Spirit Junkie Tips to Avoid Overeating this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, though it comes with one difficult challenge: I always overeat! This holiday season, I’m arming myself with some practical and spiritual tools for enjoying my meal without going overboard. If you’re someone who tends to overeat on Thanksgiving then this vlog’s for you!

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  1. My fav topic…even more great tools! Thank you Gab! Visualizing how the meal will go especially! Any tips on picking up the chaotic energy of other people? I know we can’t control how others think or act, but I struggle still around the holidays with judgement, I know holidays are a time of celebration, but it is hard for me to see people I love hurting themselves & their digestion. I’ve finally released being preachy about food choices and instead lead by example, however it is still really hard to see them completely disconnected from their bodies and focused on food. I bring dishes & lead by example, but I feel they are judging my choice b/c of the judgement I’m putting out to them.. Is it judgement or genuine concern because I know how good life can be and it’s not all about the food & I just wish they would know that too, you know? I want them to be around, healthy, and vibrant…so it is hard to watch. Any thoughts? xxoo

    1. Completely get where you are coming from! If you are interested in my perspective, I have found that it is healthier for myself and others to not be attached to other peoples actions. In other words, let them be. Setting an example and praying for those we love is so much stronger than giving our opinion or pushing our values. When and if they are interested in making changes they will seek that change. Until then offer them blessings of health and happiness….Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks gabby. I notice that I eat and pick on foods out of anxiety. Like a crutch while I’m talking to people. Some people use alcohol but I’m sober and find myself needing something in my hand. I will use your tips and love the visualizing idea. Happy thanksgiving!

    1. anxiety is a major trigger for overeating. start by calling yourself out when you notice the behavior. forgive yourself and breathe through the feeling of anxiety. then say a prayer. this should help you in the process of healing the pattern.

  3. Thank you so much for all of your Tips and Tools… I really appreciate you gifting that into my day and into my spiritual practice. God Bless you.

  4. Any tips for dealing with a pattern of self-abuse during the holidays? I’ve come to associate the holidays with anxiety and self-destruction simply because of the vast amount of food and the overwhelming focus my family tends to place on it.
    Thank you. <3

    1. go overboard with the self-care. be VERY kind to yourself with your thoughts and actions. Do something special for yourself each day. And pray to release your attack on yourself.

  5. I loooooooove food, I ENJOY cooking and eating delicious food. I think often we make such a big deal out of it when really it can be quite simple: enjoy & be kind to yourself.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    (I am grateful for Gabby lighting the way for all the beautiful women who will follow her footsteps, standing in their power and impacting the world.)

  6. Thanks Gabby – great tips which I will remember tonight when I have a dinner out with my family (good time to practice before the big thanksgiving meal later in the week). Part of my visualization (especially when eating out) is that I don’t have to eat all the food put in front of me. I’m visualizing dividing it in half and taking 1/2 home for later for leftovers.

  7. Totally off topic — but I *love* that golden shimmery eye shadow you’re rockin’, Gabby! What brand is it? I think it’d be awesome to do another video with your fave beauty products, since you always look so stunning! <3

    1. pray for the willingness. I also find that finding an exercise routine that is fun for you can really help you stick to the habit.

  8. Such a great topic Gabby! Thank you for all your wonderful tips. This is definitely something I struggle with. No matter how healthy I eat 95% of the time, this time of year is always tough. I’ll keep these tips in mind when approaching the table this year!

  9. Most welcome advice, Gabby, thank you (as always)! I’m a food disorder sufferer (been through it all, from anorexia to bulimia, via good old overeating), in recovery and happy with my weight for many years now, and what really works for me is thinking kindly and lovingly of my body (and regular exercise, not just because of the results, but also because in the process it makes me mindful of my body, “brings me back” to it). Being the same way to my digestive system seems like a great idea and a step further in learning how to feel whole, rather than live “from the neck up,” which is the necessary state for our bad eating habits to happen (when you are in touch with your body, it is hard to overeat). And if it’s ok to recommend other people’s advice here, I find Geneen Roth’s “Women, Food and God” really great on this topic.

  10. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for sharing, I’m healing from a food addiction too.(.Starting counselling this weekend)Do you have any strategies to deal with “food pushes” you know the type that watch what’s on your plate and if its almost clear, they are offering you more and out of courtesy for being a guest you fill up the plate again with all the wrong foods just not to seem rude or ungrateful
    Would love to know your tips

    Thank you

    Love & Light


    1. Thanks for saying something about this. I would like tips on this as well. It’s something I, as I’m sure many others, have to face when being a guest for a meal, especially Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s seems as though it’s expected that one gorges themselves or overeats during these times. But I’m going to try Gabby’s tips this time around and see how this flows. I’m going to set the intention to be kind and loving to my body first and see how that manifests. I plan to meditate about it before going to the meal and trust that the universe has my back. We’ll see, I’ll letcha know how it goes. Best wishes and much love!

  11. I find your spiritual and motivational video inspiring but watching this particular video knots up my stomach. These are peripheral 12step suggestions a sponsor might share to help an overeater in addition to step work, meetings and using tools of the program. It’s harmful and a disservice to make who ever is watching this that is struggling to believe they can just breath and chew and chat their way through their compulsive behavior. When/if they fail, they will feel that they just didn’t get zen enough. Compulsive overeating is a powerful disorder that can’t just be white knuckled. I’m sure you know this from the meetings you’ve attended (so much of the language you use is straight out of a church basement) — you should also share that part of the paradigm shift, that going to a room full of other compulsive overeaters, calling a phone meeting number and getting a sponsor and doing the step is the real way anyone who has found a reprieve did so. Not just by counting the number of times we’ve chewed and using willpower to stop the craving to eat past the point of fullness. No matter how “spiritual” an addict is, there is no substitute for getting your butt in a chair at a meeting, getting honest and asking for help.

  12. Thank you so much Gabby! I want to cry because of how unkind I am to my body on a daily basis – even with clean eating! I know that one of my big missions is to overcome my addiction and to heal my body (I have so many health issues going on), so that I can then spread the message to others on how to be kind & love themselves fully.

    As soon as you mentioned the visualization & not eating dessert, I thought “what a great idea!” and then immediately my ego jumped in & said “oh but you have to have it this time – how could you not?! It’s Thanksgiving & you may as well, plus you don’t eat pumpkin pie all the time.” I’m off to go do Ego Eradictor right now, plus the meditation from the first week of Finally Full (SO awesome – I know it’s going to help me a lot!)

    Thank you for being you & spreading your light so that the rest of us can shine too <3

  13. I would like to share a miracle. It happened a few months ago when I watched an interview with you Gabby. You talked about how you overcame your addiction. As I was watching the interview I was eating a big banana chocolate chip muffin (I could never say no to any sweets, I would have desserts after every meal). I just put my muffin down and didn’t want it anymore. That was shocking to me. I couldn’t wrap my head around it! And then all I could feel was a gratitude for a miracle.
    (I was freshly done with your book “May Cause Miracles”) Since then I don’t crave any sweets!
    Thanks to you Gabby I am open to miracles!
    I went to your lecture in Boca Raton, FL the other week and got my book signed 🙂 Thank you for your light Gabby! I EXPECT MIRACLES.

  14. Dear Gabby,
    What a blessing to see this post today!
    I just found out that after 2 years living in Italy I’m 4kilos heavier and for a once bulimic and recovering over eater , I was feeling the old familiar shame and guilt creep back in, instead I’m going to get practical and follow your tips for the holiday season.
    I love the “I respect and honour my body” affirmation.
    Thanks for showing up in the world as beautifully as you do.
    Gratitude , Grace

  15. I SO needed to hear about the topic of food today. Since moving ‘home’ in September, I feel like I went from a simple diet to absolute gluttony! Having had few ‘home cooked’ meals for three years, I really was in food heaven for a couple of months – unfortunately, it created havoc to my digestive system and extra pounds on my ass:-) I was actually trying to figure out how to have a nice balance between enjoying home cooking and not overindulging. This was a great lessons and helps me to create new habits when it comes to family meals. Great advice, as usual!! Thank you.

  16. I love your advice about visualizing how we want meals to go. Too often think overheating occurs because we don’t take time to slow down and enjoy our food! Thinking can conquer overeating this year but any advice on surviving the holidays a single girl! 😉

  17. Gabby, you mention that you are choosing not to eat dessert.
    Would you consider doing a vlog dedicated specifically to giving up sugar? I would love to hear your tips and advice, because, for all my discipline and balanced attitude to food, I need to have something sweet every day (even if just a piece of dark chocolate), I find it impossible not to. Any suggestions how to break free from this particular addiction? I really think sugar is in a league of its own, more like alcohol than food…

  18. “The digestive system is the soul of our body.” I simply love that and I’ve never heard it put that way before. When I was in a challenging relationship, I was surprised how my digestive system completely shut down. I tried everything to fix it, but it only got better once I left the relationship. Your video was really helpful and supportive. Thanks Gabby!
    Love + Blessings

  19. what do you do when your family is one to push food on you and will literally put the food on your plate even when you say no – I get so angry and can loose my cool plus I’ll be around ALL over eaters and alcoholics.

  20. Hey Gabby! What a great topic! I don’t have any eating disorders but I do have a question related to food. When I get really stressed and anxious, my stomach takes the hit. Even though I eat well and I eat right for my body, I get bloating from the stress and can’t stomach food. I totally understand what you meant when you said that “the digestive system is the sould of the body.” How can I better take care of my stomach so that I don’t end up sick (again after healing)? Thank you for always being so open and insightful. 🙂

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