10 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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In this blog post I share how to connect to your spirit guides by following 10 steps.

I believe we all have spirit guides, and when you cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides you will receive clear, wise  guidance to help you in every area of your life.

These steps work together to help you establish a relationship with your spirit guides!

My experience with spirit guides

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinSince I was very young, I’ve felt a presence of spiritual guidance within me, around me and connected to me.

In my book Super Attractor, I open up about spirit guides in a way I never had before. I’d written about Universal guidance and God, but until I sat down to write this book, I’d always held myself back from sharing about the presence of my nonphysical guides.

For many years I was always worried I might freak people out or make someone feel like they had to share my beliefs. But when writing Super Attractor, I felt called to push the metaphysical envelope and speak openly and unapologetically about the spiritual realm. I knew the world was becoming ready to open up to new forms of guidance.

When we become willing to see a world beyond our physical sight, then life becomes easier, we feel safer and we can access our true power.

I’ve grown to rely on these nonphysical guides in every area of my life. Knowing that there is a presence always supporting me has given me unshakable faith and strength. There have been countless moments in my life when I’ve witnessed the divine intervention of my guides.

We all have spirit guides

I'm in awe of the magnificent guidance available to me | Super Attractor card deckHere’s what I believe:

I believe there are beings of the highest truth and compassion working on our behalf to guide our thoughts and energy back to love. They’re not physical and aren’t bound by the natural laws of this world. They’re spiritual beings.

These beings come in many forms and they have different purposes, but their common goal is to help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love. When you want to receive their guidance, all you have to do is be willing to surrender your fear and see with spiritual sight.

We all have our own spirit guides. We have guides that are ancestors and deceased family members. Some spirit guides may have names. In some cases you may have a group of guides that all have the same name, like with Esther Hicks and Abraham.

Tweet: Our spirit guides are here to give us love and light. The simple act of asking for help opens us up to receiving divine guidance. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

If you haven’t connected to your spirit guides before, I welcome you to keep an open mind. These 10 simple, beautiful steps will help you cultivate a connection to your spirit guides and deepen your relationship day by day.

If this all sounds a little trippy to you, let me reassure you that your guides are loving and wise. They’re here to support you, and connecting with them is a comforting and joyful experience.

How we experience our spirit guides

Once you begin inviting in your spirit guides, there are different ways you might experience their presence.

Inner knowing

You can experience a spirit guide as an inner knowing. You may feel or sense your guide’s presence, or “hear” a voice within, like a strong intuition or realization. Some people audibly hear (or see) their guides.

Sparks of light

Sparks of light are another indicator of a spirit guide’s presence. Sometimes when I know my guides are with me, I see little sparks of light. It’s so cool to see that light and know there’s a presence with me at that moment!

Books falling off the shelf

When books fall off the shelf, your spirit guides are the ones who are kicking them off for you! I can’t tell you how many people have written to me or spoken to me at an event and said they discovered my book because it literally fell off the shelf in front of them. You can experience this kind of guidance! It is available to you.

Free-writing after meditation

Another way you can experience the presence of a spirit guide is through writing. You can call on your spirit guides through meditation, and following your meditation you can free-write and allow the voice of your guides to work through you.

Connecting to your spirit guides is about learning to rely on the voice of love. The reason these guides are here is to constantly bridge your thoughts from fear back to faith, forgiveness, love and light. They present you with creative solutions and beautiful opportunities.

10 steps to connect to your spirit guides

If you’re ready to invite in that voice of love, follow these 10 steps to connect to your spirit guides.

Step 1: Get into the habit of asking

The first step to connecting with your spirit guides is to get into the habit of asking.

Connect with your spirit guides step 1: Get into the habit of askingWe often forget that we have guidance within us and around us. In the busyness of day-to-day life, it’s really easy to forget this connection.

When we forget that we can call on spirit for help, to call on, we start to rely on our strength. That’s when fear sets in.

Therefore, the first step is to get into the habit of asking your spirit guides for help. The more you ask, the more you receive — period.

Think about all the things that you need help with. Maybe you need help conceiving, or making more money, or healing a relationship that’s struggling.

Make a list of what you need your spirit guides’ help with

Make a list of the 5 to 10 biggest things you need help with. You can do this now, or you can come back to this exercise after aligning with your inner wisdom through prayer or meditation.

Once you make this list, your next step is to offer up everything you need help with and invite your spirit guides to reveal solutions.

Say, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to these problems.”

Then go through your list.

Some examples…

  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for offering solutions to my issue with my health.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to the problems I’m having in my marriage.”
  • “Thank, you guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to my struggle with finding a career I love.”

Just go one by one asking the guides to help you. If you want to get really laser focused, you can choose just one and offer it up daily for a while.

Only call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion

Remember always to call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion. You don’t want to invite the funky guides to the party! Be very specific and clear about what kind of guidance you’re calling in so you don’t get any riff-raff coming through.

As with the human world, there are lots of different characters, and we don’t always want to invite every character over for dinner. The same goes for spiritual relationships. We want to open up our consciousness, space and energy only to the guides of the highest truth and compassion.

Don’t worry about this too much. You call the shots, so don’t fear those other beings. They can’t come in without your permission.

You can call on your guides anytime

You don’t have to wait for a problem to crop up in order to call on your spirit guides. Every time I give a talk, the first thing I say backstage to myself is, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for speaking through me.”

Whenever I say this silent prayer to call on my guides, I know the words that I need will come through me. The simple act of asking is all that’s required for the guidance to show up.

Step 2: Listen

Connect with your spirit guides step 2: ListenThe second step in connecting to your spirit guides is to listen. The way to do this is by meditating. When you meditate, you quiet your mind so that you can hear the wisdom of the guidance that’s within you and around you.

We have to slow down our vibration to become aligned with the presence of these guides. When we attune our energy to the frequency of love and peace, we can more easily connect to the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides.

Align your energy through prayer and meditation

You can say a prayer such as, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion. Thank you for showing me what I need to know. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. Thank you for whatever it is that I need.”

Then you can sit in meditation for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. This can be a very simple meditation. You can simply pay attention to your breath, becoming mindful of the sounds and sensations around you. I also have a spirit guides meditation to help you connect.

Step 3: Write with your spirit guides

Once you’ve meditated, your next step is to write with your spirit guides. Open your journal or just grab a few sheets of paper. At the top, write an invitation to them, such as:

  • Connect with your spirit guides step 3: Write with your spirit guides“Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me the solutions to these issues.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me whatever you want me to know.”
  • “Dear guides of the highest truth and compassion, I welcome you to write through me now.”

Then simply let your pen flow.

Just riff onto the page, allowing whatever needs to come through. Ideas, stories, topics, inspired visions, things that you may not have thought of on your own, will begin to come forward. Don’t second-guess yourself or edit a word. Just write.

Your guides may speak directly to you

You may find in this writing experience that your guides begin speaking to you directly. Instead of writing in the first person you may begin writing in the second person. When I am channeling my guides they often say, “Dear sister…”

In some cases, your handwriting might even change. You might feel a presence of energy moving through you. That means that there’s a presence that’s working through you to give you direction.

Step 4: Ask for a sign

Connect with your spirit guides step 4: Ask for a signYour guides can play fun games with you! They like to show you that they’re present. So get playful with them and ask them for a sign.

Have you never asked for a sign before? Or have you asked but not known whether you received it? Learn how to ask for a sign and know when you’ve received clear guidance.

You’ll be blown away when you start to ask your guides to show you signs! It will rock your world.

Step 5: Pay attention to the guidance you receive

It’s one thing to ask for guidance. It’s another thing to witness it, to really take it in and relish in the presence that’s supporting you.

Connect with your spirit guides step 5: Pay attention to the guidance you receiveWhen you pay attention to the guidance you receive, you’re letting yourself be in the awe and wonder of all the love that is around you. It’s a big deal. This beautiful feeling is available when you truly let yourself witness of the amazing support that is always with you.

The practice of paying attention to guidance isn’t about demanding. You don’t go around all day asking, “Where’s my guidance? Where’s my guidance?” Instead, you simply allow yourself to be open to the wonder of that guidance.

Your guidance may show up in cool and unexpected ways, even in ways I haven’t mentioned here. Your guidance can show up as a song on the radio, a billboard on the freeway or somebody saying to you exactly what you needed to hear.

Our guides often work through other people. They work through doctors, friends, children and even strangers. Spirit guides love to work through technology, too, which is something I talk more about in Super Attractor.

Step 6: Stay in an energy of gratitude

Connect with your spirit guides step 6: Stay in an energy of gratitudeAs I mentioned in step 5, you want to thank your guides. Rather than being in a place of neediness, you want to be in a place of gratitude and appreciation for their guidance and love.

Shift the way you talk to your guides. If you find yourself thinking things like, “Guides, why haven’t you given me this yet?” or “Guides, I don’t believe in you. Why haven’t you shown up for me faster?” — you’re showing your distrust of them. You’re telling them you’re not really open to their guidance and that you want to be in control.

Your gratitude keeps your relationship strong

Instead, you want to be thanking your guides, appreciating them and feeling deep love and gratitude for them.  When you receive any form of guidance, thank them. Just say silently, “Thank, you guides, for showing me this solution.” Or, “Thank you, guides, for this sign.” And when your guides give you a spiritual assignment, thank them for that as well!

Your gratitude keeps the relationship so strong and keeps those guides present with you all the time, because they know they’re welcome.

When you open your heart to offer your guides gratitude and appreciation, they boomerang that energy right back to you. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be in this place of constant love and gratitude with your guides. It’s a tremendous and beautiful feeling. And it’s available to you.

Step 7: Release the outcome and trust in a plan better than your own

Connect with your spirit guides step 7: Release the outcome and trust in a plan better than your ownYour guides have a plan that’s better than yours. They’re loving and wise, and they want to bring you to the right relationship, the right career, the doctor you need, the experience that will help you.

We get in the way of that guidance. I’ve often avoided divine guidance by trying to control situations. I’ve obsessed over how things should go and tried to manipulate outcomes to get what I thought was best. Inevitably, this only pushed my guides away.

But… when we let go of our plans and trust in a plan that’s much greater than ours, we start to truly feel like we’re being led. When we surrender, we can feel our guides leading us to the next right action.

We must release outcomes in order to truly be in co-creation with our spirit guides.

Step 8: Be more childlike

Connect with your spirit guides step 8: Be more childlikeIf you have young kids in your life, you may be aware that many children can still see their guides. They may even speak about them. Usually around the age of 7 the veil starts to close and we shut down to this guidance system.

To lift that veil and reconnect with your guides, be more childlike! Do things that bring you joy. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a run. Paint. Swim. Cook. Whenever I’m cooking, I feel the presence of my guides around me.

Do the things that bring you joy, and that guidance will just show up fast. You’ll feel it. Remember, joy is the most powerful vibration we can embody!

Step 9: Ask your spirit guides for their names if you feel called to do so

Connect with your spirit guides step 9: Ask your spirit guides for their namesYou don’t have to do this step. But if you feel called to ask your guide’s name (or multiple guides’ names), ask them to reveal it to you. The first name that comes to mind will be the name of your guide. Even if it sounds strange, you can trust that what you hear is correct.

One of my guides is a guide called Lily, and she came to me many years ago. I just knew her name was Lily. After several years of knowing Lily, I had a medium give me a reading. At the end of the reading, she said, “Lily wants me to tell you thank you, because she loves working with you.” I hadn’t told the medium about Lily or written about this guide. The medium just knew she was there.

Step 10: Trust in your own psychic ability

Connect with your spirit guides step 10: Trust in your own psychic abilityBelieve in yourself and  in your capacity to call on this presence. Trust in your ability to connect to these guides and to feel that support. Know that you have an ever-present energy of love that is always within you and around you supporting you and guiding you.

The more that you trust in your own psychic ability, the more you’ll be able to hear and the more you’ll allow this divine guidance to lead you to the highest good.

Allowing spirit guides into your life is a great gift. Not only will they support you, but they’ll also help you help others. They’ll support you in being a light in the world.

We need this presence of light to support us right now, in the chaos, drama and violence of these times. We need this presence to bring us back to love.

Take this practice further with Super Attractor!

Super Attractor by Gabby BernsteinIn Super Attractor, I lay out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

In Super Attractor I push the metaphysical envelope and talk about spirit guides, angels and the spiritual realm in a bigger and bolder way than I’ve ever done before. I break down the different types of guides, share personal stories and offer up more ways to connect with them.

When you order the book you’ll also get my 2-hour Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop free! The steps I teach in this workshop set you up for the powerful methods in the book.

Order Super Attractor and claim your gift!

How to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides

When I cultivate a spiritual connection, I can trust the Universe no matter what | Super Attractor card deckWhen you tune into the spirit realm you may feel your energy shift. It’s important to take time to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides.

You want to always remember that you are having a human experience and you’re here on this planet in a body. To ground yourself back into your body you can do a few simple things:

  • Stomp your feet to ground yourself into the earth.
  • Sit on a rock to feel connected to the earth.
  • Take time to sit in stillness and drink a cup of tea or eat a snack. Do something that is consciously caring for yourself.
  • You can also zip up your energy. Imagine there’s a zipper at the bottom of your feet and zip yourself up all the way over your head and back down to your ankles.

Follow any one of these practices to get grounded after connecting to your guides.

Connect with your spirit guides regularly

The more you talk to your spirit guides, the more you’ll rely on this ever-present guidance system. As you ask for and surrender to divine guidance, miracles will occur more and more often. (For more, check out my blog post on angels and archangels.)

Your spirit guides want to connect with you. Follow these 10 simple steps to open up the conversation.

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  1. Gabby! Thank you so much for your always inspiring and beautiful content you give! It is so much appreciated. I was wondering if you could take a moment and help guide me with a block I been experiencing… after reading (and re-reading Superattractor) I have been very drawn to finding the name for my spirit guide, my personal spirit guide (likening to your “Peter”) The block I am having is the name itself. I can not land on a name. I have been attracted to a half dozen or more 🙂 They seems to fit, and then – not. Any suggestions?

      1. I have followed this post 🙂 I love this post 🙂 … but maybe, it’s not important to land on a name? I feel like the name is holding me back. I get so tripped up on it. Maybe I should just pick one! LOL

  2. Hi Gabby

    I am completely new to the idea of being spiritual. I grew up as a Christian but after leaving my parents house I have been struggling with my faith and what I feel is the right thing to believe, I guess I have been trying just not to think about it. I lost someone very close to me to suicide in December. Towards the end he had a lot of questions about his faith. I have been having trouble dealing with his death and it just feels like something or someone is trying to connect with me but I did not realize what it was until the other for a split second I could of sworn I saw his face in the reflection of a window. I placed it down to being just my imagination but it has been bothering me quite a lot hence I started reading about the difference of being spiritual vs religion. Unfortunately I am a very scared person so opening up to the idea of connecting a spirit scares the heck out of me. I know it is something that only I can figure out but some guidance will be nice.. should I start meditating and how do I stop being scared?

    1. Hi Chantel,

      I’m deeply sorry for your loss and I want you to know that I’m holding you with a lot of love and compassion right now.

      Here is a passage from my book Super Attractor that I hope you will find helpful:

      “Being willing to connect with your spirit guides opens the door to guidance, but you want to be conscious not to leave the door wide open for any guide to step in. Think about it like this: You’re throwing a party and you want only the most positive and loving people to show up. Therefore, you make a guest list and are sure not to invite anyone who doesn’t support you.

      Similarly, welcoming your guides into your consciousness requires an invitation. If you’re not clear about the type of guides you’re willing to connect to, then it’s possible to attract lower-vibration beings that do not serve your highest good. You decide who you want to invite to the party that is you. My medium mentors have taught me that the best way to begin connecting to our guides is to recite a prayer. One I commonly say is, Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know.”

      If you’re ready to start meditating, here is one for you to try: https://gabbybernstein.com/spirit-guides/

      Finally, I also suggest checking out Rebecca Rosen’s blog (rebeccarosen.com) and her book Spirited, as well as MaryAnn DiMarco’s book, Believe, Ask, Act.

      I hope this helps!

  3. I’m beginning to feel attracted to the unseen but uncertain on how I can do so. Scared of what’ll happen and if I cannot seal the connection. Or if the presence of a spirit is good or bad. I have started a lot of research yet cannot find the right way to help out this spirit as had a review once from a professional communicating person and she said that the spirit is stuck and unable to escape. I wanna help the spirit but it doesn’t want to communicate. The spirit committed suicide and so may not feel a good energy source from him.
    Many thanks, hope you get back to me. 🙂

  4. GABBY! I completed the guardian angel meditation and I heard a name at the end of the meditation – Devin. Then I began writing in a journal words that were NOT my own. Advice and guidance that was flowing through me while I had a large smile on my face observing what was happening. THEN, the next day my sister out of nowhere had a client named Devin and she began singing Devin, D, D, D, Devinnn after the call. Devin is not a common name and she most definitely had never sung a clients name in a random song. That was my sign that he was in fact my guardian angel.

    Thank you for the introduction 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s amazing, Kat! So glad this practice served you and that you experienced this miracle moment. xoxo

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post. I feel as though as I have always had strong “intuition” but the past few months I have been trying to me more open to the ideas that keep popping up and urging me to take action on certain things. I’ve always had an interest in past life regression because for some reason I feel like I am carrying something from my past that I am supposed to know in the present. This led me to reading Dr. Newton’s book about LBL (lives between lives) and much of his research falls completely in line with what you have outlined here about our spirit guides. Even before the chaos of Covid 19 began I’ve was struggling with my relationship with my daughter and mother and have been trying to look for spiritual guidance to help navigate these relationships. I’ve always wanted to meditate, but for some reason I am hesitant. In the past I’ve met with mediums for various reasons, and they also recommended I meditate. However I’m afraid that somehow it could conjure up old, terrifying events*, feelings or worse some malign being. My question to you is: How can I overcome this fear of connecting to the spiritual world? (*As a child I had some very traumatic experiences – when I was 6 my grandmother who lived with us died in front of me and it was a few minutes before anyone noticed I was there. When I was 9 my immediate family, grandmother, uncle and my aunt and her family all saw my grandfather standing outside the kitchen window looking in at us eating lunch after his funeral. Being so young I had no idea how to process these events and coming from and old school, Catholic Italian family there really wasn’t any discussions about them.)

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Here is a passage from my book Super Attractor that you might find helpful:

      “Being willing to connect with your spirit guides opens the door to guidance, but you want to be conscious not to leave the door wide open for any guide to step in. Think about it like this: You’re throwing a party and you want only the most positive and loving people to show up. Therefore, you make a guest list and are sure not to invite anyone who doesn’t support you.

      Similarly, welcoming your guides into your consciousness requires an invitation. If you’re not clear about the type of guides you’re willing to connect to, then it’s possible to attract lower-vibration beings that do not serve your highest good. You decide who you want to invite to the party that is you. My medium mentors have taught me that the best way to begin connecting to our guides is to recite a prayer. One I commonly say is, Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know.”

      You can call on a spirit guide of the highest truth and compassion before you begin meditating. I also suggest checking out Rebecca Rosen’s blog (rebeccarosen.com) and her book Spirited, as well as MaryAnn DiMarco’s book, Believe, Ask, Act.

      You may also want to check out these additional blog posts:


  6. Gabby, Thank you so much for your guidance, most of it free, during the Covid 19 Pandemic as it is so helpful as we move from anxiety to coming back to our spiritual tools. The owner of the Yoga Studio I attend has been working tirelessly to ensure folks have plenty of opportunities to continue in their practice, she provides us with a community coffee on zoom every morning, and she is doing the best she can to pay her teachers. Because she’s giving so much, the Universe rewarded her and she, her studio and how she’s making it during a pandemic as a small business owner (she bought the studio three months ago and now it’s closed due to Covid 19), with an article in Fortune Magazine. This made me think of you and how often you say “What can I do for the highest good”? So thank you.

  7. Gabby. Thanks so much for all your guidance. What I am learning through your books and blogs has been very helpful and I am growing daily.

  8. Hi Gabby, thank you for all your work. Lately, I have been attracted to your work. I have a question. Is it possible to communicate with a family member that passed away through these 10 steps? thank you again.

    1. It could be possible, Maria, as sometimes our deceased loved ones act as our spirit guides. xoxo

  9. Dear Earthly Angel Gabby,

    I have a question regarding the asking for a name of guardian angel. When I was meditating on connecting with spirit guides of highest good after I read this blog, I saw deceased great grand mother-in-law giving me a lovely smile and when I reached to the phase to ask name, I hear an inner voice saying “Saimaa”. In Hindi, “maa” means mother and Sai, I believe to be my guru’s name. In reality, there is no such spiritual entity called Saimaa so my question for you is should I call upon Saimaa and write this name in my journal or should I keep writing guardian angels/ spirit guide of highest truth and compassion?

    I have enrolled myself for 29th March and looking forward to attend the session.

    All good wishes for you <3

  10. Hi,
    Thank you so much,I have learned so much from you,even my guardian angel is with you cos you’ve guide me through her,I said it again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. You’re welcome, Khairana. I’m glad that you’ve connected with your spirit guide. Sending you big love. xo

  11. I need help connecting with my guide is there anything you can do to help? Love the post my guide is a wolf

  12. Thank you so much, Gabby! This article really helped me. I feel my spiritual awakening started three years ago and I am still I’m the process. I have finally been acknowledging spiritual signs and starting to “do the work” instead of just wringing my hands and wondering “what does it all mean”? Meditation is the KEY!

  13. After watching a video of yours on youtube, I got excited to try meditation before going to sleep. I got on my bed and prayed thanking asking signs from God, holy spirit, angels and spirit guides. After that I started meditating and I saw two types of lights with minutes of interval between them. The first one was a flicker or flash of green colour then the second one was white. It wasn’t my first time meditating last night but it was the first time that I saw lights which i won’t question since it was already late at night and no electrical lights near were on. I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration!

    1. You’re welcome, Peter. I’m glad this practice is serving you! May you continue to experience miraculous shifts. xoxo

  14. Hi gabby,

    I have a feeling that spirts from the other side are trying to connect with me. will you be able to tell me the signs of how they are trying to connect with me ? For example i’ve experienced light flickering at times at home, seeing butterflies, a feeling of something behind me, dreams with certain numbers. can you help in anyway ?

  15. I dreamt about my ancestor dressed in a white roman army garment and some other dreams.But I don’t have such dreams anymore.I just don’t know what happened.

  16. This is the first time I have tried journaling after meditating and I found nothing came through. Would there be a reason for that?

    1. Sometimes our spirit guides do not come through when we want or expect them too. Even if you don’t see/hear/feel them, you are always being supported. Know that this is a practice, just like learning anything else new. xo

  17. Amazing insight and spot on with this blog post. Learning to ground ones self is super important, especially for me it was needed. So funny sometimes during meditation I get these insights that come racing in. So, I have learned to keep a pen and pad next to me to write things down. I can honestly say what comes out is beautiful, loving and helpful. I’m on day number 19 of my gratitude tour. Each morning I ask my guides to prepare me to receive a message of whatever it is I may need to learn, see etc.. and be a radiant light of love, joy and peace for whoever needs that loving energy for the day. I have met so many wonderful souls who just come up and share there stories of life with me and others giving me positive words of encouragement. But mostly I see people just look at me with a kind of wonderment! Thanks Gabby! 🙂

    1. Amazing, Marcus. I’m glad that this meditation resonates with you and that you’ve accepted the call to serve in this way! Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  18. This post by Itself is a message I have been experiencing new ways of connection with myself and the universe around me. I am living the past year in a beautiful state of Awe and have never felt more powerless and empowered at the same time in all my life. I trust, I appreciate, I give up control and I breathe in the moment
    Thank you Gabby for guiding my way to expansion ❤️

  19. This is so wild. I have read super attractor and in the process of finishing the Universe has your back. This is the first time I tried to speak to my spirit guide “officially” via meditation.

    When I asked their name the words “Beth Shalim” came in my mind. And I was like well that’s a weird name. Lol. Then when it was time to free write I only saw pictures. A house in the Forrest with a stream.

    Then my 3 year old daughter walked in playing with some of her dolls. I heard her say “Why?!? Then while playing with her dolls she said “you need to wake up, I am right here! I need help in the sky!” At first I was annoyed and then it hit me, I think my spirit guide was speaking to HER to pass on a message to me. Then she came up to me, put her hand on my knee and said “taking deep breaths?” I looked at her and said “yes” and she said “good, one more time” and so I did. Ummm what just happened?!?

    Also googled Beth Shalim (i am not Jewish whatsoever because this didn’t even dawn on me) and saw that there is a version of Shalom that is Sholoim and it means peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility also means hello and goodbye. And then Beth means house? Not sure, if anyone knows maybe they can tell me? But what a wonderful message to get! And makes so much sense!

    1. Amazing, Tiffany! Our spirit guides often speak to us in creative way! Love that you are open to receive the message! xoxo

  20. Thank you Gabby. I have felt the guidance. I appreciate the presence, i am not asking for anything, but its very comforting to know its there. Always appreciate your positivity as this journey continues.

  21. Thank you, Gabby. This is just what I needed just at the time I needed it. Divine Guidance at work.

  22. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you for this wonderful blogpost . Timing is everything. Recently we felt the miraculous presence of my deceased father in law guide during the labor and delivery of my sister in law’s baby. I performed Reiki on her and grounded the space and encouraged his guidance. As a physician, there were some labor issues that may have precipitated surgical intervention but instead serving as a coach and doula , my sister in law and her beautiful new boy were delivered naturally without any risks. We were told his presence was to ensure a smooth delivery and also cleared the cord issues by an empath/medium. It was most beautiful experience and his grandson also bears striking resemblance. Grateful for his presence in my life.

  23. You are alike my true self, and i have recently been drawn to Ester and Dr Wayne, and it seems you have too, for a while now. I have fallen down again, but as i know this struggle all too well, i will be able to not be ‘as critical and hard on myself ‘ as before. I trust in my healing process, and so thanks to you and your inner guides, i’ll make sure to process and practice the above methods. I recently heard more from my guides than ever before, i know that my energy has been better allowing love to spread, especially when i have been thinking around the lines of aiding others with light and wisdom. It became clear that i should keep aligning with the purpose of being of service to others, and their highest potential. Bc i have witnessed, and pulled myself up from being a complete and utter mess, and almost lost cause, because of judgment and a history in my home town that i am not happy with. I know i could do anything i set my mind to, and i feel the ever – present passion finding it’s way back up to the surface! i am so thankful for me being drawn to you… i see you! also i most appreciate your being and sole purpose to share your earnings through the path. Blessings, may the world give back to you in abundance Gabby! Live on sistren!

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Wesley. It sounds like you experienced some miraculous shifts. Keep implementing the practices, being gentle and patient with the process! You’re doing great work. Sending positive vibes! xoxo

  24. Gabby,
    This was wonderful. I do a lot of soul/spirit writing. I love as I write the pen just takes over.
    I now know what I need to do to ask the names of my guides.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful messages.

  25. Hi Gabby
    I have been guided to you and have read The Universe has you back and Super Attractor. It has been miraculous for me! I stopped sleeping in November of 2018 from the overwhelm of life and I looked for everything external to help me. Nothing did. Until I started reading your books and realized that help has to come from within. Your books have been a miracle for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me open my heart and mind to the knowledge that I AM supported and the Universe really DOES have my back. I truly believe that

    1. Amazing, Tanuja! I’m so grateful that you experienced this energetic shift and that my books are serving you! xoxo

  26. This was just what I needed to remind me to connect with the loving Spirits of the Universe. I’ve been having trouble trusting in being happy, because my life is going really well and I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I need to ask my Guides for help with this! Thanks Gabby!

  27. Hi Gabby, I get your emails but haven’t been reading them lately until today, the title “want to meet your spirit guides” caught my attention. I lost my daughter in July and have been in “survival mode” just going through the motions to make it through the day ever since, definitely not present in the world. But today I followed your steps to meet my spirit guides and I think I felt the presence of my daughter holding my hand telling me she is proud of me, but then again I have a hard time knowing if it’s just my imagination trying to make me feel better?? My friend tells me she can feel Kylees presence when she comes over and my 2 year old nephew was running by her room stopped and looked in there waved and said “hi!” Maybe I am trying too hard to feel her so I am not by controlling the situation? Any advice?

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Vanji. I think you answered your own question when you wrote, “Maybe I’m trying too hard to feel her.” That’s understandable. Part of the grieving process may be letting go of the need to control the outcome and trusting that you will feel your daughter’s presence at the most right and perfect moments. Sending you much love. xoxo

  28. Good Afternoon, Gabby! Thank you so much for sharing these steps with us! I’m excited to foster a deeper connection with my Spirit Guides – to know them much more intimately. This blog post is so timely, and I receive this “cooperative incident” loud & clear! Thank you for your service to all humanity!! XOXO

    1. Awesome, Dimario!!! So glad this post resonates with you. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  29. Woke up to this email . Between this blog post and the ones in the links while reading. You answered every question I’ve had over the last few weeks about my guides, speaking to them, and hearing/feeling them. I’m very very grateful for this this morning. And when I first opened my eyes this morning I was having trouble feeling good. Thank you Gabby, universe and my guides

    1. Fantastic, Victoria. So grateful that you were guided to the resources that you were hoping for! xoxo

  30. Tomorrow I am going to a Psychic medium who specializes in guidance with angels. I’m so excited! I’m open to the connection, but feeling like I need a little more help. Thank you for the inspiration through your sharing in the book Super Attractor.

  31. The idea of spirit guides had made me confused in the past until I read the super attractor . As I listened and read the book I felt an ease and acceptance of my guidance for first time in life. Super attractor was my first book and work of Gabby that I was called to purchase and has been such a wonderful journey.

    Thank you Gabby for your love and light and am hoping to start living my dreams sooner and starting this year. I had quit my IT job in 2018 to be available for my kids and Since then my love for books and personal development has taken me to a totally new plane.

    In this journey ,Super attractor has given me a great hope and confidence to believe and start the journey of living my dream business and life. Thank you for all that you do and wishing to share my success story with you and all your followers in a big way sometime soon.

    1. Amazing, Anisha. So glad that you experienced this miraculous shift! May you continue to experience many more! Can’t wait to hear your success story! You can always share on the blog, social media, or send an email to support@gabbybernstein.com! xoxo

  32. Is there going to be an Mobile app for the super attractor card deck like the universe has your back ?

  33. I have Super Attractor on my phone through the Audible app, and I LOVE it, as I can play it for a few minutes here and there during my busy day. There are so many messages of wisdom that pop out at just the right time for me. Thank-you for sharing this book!

  34. Hi Gabby,
    I read with enthusiasm, The Universe Has Your Back. Apparently I had been receiving signs previously and didn’t connect the dots. Now I know when I see or hear a sign from the Divine. Sometimes they come to me in abundance, and sometimes I feel stagnant. It’s as if when I really want one, I don’t, and then out of the blue, there it is. About a year ago I got into my car and a feather was floating in the passenger seat. That’s when I began exploring what it could mean and came upon your website. Before and since I have received numerous feathers and other signs typically when I’m not expecting it. Recently I haven’t seen as many signs as before. It makes me sad, and almost lonesome. Maybe I’m “looking” too hard. After reading your steps, I am optimistic that my guides will present me with what I absolutely need. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Annalee. Whether or not you see the signs– you are always being guided and supported! Continue inviting in divine guidance and staying open to receive the message! xoxo

  35. Thank you for this Gabby! I’ve been leaning on my guides and angels quite a bit lately and this is so helpful on how to really refine the practice of calling on them for help. xx

  36. Thank you Gabby! And for anyone else reading these posts, trust me – this works. After participating in Gabby’s 21-Day Manifesting Challenge and reading Super Attractor, for the first time, I connected to my Spirit Guide in a beautiful and extraordinary way. 10 days later a book poured through me directly from Spirit — and I’m not even a writer! Gabby has helped me connect with my calling. I found my “shine” and it is now my work to help others find theirs. It’s a gift what Gabby does, truly. The loving and uplifting messages Spirit has for ALL of us are to be relished.

    Big love to you Gabby!

      1. Thank you so much for the work you do and the Light you bring to this world. I found your book through guidance I was only just beginning to understand and it has taken my spiritual journey to a whole new level. Thank you

  37. No coincidence, but I was just reading this chapter in Super Attractor this morning! Clearly I’m receiving guidance from my spirit guides, at the time when I need it. Thank you, Gabby!

    1. Last night I prayed for guidance and asked for help in recognizing when I am getting the answers I seek. I had not done that for several months. This morning I received the email regarding the spirit guides Blog. I know this is a sign. I was overjoyed to know that I had been heard and that someone is watching over me.

  38. Hi Gabby,

    I’m in the middle of reading your book – The universe has your back and I’m really enjoying it, thank you so much for writing it. I wanted to share that after A recent struggle with depression I knew I had to make some changes and reconnecting with spirit was a huge part of this change. Following direction from your book, two days ago I asked for a sign. My sign is those white Flying thistle seeds that float in the air, whenever I see one I always think of my father who died suddenly two years ago. Anyway, I was at a really low point and needed something to drag me out of the terrible space I was sitting in so I asked to see just one to remind me that the universe does have my back. The next day I was in a car with my friend travelling home after a hike and there were literally hundreds floating in the sky and they keep appearing for twenty minutes as we drove. My hair stood on end and I had tears in my eyes…. I was just so grateful for this overt display by the universe that felt like it was just for me. I shared this story with a few friends but I really wanted to share it with you because your words inspired it and it meant a lot to me.

    Thank you Gabby (and the universe)

    Claire x

    1. Amazing, Claire. So grateful that The Universe Has Your Back is resonating with you and that you’ve experienced this miracle moment. It was absolutely for you. You are always being guided and supported! xo

  39. You really are a very beautiful lady that has been sent from above. Whenever I need help or have asked for help your blog alway arrives and just what I needed to hear and understand or just now the reassurance of what I asked re: signs.
    Thank you with all my heart X

  40. Thank you very much for these magnificent informations!!I have read and practise before about my guides. .. but your writing has an enthusiasm and a divine touch.. I am so grateful…. God bless every step of your life ❤
    P s The informations about Grounding are so neccesary.. thank you

  41. Thankyou for your guidance Gabby. Your blogs seem to find me whenever i am needing some clarity or guidance. It is so nice to read and feel more connected and know that iam being supported and i can achieve my desires. Thankyou for the clarity , guidance and energy.

  42. Hi, Gabby!
    Thank you so much for this post.
    I’d like to ask you something. Lately I’ve been thinking about changing my career (I feel I’m stuck, not actually enjoying my job anymore). As I feel a little bit lost, I ask the Universe for a sign but I’ve recieved none so I guessed the Universe is telling me to wait for this career change. The thing is I’d love to do this change, I really feel I should do it. Which voice should I hear, my inner voice or the Universe’s?

    Thank you!
    Lots of light,

    1. Estela, whenever you are feeling unclear of what direction you are being guided, return to a spiritual practice like prayer or meditation for grounding and clarity. The quickest way to move into a job you love is to cultivate appreciation for the job you have right now. Appreciation shifts your energy in every way. I use this exact example (wanting a new job) in a blog post I wrote about how to attract what you want by appreciating what you have now. I think it will resonate with you: https://gabbybernstein.com/key-attracting-want-appreciate-now/

  43. Hi Gabby,

    I found you on YouTube as I’m searching on How To Connect with spiritual guidance!

    I have a question

    I’m a Thai person but live in UK so you know most of the time I will be speaking, Reading and listening in English but I when I do Live or teaching on Social Media will be in Thai.
    Talking to friends and family also in Thai.

    So I’m using 2 languages at the same time!

    I’m wondering which language to use to ask or speak to my spiritual guide?

    Thai or English?

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and I love you ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Great question, Annie. When speaking to your spirit guides, use whatever language is most comfortable and natural to you! xoxo

  44. Hi Gabby,
    On an almost daily basis, and sometimes twice a day, I glance at a clock or phone for the time. I do this out of no specific desire to need to know what the time is, it is an involuntary reaction. The odd thing is how often, and I mean very often, the time will be 11:11. I heard it is not uncommon and my research shows it has spiritual connections. Your thoughts?
    Thank you.

  45. There is so much that I have felt after learning to connect with the universe and my spirit guides. I’ve had some amazing experience that makes me want to jump for joy. I try to learn more on this subject more and more every day and also doing so by listening to your books on audible. I am so eager to see how this path will feel and where this path will take me in the future. I am so inspired and want to thank you for taking the time to do what you do. Thank you!

    1. Wonderful, Hannah. I’m so grateful these practices resonate with you. It sounds like you’ve experienced some beautiful energetic shifts! xo

  46. Hi, I am trying to connect to my dead loved ones via spirit guide but
    little success, do you have any advise or a help me regarding
    this? my email zakmustafa@gmail.com and my name is
    zakaria mustafa

    thanks a lot

  47. So I am new to you and very excited. I’ve just downloaded your new books on Audible however I did not receive the free Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop. How do I get that?
    Many Blessings,

  48. I am going through a very difficult period in my life. I have been looking for guidance and some inspiration to get to the path I need to be on. I have asked everyday for my spirit guides family members to help guide and protect me. The light in the kitchen keeps going brighter occasionally. Am so need of their support and preyed they will send it.

  49. Dear Gabrielle

    Thank you for your wonderful work.
    I have a question, where do we draw a line between following the rules of being specific about what we want to manifest VS surrendering and letting go?
    I find it contradicting to follow the concept of being specific to ask for what we want and then we have to surrender and let go of what we think we want. It would very helpful if you can explain and I think that would be a very popular post as nobody like Abraham, Oprah or Wayne Dyer has done the comparison yet.

    Love and light

  50. Going through so much in my life, trying to find myself and my way in life, and how to have better energy I read this article this morning. Tonight I kept getting aFB message alert, but had 0 new messages. Finally I scrolled way down to my oldest message (2010) and had a blue dot for a new message from a close, deceased friend. There wasn’t a new message just the alert. I read through all of our old messages and the alerts went away. I felt so lifted after this. It was an amazing feeling. I believe he was telling me that things will be ok. Thank you.

  51. Hi Gabby
    Merry Christmas. I bought your Super Attractor book for myself for Christmas and have been reading a chapter a day. It’s fabulous and I am loving it. In chapter 5 – it says I can download for free the meditation for lifting the veil – but I can’t find this anywhere. Can you please send me the link?
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  52. Hello, my name is Walter and I am from Uruguay, a small country in Latin America. You might find it a dare … but I would like to know if there can be any discount bonus to take the 21-day course that begins in January. My economic possibilities are few and my desires to advance in life many. Again I apologize, but if there were such a possibility, it would be for me almost “a miracle.” I don’t speak English, I use the translator. Sorry for the mistakes. Thank you very much and blessings. Walter

  53. Hello. So for a while I was trying to find my spirit animal. I have read through a few of your spirit animal websites and I tried them out. I think my spirit animal is a wolf. I read a website (maybe your but I don’t remember) about naming you spirit animal. I ended up naming it and my spirit animal seemed to approve. Meaning, I didn’t get a sign from them saying that they weren’t happy with the name. After I named my spirit animal I kept asking them to appear in a dream or to give me a sign that shows me that they are here. I haven’t gotten a dream or anything like that yet, but a couple things have happened. On the days that I ask my spirit animal to send me a sign I usually get it before I go to bed. I’ll get in bed and thats when the door will make a little click sound. And sometimes it happened when I’m thinking about my spirit animal. At first I thought that it was just someone closing it, but when I read your website about spirit animals I began wondering if it was from my spirit animal. It has happened a couple times. Do you think it’s a sign from my spirit animal? If it is, what does it mean? Does it mean that they are looking out for me? I’m not sure because my spirit animal doesn’t interact with me like other people. For example it doesn’t show up in dreams, I don’t get signs (except for maybe what I wrote above), and it doesn’t do anything that helps me determine what it is or if it’s looking after me. What do you think? Can you help me?

    1. If you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to your prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe. xo

  54. Thank you for this post, I believe I was guided here by my spirit guide, I met my spirit guide a few days ago with your guided mediation. So glad she led me here to you.

  55. Thank you so much for this, Gabrielle. I have been told time and again that I have guides. However, I was never quite sure how/what to do in terms of connecting with them. I do meditate and journal my thoughts and feelings afterwards, I didn’t know this was a way to connect with my guides. Still have questions and seeking answers, but this piece is so encouraging,
    Thank you!

  56. I have so many questions!! since I’m sure you can’t answer them, I’m going to buy all your books! haha.

  57. Is it possible to see a number sign that is not same numbers in a sequence? So I saw a medium in August. She predicted big things birthday to birthday. My birthday is 9-07. I met a man on 9-07. We have since had some issues. I on 11:11 did your meditation. Started out crying, felt my hand being held. Didn’t really get anything flowing with the writing. The next day, felt better. Yesterday felt so positive about him and I coming back into contact. A strong, overwhelming confidence about it. It is what I’ve been asking for guidance with… I saw 9-07 twice yesterday- I know 3’s are usually a sign… But what is your take?

    1. Yes Courtney it is possible. When you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe. xo

  58. This was a beautiful reading and it was exactly what I needed to hear tonight! Well I think everyone should read this lol Thank you so much

  59. This is scary because it’s my first time and I don’t want to mess up. You said “You don’t want to invite the funky guides to the party!” I’m not good with my wording but I have been practicing. I got this because I think I’ve seen my spirit guides I always see this sparkle light on the side of my eyes or I hear someone calling my name. Thank you for this information it was very helpful.

  60. Hello, So I was wondering, do you think that it may be possible that my spirit guide can show up in a dream? Because last night I was having a dream that I was struggling with something and a man showed up and was helping me out. He vanished for a bit but when I went to search for him again, we saw a glimpse of each other and then he followed me to a building where he then proceeded to comfort me by saying,” You’re okay, you’re okay. Everything is going to be alright,” while he embraced me. It could have just been a dream with no meaning at all, but I just found it a bit coincidental since recently I have been dealing with something and waking up just knowing that someone was there as comfort led me to believe that what he was saying was true and that everything would be alright. So I began to research and this is the first thing that stood out to me so I thought I might ask.

    1. Montana,

      Be open to all the beautiful ways in which your Spirit Guides can appear. They can and will communicate with you in whatever ways will resonate with you. Meditation will be a great tool for you, to help you feel grounded, to get clarity, and to allow yourself to go deeper into that connection. xxoo

  61. Gabby – your work is inspiring and I always feel connected to your work and words … many blessings ♥️

  62. Hello. I was just wondering if you could connect through your spirit guides with objects and such. Should I be able to ask upon them if they can connect through me with a device, object, toy, and Maybe even an insect or animal? Or should I just connect through pen and paper? I’m not to keen on having them connect through me with a voice in my head or having an orb appear.
    – Hannah

    1. Your guides can and will communicate with you in whatever ways will resonate with you. This can include through animals, through a billboard you see while driving, an object you come across unexpectedly and so on.

  63. Thank you. I knew in my heart that spiritual guidance existed and asked it for. And here you are. Thank you.

  64. I am new to the idea of spirit guides. I am an empath, and consider myself to be a light physic. (That’s what I call it anyway). I went to a mediumship development this week, and everyone was speaking of spirit guides. Personally, I don’t sense any around anyone. So since I am an empath, etc. why haven’t I experienced this in the path. While reading this article with good intentions, I decided mid-way to close my eyes and cover them to create total darkness (I have never meditated). I did this with the thinking of calming myself and being open; and furthermore inviting spirit guides into my life. The moment I shut my eyes the word Doris came to my mind. I wasn’t even trying to think of a name. Does that mean this is the name of my main spirit guide? What if I don’t have spirit guides. I’m so confused.

    1. Hi Jenifer. This sounds like a sign and could be communication from a guide. Meditation will be a great tool for you, to help you feel grounded, to get clarity, and to allow yourself to go deeper into that connection. Keep trusting that inner wisdom. It might feel good to ask questions out loud, declaring that you are open only to signs from a place of love, for the greatest good for all. <3

  65. Hello,

    I am just curious what your thoughts are on an experience I had as a child. The Saint Katharine Drexel shrine was in my town, only recently moved, and was a spot for field trips. I believe I was in 7th grade when we went. We actually went to the room where her tomb was, and were told to place our hands on it. Only a moment after I did so, I started to feel odd. My vision was going blurry, my hearing was drowned out, and I couldn’t speak. I knew where I was, I could tell there were people around me. Classmates started to notice and were trying to talk to me, I could tell they were saying my name and asking if I was Ok but it was like I was under water. I think I was on the verge of passing out. My mom wound up picking me up. I forgot about this experience for a few years in my life, and then it came back to me as an adult. Do you think she could be one of my guides, that this interaction meant something more? I used to think it as a child.. but then I got lost in life. I think of it as an adult, and feel like it must have meant something more. I am curious of your thoughts. I work hard every day over the past few years to be more conscious, a better person, and use your methods. I have found so much more joy, but still feel like I am blocking myself in many ways from seeing where the real me is supposed to be in life. Thanks for reading, and for any input you have 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen. This sounds like a memory of connecting with a guide. However, know that our guides will only come from a place of love and protection. To tap into that connection, sit in meditation and even communicate out loud, calling in that guidance. It’s helpful to declare that you’re calling in only what is from a place of love and for the greatest good. XOX

  66. i need help regarding my career. i have been in the interviews every month since April 2019 till August 2019 but i do not get any luck. what may be the problem.

    1. Beautiful Erika! Commit to practicing the steps in this blog and be open to all the ways that you signs may present themselves. It’s amazing what can happen when we open ourselves up to even the smallest miracles!

  67. Thanks for this, I need to call on them more often. I feel ike I am on a better track and I am more grateful and am happy to take a leap of faith into a new endeavor….


  68. Hi, I’m afraid to post this, but I need help.

    I found your site after beginning a search for a spiritual/medium mentor, and you mentioned we should reach out if there was a frightening experience after attempting to connect with our guides…so I’m reaching out for help and guidance to understand what happened and to not be afraid.

    I’ve been able to sense/see/feel/hear spirits and energies my entire life, with some ability to know/predict and manifest things naturally, without consciously trying.

    Recently I’ve decided I want to learn to develop this part of me, instead of being afraid of it, which is how I found you and your site and books. For the last week I’ve been asking the guides of the highest truth and compassion to come through, and last night I was woken up by a bright white orb, with pulsating light reaching toward me, just over my bed, about an arm’s length away from my face. Everything I’ve read has indicated this should have been a lovely, positive and warm experience, but it was terrifying. I woke my husband up with my screaming and grabbing for him.

    This was the first time I’ve seen an orb in person. I don’t know what to make of it, or my intense fear of it. I’m afraid to go back to sleep tonight, or go back in my room. I feel like I also need to add that I had “cleansed” the room earlier in the day by ringing some heirloom bells that belonged to my great-grandmother (I believe)…it’s the first time I’d ever done that, and all I can think is that I did it wrong and some thing didn’t appreciate it. But maybe I’m conflating two different things.

    Please help. Thank you in advance for your time and guidance.

    1. Hi Candace. Cleansing the space, calling in only your guides of the highest truth and compassion, and being open to what comes through, sends a beautiful sign to the Universe that you are ready to tap into this gift. I’m sorry to hear about your scary experience. Sometimes the intensity of these new experiences can be extremely unsettling at first. I invite you to drop into meditation, deep into your inner guidance, and ask if this white orb was coming from a place of love or from a negative space. Know that you didn’t do it wrong and really trust your amazing gifts. If and when you feel ready to connect again, please start the process by dropping into meditation, to really get grounded, stating out loud that you’re welcoming in only positive messages and experiences, and those who communicate from a place of love and truth. I believe in you. <3

  69. I had a major life shift last year and ended up seeing an energy healer. I felt a tornado inside and I couldn’t get control of it. It’s sounds strange but I felt so messy. It was my first time meeting her and she said I had little sparkles around me. Little Angles (children). She asked them to tone down their enthusiasm around me as it was too much for me to ha doe at the time. She asked to to gently guide me. Since then angel signs have been popping up. People have been calling me an angel…earth angel and a photographer asked if I would be a model for a fine art book that tells stories about people. She photoshopped a wing on me in the photo. I wish I could share it here. The signs and “coincidences” have been so amazing that over the last while, I will just smile and say thank you when signs appear. The numbers 444, 44, 4444. are the most common and feathers. Recently my 12 yr old son was hospitalized and the signs were constant and instantly I felt calm knowing all would be ok. That’s when I began to really realize and send my gratitude to them.
    Today I watched the videos about your Q&A. I felt a sense of relief to hear that my thanks is exactly what I should be doing. It just seemed natural. That lead me to the 10 steps and I’m definitely going to get your new book.
    Thank you for your guidance Gabrielle! Much gratitude to you ❤️

  70. Hi Gabby,
    I am a very intuitive person and can sense a lot and even see the spirit guides of other people. However I have developed a strong wall against this because I so easily get lost in this world and I feel like I am too open/sensitive to the energies. You mentioned grounding in this article which would maybe help me, but I am scared to let that wall down and I feel that I need some more involved help. Please, can you recommend anything?
    I have been going through some very challenging times and currently I am relying strongly on my own intuition but it is lonely to do it alone. In the past my family members looked out for me (my family has lots of relative spirit guides).

    I really like the way that you present your spirituality, can you perhaps point me to a useful resource for this? Thanks! Xx

  71. H Gabby,
    Lovely comments. Nicely presented in “sea level” English. No airy-fairy or metaphysical gobbledegook. Just simple English. As a publisher of spiritual psychology books on life challenges we all deal with, I’ve found that readers, of all faiths and spiritual awareness, react with sighs of relief that a gentle teacher, like youself, can guide them toward more awareness and increased communication with their personal booster’s club, the spirit guides and teachers who have volunteered to be them during their current and chosen lives.
    Looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations on putting forth such inspirational and motivational information.
    In light,
    Molli Nickell, SPIRIT SPEAKS Books

  72. Hey Gabby! I hope you are doing great!!
    I am in situation where my mind and some other voice contradict each other. There is a guy that I am with. I keep seeing his name wherever I go. It is something I have been attracting (LOA) or it is the way of universe saying she has my back.
    Ever since I have met him, there is a strong voice from within which tells me that we are meant to be. We will end up being together.
    The reality somehow has some issues, circumstances. My mind keeps telling me the present situation where there seems no solution. Something inside of me tells me no matter what and I don’t know how but we will be together. I am intuitive.What do I do?
    Please help.

    1. Urvashi, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe. It can be very difficult to let go of our need to control and to trust in the Universe. When you ask for guidance and pray for the highest good, the Universe gets to work. What unfolds for you may not be what you expected or thought you wanted — but it will ultimately be even better. xo

  73. May Love, life and pure joy come into all of your lives. Life can be dark, but our spirit angels will always be there to guide us into the light. Trust in yourself and your angels; they want only good things for you, so if you feel that you’re going through a tough time; it simply means you’re transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Your time is soon and you will be able to achieve all of your dreams, reach a sense of peace and be loving while being loved. Love is all we need (The Beatles)

  74. When I was little, I had two invisible playmates-Mike and Lisa. Now I totally believe they were spirit guides and I would love to hear from them again!

  75. I am unable to preorder but I can’t wait to read your book after reading this…
    It came at a time I am literally calling for my Spirit Guides constantly but need to learn how to & how to heat them back.

  76. Hi Gabby, I’ve had a friend receive messages for me from my deceased mom, shared some, not others. What she’s telling me is that I am destined for a specific relationship. I’m recently divorced and having terrible issues with letting go of my ex spouse. This “new” relationship is with someone from my past from 20 years ago. This individual is very special and important to me, but I feel like an inner voice is telling me is isn’t meant to be. Why is my guide telling me one thing and my inner voice another?!

    1. Kim, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Also, I recommend practising the steps in this blog to get grounded and continue to trust your inner guidance. Know that as you move forward with these tools, you will become more comfortable and trust your own process. xo

  77. I want to know everything from the bottom have got some potentials that I have ignored for too long now I’m beginning to aware of things but I really need to hear the voice speak to me

    1. Keep returning to these practices and be open to all the ways in which messages and signs can show up. <3

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