Reclaim Your Power When You Feel Powerless

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We’ve become accustomed to frightening news, from war and mass violence to terrifying natural disasters and a global pandemic.

Following a tragedy, we’re taught to quickly pick up and get on with our lives, but on a subconscious level we still feel the terror.

It’s easy to hide in a bar, numb out with the internet or turn off the news and pretend like nothing happened. But if you avoid your fear it will subconsciously haunt you. It’s important to move through our emotions and heal them.

How to reclaim your power when you feel powerless

There’s no right or wrong way to handle our feelings, though there are tools that can help. Outlined below are a few steps for working through your fear to reclaim your power when you feel powerless.

Step 1: Get honest about your fear

It’s healthy to admit that you’re afraid. When you honestly acknowledge your fear you release the tension of holding onto it.

Share your fear with a loved one, write about it in a journal, or share your experience with a therapist or a support group.

Openly admitting your feelings is a crucial step toward working through your fear.

If you’re up for it, I encourage you to share your feelings in the comments below. Share your truth and know that your honesty will help another reader. We’re all in this together.

Step 2: Breathe through your feelings

True healing occurs when I give myself permission to feel whatever feelings live below the triggers. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckThe next step is to identify where you carry your fear in your body. Maybe you can feel it in your throat, your chest or your stomach.

Sit for a moment of stillness and sense where your fear is held in your body.

Then breathe deeply into the space where your fear is held. Continue to breathe into the tension and on the exhale release it.

Continue this cycle of breath until you feel the tension release.

Your breath is the greatest tool for releasing fear in your body.

Step 3: Connect with others

Connecting with others’ positive, peaceful energy is the best way to reclaim your power when you feel powerless. Some ways to do this:

  • Reach out to friends you trust and whose presence makes you feel good
  • Volunteer with a nonprofit organization you love
  • Offer to help your neighbors, for example, baby-sitting someone’s child or picking up groceries for an elderly person
  • Get involved in a positive online community like my Miracle Membership.

When you feel powerless and you’re not sure what to do, ask yourself, “How can I be of service to someone else?” You will quickly feel energized, connected and inspired.

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  1. I feel so wrapped up in fear right now. I fear the hate I see in the news and in the news feeds of friends and acquaintances, I fear my partner’s past lies and my inability to trust him again, I fear that I won’t be able to get a handle on a career that incorporates my talents and passions, and I fear not being able to break free from feeling so small (a part of me knows that I am capable of so much more/better, but I can’t seem to break free). Thank you for the space to express my fears. Feels good to let them out of my jaw, neck, hands and chest. Now to breath.

  2. I am looking for the playlist Gaby recommens and can’t find it.
    Also, I was asked to type a password and did so, but nothing happened…

  3. I’m so glad that I found this on your site. I needed this right now.
    My ex sent me and a friend a message that was quite hurtful and untruthful at parts (some were, I’m glad I am able to own it And let it go, and improve myself.)
    My shoulders begun to hurt as the two of us got together to talk it over.
    Following your advice now, with a warm bath~

  4. Thank you gabby you are a shining light which came into my life when I didn’t even think I needed spiritual guidance is amazing everything is connected and I feel that the universe has lead me to you miraculously guiding me to see things differently and help me become the best person that I can be I am forever grateful that you are in my life Thank you I could listen to your lectures all day you are truly gifted I listened to your lecture on body image the other day and it just transformed my Outlook on everything I also carry miracles now in my handbag I love you keep shining bright satnam xxxx Chiara

  5. I just came out of darkness. I hit rock bottom and there was no where for me to go but up. I learned more than ever that we can’t experience true joy without acknowledging our source of fear and pain. Right now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been experiencing miracles on a daily basis, but there’s this nagging feeling that the shoe is about to drop. I now finally have a lot to lose which is beautiful in its own right. But how do I stop this subtle feeling of potential doom?

    1. let yourself get more interested in something else and let that interest grow untill there is no room for the doom to nudge in. I bet Gabby would also say: “accept your feeling of doom. It is ok to have feelings.”

  6. Gabby, I have a question on the “breathing” part of meditation. Is it normal to have difficulty with focusing on breath in the beginning? I can’t seem to relax when I’m constantly trying to breath deep and exhaling through my mouth feels wrong. Does everyone just have to find their own way? Or is there a reason behind the focusing on the breath, because logically to me if I focus on my breath I’m focusing on my body and not my spirit. Help me please!

    1. Honey, you have great questions. There is no wrong way to practice meditation as long as you are not harming yourself. I find it just takes practice and will not always fix anything quickly the way turning on the TV can get your mind off a worry instantaneously. Maybe it would help to practice with others? The nature of the mind is to move around a lot and create all these questions and doubts about what you do. Your mind is not bad, it is trying to keep you safe. wish we could meet and chat. I know how you feel cause I tend to intellectualize everything!

  7. This world is so scary. I sometimes can’t sleep at night. I am trying to add meditation to my “arsenal” to help me combat this anxiety but it’s so hard. Thank you for giving us hope and for educating us on a weekly basis 🙂

    1. I feel you! you are not alone. There are millions who feel the same. I try to remember this and it helps me accept my feelings and move forward with them instead of acting out in denial.

  8. I am afraid of getting back on my own. It has been 14 yrs since I was living on my own. Now, I have two children and I know that I need to make the change for myself and kids. I just need some encourgagement. Thanks for this post!

  9. Amazing to know all these people share similar fears. I’ll be traveling to west Africa in early September, and I am praying and sending positive light each day. I see the fear so easily in those I talk to each day; they’re scared for me. I find refuge in knowing that I hold the power to not only raise a small part of the vibration of humanity, but ultimately change the outcome of poverty an grief and violence stricken areas. Please pray for me. I am confident I will be able to live out the limitless plans the Universe holds for me. Inshallah and thank you all for sharing ?

  10. Thanks for posting this. Today this post really connected to what I am feeling. I have personally stopped watching or reading the news… I work in the field of forensics, and I remember during my first year a co-worker told me “Welcome into the worst of humanity”. It is my everyday work routine to read and work on criminal cases where the stories are often darker than horror and suspense movies. In the last few years I have been making changes in my lift to connect more with myself and others, and to try to be ‘in peace’. I still find it hard sometimes to be in this place of love and going to work everyday and be facing the darkness that is around us. I deeply love my job as it is an interesting and important work to be done, but sometimes I forget to stop and acknowledge the impact it has on me (and my co-workers). We developed a really ‘dark humor’ and now tend to ‘roll my eyes’ when I read about the next terrible case thinking ‘and another one’. These days I’ve been feeling like the love I’m trying to access within me is having a debate with the darkness I can sense in the stories around us.

    Keep on lighting us! Thanks!

  11. Thank you, Gabby. I needed this after the day I had at work. I’m feeling increasingly powerless there and almost like the processes corporate makes are setting me up to fail at my job.

  12. I am afraid that I am not doing enough to help, I am afraid that I have lost my faith and my ability to create joy in the world. I am afraid that I will never be free to live my life the way I want without compromise of guilty conditions. But I am willing to see all of this differently. And I can start by connecting to a global peaceful consciousness on Friday.

    Namaste x

  13. My Truths… I feel fear as I write this comment but the sensation I have in my body for a new start, rejuvenating and regenerating is overruling the fear accumulated from 6 years of living with an Eating Disorder. I am openly admitted I am afraid of getting ‘fat’, changing habits, doing something wrong along my journey to the disapproval of others and not knowing what pursue in life! With the guidance of Gabby, her meditations, videos, blogs and her books, day by day I am trying to eliminate these toxic and irrational fear from my consciousness and fulfil my aspiration to be happy independent and strong eighteen year woman 🙂 I hope my honesty has helped at least one person even consider to unleash the power of your mind over the daily ups and downs in the physical world. You are lovable, whole and complete you are way more than enough! If you want to be different you have to change something don’t leave any dream left behind! Sending all my love and blessings, have a beautiful day, morning, noon or night wherever you may be x

  14. I have so many fears and they make me feel hopeless. They come from every angle – fear that I’ll never have enough, fear that even if I have enough it will be taken away by natural disaster or war or God, fear that I do have enough and I’ll never see it, fear that I’m being greedy and should settle for what I have even though I truly want more – an overload of fear based emotions. I am in my eighth month of sobriety and am learning how to navigate the world through my newly discovered moral compass and spiritual practices. I know that shining light on these fears will begin to dissolve them. Being honest and open about these deep rooted fears leads me to new teachers, meditations, spiritual experiences, and hope. My new way of life is a lot harder than I’ve ever imagined, but I know that I would have no chance of overcoming these fears if I stayed doing what I was doing – hiding in the bar as Gabby says above. I find sometimes that hearing someone say “me too” lets me know I’m not alone in my feelings and gives me strength to overcome fear, so I hope that what I’ve revealed about myself can help someone, somewhere, to know they are not alone and that we can all make it through this gift of life together.

  15. I hear you on the negative news challenge. One of my friends recently got me tuned into and it makes my morning start on the positive side versus CNN, FOX, or other news outlets that seem to compete to share the worst and most horrific situation of the day. I think was also a part of the internet support that got the ultra motivating “Unsung Hero” video spread around. I still tear up with joy when I see that even though I’ve shared it with others a bunch of times!

  16. Gabby this is off topic but I was wondering if the Spirit Junkie Alarm app will be available for android. 🙂

    1. not yet unfortunately. it’s a totally different build out. right now I’m working with developers to fix the iOS build out. but i will keep sharing the affirmations daily via instagram:) sorry!

  17. In response to the comment from B regarding her boyfriend, sending you peace and grace, and am curious as to how Gabby would view this situation and receiving the silent treatment from people

    1. Thank you So Much for your comment and well wishes.

      ..Now it has turned into outlandish texts assaulting my character. Trying to keep my power now by not fighting back and not letting insanity affect me or bring out the worst in me, too.

      Deep breaths! 🙂

      Thank you,

      1. You are not alone. I am experiencing the same thing. He will not hear me, and my character has been assaulted. It is bringing up feelings of abandonment and I am struggling to take care of myself (eating etc.) I am doing the romantic illusions meditation Gabby has on iTunes. As well as letting the Spirit guide me daily . And reminding myself that my perspective is lacking and I am trying to be willing to take the journey to learn to look at my world with love, I hope that you too will find the grace and guidance for your journey. I will keep you in my thoughts sending you light and love. Thank you for sharing this. It means so much !

        1. Camila, I’m so sorry that you were/are going through this. I know how awful it can feel, as well as difficult to take care of yourself and get the things done that you need to do!
          Thank you so much for the recommendation of Gabby’s Meditation–I just found it and will utilize it for sure!
          Maybe with some time, things will calm down, and your side will be able to be heard. That’s what happened for me,, [however, the same character attacks started again, and I just can’t do it anymore…Now I’ve got to give some time before I’m able to speak to him…]

          In the meantime, make sure that you eat!, maybe some movies, or friends, or meditations, or other pleasures for yourself to take care…? Sending you lots of love and peace as well 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment.

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