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May Cause Miracles

Online Course

Based on the New York Times Bestselling Book

The May Cause Miracles 6-week virtual course is based on Gabrielle Bernstein’s New York Times best-selling book. This course will help you create beautiful, radical change by adding up subtle shifts every day of every week. Through each simple shift, you’ll be consistently choosing love and acceptance—which will transform your life in awe-inspiring ways you may never have thought possible.

The course is presented as videos (or audio) of Gabrielle teaching the training live. You’ll be catapulted into the audience and feel the energy of the group. Throughout the 6-weeks, Gabrielle shares her personal experience of the May Cause Miracles method and how you too can apply the book in your own life. Each week’s video focuses on a different chapter from the book to help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life. Throughout the training, you will follow-along with the daily exercises directly from the book.


Here’s how it breaks down

Week 1

Becoming Miracle Minded

I will share why I created the May Cause Miracles method to create radical change in my own life. I’ll guide you to embrace the key principles of the book: witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness and miracles. This week’s module will help you identify how fear has blocked your life’s flow, and it will set you up for the next five weeks.

Week 2

A New Self-Perception

Get psyched to learn about the importance of self-love. I will guide you to strengthen your relationship with yourself, and you’ll become willing to release old patterns of self-attack. Release the need to compare, let go of your victim mentality and accept once and for all that you are good enough.

Week 3

Body Image

This week I’ll share practical exercises that shift your patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to food and your body. I will guide you to identify the root cause of any food and body issues you may have, and you’ll see how ingesting loving thoughts greatly enhances how you ingest your food and perceive your body. Set yourself free and accept body confidence once and for all!

Week 4


I will help you get honest about how fear has held you back from romantic bliss. I’ll offer powerful tools that will lead you to experience immediate internal shifts around romance, whether you’re single or attached. Bring the fun back into your relationships!

Week 5

Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth

In Week 5 I will guide you to realize how fear has blocked your financial abundance. The exercises activate gratitude for your workplace, help you face your financial fears, and guide you to shift your limiting beliefs around money and work. This week is applicable to any type of work.

Week 6

Working Miracles

Embrace the practice of being a miracle worker in the world! During this week I’ll help you shift your focus onto your power to create energetic change in the world. Service is a key principle in this course. When you focus your thoughts and energy lovingly onto others, your heart opens and your true purpose shines bright.

You can expect to receive and experience:

Required reading: May Cause Miracles

Testimonials from students who have taken the course:

Joel Readance

"Every great journey begins with a series of small steps. Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles guided me through a series of powerful and easily digestible steps that created positive and substantial changes both in my personal life...and in my professional life as a personal development coach in the gay community."

Candace Scholz

"Gabby is one of the best teachers of the 'Course,' there is today. She has the ability to boil down every stress inducing area of life and melt away the complication, so that tackling them becomes manageable."

Jayna Dickens

"This course was amazing. The Kundalini meditations were awesome and effective. I got so many insights throughout the course. I have a greater understanding of May Cause Miracles and the principles behind it as a result of the course."

Lydia Fiore

"I am so grateful to the universe for guiding me to Gabby. Her modern and practical approach to spirituality has taught me that happiness is a choice, only love is real and my new loving perspective is the miracle. Gabby's authenticity and light is an inspiration to us all. ‘Keep spreading your beautiful message spirit sister.' "

McKenzie Bolt

"The May Cause Miracles 6-week course is a truly powerful and enlightening experience. It is not only the perfect addition to the May Cause Miracles book but it is a fabulous tool - you have a direct link to Gabby's own thoughts on how to best implement her suggestions in your life. This course made the 40 day practice more tangible and realistic for me. I was excited to listen to Gabby expand on the ideas in the book. Her Kundalini additions were powerful and added a new layer to my spiritual practice. This course was really impactful and I have seen changes in my life already. By listening to to audio sessions I feel like I have a pocket size version of Gabby with me always!"

About Gabby

Gabby Bernstein is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back. She is the founder of the Miracle Membership and the world-renowned Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Gabby was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader” and The New York Times named her “a new role model.” She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show and leads talks and meditations for sold-out audiences. Gabby’s additional bestselling titles include Judgment Detox, Miracles Now, May Cause Miracles, Add More ~ing to Your Life and Spirit Junkie.

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