Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection

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As a female entrepreneur, I’ve experienced firsthand the power of positive female connections—fellow women have helped me achieve my goals and have spread the Spirit Junkie love far and wide. And it’s one of my greatest pleasures to help my sisters in any way I can, whether it’s coaching women to lead miraculous lives or partnering with other awesome women to do great work.

When we drop the misguided need to compete and instead combine forces, there is nothing women can’t do. I know that might sound a little corny at first glance, but the truth behind the sentiment is powerful. I’ve lectured and written before about how we should bring more fiery romantic sparks into our friendships, and this is what I’m talking about! The new book Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God is a whole new kind of collection of essays, poems, and art that serves as a testament to the awesomeness of positive female connection.

I love the diversity on display in Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God. You’re not reading about just one woman’s experience and perspective—51 women contributed their stories and artwork. The women represent different races and ethnicities, come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and range from “starving” artists to celebrities. (I had to put starving in quotes because these are abundant women!) I know many of these women personally and am honored to call them my friends. If you’re seeking authentic inspiration and radiant truth, this is the book you should be reading!

One rad aspect of this book is that it wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the power of positive female connection. All the contributors are members of the online social network A Band of Wives—comprised of women who are single and married, but all of whom collaborated and cooperated to manifest this beautiful book. They throw down wild, authentic truth on topics every woman can relate to, from love and family to coping with loss and handling life’s difficulties with strength, grace, and humor. Some pieces in the book will make you laugh, some will inspire you, and some will provide you with wisdom and practical guidance for your own life.

You can reveal the power of positive female connection in your own life, both in your personal life and in the work you do. Below I’ve outlined a few simple steps to create more positive sisterhood connections:

Let go of the need to compare and compete. Too often, many of us struggle with the urge to compare ourselves to other women—whether they’re supermodels, our colleagues, or our friends. We compare everything from our looks to our job titles. That constant comparing leads to competition. Sometimes that competition is overt, but more often it’s subtle, yet just as damaging. When it comes to friendships, I suggest you amp up the love! When you see that you can experience romance in your friendships, you’ll feel a stronger connection to your girlfriends (and release any codependency in your relationship).

Strengthen your positive female connections.
One of the most significant moves we can make is to strengthen the bonds we have with other women. If you’re in a position to mentor another woman, like a coworker, taking on this role can enhance your own confidence and fulfillment as you help a fellow woman on her career path. And if you’re seeking a mentor or other kinds of connection with women, check out, my social networking site for women. Join Power Posses, find a mentor, be a mentor, and reveal the power of positive female connections!

Finally: GET INSPIRED! Read Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God to feel an instant connection with the women who share their stories, poems, and artwork in these pages. It makes a beautiful holiday gift for the women in your life.

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