How to Attract Love and Stop Comparing Your Relationship Status

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Note: I updated this post in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day! As sweet as February 14th can be, it can also be a stressful experience. For many folks, Valentine’s Day brings up a ton of funky feelings, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

One of the worst ways the ego takes us down in romance is by comparing our relationship status to other people’s.

How to stop comparing your relationship status

In the video and post below I talk all about how to let go of comparison and feel great about your relationship status right now! I also share heart-opening tips for raising your vibration so you can attract more love into your life.

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Become mindful of how you’re comparing

The energy of comparing blocks you from attracting what you desire. Maybe you’re in a relationship and you’re comparing your relationship to other relationships. Maybe you’re single and you look at people in relationships and think, “I’m never going to have that.”

This is a major block when it comes to manifesting great love and beautiful romance. I want you to become mindful of how you’re comparing.

Give more of what you want to receive

There is nothing sexier than my authentic truth | Mantra from The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinWhen you start to get clear around what you’re comparing yourself against, understand that that’s an area of your life where you think you are lacking. If you feel like you’re lacking because you don’t have that romantic partner, my suggestion is to become extremely romantic with yourself. Take yourself on a date, give yourself a beautiful gift. Make yourself a beautiful meal, and really commit your spiritual practice.

Recognize that your connection to spirit can become your greatest relationship

In my book Spirit Junkie, I talk about how spirit became my boyfriend. I was focused on igniting that place within me that was so inspired, so fulfilled, so supported and so excited through that relationship to my inner guidance system and through spirit. I can genuinely say as a result of building that relationship, I was able to attract the partner who is appropriate for me, the partner who is my love.

That is a direct reflection of my spiritual condition. And then when you’re in a relationship, you want to make sure that spirit is still your boyfriend or girlfriend, because you want to make sure that you are maintaining that energy, and maintaining that vibe of love and self-respect and self-admiration as you enter into a partnership.

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