Relationships: Introduction to ‘May Cause Miracles’ Week 4

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

In this post I’m giving you an introduction to Week Four from my book May Cause Miracles, which is all about relationships.

May Cause Miracles Week 4: Relationships

In the video below I’ll help you  accept all your relationships as divine spiritual assignments.  I’ll guide you to recognize the learning opportunity in all your relationships. As you begin to make this miraculous shift, you’ll become much more accepting in your experience of others. Watch this video to prepare for Week Four of May Cause Miracles!

What to expect from Week 4 of ‘May Cause Miracles’

This chapter will awaken you to a whole new perspective of every relationship in your life. Not just romantic relationships. This is about healing every relationship in your life from the bank teller, taxi driver, to your teacher or parent.

Relationships are holy encounters

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinSo many of us walk around carrying negativity, judgment, attack and fear in our relationships. It’s crucial for us to see things differently, open our hearts and have the capacity to love one another.

Thus, the intention of this chapter is to heal all of your immediate relationships so that you can create a new relationship to every being that you encounter.

You’ll learn to forgive, let go of resentments and create a new perception of how you see all of the relationships in your life. When we do this, we can heighten the energy around us and throughout the world.

More ‘May Cause Miracles’ resources

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