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Miracles Now

Meditation Videos With Gabrielle Bernstein The Miracles Now Meditation Video Guide

If you’re reading Miracles Now and want further guidance on the meditations, great news: Gabrielle breaks down each Kundalini meditation for you so you can do each one with confidence — even if you’re totally new to Kundalini!

This special meditation package includes:

  • Clear explanations of the mudras, mantras and breath work
  • Gabrielle’s unique breakdowns of the benefits of each exercise
  • Guidance on how to practice each meditation in your daily life
  • 12 videos that show you how to do the meditations for full impact

Whether you’re reading Miracles Now or not, you can gain a lot from these meditations, starting right away.

  • Learn how to calm your mind
  • Meditate anywhere, anytime
  • Reorganize your nervous system
  • Release fear, stress and tension
  • Shift your perspective
  • Re-energize your life


Gabrielle’s intention is to make these meditations easy to access. That’s why she’s offering the videos to you for only $18. Get your videos today and enjoy these life-changing practices. Buy the videos here.

Get the videos now for $18

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Appears on Good Morning America to teach methods for well-being


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Has made regular appearances on the show as a spiritual leader


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Co-hosted the Guinness World Record largest guided meditation

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