My Interview with Kris Carr About Her Book ‘Crazy Sexy Kitchen’

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If you like my girl Kris Carr and you love to get adventurous in the kitchen, then you will totally dig this video. Watch my interview with Kris about her new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen!


The book is full of healthy and super delicious plant-based recipes and includes lots of accessible information on vegan eating. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or meat eater, this book will make your kitchen a lot more fun!

Watch our interview below and grab the book now to get cooking! Kris guides you step-by-step so you know how to stock your kitchen, make quick meals and get creative.

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  1. I just bought Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen yesterday and I am so excited to get my fingers in the kitchen. I also just bought Spirit Junkie last week. The combo of these two purchases is bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you oodles!

  2. Oh Ladies! I have been switching back and forth between “Add More ~ing..” and CSK — since you both generously shared them with us at RHH Live this past weekend! Thank you so very much. My mind, my body, and my husband thank you too.

    I also find cooking to be meditative, and knowing that I’m cooking healthy, delicious meals for the H and I totally changes the game. I might even get my extended family to ‘fall’ for a few of these recipes – a true feat!

    You are both such bright lights and I adore watching you!

    Much love,

  3. I wanted to say thank you to you and your girls! Thank you Gabby, Kris and to Marie Forlio too who showed a cooking video with Kris yesterday. I so support local books stores, but could not wait, I had to get this book. I have been pinning a good vegan veggie cookbook that will who me the way… this is even better fun and sexy too. Just what I need. We really need to lighten the load, not take life so seriously and inJOY the ride. I get the whole diet thing and what i should do, I just have wanted and need to get right down to business. Can i just have a recipe..then you go on line looking for something and go down some rabbit hole. This is just the thing. I can’t wait so I ordered it today. I hope i can get Kris’s online cooking class with it too. Thank you ladies – you are rocken it. It is such a JOY to get your little nuggets of wisdom throughout my day…it is really a life line in the walking of our daily lives when things are tough and when things are great it is that extra ray of sunshine we love to share and shine. Love to you and all you do. Ali Regli – from SoFlo (South Florida) – where it is almost always sunny.

  4. ? the energy of the two of you together…AMAZINGLY POWERFUL!
    The sooner we all can help spread the message about the importance of creating a home pharmacy (our KITCHEN) the sooner the magic medicine (nutritious food) will speak for itself. I am an advocate of leading a healthy lifestyle as the basis of well-being, not medication and pills when they aren’t needed.
    Leave you with this: He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills of the physician.—Chinese Proverb

  5. I am looking forward to buying the book and trying all the wonderful recipes. Thank you both for the amazing work you do in the world. I believe that what we eat and how we take care of the body that houses our soul is just as important as the spiritual work.

  6. I just spent the weekend with you ladies at RHH Live and I still can’t get enough of you! Great interview! Great book! I’ve already made the chickpea crepes and they were DELISH!!! Thanks for spreading the word on this wonderful book! x

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