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October Change – Written on 10/02/09

Hello my friends,

It’s with great pleasure that I write this newsletter. Fall is a magical time of year for me as it brings many reasons to celebrate. October 9th is my brother’s birthday. October 31st is my favorite holiday. And on November 1st I turn thirty!

Though these days are monumental there is one date in particular that shines light on my calendar. That date is today, October 2nd. This day represents change for me. Four years ago today I chose to change my perception of the world and myself. As a result, I experienced a quantum moment. In a quantum moment major life changes can occur overnight. These moments come to those who are truly open and in an instant you can shift your perception of who you are and what you are capable of. On October 2nd 2005, I chose to perceive myself differently and embrace a new way of being. I chose to forgive my past and kick my life into high gear. A voice inside me said, “Stop messing around girl. It’s time to become a woman. It’s time to play big.” In that holy instant I chose to release my fears and said out loud to whomever was listening, “bring it on.”

Since that October day in 2005 I’ve been riding the wave of my quantum shift. I’ve taken daily action to maintain this change. With commitment and faith I’ve shifted from perceiving myself as a frightened girl, to knowing myself as a passionate woman. I’ve fearlessly shown up for many Universal assignments throughout the shifting process, and its all been worth it. Creating change rules when you’re willing to show up for the party that is you.

Willingness will get you everywhere. A Course in Miracles teaches us that with the slightest willingness you will receive guidance. If you are willing to change, you too can experience a quantum moment. YOU have the infinite capacity to “play big” in ALL areas of your life. Show up for yourself. Show up for the world. Hiding from your greatness will get you nowhere. If you’re willing to change, I guarantee you’ll be guided.

If you’re ready to change in any area of your life I’m prepared to begin guiding you this month. I’ve dedicated my October lectures to the theme of change. On October 22, 2009, I will teach you how to access your own power to reinvent yourself and create a quantum moment. Then, on October 25, 2009 myself and Vinyasa Flow instructor Latham Thomas will help you further deepen that change with our Guided Meditation/Yoga workshop entitled “Let Change Flow.” To sign up for either or both of these events CLICK HERE ­

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