A Meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love | The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinI believe we all have spirit guides — spiritual beings of the highest truth and compassion working on our behalf to guide our thoughts and energy back to love.

They are not physical and are not bound by the natural laws of this world. These beings come in different forms and have different purposes. But their common goal is to help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

When you cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides, they will give you wise and loving guidance to help you in every area of your life.

In this blog post I’m sharing my spirit guides meditation to help you connect with your spirit guides and receive clear guidance.

About the spirit guides meditation

This meditation is a beautiful practice that will help you create a deep connection to the beings of love and light who are always here to support you.

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While your spirit guides are always present, it may not feel that way — because you may not be aware of their presence.

This meditation will help you to invite them in and become aware of the guidance that is available to you.

Why connect with your spirit guides?

Our spirit guides help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe. When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern, you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love.

Knowing that there is a presence always supporting you will give you unshakable faith and strength. This spirit guides meditation will help you invite in this support.

Spirit guides meditation

Before you press play, make sure you have a journal handy. After the meditation you’ll free-write to let the guidance you’ve received come forth.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate.

Sit up straight in a chair with your feet planted on the floor. The more aligned you are physically (to the best of your ability), the more you can receive. When you’re ready, press play and follow my guidance.

Free-writing exercise

Gabby Bernstein journaling | Spirit guides meditationAfter your meditation, open your journal. You can follow my guidance in the audio meditation above, and I’ve also written it out here for easy reference.

At the top of the page, write: Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for writing through me.

Then free-write for 4 minutes, letting your pen flow onto the page. Don’t second-guess or edit anything that comes through.

After 4 minutes, take a moment to wrap up whatever it is that you’ve been writing.

Thank your guides for their support, taking a deep breath of gratitude and appreciation. Receive the gratitude and appreciation back into your heart.

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Wrapping up your spirit guides meditation

Gabby Bernstein drinking teaYou can call on your spirit guides at any time through this meditation. Use it whenever you’re looking for guidance or support in any area of your life.

Following this meditation and free-write, take some time to process everything before you move on with your day.

You may want to have some tea, relax, review your notes in your journal or go for a quiet walk.

Make sure to give yourself at least a few minutes to get grounded before going back to your day.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful practice. Leave a comment below letting me know about your experience and what it’s like connecting with your spirit guides!

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  1. Hi Gabby and team

    I have meditated for a long time for peace of mind and clarity. The spirit connection and messages is quite new. I can confirm many Requests signs and connections that are amazing, so amazing. And now I am wondering, if I ask a question to my guides as in this meditation, or journal, would you expect it takes some practice to hear Messages within this timeframe? Do i need more time or to do this more often? I have had a few thoughts come through, which are helpful. However not necessarily in answer to my question/area of interest. Thank you. I’ve loved a few of your books that i refer to, and also your new audio book. Xxx

    1. Great question, Lisa. It is not unusual to need some practice. Often what happens, is that our expectations interfere with our ability to receive signs and guidance. Once you ask for your signs, practice releasing your expectations. When we release the need to “receive” our requests, we energetically create the space for the sign/guidance to come through. Here is another blog post that you might find helpful: https://gabbybernstein.com/you-are-guided/.

  2. hello! Um, I’m probably not important compared to the thousands of comments you have on here, but I felt moved during this meditation session. I could feel my grandmother right beside me, (she passed about a month ago) along with a playful person named Flipper. They assured me everything was going to be alright. My grandmother kept calling me, “Baby Girl,” and “Chickadee”, which is what she called me when she was alive. They also wrote, “Joy of your own is the joy of nos” “Nos” is Portuguese means “we” in English. So they wrote, “Joy of your own is the joy of we.” Which means they’re happy when I’m happy? I’m so grateful I can connect to my grandmother and Flipper. They’ll surely show me a lot! <3 Thank you!

  3. I’m struggling with my spiritual journey – feeling like I’m not doing it right, grasping for experiences that I see others having, comparing myself and judging myself all the time. During this meditation I felt very emotional, tears started to flow, and I felt myself saying that all is ok, I am on my own journey, there is no need to compare, I am exactly where I need to be, and surrendering to the process is the next step. I’m wondering if this was a voice from my guides, or just my own thinking. I did not hear or visualize anything anything that felt external to myself.

    1. Amazing, Barbara! This sounds like a powerful experience. It’s likely that this meditation helped you clear space for the voice of your higher self to come through. This is a terrific step in helping you clear the blocks (fear, comparison, etc) that maybe be preventing you from connecting with your spirit guide. Great work!

  4. This was so helpful. I got a lot of “everything is ok” “no one knows what you do” and “the girls are ok”. But how do I know thats just not me subconsciously thinking that? It felt higher than me, but im new on my journey.

    1. Great question. Gabby often says, “If you receive guidance or a sign that makes you feel connected and aligned, and you feel that you’re receiving an intuitive message to move forward, don’t second-guess it. Trust that guidance. The guidance and signs that you receive might seem a little too good to be true, but they’re not. This is simply the miraculous way of life that’s available to you when you surrender to the Universe and have faith in the guidance you receive.”
      Here are some additional ways to connect to your spirit guides:

  5. I have done the meditation,I love it,it is so deep.All I wrote was “guidance and help”.Does this mean they are here to help and guide me and it was a confirmation from them?
    Thank you

    1. It sounds like it, Gabriela! But if you’re feeling uncertain, you can always return to the meditation to ask for clarity. xoxo

  6. I just did this for the first time. It was so powerful and overwhelming . The tears flowed. My mother and grandmother were with me. Telling me I am loved and worthy of happiness . I can’t describe how much I needed this at this time .

    1. Amazing, Judith. It sounds like this was a powerful experience. So glad to hear that this meditation resonates with you. You can return to this practice as often as you like. xoxo

  7. I did this meditation and I wrote by closing my eyes as I just wanted to let it flow through me. So I started writing and after a point it felt like my hand was heavy as if someone was there. I what I wrote was shook me inside out. It says I am a star seed came from Sirius star……and a long paragraph about it….

    1. Wow this sounds like it was a powerful experience, Keka. I’m so glad this meditation is serving you. Sending you big love. xoxo

  8. Hi Ive been seeing spirit for a while now but they dont speak to me.
    i see lots of colours
    what do i need to do please
    susan x

    1. Hi Susan,
      Our spirit guides do not always come through when we want them to. If we are anticipating or expecting something to happen, it may create an energetic block. Continue to practice the meditation and trust that your guides will come through at the right and perfect time. In the meantime, here are some other ways to connect to your spirit guides:

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