When the Sh%t Hits the Fan

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Confession. My life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes the sh%t really hits the fan. In this vlog I share some funky stuff that came up for me this weekend. I will guide you through my three-step process for dealing with drama in day-to-day life. I’ll help you find miracles when the Sh%t Hits the Fan!

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  1. lol gabby, you have a great outlook & you’re SO adorable!! my sh%t hit the fan a few years ago, and it’s non-stop. but i’m sure for the regular sized fan’s, you’re very helpful!!…laura

  2. What an amazing Video,

    it reminded me my last Friday when I have been sitting with my best girlfriend in a stressed,pressed mood,and feeling uncomfortable in my own body and minds,and I just tried to accept this mood,this weather or whatever it was,even it wasn’t so pleasurable,but everything comes and dissapears….Every moment gives something,Just Our attitude:)!

    sorry for my english 😉 * from NORWAY;)

  3. Thanks, Gabby, for the reminder that life is so much easier when we can get through the drama without drama and just accept and recognize the good that comes from it!

  4. Glad that you are okay! Sending you lots of love with the upcoming book tour! Can’t wait to read Spirit Junkie! Be well!

  5. Thank you so much for this message Gabby.. I had a rough weekend myself, and today I also see that it all was a great learning experience.. You are awesome..!
    Have a blessed week..

  6. I can so relate! since last week my back has been out, and as a dancer and instructor its heartbreaking, I have never been injured in my life, so I know this is a sign. I started thinking how I took my body and health for granted and have not excerised like I used to, this was a BIG wake up call and I cant wait till my back is healed and so that I can get back to excersising!
    Thank you for your vlog! 🙂

  7. This is a great topic Gabby, thank you for sharing your insights! Love it. It is what it is, I feel how I feel… the world WILL go on and things WILL be okay. Acceptance and love. xo

  8. Wonderful vlog! Shit hits the fan almost every day at my work – which is pretty amusing after a while. Anyhow, this vlog will be so very helpful for me day to day. As always, thank you so much! Glad that everything turned out all right this weekend 🙂

  9. I can totally relate – I’m a life coach and often my clients think my life is hanging out at the beach but it’s not always perfect – definitely things go wrong sometimes as well – but it’s how we all relate to our problems and how we move on that determines our success.

    Great vid Gabby.

    x Denise DT

  10. You have got to be kidding! If you call these things ‘shitty,’ you are living a dream life. Try surrendering to chronic illness for 16 years, and then you might have some insights beyond the purely trite beyond beief.

    1. Jennifer, I totally understand. In fact I appreciate this post. This “shitty stuff” aint shitty at all. Bless you if you’re dealing with serious illness. I am sending you tons of love and support. Thank you for posting this

  11. Loved these 3 tips. Used them today–thanks for your video & passing on the Grace. And in my experience, one thinks they’re going to the Genius Bar but as it’s been said, you’re actually going to send & receive love in disguise. Total assignment. Well done, sister!

  12. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for this great and much needed video. I love the three step method – its really customized to allow you to get over whatever is plaguing your life in the moment and look at the big picture. I needed this!

  13. Gabby, I had this epiphany earlier this past weekend when I was looking in the mirror and thought, ‘Wow, where have my freckles (on my nose) gone?’ I used to hate them as a child, and I became a little sad until I realized they were under my makeup. I became a little irritated once again, and then I started thinking about why I have this love-hate relationship with my freckles.

    I really love that you posted this vlog because it wasn’t until I stopped looking at the freckles as a blemish (the bad), and started looking at them as my history (the good) that I realized why they are so wonderful. My history: my Mom used to name them.

    After that simple epiphany I tried all weekend to find the bright side of things when sh*! hits the fan, and I have had an excellent weekend. Thanks for your insight!

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