The Secret to Following Through on Your Great Ideas

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Do you ever struggle to follow through on your ideas? Do you tend to start things but have a hard time finishing them?

This is something many of us can relate to. You get a great idea or feel called to do something new. You start out with lots of momentum and motivation… but over time your motivation wanes, the momentum slows and you fall off.

Those days are over. Keep reading to learn how to bust through blocks, show up for yourself and follow through on your great ideas!

How to bust through 4 common blocks and follow through on your great ideas

Block #1: Fear of failure

This is a big one. The fear of failure keeps us stuck, scared and frustrated. But there’s a simple solution: Take action without any expectations.

You don’t have to do everything. Just do one thing. If you want to start a podcast, record that first episode using whatever equipment you have on hand, even if it’s your phone, and publish it. Don’t expect anyone to listen to it. Just do it.

Do the thing you want to do and don’t worry about the results.

If you want to start a jewelry business, just make that first piece and put it up for sale on Etsy or whatever platform you like. Have zero expectations of anyone buying it. Just get it out there.

This goes for anything. Do the thing you want to do and don’t worry about the results. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it, hears it or buys it. What matters is that you get into the energy of creating. When you do this, you elevate your vibrational frequency.

Joyful energy attracts support from the Universe

Joy is the ultimate creator | The #1 key to manifestingSimply doing the thing you love puts you into an energy of creativity and joy. Assuming an energy of joy is the fastest way to achieve success! When we focus on having fun, we attract what we want.

When you release expectations and simply do what you enjoy, you can’t fail.  Once you start creating, the next steps will be presented to you.

Block #2: Telling yourself “It’s been done before”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. I used to say it to myself, too.

“It’s been done before.”

Here’s my response….


So what if it’s been done before? There are FAR more people in need of your gifts than there are people giving those gifts.

Write that down and make it your mantra for the next 40 days if you need to. There are far more people in need of my gifts than there are people giving those gifts.

Tweet: There are far more people in need of your gifts than there are people giving those gifts. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a full-time spiritual entrepreneur or start a side gig as a makeup artist. The world needs your talents.

Yes, other people have done it. Other people are doing it right now.

But no one does it in your unique way.

So when you think, “So many people already do this thing I want to do,” recognize that voice for what it is: your ego. The fastest way to take away its power is to laugh at it and ask, “So what?”

Block #3: Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do

Gabby Bernstein working outside | How to follow through on your ideasOften we don’t follow through on our great ideas because we get so overwhelmed by everything we have to do in order to achieve the end result.

Again, the answer here is a lot more simple than you may think: Take lots of little right actions.

This is the key to doing anything, no matter how big it is.

Little right actions add up

Here’s an example scenario to illustrate what little right actions look like. Let’s say you work 9 to 5 at a corporate job, but you want to become a yoga teacher and open your own studio one day.

In this situation, here are some little right actions:

  • Research yoga teacher training options in your area
  • Read blogs by yoga teachers about how they got started
  • Work out a plan to pay for the training you want to take
  • Request vacation days from HR so you can take the training
  • Ask a few friends if you can teach them for free

Each day, commit to one little right action. The definition of “little” will vary. Maybe one day you can devote a few hours to it, whereas on another day you can only spare five minutes. That’s totally fine. Completing one small action each day is far more powerful than starting and abandoning 10 different tasks.

One simple action you can take right now

10 ways to succeed as a spiritual entrepreneur - free download by Gabby Bernstein

Do you have a spiritual business or aspire to start one? If so, here’s one amazing little right action you take now: Download my FREE guide called 10 Ways to Succeed as a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

In this free PDF, I share the spiritual and practical principles I swear by as a spiritual entrepreneur. Feel inspired, step into abundance and follow through on your great ideas!

Download your free 10 Ways to Succeed guide here.

Block #4: Fear of stepping outside your comfort zone

When I truly surrender my desires to the Universe, a mighty force of faith can set in | Super Attractor card deckWe get comfortable with what we perceive to be safe. When you’re scared to step outside your comfort zone, you’ll never follow through on a great idea. As soon as you encounter an obstacle, you’ll get scared that your discomfort means something is wrong.

Stepping out of your comfort zone requires courage. But it’s much easier to do something a little gutsy when you have faith that you’re being guided.

From a spiritual perspective, your work is to strengthen your faith and practice surrendering.

You strengthen your faith by consciously coming into contact with a power greater than yourself every day. You can begin each day with the morning prayer from A Course in Miracles:

Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?

After you say this prayer, you can practice any meditation you like to quiet your mind and open up to receive guidance. A few minutes of stillness are all that’s required.

Gather spiritual proof

Gabby Bernstein onstageOnce we do something for the first time, we have spiritual proof that it works. By test-driving whatever it is that takes you out of your comfort zone, you’ll know that it feels safe.

For example, early in my career I really wanted to give talks, but I’d never spoken before an audience. I was scared to get up with a microphone in my hand.

I needed to test-drive it, so I set up a talk at a community center in my neighborhood and invited everyone I knew. I rehearsed  until I knew my talk well. And then I went out there and gave it. As soon as I did it once, I knew I could do it forever! My doubt dissolved.

As you strengthen your faith and begin to amass spiritual proof, you’ll quickly learn that discomfort is not a sign that you’re going down the wrong path. You’ll welcome it as a sign of growth and you’ll know you’re being guided and supported.

Celebrate the miracle moments

When I have fun along the way to what I desire, the Universe supports meFor a long time I had a “What’s next?” mindset. I would work hard to achieve a goal, and once I did I’d immediately be focused on the next thing.

Not surprisingly, this mindset did me no favors and almost made me burn out. I didn’t take the time to celebrate the awesomeness! I have since learned how important it is to take time to celebrate the miracles and have fun!

Acknowledge your miracle moments and celebrate them. You don’t need to throw yourself a party for sending an email, but the simple act of crossing it off your to-do list and savoring the satisfaction will go a long way.

Our energy creates our reality. Ride your positive momentum and it will multiply. Celebrate the big achievements and even appreciate the temporary slowdown that might follow them. During that slower period you can re-energize and clarify your desires.

Commit to these steps today and you’ll be able to follow through on your great ideas and have fun along the way to achieving your goals!

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