A Meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love | The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinI believe we all have spirit guides — spiritual beings of the highest truth and compassion working on our behalf to guide our thoughts and energy back to love.

They are not physical and are not bound by the natural laws of this world. These beings come in different forms and have different purposes. But their common goal is to help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

When you cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides, they will give you wise and loving guidance to help you in every area of your life.

In this blog post I’m sharing my spirit guides meditation to help you connect with your spirit guides and receive clear guidance.

About the spirit guides meditation

This meditation is a beautiful practice that will help you create a deep connection to the beings of love and light who are always here to support you.

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While your spirit guides are always present, it may not feel that way — because you may not be aware of their presence.

This meditation will help you to invite them in and become aware of the guidance that is available to you.

Why connect with your spirit guides?

Our spirit guides help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe. When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern, you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love.

Knowing that there is a presence always supporting you will give you unshakable faith and strength. This spirit guides meditation will help you invite in this support.

Spirit guides meditation

Before you press play, make sure you have a journal handy. After the meditation you’ll free-write to let the guidance you’ve received come forth.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate.

Sit up straight in a chair with your feet planted on the floor. The more aligned you are physically (to the best of your ability), the more you can receive. When you’re ready, press play and follow my guidance.

Free-writing exercise

Gabby Bernstein journaling | Spirit guides meditationAfter your meditation, open your journal. You can follow my guidance in the audio meditation above, and I’ve also written it out here for easy reference.

At the top of the page, write: Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for writing through me.

Then free-write for 4 minutes, letting your pen flow onto the page. Don’t second-guess or edit anything that comes through.

After 4 minutes, take a moment to wrap up whatever it is that you’ve been writing.

Thank your guides for their support, taking a deep breath of gratitude and appreciation. Receive the gratitude and appreciation back into your heart.

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Wrapping up your spirit guides meditation

Gabby Bernstein drinking teaYou can call on your spirit guides at any time through this meditation. Use it whenever you’re looking for guidance or support in any area of your life.

Following this meditation and free-write, take some time to process everything before you move on with your day.

You may want to have some tea, relax, review your notes in your journal or go for a quiet walk.

Make sure to give yourself at least a few minutes to get grounded before going back to your day.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful practice. Leave a comment below letting me know about your experience and what it’s like connecting with your spirit guides!

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  1. Loved it!
    The most weird thing happened to me after the meditation, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote until my hand hurt Then I stopped and when I turned on the car the most random song about letting spirits into the mortal world came on! (Jaguares, invisible) also a guy from school which died more than 25yrs ago came into my mind…..

    1. Thanks for sharing here Ximena! Keep tapping into that inner guidance and be open to all of the ways that your guides will communicate. You’re doing amazing work. <3

  2. Hello again Gaby,
    Is it possible that your spirit guides talk to you in the form of recurrent thoughts or ideas? I tend to have these and sometimes they are so persistent like “write this book, paint this or that, move to this town” I actually moved to the town I am happily living now because I had a strong feeling, a powerful attraction to this place. But how do you differentiate a message from the spirits to an obsession?

    1. It sounds like you have a strong intuitive connection. My dear friend MaryAnn DiMarco is a medium who has been a guest teacher in my Spirit Junkie Masterclass, and she always emphasizes something I want to share with you – that you’re in charge of your relationship to your spirit guides. You can tell them that you’re shutting down the channel or that you need a break from messages. You can ask them to stay out of certain areas of your life if you don’t want to know everything. So first things first, I want to make it clear that you’re in charge of this relationship so that you can relax around it.

      What you’re asking sounds like being able to distinguish between your intuition and your ego (obsession). I address this question in this blog post, and I hope it serves you – https://gabbybernstein.com/making-decisions/

  3. Thank you Gaby, I am really impressed by the results of my meditation. It’s been my first time and I felt so much peace and this electricity filling my legs. I am confident if I am consistent with this practice I will be able to connect with the guides of truth and compassion.

  4. Hi, Gabby I just can’t seem to connect with my spirit guide im doing everything right it’s like they don’t want to communicate what do I do?

    1. Lilith, when things feel forced rather than in flow, it’s helpful to go neutral and simple. It might feel good to try the meditation, followed by some fun journaling. Or make the experience shorter, and do an abridged meditation. Pick something that feels good and doable for you and commit to doing it for the month, being really gentle with yourself, knowing there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” and just relax into the experience. Doing this will allow you to let go, be open to some big shifts, which opens space for those connections to come in.

  5. i have tried to do this meditation twice but there is something holding me back. i think i’m really anxious and scared that i would verbally hear a voice and get too scared to continue… so my question is: will i audibly hear something or will it be just a feeling?? i want to continue but i am too scared.

    1. Hi Letisha! To help yourself feel safe and grounded, it can be helpful to declare out loud that you are only welcoming in positive, loving messages. By saying this out loud, you are being clear on what you’re open to. Messages can come through differently for everyone. They can be in the form of an image, a feeling, or something else entirely. Trust that the messages you get are only showing up from a place of love. <3

  6. Gabby, Wow, what an experience. I want to do it again and again. LOL I could literally feel my guides taking turns holding my hands and experiencing different feelings with each one. It wasn’t as if I was holding their hands, it was more like an energy through out my open palms. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  7. Dear Gabby, this is beautiful. Just did the meditation and free writing and I am amazing what came through me. Thank you so much

  8. Thanks you Gaby wonderful méditation an books going through it one step at the time.
    Thanks you and thanks to my guide for the reveal.
    Have a wonderful day
    Nathalie Bahl

  9. Hi Gabby,

    Firstly I wish express my gratitude to you for your information, insight and your story. I feel that I am lost with trying to be in contact with my spirit guides. I feel like I have lost my way with meditation and that it is somewhat ‘forced’. How can I do this better? I deeply wish to be in touch with my guides but feel like I just don’t have a connection. I feel like I have lost my way with meditation. I don’t know what to do? Do you have any guidance that you could share?

    With best wishes,

    1. Thanks for showing up here Jen. When things feel forced rather than in flow, it’s helpful to go neutral and simple. It might feel good to try the meditation, followed by some fun journaling. Or make the experience shorter, and do an abridged meditation. Pick something that feels good and doable for you and commit to doing it for the month, being really gentle with yourself, knowing there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” and just relax into the experience. Doing this will allow you to let go, be open to some big shifts, which opens space for those connections to come in. XOX

  10. Something was worrying me greatly and it had been on my mind. And my anxiety was through the roof, but when I tried the meditation/writing. When I went over it my hand writing was every where. But the words “I’ll be ok” we’re the ones I understood outright. Before the writing I was anxious but now afterwords I feel calm.

  11. I just tried this meditation for the first time this evening since I’ve been wanting to get more in touch with my spirit guides and just find some inner solace.
    I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I found myself in silent tears, not having really remembered what I had written. The messages I received are just what I needed to hear and I feel so loved and at peace.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation. I hope in time I can become more connected with my guides and hopefully see signs along the way.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  12. I’ve been trying to getting more tuned into myself so after a google search I came across this page. I finally had the time to sit and do the meditation, but I didn’t see, hear or feel my spirit guide. I did see a pulsating light that was different, and much slower, than my own heart beat though. During the writing exercise I followed your instructions and I didn’t have any thoughts pouring through me so I thought I’d close my eyes again, focus my breathing and put pen to paper and see what comes of it. It felt like my hand was being urged to move one way or another so after you said to open my eyes I looked and it kind of looked like the cursive for “caring” or “loving.” I’ll take it as a positive message and a small step in progressing forward. 🙂 Thank you!

  13. As I got into a state of irritation and anger, I reached for your meditations. I had a feeling this one would calm me. It did much more than that. Actually I did not even expect to receive any guidance apart from peace of mind. I’m in a period of my life where I feel very much drawn to give myself the spiritual time I need. Something I have neglected for the past year. I also realized that I did not have the will to achieve certain things because I was not ready to find a new job. Instead I am much more ready to learn through love and to be spiritually connected right now. If I maintain a spiritual practice I can achieve anything. Thank you Gabby for the guidance!

  14. Wonderful meditation! Did it already a few times and nearly every time I burst into tears, because my spiritual guides showed up and all my tension fell off. Thanks for this! P.s. Read your book „The universe has your back“ and liked it a lot too!

  15. Hands down my absolute fav meditation. I love journalling and connecting with my guides I find it gives me so much support and clarity on my situation at hand. Blessings to you Gabrielle Bernstein for sharing and teaching such a gift xoxo Thank you for providing the tools to help heal my life and create my new journey during this very difficult time for me and my daughter moving out of a 5 year toxic relationship into the world of the unknown as a single mom who is a small business owner and a serious knee injury preventing my income to grow its so scary but I have faith now that the universe has my back ! My daughter and I will be ok we will be better then ok.

  16. Hi Gabby,

    I know this is a long post, but I’m in a crisis of faith and hoping you can help. I’m going through a major life transition: a divorce; I just decided I need to leave my job for the sake of my health and sanity; and I’m trying to tap into my inner wisdom to decide if I should move to a different state or settle where I am. I trust that I’m on the right path overall and practicing patience despite everything being unsettled and uncomfortable right now. The Buddhist nun Pema Chodron would say I’m being “squeezed.” I’m trying to loosen up about all of it and connect with joy, but it’s all so incredibly stressful and draining mentally, emotionally, and physically that I’m just trying to hold myself together right now. I could really use some spiritual support and it seems like I’m coming up with nada when I’m most in need of it and ask for it.

    I did your spirit guide meditation above and didn’t feel any spiritual presence, but did my journaling afterwards anyway. I don’t know if the “answers” I got were from myself, my Higher Self, spirit guides, or what but at least they were positive messages. Yesterday I had a MAJOR meltdown – I mean one of the worst I’ve ever had – and I literally begged my spirit guides to speak to me as loudly as possible and even to show themselves to me – and I got crickets. I finally was able to stop myself from hyperventilating and breathe into calmness, but it felt like it was ME advising myself to do that, not like I got any help or support from a Divine source. I’ve heard that “little voice” before and that isn’t what it sounded like – it sounded like the guidance came from myself.

    I desperately want to believe in all the stuff you and the other spiritual leaders talk about. I believe in reincarnation and that I’ve been a monk/nun many times in past lives. I’m deeply spiritual and came to the conclusion a few days ago that my passion is helping others to heal themselves basically through some form of “teaching and preaching,” but not in a religious form. I want to share spiritual wisdom based in Buddhism and metaphysics and joy. I believe I’m meant to inspire people and help them believe in themselves and live a full, meaningful life. I don’t want to be a counselor in the traditional sense, nor do I feel drawn to life coaching. I do wonder if my spiritual crisis is a step in the direction of being able to help others by having been through the spiritual storm myself, but I also have to wonder why I don’t seem to get support from the Universe when I seriously need it most. I remember reading that Eckhart Tolle was suicidal and woke up with a certain amount of enlightenment, like a Divine intervention. I know my experience is my own and may not happen like other people’s experiences. But surely the Universe and my guides and angels could show up to intervene when I’m feeling hopeless and trampled into dust by Life. Isn’t there a time for Life to speak to us LOUDLY to say, “You are valued and worthy and supported” when we feel despair? Does the Universe ever cradle you in peace without you having to sit for hours on your meditation cushion just to hear a tiny squeak of support? I can’t in good faith advise others that they are being supported by the Universe when I myself don’t feel supported in my darkest hour.

    Have you felt this way, had a time of personal crisis when you needed and wanted something more than the same old message that you should meditate? I don’t mean to sound snarky, but if a friend of mine called for support, I would go to them and hug them and hold their hand and listen, not just tell them to meditate.

    I really really really want to believe. But it feels personal when I just get silence in my hour of need. It feels like a punishment, like I’m not worthy of a response until I get more skilled at all the spiritual “rules.” Like I can’t get angry or feel the spectrum of feelings that humans feel without the Universe pausing and waiting for it to pass, rather than holding my hand through it.

    I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks.

    1. Often times our guides and inner wisdom come through as our voice, not as an outside foreign message. When you receive any sort of message, trust that you are being lovingly and divine guided. When questioning whether you are being supported, having the answers come directly from you is often exactly what we need. We must first trust ourselves, our hearts, in order to be open to miracles from the Universe. Trust that there is a beautiful plan in store for you and continue to return to your meditation and spiritual practices. Sending you lots of love and peace. <3

  17. Hi Gabby! I feel my spirit guides around me all the time, through times on the clock, seeing butterflies, lady bugs, and feathers, hearing songs, etc. I have not been able to feel them during meditation to get messages to find out what to do or if I’m on the right track. I also keep second guessing what I think my sign is… I feel like this all may have to do with my challenge of releasing control… I’m a control freak (for protection, I know, and I’m working on that too!). Do you think this could be? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for all of your guidance and beautiful work – it has all helped me so much and I’m making sense of myself, my story, and feeling more freedom. Thank you! <3

    1. The connection comes with the letting go. If you feel unclear about your sign, pick the very first thing that comes to you and don’t second guess it. Step into trusting that inner guidance, which will help you surrender and trust the messages. Sending you big hugs babe!

  18. So happy to be on my way to connecting with my spirit guides. I was given 3 names: Lisette, Ramine and Jesmyal. I look forward to continuing to strengthen the bond with my guides. Thank you. I have also done the meditation to cut cords, so useful and much needed.
    Love and light to you.

  19. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve done this meditation twice and both times I’ve wept as soon as my guides appear in my minds eye. They’ve told me that I’m loved beyond measure, that everything will be okay and to share my heart with others. Thank you so much for this powerful meditation.

  20. Hi Gabby I’m going through a cleansing phase at the moment and I hardly know myself – I feel very weak and almost invisible. I know that I have had a specific spirit guide for the past 14 years who has pretty much saved me. However, I wanted to ask – when my spirit guide can see my suffering (pretty much for a lot of the time since he’s been with me), why doesn’t he speed up my healing so I can have the strength to enjoy life? I try to see things in a positive way and to find positivity in every day situations, so I feel I always put in 100% but the pay-back, quite a lot of the time, is what feels like another slap in the face, and I don’t have the energy anymore to know how to trust. Are some people doomed to lead unhappy lives no matter how hard they try to make their lives a success?

    1. Ann, your spirit guide has never left your side. I want you to know that spirit always, always has your back. You are always being guided, even in the midst of great difficulty. It’s during these times that we need our faith the most. I’ve been there, and I’m sending a lot of love and prayers your way. Do you have The Universe Has Your Back? I suggest re-reading this book because it speaks so much to what you’re describing. Take a look especially at chapter 3 for my guidance on how to recognize when you’re being presented with a Universal assignment and how to show up for it. I know it can be very difficult at times. But no matter what, your guide is with you. Another chapter to focus on is chapter 11: When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender some more. I have days where I am surrendering all day through prayer. Surrender and surrender some more. I’m sending a lot of love and light your way. You are in my prayers. xoxo

      1. Thank you so much Gabby. I spent all of Sunday watching your videos and I do feel stronger and when I start to stress I say to myself that I am getting in the way of the bigger plan. I know you have become one of my guides and your kindness is giving me light. I will let you know how my life pans out in the next year or so because I have to sell my house and relocate so I will look for my plan to unfold. Many thanks. Ann xx

  21. Gabby,
    I’ve tried this twice and each time during the start of the meditation I’ve experienced very strong chills and also vibrations on top of my head that go away after about 15 secs. Kind of freakish but also intriguing new feeling that I don’t know if I should be afraid of (bad or good presence?)

    1. It sounds like you’re connecting with your energy and it’s moving through you. That’s a good thing. If it ever feels unclear or coming from a negative place, you can start your meditation by declaring that you welcome in only loving, positive energy.

  22. The second time I did this meditation, it was very powerful. (The first, notsomuch.) I’m so glad I tried again!

    This time, I was unexpectedly in tears after the first few minutes of asking for guidance. Affirmations of being on the right track were pouring in from elders who have passed. I was guided to continue listening to my music within and specific songs that keep appearing in my mind. I was encouraged to move, physically dance, when I feel internally moved.
    I asked if I’m making a difference to ease the pain.

    They said, “You’re reaching them. Don’t despair.” And with that, tears quietly streamed down my face. It startled me when I put that to paper – I began to weep.

    When I stopped writing, I looked up through watery, blurred vision and the first thing I saw was a Lladro statue I’d purposefully purchased in 1998 in Madrid. Her image captivated me in a way it never has before. Even more than when I saw her and knew she was the one I needed to take home from Spain. I was amazed because I’d imagined being struck by a wedding couple, or two people in love. But it was a statue of one woman, wearing nothing (presumably) but a sheet, carrying an armful of flowers and displaying a fully contented look upon her face. She was all I desired to BE. I didn’t know fully why until this morning.

    I thought it might’ve been because I’d taken a stand for myself. Divorcing, going to Europe by myself, being frightened and doing it anyway… I’d begun to own my life. What I hadn’t owned yet was love. That love could overcome fear. That love could overcome judgment and a critically toxic mindset. That loving and trusting the Universe was the key to moving the world – one moment, one being at a time – into greatness and peace.

    I had to know, after seeing her clearly for the first time this morning, what the artist had named this piece. With a shocking amount of ease, I found her box on the first try. She’s called “Petals of Love.”

    Not wheelbarrows, or buckets, or even flowers of love… petals. Small, delicate, individually precious bits of love, each making a unique impact as they’re given by her in her purest form. Barefoot, nude, vulnerable, real.

    Profound practice. Thank you.

    1. This is gorgeous Julie. Continue to return to meditation and your journaling practice, and trust that beautiful inner guidance. XOX

  23. Hi Gabby
    I’ve practiced this meditation some minutes ago.
    I often feel overwhelmed nowadays, i meditate daily but these last days i found some difficulties to know what meditation, how to, etc (generally i was on my own, breathing and saying “so ham” mentally. But this is difficult for me now because my faith is being challenged. I have your book “the universe”, i have your site so I decided to practice this meditation.
    Well I feel the guides, was in form of nature and sun first, then one guy , other figures, and then I cried. Another guide arrived to tell me “well i know it’s difficult but you have to release your sadness” and then a greeny path, then a little girl in a blue dress coming free and a little wild. I feel some relief (saying to myself “oh I’m gonna have a girl ? I’m 40 and I fear I won’t have any children) then doubt whether it was my future daughter or mysef as a little girl. and then think my mind took control to analyse, search and then some blurs …. maybe a stroll in that path with people, maye a stonehouse I really don’t know if it was from my mind or not.
    But then difficult to write, control and resistance… I only wrote what I saw.
    Thank you Gabby!

    1. This is beautiful Anne. It sounds like a lot is coming up to be healed. Continue to return to meditation and your spiritual practices and know that you’re on a gorgeous path. <3

  24. Dearest Gabby I have listened to this meditation so many times and the same message comes through how do I know it’s not just my non key mind talking and it is actually my guides telling me to do it?? Hope this makes sense so much lovre x

    1. Check in with that inner guidance. Is the message coming from a place of love or fear? If it’s loving, then it means you’re being guided. <3

  25. Thank you guides. Of the highest truth and compassion for guiding me. I am not afraid Jesus with you walking by my side. Step into your greatest Bernie. I made you in my image and together we ca nod anything. Your are a miracle worker. Spread your light and love around the world. María is going to be ok. Gabby please pray for my wife María. She is havin an MRI done now as I write this message. I feel loved and want to share my love with everyI meet. This is an awesome feeling. thank you so much Jesus for being a part of me. I am grateful for all of Of my blessings. Your friend Bernie

  26. Hi Gabby,

    This was such a beautiful meditation and perhaps the most powerful I have done in terms of connection. I connected with my guides, felt their presence and received wonderful & insightful messages. The free writing was also amazing. After I completed the meditation I did a Goddess Oracle Card reading and the 3 cards I received were identical to the messages I had been receiving, providing even more connection, insight and clarity. I’m excited to revisit this meditation! Thank you. Xxx

  27. Words didn’t flow, nothing flowed. Didn’t feel connected. I wonder what’s missing from me here… try again another day.

    1. If you’re feeling blocked, bring in some fun energy. What’s one easy thing that you can do to bring joy into your day? Make that fun thing your new practice! <3

  28. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you so much for gifting us with this!
    Is it possible that we have more than one guide?
    Thank you for continuously sharing your light so that we may be guided toward the love and the light!
    Love, Svetlana

    1. You can absolutely have several guides. Getting grounded in meditation will help you tune into them. XOX

    2. Deae Gabby!

      The meditation was beautiful. I did feel some sensation . Like my fingers were numb and the were moving a bit automatically and i could feel it.. but the words dint flow and i did feel a bit connected not much.. its my 2nd time and from past 10 to 20 i am trying to connect with my spirit guides i want to hear them i want them to talk to me…
      I want them to guide me… after your meditation i tried free writing but nothing happend nothing came in flow and i also have been asking to revel their name and any guidance for me but i dint got that too.. Ik my guides are with me and i do appreciate them for always being with me every single day and many a times in my whole day… But i felt secure after your meditation . The fear was gone.

      Love, Rashi

      1. This is beautiful Rashi. Continue to tap into that feeling of knowing. That helps release the fear and connect you to a place of love and deep trust, which allows the messages and clarity to come in.

  29. This has to be one of the most beautiful and touching meditations I have ever done. I felt such an outpouring of unconditional love from my spirit guides. The first time, I heard the message “have fun!” The second time, the message was “be gentle with yourself in all ways.” Today, was “you are actually perfect.” Every time I have cried. Thank you, thank you!

  30. I feel like this meditation came to me for a reason i’ve recieved other emails from you but they always end up in my junk mail. I added you to my contacts and still they end up there, but this one didnt and i know it was for a reason. I’ve been in such a funk lately and i know I’m definitely out of alignment and for some reason i have resisted mediation even though i know it has massive benefits and i’ve done it before and just felt lighter and had more clarity but perhaps because my mood i didnt want to do anything. However when it showed up in my email i check daily i thought maybe this is for a reason and decided to give this a try. I feel more peaceful than i have in awhile and i even wrote a few lines. I’m going to continue doing this meditation and see what happens. Thank you so much for putting these meditations out there!

  31. This is a good meditation guide, however when I attempt to “allow” the guides flow through me, my hand is just “stumped”…not writing anything but my own thoughts. Not sure if I’m doing it right?

    1. When journaling after meditation, write the first thing that comes through you. Don’t overthink or edit yourself! If you are still feeling stuck, go do something FUN.

  32. A wonderful meditation and journaling practice.❤️ I will use this as part of my routine that I after after my night shifts at our local women’s shelter for women with children fleeing domestic violence.

    It will be a lovely addition to my post shift and pre sleep routine I usually am not a writer but I did 2 pages after this morning. Interesting.

    Also this is a gentle meditation for use with my new to spirituality students.at my yoga studio. Truly available for everyone.

    Much love and happiness

  33. Wow ……. this was amazing….. normally when I mediate I get green lights from either side moving in front from each side meeting the middle and turning white ……. sometimes it feels like I’m in space …. but this meditation brought orange and amber colours the writing after was so inline with where I am right now I’m about to put my story out there to help other but get frozen with fear . I worte the first line what is about to come is greater than you ever imagined ………. the name that came through was Angelo can you give any more on the meaning of the spirit guid
    Many thanks Gabby you are a human angel xxxx

    1. Beautiful, Sarah. If you’re feeling unclear about a certain message or name, return to meditation to get grounded and ask for clarity. Keep trusting that inner guidance.

  34. Thank you Gabby. I was moved to tears during this meditation. I’ve been feeling a bit lost in my purpose lately, and wondering if I’m on the right path. At one point I sat up straighter, and when I did it was like suddenly I could feel the warmth of hands all over my body telling me I was not alone, which sent electricity through me. The free-writing was also so powerful, with messages of trust coming through: having faith, trusting my purpose, and to keep climbing, because success is imminent. Thank you for your incredible gift.

  35. Loved this meditation! Thank you so much. I have been peeling away the layers in the last year. Not sure where to go next. My spirit guides will be there as I think you will be as well.

  36. So gratexul. for you Gabby but I feel like I’m just giving myself messages, I couldn’t feel the spirit guides so got increasingly frustrated with myself… it’s hard… I’ll keep trying but feel like maybe I don’t have any guides out there, which is why I feel so lost.

    1. Remember to be patient with yourself and your process. Try sitting in meditation and ask the Universe for a sign or for a connection to a guide. Don’t overthink and see what comes up first. <3

  37. This is the first time for me doing this. My free writing coming through was all about love. One part, “You are always beautiful for everyone is there to be loved, recognized.” The meditation itself and the writing have me tingling. All the message was centered about love; revealing to me that love is all that matters. Thank you Gabby for sharing your love and guidance. I am going to rest now and absorb.

  38. I just yesterday listened to Oprah’s super soul podcast with Ainslie Macleod. They talked about spirit guides and the souls purpose. And today, right after I finish the podcast, you come out with a meditation. Out of all the podcasts I could have picked yesterday, I picked that one. I am happy to say my spirit guides DO guide me 🙂

  39. Thanks for everything Gabby! You always come through at the perfect times … I am listening to the Law of Attraction right now for the second time, it finally clicked and then this lands in my inbox. I just finished a second day of this meditation and the free writing has me really mesmerized. Thank you!

  40. I sense darkness leaving….fading away from around me…my life …my space…
    tears in my eyes ….of relief..

  41. Sitting in my office when I cam across your email to meditate this morning. This was a beautiful meditation – I felt warmth at my back and still can. My mother came through and also an Ann and an F? Anyway the guides were asking me to go out and play in nature – its a beautiful day here in Yorkshire England and the message that came through strong is that everything is and will be ok and to just love, radiate love, be love , see love , touch love , smell love and embody love.
    With love and gratitude
    Om and Out xxx

  42. Hi Gabby, to me the name of an angel was revealed. Sandalphon. I am not sure if this is possible, since spirit guides aint angels, right? Anyway, I looked up where this angel stands for, (angel of the inner child) and that message resonates very much with me at this period of time, so I am very pleased 😉

  43. Hi Gabby
    I have the audiobook and hear it on Audible. I’m so grateful I was avidly listening to it, as it helped me prepare and be strong when my daughter went through a serious mental/physical illness. Now it’s time to manifest more miracles for her and our family, how can I access the Art of Manifesting Workshops? Thanks xxx

  44. This meditation and writing exercise really helped me to re-affirm my dreams and receive encouragement and support. The turmoil of the last couple of weeks and fear of change has transformed with my spirit guides to connecting with my authentic needs and feeling deserving of love, compassion, and help. Thank you for a beautiful way to close my day!

  45. Thank you Gabby for this lovely experience that I so needed at this time. I’ve been struggling with a mental health relapse that has left me feeling very “unsafe” and “fearful”. The resounding messages that I received were those of warmth, big love, safety and essentially a big all-encompassing hug. I love you for sharing your wisdom and your love. Paulaxo (btw, I’m a 2019 B-Schooler and have taken a hiatus over the last 2 weeks as I stabilize 🙂

    1. Thanks for this brave and beautiful share. Grateful that you connected here and for the divine timing. I believe that Source works through amazing doctors and therapists. If you you are looking for that extra support, please check out
      Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/us, the EMDR Institute http://www.emdr.com/, or SAMSA SAMHSA.gov – all which have amazing practitioners. Sending you lots of continued healing and peaceful prayers. XOX

  46. I felt my mother. Sometimes her absence cuts through me, but my mother was very much with me when I asked her to reveal her name. She has been gone just over a year now, and I felt her say she was with me, and she’s with my now 1-year-old baby, every day. I am a single mother to my baby and I feel so much guilt for her not having a father that is present or functional… but in this quiet I continuously heard that I am enough. What a beautiful meditation. I am so grateful for your work.

  47. Thank you Gabby. I loved it. I really like the part about writing. I felt really connected when I wrote in my journal. I look the writing as confirming the direction I received during the meditation. Now I have it in black and white to review. This journey I am on is taking me to my wildest dreams. You are a gem. Bernie

  48. Thank you Gabby.
    I have started reading the universe has your back , also I practise Kundalini yoga kriyas as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Your guided meditations are very helpful and I look forward to them.
    Super grateful to have you!

  49. Thanks Gabby! I have been feeling out of alignment lately and this is really going to help bring me back to love and light. I am so grateful for your guidance. It is only because of your SJMC and ‘The Universe has Your Back’ that I even recognize when I am out of alignment with the Universe. I used to just feel off or in a funk sometimes without realizing what it was or how to get back on track. Thanks to you, I am so much more aware and understand what is happening so when I start to feel out of alignment I now know I just need to re-connect with my spirit guides and change my vibration and I will feel better.

  50. I have never done free writing before and this experience was great for me. The message i got was be free and let go. I have only once had a clear message from my guides, and the voice was so clear I trusted it was not my monkey mind. I will definitely do this meditation again. Thank you!

  51. During meditation, I have trouble recognizing the difference between what I want to hear and what I actually hear. How do you tell the difference? Tks.

    1. Here are two techniques to try and see what feels best for you: 1. Focus on your breath. Listen to the sound of your own breathing and let it guide you. 2. Or instead just be open to all the sounds. Gently release the control and let any sounds and feelings come up. Just acknowledge them as they come and go. XOX

      1. Hi Gabby this is new to me, but I feel a strong pull to connect with my spirit guides. I didn’t have anything to write after the meditation, but I’m sure if I keep doing the meditation, it will come.
        Thank for sharing your beautiful guidance X

        1. Wonderful. Know that it’s a practice. It can take some time to find your groove, but have fun in that process. <3

  52. I am learning to open myself up to receive and trust and this meditation took me further on this journey. Thank you. I was doubtful if the words would flow afterwards however they did and I feel blessed and grateful.

  53. Thank you Gabby,
    A wonderful way to start my day/ week.
    I sat down to meditate and your email popped up so I chose to open it & do the meditation as it resonated with me. I very recently became aware of my spirit guides so this was perfect!
    Thank you for your wisdom and to you and your spirit guides for sharing this with us.
    With love, gratitude and blessings.
    Ruth of London
    Ps if you post this, please omit my surname

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