved getting dolled up and wearing make up and heels. I cam to the point where I started to dress down a lot in order to be more of that spiritual person. But I am finally starting to get it! I can be me, feminine, sassy and fashionable and also be spiritual. That’s just who I AM! 🙂 Thank you Gaby!

  64. I needed this! I’m working through May Cause Miracles, and I have had moments of confusion about materialism and really questioning if I need something, and should I have it just because it’s shiny and catches my eye. Thanks!

  65. Hi Gabby,

    This is one of my favorite VLOGS of yours. I am always toggling between my outer expression as a glamour girl and making sure to be in alignment with my core values when I’m blogging to my audience. My site tagline is Self-Esteem Zen for the Single City Girl. So it’s really important to me to present an authentically self-accepted brand and still feel my best outwardly. Here’s a link to a VLOG I did in January. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BV9cZHvius It’s how I reconciled my spirituality with my hair loss and hopefully set an example for my tribe. Thank you so much for speaking to this. I think you are beautiful inside and out. Congrats on your recent marriage. XOXO

  66. Thank you for your authenticity, Gabby! I viewed your vlog right after I opened my email update from Danielle LaPorte:

    If what I say resonates with you,
    it is merely because we are both branches of the same tree.
    – WB Yeats

    So thankful to share space in the same tree with you!

  67. So fun! And that curling iron is affordable – nice! Something that struck me was when you said “If you’re spiritual you’re being you, you’re being real.”

    I’ve never heard it put that way but it’s perfect. Being the most “you” is a spiritual act.

  68. I’m really happy to hear you cover this topic! The more I work my meditation training into my own speeches and events, the more I hear people around me joke that I’m one step away from giving up all my clothes for robes OR people question whether your spirituality is authentic when you still love fashion, makeup, etc. which, like you said, is bullshit! I love how you bring it all back to authenticity and simply doing what is authentic to you. Have a wonderful week xo

  69. Tell it like it is soul sister! I’ve seen that rod thing everywhere. It scares me but I guess I should get over the fear and buy one! Lol. My wave iron just doesn’t do the trick.

  70. Thank you for being so real and honest! I think this was one of your best vlogs ever. I just re-did my website and was nervous about putting up more fashionable images or saying certain things about my material wants, that while are very true and my pure self, may not be liked by others. But, I decided to go with what makes my soul laugh and sing because I want to present my whole self – and I’m pretty sure I’m going to attract the ideal clients because of it. 🙂 TY! xo

  71. Loved this vlog! It reminded me of another statement you said about how we look is usually a reflection of how we’re feeling inside (or something to that effect). 🙂

  72. Always right when I need it!! I struggle with this concept as I grow more in my spiritual practice…one day I wake up thinking I need to sell everything & live in the woods with nothing, the next day I’m shopping & feeling the total opposite that I want to decorate my home & adorn myself. I was going to say your next book should focus on how to live in a material world or to deal with that ego struggle. I LOVE how you said we are being spiritual because we are being our self and to check what persona we are actually putting out there, a-ha moment 😉 Thanks Gabby!

  73. Gabby! I love your full disclosure and just being you. I was the person who didn’t take care of myself and I found that as I am getting closer to where I want to be, I am taking care of myself better and when I go buy cute clothes I feel so sensual and me.

    But I do have a part of me who loves working in my PJ’s and fuzzy socks and you know what? That is me embracing all of me.

    Thank you for sharing this! I loved hearing it today 🙂

  74. Celebrating myself and my body has been a huge part to my spiritual journey. I’m SO with you on this. Eyelash extensions, shopping for new clothes, doing my hair, getting my nails done… it became a huge priority for me in my recovery (from an eating disorder) and continues to be even now. The more I love myself (and treat myself) the closer I get to ME. It’s AWESOME!

  75. Love this, Gabby! 🙂 I too look at make-up and fashion as a way of creatively expressing ourselves. If you are feeling good on the inside, why not let that expression come out on the outside in whatever way resonates with you? The other questions I always hear is about spirituality & money. Can you be spiritual & still have money? Of course you can!! Money is just an object — just like make-up and clothes, etc. I think these things only become problematic or interfere with our spiritual journey when they are used to cover up or hide something on the inside. Or, if they are used as in if-then — “if I only have more money, I will be happier” or “if I can buy that amazing outfit, then I will finally be happy, etc” Oh, and I love that you share your curling tips. 😀 I have never seen an iron like that before, but I will have to check it out. Thank you. Sat Nam!!!

  76. i love you!!

    you are my biggest inspiration and i really adore the beautiful and authentic ways of your teaching.

    b.t.w the curling example was really helpful,

    big hug!


  77. Thank you for this gabby! Whilst on my new spiritual path to being my true and authentic self I pondered that maybe my love for clothes, and hair and beauty was a bad thing, but this has affirmed to me that indeed it is NOT! I’ve always enjoyed looking my best as it makes me feel amazing! might i add: you are amazing and inspirational! I love all your vlogs!! Your work has enabled me to see the miracles in my life! Love and thanks xx

  78. Your hair always looks fabulous! I’m so glad that you’ve stepped into the realm of tutorial vlogging. It’s so exciting! Could you please provide the brand of the iron that you use? I am a big fan of wearing waves in my hair. Thanks!!

  79. Great post, Gabby! I really like your comment about bringing yourself to the world with grace. Very powerful and something to strive for.

    Many thanks!

  80. Thank you SO much for addressing this! There is such a stigma when it comes to what it means to be spiritual and I’m so grateful that a person of your stature is taking the time to vlog about it! I would love to hear some more about how you incorporate those two aspects of yourself into your daily life!

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Gabby as your personal coach!”

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