The Secret to Following Through on Your Great Ideas

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Do you ever struggle to follow through on your ideas? Do you tend to start things but have a hard time finishing them?

This is something many of us can relate to. You get a great idea or feel called to do something new. You start out with lots of momentum and motivation… but over time your motivation wanes, the momentum slows and you fall off.

Those days are over. Keep reading to learn how to bust through blocks, show up for yourself and follow through on your great ideas!

How to bust through 4 common blocks and follow through on your great ideas

Block #1: Fear of failure

This is a big one. The fear of failure keeps us stuck, scared and frustrated. But there’s a simple solution: Take action without any expectations.

You don’t have to do everything. Just do one thing. If you want to start a podcast, record that first episode using whatever equipment you have on hand, even if it’s your phone, and publish it. Don’t expect anyone to listen to it. Just do it.

Do the thing you want to do and don’t worry about the results.

If you want to start a jewelry business, just make that first piece and put it up for sale on Etsy or whatever platform you like. Have zero expectations of anyone buying it. Just get it out there.

This goes for anything. Do the thing you want to do and don’t worry about the results. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it, hears it or buys it. What matters is that you get into the energy of creating. When you do this, you elevate your vibrational frequency.

Joyful energy attracts support from the Universe

Joy is the ultimate creator | The #1 key to manifestingSimply doing the thing you love puts you into an energy of creativity and joy. Assuming an energy of joy is the fastest way to achieve success! When we focus on having fun, we attract what we want.

When you release expectations and simply do what you enjoy, you can’t fail.  Once you start creating, the next steps will be presented to you.

Block #2: Telling yourself “It’s been done before”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. I used to say it to myself, too.

“It’s been done before.”

Here’s my response….


So what if it’s been done before? There are FAR more people in need of your gifts than there are people giving those gifts.

Write that down and make it your mantra for the next 40 days if you need to. There are far more people in need of my gifts than there are people giving those gifts.

Tweet: There are far more people in need of your gifts than there are people giving those gifts. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a full-time spiritual entrepreneur or start a side gig as a makeup artist. The world needs your talents.

Yes, other people have done it. Other people are doing it right now.

But no one does it in your unique way.

So when you think, “So many people already do this thing I want to do,” recognize that voice for what it is: your ego. The fastest way to take away its power is to laugh at it and ask, “So what?”

Block #3: Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do

Gabby Bernstein working outside | How to follow through on your ideasOften we don’t follow through on our great ideas because we get so overwhelmed by everything we have to do in order to achieve the end result.

Again, the answer here is a lot more simple than you may think: Take lots of little right actions.

This is the key to doing anything, no matter how big it is.

Little right actions add up

Here’s an example scenario to illustrate what little right actions look like. Let’s say you work 9 to 5 at a corporate job, but you want to become a yoga teacher and open your own studio one day.

In this situation, here are some little right actions:

  • Research yoga teacher training options in your area
  • Read blogs by yoga teachers about how they got started
  • Work out a plan to pay for the training you want to take
  • Request vacation days from HR so you can take the training
  • Ask a few friends if you can teach them for free

Each day, commit to one little right action. The definition of “little” will vary. Maybe one day you can devote a few hours to it, whereas on another day you can only spare five minutes. That’s totally fine. Completing one small action each day is far more powerful than starting and abandoning 10 different tasks.

One simple action you can take right now

10 ways to succeed as a spiritual entrepreneur - free download by Gabby Bernstein

Do you have a spiritual business or aspire to start one? If so, here’s one amazing little right action you take now: Download my FREE guide called 10 Ways to Succeed as a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

In this free PDF, I share the spiritual and practical principles I swear by as a spiritual entrepreneur. Feel inspired, step into abundance and follow through on your great ideas!

Download your free 10 Ways to Succeed guide here.

Block #4: Fear of stepping outside your comfort zone

When I truly surrender my desires to the Universe, a mighty force of faith can set in | Super Attractor card deckWe get comfortable with what we perceive to be safe. When you’re scared to step outside your comfort zone, you’ll never follow through on a great idea. As soon as you encounter an obstacle, you’ll get scared that your discomfort means something is wrong.

Stepping out of your comfort zone requires courage. But it’s much easier to do something a little gutsy when you have faith that you’re being guided.

From a spiritual perspective, your work is to strengthen your faith and practice surrendering.

You strengthen your faith by consciously coming into contact with a power greater than yourself every day. You can begin each day with the morning prayer from A Course in Miracles:

Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?

After you say this prayer, you can practice any meditation you like to quiet your mind and open up to receive guidance. A few minutes of stillness are all that’s required.

Gather spiritual proof

Gabby Bernstein onstageOnce we do something for the first time, we have spiritual proof that it works. By test-driving whatever it is that takes you out of your comfort zone, you’ll know that it feels safe.

For example, early in my career I really wanted to give talks, but I’d never spoken before an audience. I was scared to get up with a microphone in my hand.

I needed to test-drive it, so I set up a talk at a community center in my neighborhood and invited everyone I knew. I rehearsed  until I knew my talk well. And then I went out there and gave it. As soon as I did it once, I knew I could do it forever! My doubt dissolved.

As you strengthen your faith and begin to amass spiritual proof, you’ll quickly learn that discomfort is not a sign that you’re going down the wrong path. You’ll welcome it as a sign of growth and you’ll know you’re being guided and supported.

Celebrate the miracle moments

When I have fun along the way to what I desire, the Universe supports meFor a long time I had a “What’s next?” mindset. I would work hard to achieve a goal, and once I did I’d immediately be focused on the next thing.

Not surprisingly, this mindset did me no favors and almost made me burn out. I didn’t take the time to celebrate the awesomeness! I have since learned how important it is to take time to celebrate the miracles and have fun!

Acknowledge your miracle moments and celebrate them. You don’t need to throw yourself a party for sending an email, but the simple act of crossing it off your to-do list and savoring the satisfaction will go a long way.

Our energy creates our reality. Ride your positive momentum and it will multiply. Celebrate the big achievements and even appreciate the temporary slowdown that might follow them. During that slower period you can re-energize and clarify your desires.

Commit to these steps today and you’ll be able to follow through on your great ideas and have fun along the way to achieving your goals!

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  1. Thanks Gabby,
    As usual your serendipitous timing is uncanny and super grateful for your words of wisdom at a time when I needed it the most. Had a frustrating disappointment last night, vented, had my moment, let it go, opened my email and ordered your Super Attractor book. ‍♀️

    1. Wonderful that, despite your disappointments, you decided to choose a higher thought. I hope Super Attractor serves you! xoxo

  2. This was just what I needed Gabby – thank you! My 2020 hasn’t started the way I envisaged and I now have an enforced rest period. I’m using this time to look for guided inspiration about how to move my life forward to where I want it to be and these 4 tips alone are worth their weight in gold! I will continue looking at your amazing resources to help. Bless you!

  3. Thanks again for the wonderful advice, Gabby. I hope to use these tools to help me my own situation, one that I’ve been procrastinating on since last year when I had the idea.

  4. Thank you so much! I get inspired and feel new confidence by your words. I once did new ‘brave’ things, but along my path I slowly lost speed and life’s demands have sort of cornered me. Now I will start anew and follow my creativity again.
    with love, Jacqueline

  5. This is the best. I seem to ditch my idea when I don’t have people playing along. If there’s no response, I feel like “why bother”. So this gives clarity- do it anyway- the people will come…I still am in the “what’s next phase” but ….In stillness, I receive has been my mantra for a year or more, and I am still being still….what’s next universe

    1. Love that mantra, DeVola. To help gain some clarity in terms of what’s next, here is a prayer from A Course in Miracles:
      Where would you have me go?
      What would you have me do?
      What would you have me say, and to whom?
      Sending you lots of guiding light! xoxo

  6. I love this information. I have these issues and started focusing on self love an I find I have energy to finish projects. It is wonderful.

  7. Gabby!
    Since completing your 21 day manifestation challenge and now about to continue with ‘Super Attractor,’ I really feel like I have just stepped back into the ‘unknown’ of life, except this time I’m working on reassuring my ego that this is safe to do so as I know this is where miracles are waiting.
    I am internally trembling but your work has ignited something in me again that is wanting to create and achieve great and joyful things on a conscious level. Here’s to jumping fully in!!!!! ❤️❤️

    1. I’m so grateful that these practices resonated with you Stef, and that you’ve experienced this energetic shift! xoxo

      1. I am a bit behind on the Manifesting Challenge but enjoying every single day of it, truly learning and engaging in every detail. I have seen growth and evidence of all of it coming to life. Thank you so much.

  8. My dream is to see my inventions made for people with limited abilities.. does seem overwhelming as to where to go.. who to approach ?? Being a single mom whose never stepped out of her own shadow, just find it hard to know what step is next.

  9. i needed to read this as a reminder…i really want to start doing retreats and i have the thought if there will be enough people. Yes i should just do it anyway=D thank you Gabby! also just finished reading Super Attractor…going to embrace this fully. Much love x

  10. I am usually the one that goes along with the plans and never is the planner because I always think it will fail but the few times I actually had to plan and it went well left me feeling happy and content. Small actions indeed.

  11. Great great great timing, and thank you! I work a busy and stressful job in the medical field, but my passion is art and jewelry making. My intention is to start this as the side gig and let it blossom into a thriving business. I’ve been feeling soooo overwhelmed, discouraged, and doubtful as sales haven’t been what I had hoped and I am constantly wishing I had more time to devote to it. This article is helpful and I am saving it and will re-read it regularly. Thanks again!

  12. This really resonated with me. Thank you so much for posting! 🙂
    I tend to have many ideas and have all of these blocks sometimes. One question that keeps coming up for me is what should I focus on first? How do I balance multiple projects? (Example. I have a goal to start a health-related business and a goal to be a paid musician and write and share my songwriting). When I work on one at times I feel like I’m sacrificing the other.

    1. This is a great question, Chelsea. It might be helpful to begin your day by calling in guidance from the universe with this prayer from A Course in Miracles that goes:
      Where would you have me go?
      What would you have me do?
      What would you have me say, and to whom?
      Then spend at least 5 minutes in meditation to receive that guidance.
      If you’re noticing yourself believing that there’s not enough time, here is a meditation that you might find helpful:

  13. OMG, this is éxactly what I needed to read right now in my life, as I fully recognize the above. So thank you very much Gabby! It puts so much in perspective with éxactly what I’m struggling with now, as a starting certified Lifecoach, who wants to help so many people, but doesn’t know where to start. Or better said: I’m holding myself back out of fear of not being good enough (while deep down inside I knów that I ám!). But having read your post and your advices/insights with great interest I’m going to take action, no matter how small. You just gave me a push to make my ball start rolling and I’m deeply thankful!


  14. Thank you for the inspiration! I just moved from LA to the mountains in Georgia and I’m freaked out about starting a moon circle in my new community. I had a security blanket of friends in my circle back in LA. Belief systems are a bit different in these parts. I’ve gotta get over my fear because there may be like minded peeps around here who would love the vibe of a moon circle…and Reiki…and Tarot.

    1. Best wishes to you Terry! We did the opposite and moved from GA (where I grew up) to LA. I miss my community of friends in GA, as I’ve found it difficult to find my tribe in LA, which is a much larger city than my hometown in GA. I too am moving past this fear and operating by the ethos that if I can’t find it…create it, which is exactly what I intend to do in 2020! I can’t wait to lead my first moon circle here in LA, and I know that you’ll do an awesome job leading yours in GA!

  15. Thank you for this! It’s exactly what I needed and you spoke right to my struggles. I’m going to apply it because I trust you and I really want to succeed but I’ve been stuck. This blog post feels like gold and something I will bookmark and keep coming back to

  16. Thank you Gabby! I have been experiencing this block after 7 years of slowly pursuing my goals. I was not sure if I am depressed, have post-partum or a change in heart on my career goals. I recently had our second kid, well she turned one but it completely side tracked me in a beautiful way. I did a TEDx talk right before I got pregnant, found out the following week (surprise) and spent 6 months sink with all day morning sickness. I have spent the last year trying to stick to my flow at a slower pace and get the energy but then it goes away. Two days on and five off. I needed this to give myself an “it is okay not get going,” permission.

    1. Absolutely, Nicole. Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! xo

  17. Thank you so much for this post I’ve learned some lessons this week about my patterns of fears and I’m starting to see the light! Little steps makes it feel so much more doable ! It was exactly how I need to hear this message!

  18. Hi Gabby—I don’t have Facebook to share this with you but needed to post. I’m part of the Manifesting Challenge and it’s been such a beautiful journey to experience. I’ve truly witnessed miraculous shifts in my life and know in my heart I’m being guided every day. Today was such an affirmation of that….I happened to check the clock at different points. Many times I see 11:11. It was different today. I caught the clock at 1:11; 2:22; 3:33; 4:44; 5:55. No joke! At 4:44 I smiled and thanked the universe for showing me such signs…and at 5:55 I felt such joy I felt compelled to share with you! Thank you

  19. I started putting myself out there in spiritual business and wasn’t making much money at all but it was the most fulfilling thing I have ever done which is priceless. In less than 2 years, I then got a fulltime job which unfortunately takes up much more than office hours. It left me with no time or energy for anything else in my personal life or a side hustle. Tho this job needs requires so much out of me, I still long to continue my spiritual business more for the fulfillment of and hopefully to make some extra money as well later on. But sometimes I get discouraged and wonder why the timing of this job happened when it takes up so much of my time. I wonder sometimes was it a sign to stop focusing on the other areas of life I wanted to focus on. Reading today’s post really makes me wonder if there is not something great at work that I would not understand. I’ve grown so much from this job in ways I did not think was possible. Now I’m wondering if maybe this isn’t just what I needed for my spiritual business and the other parts of life I was hoping to focus more on.

    1. Great work, Yogi. When we ask ourselves, “What do I have to learn from this?” we become willing to see obstacles as opportunities! May you gain the clarity that you are seeking! xo

  20. Thanks for this post. At this time in my life, following through is more important than ever. I have a little one and he is a huge motivation for me and I am making some huge leaps of faith. It’s scary and uncomfortable but I know I’m on the right track! Having “no expectations” really hit home in helping me to take the baby steps.

  21. Somehow I am feeling the words and I am crying, as Kyle Cease would say let yourself feel it……..
    I am wanting to start a You Tube Channel and I know the work that will be involved but I don’t
    think that that is what is making me fearful, I believe it is that Source is so patient with me, the
    love I feel is so special. I also realize that I will grow to a level that I can’t see right now, and I
    am feeling that I am not worthy, but I know that I am. I am so happy to have been chosen to
    to do a little part in the world, many little parts can make a big difference. I have taken down
    your notes so as to remind myself. We need more people like you and Kyle in the world…..
    Thank you so very much Gabby, your an inspiration to me…..Kathleen

  22. Thank you so much Gabby…I need to follow through with my ideas. You truly are an inspiration. Thank you so much.

    I say that prayer of yours out loud everytime before I meditate and my 10 yr old son finds it funny and makes fun of me I love it though and I know deep down he really loves it and probably has it memorized too…lol

    LOVE ♥️ YOU

  23. I really needed to hear this it arrived on my inbox due to divine timing! I just love it ! 🙂 thanks Gabby! That really changes my evening and makes my upcoming days so much better !!!

  24. I’ve been seeing 11:11 everywhere! Picking up my phone randomly, street signs, social media, etc. At first I was a bit freaked out but now I know I’m walking the right pathway and what I’m truly desiring is coming. I don’t know when or how but I know my twin flame is coming and this person is going to change my perspective about relationships! I have this amazing gut feeling. When I meditate, I can feel it! It’s so beautiful ❤️

  25. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you for always being in my inbox and saying exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. You are such an inspiration to me. You give me the confidence to move forward.

  26. Thank you Gabby for this! I can’t tell you how many times I have great ideas, well, at least to me they’re great, but I have issues following through on them! I definitely needed to see this! You’re so awesome at what you do, and I am so grateful for you and what you bring to this world!
    xoxo Rebekah

    1. Amazing Rebekah. I love reminding myself that inspired ideas are “in-spirit”! My you follow your inspiration! xoxo

  27. There is no coincidence, that this email popped in my inbox right when I needed it the most. Almost done with the completion of my first book, and I have been blocking myself this entire time! Now, I can tackle that fear and scarcity mindset and get to healing others through my writings. Thank you sista for nudge… forever grateful for you ❤️

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gabby!!! This piece has captured all the glimpses and gleanings I have been receiving over the years from Source in one wonderful (and physically beautiful) document. I printed it in colour on good paper and it is now the very first item in the binder I am using to store all my business plan ideas. I also forwarded it to 26 other people either in business for themselves, or who will know others in business, and told them to go to your site.

    The timing could not have been better. I am in the last few weeks of pre-launch for my new business, and just yesterday a good friend confirmed that I needing to pivot slightly and go full tilt using my spiritual beliefs as the foundation of what I am doing (in a very conservative and traditional financial field – namely estate and power of attorney planning). I also used the idea of a this to outline my own equivalent document, and I am really excited about getting it written, beautified and available.

    This has also given me the courage to leap on some things that had been making me hesitate.

    Thank you again, Penn

  29. I suffer from blocks to my productivity and blows to my confidence level. Some days I feel like I can do and be anything, others I feel like the most unattractive and worthless person. I have been suffering from lack of confidence, fear of failure, looking like a loser and worrying about what other people think of me. I’m tired of feeling this way. I do try to follow your advice and guidance. I feel myself getting excited about the possibility of changing my mindset and life, then I fizzle out and lose that energy and enthusiasm. I start looking at my current reality again and get discouraged. I know that I should choose better thoughts or stick to my affirmations, but I can’t seem to stay with it.

  30. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read this morning. My soul has been feeling weary. Thank you for the gentle reminders.

  31. thank you for your posts. I read them all and write in my Super Attractor Journal to keep me going. The way you express yourself really resonates so thank you! I grew up in MI in Jack Boland’s church so it brings me happiness to have you bring that connection back in your teachings. I see it! My mother has boxes of his tapes from the early ’80’s of his sermons. She said she would send to me to lend to you if you ever wanted to hear them. I have been asking for them for years but no longer have a cassette player. For some reason, I keep thinking they are for your ears. I have thought that since I read the Universe Has Your Back.
    lots of love, Julia Dawson

    1. Julia, I’m so grateful that Super Attractor served you and that it reminded you of a past experience that you cherish. Much love! xoxo

  32. Evening Gabby on day 14 of Manifestation challenge and so grateful I found you. I have been searching for months for enlightenment and finally The Universe brought me to you . Definitely experiencing a temporary slow down just now after previous successes as Facebook has disabled my profile however rather than panicking taking it as a lesson God bless you

  33. Love it! I’m a Pilates teacher. It’s been 2 years I keep postponing to market my classes and I’ve been “surviving” on covering other teachers. The universe talked to me and pushed me on the right direction…I am miles away from my comfort zone. Good days and bad days but I’m a true believer that that’s the way it had to be…waiting to see and thrive in whatever is on the way. THANK YOU!

    1. You’ve got this, Alicia! Sending you lots of positive vibes as you embrace the discomfort and shine your light! xoxo

  34. Hi Gabby! I’m on day 14 of your Manifestation Challenge and this post was definitely driftwood for me! I’ve been going back and forth about Yoga Teacher Training and out of all the examples you could have used, you used YTT! Thank you so much for being a beacon of guiding light. ✨♥️✨♥️✨♥️

  35. Thank you Gabby, As always your advice & post seem to appear at exactly the moment I need them most.
    You are a true Angle and I’m so glad you kept going at your dream…so your here for us when we need you.

    Ann Marie Xx

  36. Dear Gabby,
    I’m currently doing your manifestation challenge and I am on day 14. The exercise is to write down signs that you know you are on the right track to manifesting your desires. Well, this post is definitely one of my signs!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Much Love!

  37. Thank you Gabby! This is exactly what I needed. I have taken so many spiritual certification courses and have yet to get started. This post has inspired me to start with one right action step and have fun. I will keep you posted!

    1. Awesome, Victoria! So proud of you for listening to your intuition and taking the next right action! Would love for you to back in as you continue on your journey! xo

  38. Thank you Gabby, I so needed to hear this. Been stuck in this fear mindset and trying to juggle too many things. I am a full time Registered Massage Therapist. Feeling exhausted and stuck afraid to make a full time shift to teaching yoga & Meditation to women like me 50, contemplating what is next, am I good enough? Ox

  39. I see miracles in my life every day. I didn’t have to believe in myself that I can change my job, so I didn’t take massive actions. I went for interviews and got rejections. I came to realise that I am just worrying and not having faith. I prayed “Universe I need your help. I need you to get a new job. Please give me the courage to do the right work and prepare for an interview.” And Few days later I have got an interview call and surrendered an interview to the Universe. This was the first time I felt at peace during the interview. And not I have got new job. I am so grateful.

  40. “Have I written a jungle of words I cannot emerge from? Delightful seeds of fanciful possibilities sprouted into wild tangling text I cannot navigate without writing myself out of it.”

    Last night, frustrated and saddened at the purgatory of projects in limbo, the mounting self-critique and fear of failure emerged as an ugly phantom. And then there was this post to begin the day like a benediction.. Thank you.

  41. I just wanna say I’m so grateful to you , your energy and your guidance . Thank you so much so sharing .
    My wish is to meet you in person one day .

  42. Thank you again Gabby. I am trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do. I will be 59 next month and I’ve been a single Mom for over 14 years. I have 2 awesome adult kids and a great little pup.
    I’m doing your manifest challenge. Hopefully I will figure out something better for me financially.
    I really enjoy your books and your talks.
    Thank you for being out there.

    If you ever come to Vancouver Canada I would love to see you.


    1. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts, Cindy. I recommend inviting the universe to guide you by starting your day with the following prayer from A Course in Miracles: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” You may also want to check out this blog post: I hope this serves you! xo

  43. Wow, I never look at Facebook stories…..I Was checking my notifications and accidentally clicked on the notification of your story.

    It was definitely the universe sending me a message. This is exactly the article I needed to read right now! The positive encouragement to overcome some of my ego barriers that hold me back and take action.

    Thank you Gabby!

  44. I have had many fabulous visions of careers over my 59 years of life. I have not been able to bring one into reality. Two time survivor with a treatable but not curable Cancer. Spent the last 7 months creating a video, usb mailing campaign with the intent to find myself a job at a destinations wellness resort. My goal was to work with people trying to heal themselves from any kind of “bad” incident. Spent my savings. In the end I did not get a job in this field. Now I am lost. Was that a message from the Universe that I pursued the wrong thing? I am exhausted, lost, tired and feeling like nothing ever goes right for me. Should I give up and take a mindless day job?

    1. Thank you, Laura for this brave and beautiful share. I honor your willingness to share your light with the world. My suggestion is to invite in guidance from the universe by using this prayer from A Course in Miracles, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” or the prayer of St. Francis found here: Then set aside some time to sit in meditation to receive it! I hope this helps! xo

  45. Dear Gabby! You are awesome! You and your teachings are really helping me to keep anxiety and despair at bay and give me hope. I’m really a resourceful person in many ways, but I’ve struggled alone, personally and professionally, for so many years, I find it so hard to have faith and just believe. I’m afraid my lack in faith is blocking guidance and help from the universe. What can I do? Love always, Ane

    1. Hi Ane, I’m grateful that my work is serving you. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts. It sounds like it could be very helpful for you to have a daily meditation practice. Since prayer is the medium for asking and meditation is the medium for receiving, intentionally setting aside time to receive guidance, (even if it’s just 5 minutes), will likely help open this door for you. You may want to check out this blog post to choose a meditation practice that appeals to you: As long as you have the slightest willingness to connect, miracles are possible! xo

  46. Thank you for sharing these insights. All practical strategies. I really needed this. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in fear & overwhelm. I appreciate the reminder to reframe my thoughts. Much appreciated.

  47. This was an amazing article and literally my intention that I set today! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and gifts Gabby!

  48. I touched your book in the airport and I put it back saying to myself I will buy it after Christmas. Poof !It was under the tree for me on Christmas. This is my 3rd book of yours I have read. I love it! Everything I believe and know is true but still need to hear it and practice it.
    Thanks for a great start to 2020, clear vision!

  49. Beautiful bella Gabby, just what I needed to hear especially today, you are awesome. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. SandraWills

  50. Thank you Gabby! Really needed to hear this today.

    Loved super attractor by the way! It’s really helped me stay centered and guided as I go into a new venture.

  51. This is me to a T! I am exhausted thinking about all the things I have to do and where to start it’s almost impossible to shut off. I am committing to following these steps and actually starting something.

  52. Dear Gabby, sometimes I am so exhausted from this fear… But it is so good to know, that I am not alone..

    There’s a happy end, I know this ****

    Love from me to everyone *

  53. I had such high momentum end of last week and my doubts slowly crept in. Thank you for this. Let’s me know I’m not alone x

  54. You are amazing!! Thank you for sharing so much!! I’ve just started on this manifesting journey and have already had my mind blown. It really does work!❤️✨

  55. Thank you for this. I’m currently having faith to start my own spiritual entrepreneur business and it can be scary at times with all the overwhelm. I decided to go full force and I quit my job, living off my savings. I realized that if I didn’t start at age 50, when would I? Regardless of my happiness that I took the risky step, it can still feel so overwhelming because I’m only at the beginning stages of development. So, thank you! ❤️

  56. This is me! My momentum poop out! I start strong and determined but have a difficult time finding a place to start

  57. This came thru to me with divine timing!! I’ve never read your blog before (but I’m currently reading super attractor) and this came thru my email right when I needed it! Thank you with all my heart!

  58. Gabby, love your darling soul, and I can see it so much in the picture in the section on Block #3 
    Block #2 is one I turn over and over with. Thanks for the mantra, could not get to crafting some words to speak back to that belief I’ve had, it’s all been done before. I kept minimizing and throwing away my value and doing that, I didn’t know, was giving other people permission, maybe unconsciously, to throw me away too. The “what’s next” question is another one that had me in headlock despair… especially when other people kept asking me that too, and immediately after I’ve accomplished something big in my acting! I’ve started responding to myself, and even to other people when they ask that pushing question, “I’m letting myself soak in the joy of right now” the next thing will come along cause I’ve been working diligently. Enjoying the 21 day challenge too – simple practices with deep work, thank you! Big loves xoxo

  59. Thank you gabby Your so inspirational
    I’m on the path to becoming a spiritual junkie & would love to spread the love & light & help others to see it too thanks Gabby love & light sue

  60. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for this awesome post, as always I loved it
    I have just one question that I have been trying to solve it since a long time ago.
    What would you recommend me to do, if Im someone that has many many dreams, I like to do things that challenge me and im always seeking for new things. This post helped me to have the awareness to see what can I do with the energy I have when starting something new. But since I want to achieve so many things how can I know what is that, that truly is for me? How can i find my purpose in a sea full of dreams and hopes,

    1. Great question, Ana. I recommend inviting the universe to guide you by starting your day with the following prayer from A Course in Miracles: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” You may also want to check out this blog post: I hope this serves you! xo

  61. Perfect timing, I have booked a space to teach yoga this week (and no one has signed up yet) and this gave me a nudge to tweet about it. My ego has been very talkative, love the idea of laughing at it! Thanks Gabby x

  62. Thank you for this Gabby!! I love it. I feel this was for me (I know was not just for me) but felt that you were talking directly to me. I work a 9 to 5 job at a corp office and travel for work as well and I struggled with finishing with what I have in my side-hustle to-do list and that makes me sad because that’s one of the things that I really enjoy doing and brings me joy. This helps me a lot. Thank you for your support and guidance as always. Also, thank you for sharing 10 Ways to Succeed as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. Sending you lots of love. XOXO

  63. Thank you so much Gabby for this. Definitely it happens to me a lot that I do not follow must of my great ideas for business and personal things. Starting today I will be putting into practice the steps. I find them realistic and hopefully effective.

  64. Thanks so much Gabby. Receiving this email in my inbox this morning was exactly what I needed. I’m a new mom with an 11 week old baby who recently left my job selling technology, to pursue a more creative path and return to what I love most which is writing about spirituality As well as creating culinary content. The steps you gave to help complete things (Which is my biggest struggle) are very applicable, practical and doable. Thank you for working through your robe blocks, so you could help others do the same. Namaste & Have a delicious day!

    1. Amazing, Lindsay. Congratulations on the birth of your little one! I’m so grateful that these practices are serving you. Sat Nam, sister! xo

  65. Dear Gabby, I just wanted to reach out to you with Gratitude for this article and everything you are putting on the table for those of us searching for a place in this crazy messed up world.I have been following Marianne Williamson for five years .I took ACourse in Miracles and have seen most of her vodeos and have read several books of hers. I just couldnt follow the politics.And now look shes walking awY from that table.I do not know the future for any of us but wish us all lots of blessings.I feel like I am lost amidst the chaos of her capaign that was treated so horribly by the DNC itself.I walk alone and I AM searching for a new guide to follow and I thought of you as you are in my fb newsfeed.Thank you for being here at this blah time of my journey.I am doing much better at some things b7t losing a grip bc of the politics.Thank you and take care.

  66. This past October my first book was released. I set a small goal, sell 50. Use it to learn the industry. It really helped to keep the dream small enough to have a success. Today I was thrilled to find that same advice in this post. Thank you so much.


    I recently started seeing an EFT coach and I love it. I have you to thank for even exposing tapping to me (from your book) and it worked on my own but is MUCH more powerful doing it with a trained professional. Next appointment I want to tap about everything you just wrote here because it resonates with me SO MUCH.

    I just want to add that I think the timing of your email was synchronistic (so beautiful). I have to admit I don’t get a chance to read every one of your emails but today I opened my email box and the subject of your email called to me and I am so glad I clicked on it and read this post. Beautiful coincidence.


  68. The Universe is indeed amazing! I received a text from a friend, and when I saw her name pop up it reminded me of something kind I wanted to do for a mutual friend. So I mentioned that I still hadn’t done it, and wondered aloud to her ‘when I would ever become the kind of person who follows through on a bigger percentage of her good ideas’. And then I went to my personal email and saw the subject line of Gabby’s email. “Struggle to finish what you start?” Oh Gabby…thank you. Time to take a step forward towards myself.

  69. Great blog post and agree with you that “getting stuck” is the hardest. I have notebooks filled with ideas but I talk myself out of going through with next steps, with fear of wasted time on an idea that is not thought through, putting myself out there for risk of judgement or ridicule and starting something I may not finish. Any advice in addition to the magical tidbits above would be greatly welcomed.

    Kindly, Tracy (aspiring writer, aspiring serial entrepreneur and aspiring over achiever- all while keeping my day job and being a single mom)!

  70. I can’t tell you how much I needed this. I feel like I’ve lost so much momentum recently and have been struggling to follow through. Thank you!

  71. Thank you Gabby. Crazy how I needed to hear this today and here you are… thank you for your spiritual guidance as always

  72. Gabby, I love, love, love this blogpost!! It covers sooo much for both my personal life and career. Thank you!! ❣️

  73. I literally told the universe this morning I needed help with being unblocked. And there was Gabby’s email on her blog post! This has confirmed all blockages I knew were there and I now feel the power to empower myself and get going on all my gifts once again!

  74. So incredibly timely..I love your realness.. thank you for writing this..i have been on this journey for years but no follow through. Thank you so so much..

  75. Thank you so much! I have been struggling to do what I feel I have been called to do with exactly all of these thoughts. I needed to hear this for confirmation I am on the right track and not to give up!!

  76. I SO needed this message today! I’ve been thinking about opening a shop on Etsy for outdoor pillow covers. I was so excited, but as the days went on, I started talking myself out of it. Thanks to your words, I know the Universe is telling me DO IT!

    Thank you Gabby!

  77. You’ve done it again Gabby! And sent me exactly what I needed to hear. Are you sure you’re not one of my guides? hahaha Thank you so much, beautiful soul! <3

  78. I just launched my first business website yesterday and I so needed to hear this today! The timing is perfect and reminds me to celebrate the fact that I’m taking the risk and putting myself and my energy out there, instead of worrying that no one will see it or hire me. The Universe is guiding me along the path to great things, and I have faith and surrender to this guidance. Thank you Gabby!

  79. WOW, WOW, WOW! This is exactly what I needed! Thank you Gabby! I’ve been courting these idea of getting my yoga certification and your post laid out all of the things that keep me from doing it. Even better, you have given me solutions to those excuses. Thank you so much.

  80. Hi had been meditating regarding my procrastination which I know is fear based and then read your email… Thank you so much…

  81. I love this so much. My friend and I are doing the manifesting challenge and saying to each other, we need to work out why we feel so good running our businesses right now… the results aren’t that different and yet we feel good.
    We were doing some of these things without realising it.
    I almost didn’t read this blog from my email. Boom. Thank you universe! And Gabby

  82. I use all of the above suggestions but the only true modality for me is eft. I love what you did with giving up judgement. I wish. You would incorporate more tapping into your protocals.

  83. Oh my. Was getting nowhere fast. Inertia had set it. Too much negative internal dialogue. Fear. Woke up and found this in my inbox. Universe delivered what I needed.

  84. This was one if the most practical advice I read. I always had this struggle of start and not finish, since I was 4. It bacema my identity. Fear of failure and overwhelming are the 2 reasons for that, and implement my idea without any expectation is a game changer for me. Thank you Gabby.

  85. Wow my dear Gabby, this is the Universe taking to me through you. You know ? I’ve been paralyzed because of the fear & waiting for the right moment, study more and more because I don’t feel ready to share my gift to the world. Thanks for being a light in our path . More Blessings

  86. Finally, the guidance Ive been wanting for for years , in simple terms and in everyday words that I already know in my heart but needed someone else to say it, it just makes sense to me.
    I took my leap of faith in my business just before Christmas, I had no choice anymore but to leap, scary yes but I put my trust in the universe which is bigger than fear, and out of nowhere came the audiobook Super attractor. The first of many yes’.
    Now Im looking through the correct eyes and the solutions and opportunities are everywhere.
    In my opinion the crucial point Gabby mentions is that you have to believe with all your heart in trusting it and yourself, and they are both the same thing. Never mind the fear or the risks, when you believe, you are providing the necessary fuel and energy for the response, and it does respond , and always with a ‘Yes’.
    Thank you Gabby Bernstein, the world needs people like you.

  87. Thanks Gabby for that extra little Positive Blog – it really resonated with me to keep my energy/vibe high ✨✨✨xo

  88. I really love how you highlight to at least do something little each day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Thanks Gabby!

  89. Thank you for this I had been walking around the house for hours trying to think of a way to motivate myself to get back into my professional counselling studies, it all felt a bit overwhelming to even just get started. I just picked up my phone and here’s this email from Gabby completely out of the blue and exactly what I needed to read right now! By doing a little bit each day it’s not so overwhelming and adds up very quickly. Thanks Gabby! ❤️

  90. Gabby, this information was brilliant!!
    It opened my mind to a lot of internal struggles and things I need to grow through..
    Thank you for all you do!!
    Much Love, Light, and Blessings to you dear, you are truly making ” a difference” in the world!

    1. I already knew these steps, but the fact this came through my email this morning was confirmation Source is saying DO THEM! Thank you for being a conduit of bluntness, just what I needed!

  91. I needed this today. Every day. I’m printing it out. Thank you, Gabby B. Always an inspiration and role model. ❤️

    1. Gabby,
      I asked for a sign that I should continue on my entrepreneurial path and my butterfly sign appeared in a dream last night. Prayed for guidance and your blog today touches on exactly what I need to hear! So manny little miracles unfolding during this Manifesting Challenge. Thank you❤️

  92. Having explored this part of my personality (creative drive) I feel like there is another option, too. I have very strong creative drives, and far milder drives towards completion/ implementation. In the past I viewed this as shameful weakness or failure; now I recognize that my strengths are what they are, and building on those is more important to me than trying to make my weaknesses into big strengths. I can’t, and don’t want to be/do/have everything. I am trying to build a support team of folks who will balance my strong leadership, collaborative and creative impetus with the skills to take the reins when I am ready to move on, and complete, implement and grow the project. I am a mentoring/guiding leader, and I often know exactly what I want, offering little preset structure and expecting others to adapt and build their own structure from the base I offer. I built my business from scratch and am self-taught in my industry (well, I have learned from many, and my formal education had little to do with my current career. I seek out learning opportunities all the time.) The thing is, I am really good at what I do, and I see no reason to make myself suffer through the things I don’t want to do, any longer. I have to figure out how to find that team (or person, or whatever). I am stuck now, unable to implement that plan, because I don’t know how, so I am asking around, doing a little research, and asking the universe to help me recognize it when it comes! No particular outcome, just a higher good for all. (winky/kissy/smily face emoji to you cuz that is from the card deck… though I am on my laptop!)

  93. I so needed to read this, been thinking of starting an inspirational business to help and inspire people people and keep hearing these voices that its been done before and what value are you adding by using quotes others have used before. Now i will say..’ SO WHAT’ There are far more people in need of my gift than there are people giving those gifts. Thank you so much for this.

  94. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this blog, it’s exactly what I needed.
    In the last 4 months I have been trying to build up courage to write my book. Although what you talked about in this blog had played a part in the stagnant days, I have managed to push through my setbacks as much as I can.
    I would really love to know more about your process when youre writing your book? What do you do before you get in the flow and start writing? Do you have a a process or do you tend just write when you feel in flow?
    I struggle with a process. Sometimes I sit to write and nothing comes out or a bunch of crap comes out and other times I’m in flow but it’s very rare. I get frustrated and now it almost feels like a chore which is what I don’t want.

  95. Hi Gabby!
    I love your work. Picking up your book “The universe has your back” a year ago drastically changed my life. What I thought would be my future husband left me for his ex. I then got fired from my job and spiraled further into a great big hole of debt. Less than a year later, I have moved closer to family and friends, have a higher paying job with great growth potential and time for activities I love. Through my practice I know my biggest issue is getting really clear on what I desire. There seems to be a block I can’t uncover to get clear on my purpose. I know I have a greater purpose to serve others while increasing my earning potential however I also long for companionship with a partner. I wish to have a family so badly however my clock is a ticking. I continually feel I need to do things in order… get out of debt, then earn more then find the husband then travel the world then have kids. At this rate I’ll have to adopt at 50years old. Is there a way to push through having to feel like I need to do all of this in order? Can you tell I’m not being patient?

    Thank you for your great work Gabby. You are truly awakening the world!

    1. Jenn, thank you for showing up here and for this beautiful share. You mentioned “pushing” through all of these experiences. Shifting the “push” energy to “allowing” energy will totally change the way you feel, and when you feel good, your experiences change. Please check out my post about allowing by having fun: XOX

  96. Hi Gabby,
    I signed up for spirit junkie masterclass and am excited to the next week module 2! I’m also interested in the miracle membership. Is it included in spirit junkie masterclass? Or do I have to sign up for this seperately?

  97. Thank you Gabby. The words are there, the signs are always there but I don’t always see them or stop to see them; and when I do my ego sometimes takes over and the roll I am on spirals down. Good timing here.
    I first saw you at the Judgement DeTox book signing in Los Angeles. As I sat in the front row with new friends; I felt as though you were talking to me as a friend in a room with just us. You and I had eye contact and in that moment I knew that part of what I am meant to be and do is bringing out my own spirituality and sharing that joy and abundance with others. It is a life practice; not a sunday go to meeting at church. God Bless you and all the spiritual work you do for the world. xo

  98. Hi Gabby-

    I signed up for your Spirit Junkie Masterclass right away on Saturday. This blog is also helpful as I am a bit fearful and nervous. Thanks for all your love and light! Melinda

  99. Hi Gabby,
    Does your masterclass include the how to’s with internet exposure?…as in for the computer illiterate as far as not even having instagram?
    I’ve looked everywhere to find this out but cannot find an answer to this particular question.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Fab! The course gives an introduction to spiritual marketing, which includes social media as well as other elements of online marketing. If you are just learning how to use social media, create websites, etc. then I recommend you read some articles, watch some videos and maybe even read a book on the basics in addition to SJM. Once you have a grasp on the basics, then the information in the course will be EXTREMELY valuable to you. And since you will have lifetime access, you are not under any pressure to learn everything right away. You can come back to it whenever you are ready. The best thing to do when it comes to social media is simply to set up an account and start exploring! You will get the hang of it.

  100. The Universe showed up for me as well through this poignant blog. Boy am I stuck ! Your approach is so un-daunting and un-intimidating! The right actions example was a perfect breakthrough for me. Many people give you the steps of success without sharing what it actually looks like! So simply and beautifully explained. I thank you for this timely guidance and action plan!

  101. Thanks Gabby! My favorite tip is just starting. I’ve been wanting to get back to my blog. I’m going to take a little right action today. Even if I just write the title of a post.

  102. Hi Gabby! Thank your for this video, and for the email…I love that you reminded us to focus on “What miracles would you have me do today?” When you said that, it reminded me that there are big and small miracles, and at different times in our lives we are called to different types and kinds. What I find most difficult though is when other people want everything to be one way – but that are so many different ways miracles happen, and people caught up in you, as a person, always doing things a certain way, when in the end, as a miracle-worker, you are called to do things in God’s way, or the Spirit’s way, not always the way others want you to. Sometimes, maybe, but not all the time, God changes things. However, like you said, follow through is really important too, and having the confidence you talk about… sometimes if too many people pressure you, you lose your confidence or somehow you lose your joy for whatever it is God is calling you to do. When it becomes hard and complicated, either because of the path, or people on the path, or for whatever reason…it is hard to persevere to see everything come to fruition. I always look forward to your videos and mailings because they always remind me that life doesn’t have to be this major pressure cooker that we are in, especially here in NYC…it is easy to get caught up in that idea or mentality. Thank you for helping us to stay grounded in the truth.

  103. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for these actionable, practical tips! One question I have is, what if I have multiple ideas on how I want to go big with my life? I’m pulled in different directions and I don’t know which path to go down. Do I just take a small step towards one and see what happens?
    Thank you for any guidance you can offer. Xoxo.

    1. Definitely check out last week’s blog here:, I think it might give you some further insight. I would also suggest you pray for guidance and then stay open for what comes your way. And maybe with some work at really looking at your passions you can combine a couple into one direction/path? You’ve got this!

  104. Thank you!! This was so perfect to me, I am starting a new business and yesterday I made my first oficial sale, today I woke up wondering if I can actually make this grow and accomplish my dream without letting fear interfere and sure enough through you the Universe gave me an answer.

  105. I love the results of reading the prayers in the detox judgment book. I am always saying I will not judge. I am memorizing II Corinthians 5: 5:16-21 using Jim Kwik’s methods of memorizing. Gabby – your love for others and helping us to become like our father God who is love is precious. (vs 16 says from not won we regard no one according to the flesh and vs 17 – If we are in Christ we are a new creation. The old has passed away and all is new. Your blog encouraged me to step into those areas that are out of my comfort zone and celebrate the small miracles.

  106. Thank you so much for these tips! Really needed them right now! Love it how signs show up in the right moments 😀 Thank you Gabby and thank you for sharing all these things – you are a big inspiration <3

    1. Spirit Junkie Masterclass is not based on A Course in Miracles. It does bring in some of the principles from ACIM, but it’s its own unique traning. In Masterclass I guide you to embrace your purpose and gain the confidence to take spiritually aligned action on your dreams. I share practical and actionable business tools for running a spiritual business, getting your message out there and attracting the clients you want. xo

  107. Thank you Gabby! Perfect timing. I get so stuck that all my ideas just stay in my head. I’ve recently learned that my blocks are due to fear of failure but also fear of success since I associate business success with abandonment.
    My father has a successful small business but his business consumed him. As a result, he was absent. And my mother felt overwhelmed and took her frustration out on me.
    I have learnt that that doesn’t have to be my story. That with action I can be will push past those energetic blocks.
    Thanks again Gabby! Xoxo

  108. Hello ma’am!
    My name is Vrushali.
    You have inspired me to live my best life. A month ago I attended your webminar via YouTube. And I practiced to bring my mind into alignment. Miracles began to happen!!
    As you have told.. I m considering having faith as a full time job which makes me succeed in lots of things.
    As you mentioned about beginning a podcast.. I simply started the way you have told few months back..
    I hope I will grab audiences. And I will have lots to share.
    Thank you so much!!

  109. Thanks a ton Gabby…..your blog came at the right time when i needed to hear these words…..It came as an answered prayer…..Amazing tips shared by you…God bless you dear…

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