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judgment detox book gabby bernsteinMy late mentor and friend, Dr. Wayne Dyer, said, “See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”

Wayne truly embodied this belief system. The happiness he exuded is available to all of us when we practice this principle daily.

Step 4 of Judgment Detox is See for the First Time. By the time you reach this step you have established a prayer practice and begun to actively cultivate compassion. You’ll now be ready to shift how you see the people you’ve judged.

(You can also read my introductions to Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 of Judgment Detox.)

What it means to see for the first time

We often judge other people — and ourselves — by projecting old experiences onto the present. When you practice seeing someone for the first time, you free them from those projections as well as the false beliefs that separate you.

Instead of seeing another person through the lens of the past, you’ll see them as someone calling out for love.

We begin to heal our judgment toward others when we accept that people are our teachers in the classroom that is our life. This lets us look at our situation differently. You’ll witness how you drag the past into the present, and then you’ll be able to choose again.

In Step 4 you’ll learn how you can choose to look at a person as if you’re seeing them for the first time. Imagine how free you would feel if you didn’t lug your past into your present with every encounter!

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A fun exercise to help you see for the first time

I want to share an exercise from Judgment Detox that is actually an old-school Gabby exercise from when I was coaching groups of women in my little NYC apartment! This practice is really fun because you can feel your energy and mood shift moment by moment.

All you do is silently say this prayer throughout the day: “The light in you is all I see.”

Saying this prayer instantly shifts your perspective. Every time you say it you begin to see the world differently.

Here’s how it works: Go about your day paying attention to the thoughts you have about others. Notice whenever you make a judgment, and witness it without judgment. The moment you witness your judgmental nature, just say your prayer: “The light in you is all I see.”

Bring this prayer into every encounter and relationship

Bring this prayer to the relationships that hold the greatest separation for you. Who have you made special and better than you? Who do you perceive as inferior to you, or even bad and hateful? Whenever you notice yourself judging someone, say silently, “The light in you is all I see.” Use this prayer with people close to you and with total strangers.

we are love gabby bernstein quote judgment detoxIn fact, it can be really powerful to direct this prayer equally toward strangers as well as people you know. Back in the day I had my students go out into the streets of New York City silently repeating “The light in you is all I see” at each encounter. They used it on the subway, on the sidewalk, while waiting for lunch, at work and at home. They were always reminding themselves to only see the light in others. I asked them to do it for one full week and then share their experiences with the group.

The results blew me away! Each person came back with her own miracle to share. When you go out of your way to see people in their light, you are returning to truth. When you see the world differently you can transform your life fast. You feel relief in letting people off the hook.

When you see others in light, you allow the stream of well-being to flow

The simple truth is that it just feels better to be accepting and compassionate. It feels empowering to see love wherever you are.

The simple willingness to see others with compassion is very powerful. This exercise I’m sharing today of seeing others in the light can start a chain reaction and shift your perspective.

When your only job is to see everyone in light, you have no time to focus on fault and judgment. We spend our days living in the judgment cycle, and the moment you get yourself out of it you clear space to receive a stream of well-being and joy.

When you proactively see others in light, you allow the stream of well-being to flow. In the absence of your judgment, all that’s left is love.

Try this experiment today or for the next week! With each encounter, no matter how fleeting, silently say, “The light in you is all I see.”

Leave a comment below letting me know what you experienced! Did other people begin acting differently toward you? Did you feel a change within yourself? I want to hear your miracles!

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  1. I am going through a lot right now. Had to walk away from someone I pictured spending my life with, it took a year of losing myself trying to help her, and I left finally, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to. Today my friend sent me a picture of one your the universe has your back deck of cards and maybe my mind isn’t clear enough to really understand it but it says “I let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love” what does it mean?

  2. Today is my Course in Miracles Lesson 111. As I’ve prayed and meditated on, “Miracles are seen in light, ” i felt like i was searching and seeking deeply, without an answer, while knowing answers come when we truly are ready and open to receiving. I read the article above again, and remembered that a miracle is the shift from fear to love. When I’m looking for and acknowledging the light in others and in situations, miracles happen. Thank you for reposting this just when i needed it. Another light moment!

  3. Tha k you Gabby….you are a beautiful light for this world! I am excited to practice this… needed for me right now. Namaste.

  4. Thank you for this step.
    I usually see the God in everyone, my problem is that i act as a consecuence of that and then reality makes me feel that they will never act as i see them. I love seen the true nature in everyone but sometimes i feel i need to start acting in response as they act and not in what i see in them. I hope you can replay to me. Kisses from Argentina

    1. Seeing the light in others and forgiving them does NOT mean you have to be a doormat, accept disrespectful behavior, or anything like that. Check out my book Judgment Detox for lots of guidance on this. You can start by listening to the audiobook intro for free. I know it will serve you. xx

  5. I had to share this with you:

    For several weeks I’ve been using this prayer in a way that I don’t think it was intended: Many times when I feel annoyed by my dog or she misbehaves I tell her out loud, “[Dog’s name], the light in you is all I see.” It holds a mirror to myself reminding me of my own light, and it reminds me that she’s just doing what dogs instinctively do and that I have to patiently correct her (or myself). Saying the prayer – sometimes multiple times – calms me down.

    My dog is a furry embodiment of light and love with no ego.
    I suppose that in this way, my dog is teaching me.

  6. Wow! I felt a bit judgemental towards my brother and I happen to release my judgement see my brother reaching out for love as he has issues of his own and I felt disappointment for sure but I saw him in the eyes of love said out loud to the universe I choose to see in the eyes of love and compassion.

  7. I love this practice and it’s amazing how fast it works! Magic. My question is – can I direct it towards myself? I don’t know why but my head is filled with so many negative thoughts about myself right now. About all and nothing. I know my thoughts are energy and create my reality and usually I’m quite kind to myself. But now, for some reason, I struggle to soften. “The light in me is all I see”? “The love in me is all I see”? Would that have the same effect or should it be phrased differently?
    Thank you so much for all your work! Lots of love//Tina

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