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A Course in Miracles teaches us to “deny the denial of truth.” This means that we must look at the fear of the ego and deny it. The Course reminds us that our primary focus is to welcome truth therefore we cannot support the ego’s fear. This vlog is about consciously discharging the ego in order to reconnect with our truth which is love.

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  1. Great V-log. Great to be reminded about the importance of not giving doubt or thoughts which don’t promote happiness and joy room. This week I’ll work more diligently on applying it. Banishing negative thoughts is a process that we all have to deal with on a daily basis and I appreciate you presenting the information in the way that you did. Keep up the great work and the inspiration. Thanks for all that you do.

    Bamboo Cyclist.

  2. Thank you for this vlog. I just started reading “A Course in Miracles” that along with your messages have begun to lift my thinking to a higher plane! Oh, and I listen to your meditation #6 Climbing this morning. Looking forward to purchasing the cd.

    Thank you for all you do!

  3. On Mondays I work really late. I’ve noticed that on Monday nights when I’m going home, I’m much more likely to hear the ego more clearly, denying my truth. I’ve taken the habit of being extra gentle with myself on Mondays – foreseeing the negative power of the ego when I’m worn out.

    1. the ego speaks first and loudest. so you can expect that ego comes in strong. all ~ing thoughts are based on love and all ego thoughts are based on fear.

  4. Hi Gabby… and everyone else. I really enjoy your teachings and vlogs. I first heard about ACIM through Marianne Williamson, a wonderful and inspiring woman! I bought ACIM as soon as I’d finished ‘A Return To Love’ but find it hard to grasp. Could you advise on the best way to approach the course? Lessons first and then read the text? Text first? Or a bit of both each day? I’m really keen to get into the source text as well as continue with your lessons into the lessons… Many thanks in advance. Peace and love, Vickie

    1. my forthcoming book Spirit Junkie will be a great way to learn more about acim. in the meantime check out the book the disappearance of the universe by gary renard. very good book on acim!

  5. I just started reading ‘Spirit Junkie’ and I’m really started to get into it. I’ve been seriously unhappy for many years and have tried to drown my anxiety and depression in alcohol, food, exercise, etc. and have finally begun to realize that those things don’t work, and have never worked. I’m really struggling with getting out of this vicious cycle and I’m hoping and praying that this will be the answer.
    Thank you!

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