3 New Year Practices For Powerful Change

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It’s almost the “New Year”, and I think it’s safe to say that we all may be looking to manifest some change. For many of us, 2020 was rough. I’ve heard stories of loss, fear, and heartache from friends, family, Dear Gabby guests, and my Miracle Members. I’ve also heard beautiful stories of faith, hope, and resilience.

Gabby Bernstein selfie in jeans, orange-red sweater and winter hat

In a year of constant ups and downs, setting a resolution may be the last thing you want to do—and it is challenging to even fathom where to start. 

Each new year, there are three specific things I do to release the past year and embrace what’s to come. These “New Year” practices help me to create, and give me the inspiration and energy I need to manifest my desires.

It can be overwhelming and a little scary to make commitments. But, if there is a voice inside of you saying, “I need to show up for this,” “It’s time for me to heal this,” or even “It’s time for me to clear this,” then this will help guide you.

My hope is that you can ride that New Year’s resolution wave far beyond the last week of January. 


The way to make any resolution really stick (and be long lasting) is to want it…to really, really want it. True change occurs when you desire change and are truly committed. 

Before you set those resolutions, ask yourself: “Do I have enough hours in the day to make this happen? And, if I do, is this something I’m willing to do every day?”

If your resolution isn’t something you want at the present moment, then it isn’t attainable right now. I’ve tried giving up caffeine in the past because I thought I should, but I didn’t really want to do it. If you find yourself energized talking about it and feel a deep desire for this change, then you want it. 


The New Year is the perfect time to make powerful changes because your willingness is at an all-time high. I have had a lot of success creating new habits in my life whether it was changing my habits with food, substances, or my behavior. And, all of the successes I’ve experienced have come primarily from setting daily intentions and the commitment and conviction behind those actions. 

Apply these three principles, and you’ll kick off the New Year with a powerful force of energy behind you.

Tip 1: Release the past year

Write this down or say this out loud: “On January 1st, I commit to releasing the previous year.”

It’s important to forgive the past, honor the learning experiences, and take huge steps forward. 

So, let’s set the intention to release the past year, forgive ourselves, and dive into the New Year with positive energy and enthusiasm. 

Your excitement and enthusiasm will create momentum behind your desires. Focus on this forward movement—what you focus your attention on will come to fruition.

Tip 2:  Develop morning intentions

Making a resolution stick happens with repetition and consistency. An easy way to do it is to incorporate daily, morning intentions. 

When I wake up, I set an intention to deeply commit to the desire within me that wants that presence. As I tap into the desire, I start my day more present. I don’t turn to my phone or run to that cup of coffee. Instead, I first turn to my meditation. I’ll sit down and eat breakfast before I caffeinate.  

Gabby meditating on the floor with a card

Morning prayers and devotions are powerful tools that keep you consistent because you are starting your day with an intention that leans into your consciousness. And, keeping it in the context of ‘today’ is especially important so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If you can continue daily repetition without interruption, you can actually refocus and redirect your neural pathways and create permanent change. 

So, choose little practices to incorporate into your morning that help you commit to your desire.

Tip 3: Measure your success by how much fun you’re having.

Each New Year, I practice a ritual of writing down my intentions for the year to come. And, here’s the important part…I measure my success based on how much fun I’m having.

I came to this intention after hitting bottom from living the opposite way. For a while, I was measuring my success based on how stressed out I was feeling.  Once I accepted that stress didn’t equate productivity, I surrendered to the fact that true success must be based on happiness.

It’s easy to measure our success based on a bank balance, a relationship status, or a job credential. But, what I’ve come to learn is that nothing outside of us can make us truly happy. Happiness is an inside job. We can take pleasure in life’s successes, but we must focus on the greatest success of all…living a fun, fulfilling life.

To apply this practice in your own life, begin by making a commitment. Post this affirmation on your desk, mirror, car dashboard, or wherever you can see it often: 

I measure my success by how much fun I’m having.

Begin each day with this affirmation. Make the conscious commitment to choose joy upon waking. Throughout the day, consciously look for joy in all situations. Taste your food, feel the blessing of a smile from a stranger, become more curious about your surroundings. Act like an innocent child, and actively create more joyful moments in your life. Creating this new habit will greatly benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Cultivating sustainable life changes isn’t about the sheer force of willpower. We must find joy in our resolutions. If we aren’t having fun, then we are bound to give up on our goals. Joy makes all the difference. Practice this all the time, and you will live in joy.


If you do fall off that resolution, forgive yourself and choose again. 

When you go into a negative space thinking you’re not good enough, you’ll most likely stay off. Forgive yourself, and you can usually come back to it pretty quickly.


Let me be your Manifesting Coach!

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  1. Dear Gabby

    My word for 2021 is JOY. I found the word the other day, preparing for 2021 before even starting on your manifesting challenge and read this.
    Can’t wait to manifest and live the joyess life in 2021 and forever

  2. Thank you, Gabby! These tips are amazing 🙂 I’m so ready to start the Manifesting Challenge 2021, yayyy!!!

  3. “…but we must focus on the greatest success of all…living a fun, fulfilling life.”
    Thank you, Gabby. It’s been a long ride but finally I found my teacher. After years of depression, bad anxiety, bad decisions, sefl-hate and series of unfortunate events, I felt at the bottom, still am, when last week I saw your talk on YouTube. At first I didn’t pay attention, but when you started talking about addiction and clubbing society in NY, something broke inside me. I felt sharp, warm sunshine cutting through my cloudy soul. Since then I’m reading your blog. One day I am going to meet you and thank you personally.

    1. Right on, Adriana. So glad you were guided here and that my work resonates with you. Sending you lots of love as you continue on your healing journey. xo

  4. Hey Gabby –

    Hope all is well wonderful woman!

    Is there an itinerary of what to expect in the next Manifesting Challenge anywhere? I canny see it and would love to know all the details before I buy! Also – do I need Facebook? I only have Insta!

    Tanya LD

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Starting January 1, you’ll get a new lesson on manifesting from Gabby every day. Each lesson builds on the last to help you master the skill—one simple step at a time. You’ll have a login for an online portal containing a daily audio lesson from Gabby. Some lessons will be super short and sweet, and others will be a little longer, with video and exercises. You’ll need between 15 and 45 minutes to complete the daily lessons.

      We’ll also send you a daily email during the challenge with a link to that day’s lesson and some encouragement.

      You can also join the private Facebook community to connect with Gabby and other challenge-takers, but it is not required.

      Check out the full details here: https://gabbybernstein.com/manifestingchallenge/


  5. Hey Gabby! I replied to this post once but don’t see it so sorry if I replied twice. I came back here to see if my reply was showing up i decided to go ahead and read everyone else’s replies. LOL! Let me just say, I was stunned to see such wisdom in the comments. That’s why, I am joining this years manifesting challenge ! Because these are my people! We all love you Gabby Bernstein and you have attracted some amazing souls to yourself! Plus, I had a major aha moment: I did last year’s 21 day manifesting challenge then I joined miracle membership but left mid-year. I didn’t realize how much of a difference having the support of other spiritual folks really makes! I miss my fellow miracle members! So I’m coming back, Gabby and I am sticking with it this time!


    1. Welcome back, Christi. Having a supportive community is so beneficial– That’s why I created the Miracle Membership! So glad you found the challenge and the membership beneficial! xoxo

  6. Thank you so much Gabby, for the ongoing guidance! I admit, this year I truly fell out of alignment but I am coming back fast by utilizing the Choose Again method you taught in your book – Super Attractor. While I do already have healthy habits firmly established, I am also in the process of manifesting something HUGE. It’s already happening in Divine Right Timing but, I forgot this and struggled a lot with it in 2020. Now, I am ready to release ALL THAT LOW-VIBE STRUGGLING I did this year. I now forgive myself and I. Choose. To. Have. Fun.

  7. Hello! I am new to your site and am really looking forward to January 1st!! I’ve been looking into your challenge for weeks now and decided that it’s calling out to me for a reason. So I signed up! Hoping it will help with my mediation and guidance!

    1. Amazing, Sally! So glad you’ve been guided here to the blog and that you’re ready to take this manifesting journey! Woot Woot! xoxo

  8. Dear Gabby I dont normally leave comments but I wanted to tell you what a great role model you are for every one. Wayne Dyer w as always my go to for strength and purpose but I feel that he has led me to you. I am always on a mission for self improvement even if I am 63 yrs old. I read your books and listen to your podcasts, do your meditations and signed up for Jan 1st. Thank you for being an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!!!!!

    1. Desiree, that is wonderful! We are so glad you are here and thrilled that Gabby’s work resonates with you.
      Massive love your way

  9. does is really start on the actual 1st of January during football bowls?? … just kidding lol see you then! 🙂

  10. I apparently needed to read this today! Thank you! I’ve been struggling with my perspective the past couple of days….no, wait.-Much longer than that over the past 5 years on and off. Your three tips are the perfect reminder for me.
    What I really want: Freedom from the thoughts of the past that keep me stuck in remembering “the good times” with my spouse since I currently can’t seem to find “what I want” in the present in “aloneness.”
    Intent: Yes, great reminder to start the day with intent. Whether exercising, meditating, having a task to set out to accomplish or combination of all three just for the day is huge. I let that slide this week; and had more sugar which I am not use to and believe that contributes to anxiety and depression.
    Measure success by fun: Hmmm… struggling with this one. Yes, I agree with you, but (and) my Adult Child Codependency which has some roots in perfectionism and comparison thinks this might be a bad idea for me IF I don’t have a level of fun. “Fear” or know that my pattern would say, “You didn’t have fun today, therefore, you were not successful.” (i.e. If your job was being with terminal patients, unlikely you are having “fun”, but you still are “successful” in making a person in pain more comfortable.)

    Again, thanks for the reminders to think about intentions and reprogram those lazy neuron pathways that keep wanting to go back to dysfunctional and/or limited belief patterns.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Beautiful awareness and work, Gregg!
      Thanks for sharing with us.
      We’re so glad to have you on this journey!
      <3 <3 <3

  11. Good Morning Gabby. I have signed up for the New Year Manifest. You’re on the other side of the world so im guessing it will come out at our night time daily. Do you think morning or evening is best to do the practice. And a quick Thank You for being you

    1. Hi Nikola!
      You should receive the first email tonight at 12:15 am your local time.
      Morning is a great time to set intentions, but it’s really up to you!
      Thanks for being on this journey with us. We are so happy you are here <3 <3 <3

  12. Looking forward to bringing in the New Year with intention and Gabby!
    …. so grateful for the connection, education and support 🙂

    Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

  13. Gabby, Thank you for speaking to my light and soul. You are uniquely able to explain things in a way that brings back the simplicity of tapping into my intuition, listening to my guides, seeing my signs and understanding the universe’s rhythm. I am committed to this journey of love and joy. I appreciate you ♥️.

    This is the real takeaway for me! Genuinely being myself and appreciating and looking out for the JOY present in every moment in my life!
    Thank you Gabby!

  15. Thank you gabby for the great advise !!!
    Im so happy I found you 🙂
    I look up to you
    You are part of my spiritual team!!!
    I’m trying to give up coffee I suffer from some anxiety problem I get nervous I get like a chest pain from feeling so nervous but all your guidance has helped me so much!

  16. 2021 is going to be a Funtastic year. I am excited to start it off with your 21 day manifest boost.
    It’s going to be amazing and I am looking forward to the fun journey of manifesting my desires.

  17. Happy to say I’ve been doing #1 and #2 for years and am now looking forward to learning more about your #3! This quote seems a great way to express my gratitude: Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities. – William Throsby Bridges

  18. Hi Gabby… my nightly Mantra is “Tomorrow is a new day, begin it well”
    I also really like “Be the reason someone Smiles today” as I am a dental hygienist and I have that saying on the wall in my operatory.
    I recently was turned on to your work by a fan of yours…I am anxiously awaiting Spirit Junkie and The Universe Has Your Back, due to arrive at my doorstep tomorrow!
    I am so ready for 2017 to be a year of forgiving, growing and expanding my personal growth. It was so interesting to learn about the year 2016 being a 9 year and what that means. It really explains a lot about the year that I have had, but have now put behind me.
    I look forward to reading your books and your blogs and listening to your meditations, and I’m so glad I found out about you! ✌

    1. I love love love this! I have signed up for 1st of Jan! I had to scramble round trying to find a pen to write that quote on my bedroom mirror: “I measure success by how much fun I’m having”
      I am so excited for the challenge, I love your books and thank heavens for stumbling across you!

  19. Gabby – I LOVE YOU! I’ve been listening to your Miracles Now audiobook and I’m so hooked! Your work really resonates with me, and I’m so grateful to learn your teachings. Thank you for all you do, Lightworker. Shine on!! Namaste _/\_

  20. Hi Gabby,

    I’m new to your site, although I’ve stumbled upon you several times on YouTube. Thank you for sharing your insights and tips on entering this new year. 2016 was interesting for so many and it now makes absolute sense when you say it was “a year of completion”. Hard times and bumps in the road are reminders to start anew, call ourselves back to awareness, and keep marching forward with consciousness. Thank you for spreading your gorgeous messages and inner light with so many.

  21. Hey Gabby

    Wow! Just loved this latest blog post. Thank you so much for sharing this info. What a huge sigh of relief to learn about why 2016 was a rough one. I was fascinated to read about the numerology meaning as to why it was such a challenging year. I was very excited to hear about all the positive prospects that are in store for 2017. Very inspiring.

    Peace, love and blessings!

    Joanne Rose

  22. My mantra, after reading A Return to Love and The Universe Has Your Back, is “Love is my teacher, love is my guide.” Life-changing!

  23. Thank you for the wealth of wisdom that you so freely give. “Choose joy.” I love it. Your writings encourage me to live afresh and empowers me that I truly have the power to do it. Thank you. I recently saw “Collateral Beauty”, and it is one of my favorite movies of all time. You and your writing and your energy reminds me of collateral beauty – how you encourage us to rise from the ashes of our lives and see the beauty that remains and connect with it! Happy 2017. God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, Gabby.

  24. This year I want to be present and joyful so my mantra is I AM PRESENT, I AM NOW, I AM JOY. I realize how I can miss the beauty of the present moment as well as the power there is in being present because I am absorbed in plans and ideas, and in non stop absorbing information. I realize that life is HERE and NOW and that if I really want to feel alive I need to live form that place: I AM HERE, I AM NOW, I AM JOY. Love you Gabby! Thank you! ✨

  25. “I measure my success by how much fun I’m having.” This really resonates with me and I’m going to post it all around my house. Thanks for the inspiration, Gabby, and have a fun 2017.

  26. Releasing 2016 and committing to finding Joy in every situation over the next 40 days is my new year intention.

  27. My mantra is my faith statement which begins as “I am grounded and rooted in the Universe.” I commit to releasing a behavior addiction which I admitted to myself last night I am powerless over. I am committed to 30 days of prayer and releasing this addiction. Best wishes to you in 2017.

  28. This reminder from Gabby to identify what is working on your life by how much fun you are having is nothing short of magnificent. When we are having fun our hearts are open, our energy is high & fluid, our connection to our divine source is strong & the best part, our state of fun is contagious!!!! Thank you Gabby!!!!

  29. My mantra is from Yogi B. “Keep up and you will be kept up.” The keep ups is one of my favorite kundalini warm ups because it really brings old shit out of me and it helps me get Madonna arms! Xoxo

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