How to Feel Great About Yourself: 6 Solutions for When You Feel Self-Conscious

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Do you ever feel held back by self-consciousness? If feeling self-conscious ever holds you back from speaking up or taking action, then check out 6 ways to feel great about yourself right now!

Feeling good about ourselves empowers us to share our gifts

Feeling great about ourselves is essential, because that confidence is what allows us to share our gifts with the world. When we’re confident, we show up for ourselves and others. We speak up when we have ideas and questions. We do what inspires us. And as a result, we inspire others.

We need to break out of our comfort zone

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In order to diminish self-consciousness and build your confidence, you have to step outside your comfort zone. You have to speak up even if your voice shakes. You have to raise your hand when you’d rather shrink back. You have to say “Eff it, let’s go” and be willing to try something unfamiliar.

But let’s think about it this way: Our comfort zone isn’t actually a very comfortable place.

Yes, staying in our comfort zone means we can avoid feeling scared or vulnerable.

But it also holds us back. The comfort zone is a very confining place. When we let fear keep us stuck in it, we deny the world our light and diminish our greatness. And while we may think we’re protecting ourselves from feeling fear, the fact is that we’re actually letting fear call all the shots!

So today I’m going to ask you to become willing to do things that might feel a little awkward or unfamiliar at first. Try them, and trust that the Universe has your back.

Finally, I want you to know that stepping outside your comfort zone comes with huge rewards. Every little right action you take will lead to a MASSIVE confidence boost. And as you strengthen your confidence, you’ll be able to take action on your dreams.

5 solutions for when you feel self-conscious

1. Call on the Universe each morning

Remember, you’re never alone. Spiritual guidance is always available to you, and you can call on this guidance anytime.

Start each day with this short prayer:

Thank you, Universe, for allowing me to be my authentic self.

This prayer helps you drop in to your real, authentic, confident self. It releases self-conscious feelings by calling on the strength of spirit. You can return to this prayer whenever you need it.

If you’re working on building your self-confidence, set it as an hourly alarm on your phone and take regular breaks to repeat this prayer and sit in stillness for a minute.

2. Bring your full self into every interaction

The next time you have a date, a get-together with a friend you’re not super close with or even a work meeting, give that person all of you. Do your best to drop all pretenses (you can use your prayer from tip #1).

Act the way you act in your most comfortable relationships. Bring your positive, enthusiastic self to the table. Make a goofy joke, tell a funny story, drop a movie reference or simply speak your mind.

When you show up as your full, real self, you give others permission to do the same. When you’re willing to be vulnerable, you let others know it’s safe be vulnerable around you. This builds trust and deepens relationships.

If this idea freaks you out, then commit to test-driving it in just one interaction. Be more real and you’ll feel that confidence boost fast!

3. Get honest and be of service on social media

Gabby Bernstein posting on Instagram | Confidence boostOn social media, we often like to show photos of our fun experiences, delicious meals, vacations and all the other good stuff in life. And that’s a good thing! Sharing what brings us joy is awesome.

But we’re also living in a time when we are being called to rise into our truth. We are the media now. We can influence others all day long.

So let’s make sure that what we’re sharing is our authentic truth. Try being more truthful and real in a post. Share a story or lesson from your life that you know will help others.

Being more real on social media lets you see that it’s safe to be your true self, and that being your true self really serves others.

4. Create a vision statement

If you knew you were always being guided, how would life be different? What would you do differently?

Open your journal or grab a piece of paper. At the top of the page, write:

What would my life be like if I knew I was always being guided?

Then set a 5-minute timer and free-write your answer. Let go of all your fears and small-minded thoughts. Surrender to your creative thoughts and imagine what life would be like if you knew you were being guided. Let your pen flow.

When the timer goes off, read what you wrote and breathe in the feelings that come up as you read.

Are there feelings of disbelief? Or do you feel an intuitive sense that this is how life should be? If you’re feeling even the slightest sense of peace after reading your vision statement, then you’re tapping into your truth.

When you’re reminded of your truth, you aren’t self-conscious

Creating a vision statement reminds you of your truth. No matter your circumstances, you can decide now to believe you are guided at all times. When you accept this, you can be truly happy and free.

Use what you wrote as a freedom statement that you can turn to whenever you’re in doubt. It is a strong reminder of your connection to the Universe and the energetic presence that is always supporting you. Let this statement dissolve self-consciousness and make you feel great anytime you need it.

5. Shift your self-talk

Meditating woman wearing jewelry | Confidence boostLet’s say you have a great idea for a side project. Maybe you make beautiful jewelry and you’d like to open an online shop and start earning for your awesome work.

How the ego responds when we try something new

There’s a good chance that once you get this cool idea, the fearful voice of your ego will start saying negative, self-conscious things like…

  • “Is anyone really going to want to buy my homemade jewelry? I don’t have enough experience to be selling my art.”
  • “Setting up an e-commerce site? Do I even have the skills to make it look professional and write good sales copy? That’s NOT my thing.”
  • “How am I even going to fit this in with my full-time job, all my family obligations and everything else I do? Maybe it’s not possible.”

Does this sound familiar? When this happens, your work is to immediately be very compassionate toward yourself, calling on the voice of love.

How to reframe to feel confident and secure

Now, here’s how you might reframe each of those ego questions in the moment.

  • “It’s really amazing that I’m putting my beautiful designs out there! It takes guts to share your work with the world and I’m proud of myself for showing up like this.”
  • “Figuring out the tech stuff, writing up descriptions of products, all of that is new to me. But there are guides online and plenty of ways I can learn. I’ve got this.”
  • “Setting up an online shop means I’ll need to devote more time to making jewelry, and that’s a good thing! I have FUN making jewelry and I’m psyched to get even better at my craft. When I have fun, time expands.”

I used a particular example of a jewelry maker here, but this applies to everything, whether it’s the work you do, something new you want to learn, personal growth work, your relationships and so on. When you reframe, you raise your vibration and begin allowing your desires to come to you.

What to do when you feel self-conscious around others

If you commit to confident actions but find yourself feeling self-conscious, just keep this in mind: Everyone is really just thinking about themselves! Everyone around you is walking around thinking about their own personal needs and desires and worrying about others judging them.

We’re all just trying to feel good and be happy. So just remember that we’re all in this together.

I hope this post serves you.

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