What Are Psychics Saying About 2020?

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Right now many, if not all of us, are feeling lost and struggling. We are super uncomfortable with plans for the future and have no idea what’s going on in the present. There is a lot of fear coming up.

But what can we do right now feel better? Well, we have two choices. We can numb out (possibly leading to destructive behavior) or we can realign with spiritual guidance. During this difficult time it’s important for you to remember, you’re not alone.

I feel very blessed to have some of the greatest spiritual mediums on speed dial. When crazy things happen in the world, I always call them for support. And I wanted to share their wisdom with you! So I reached out to a group of spiritual mediums I love and trust; asking them to share messages of hope and faith that might be coming through to provide us with some guidance at this time. I am excited to introduce you to John Holland, Rebecca Rosen, MaryAnn DiMarco and Melanie Milland—four awesome Psychic and Spiritual Mediums in the world today. When I’ve had moments of struggle, they have each provided positive messages and clear direction to help me through.

For those new to this, a psychic is someone that reads your aura. They are getting information from you—your past, your present, your potential future (because the future isn’t set in stone). Mediumship is different, the medium is talking to those on the other side and relaying that information to you. Psychics perceive, mediums receive.

While there may be a lot of fearful things coming through in this current climate, there’s a lot of positivity as well. Here’s the four lessons to help guide you, release your fear and live in love.



MaryAnn: Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have translated the messages from guides as a time for us to sit and pause. We are supposed to sit and be with ourselves right now—listen, and understand, and get back to self. I don’t mind slowing down. I think this was an amazing gift to receive—this slow pace. It helped me reassess, get back into a more positive space within myself. It keeps ego in check. What has channeled for others is to understand their own thought process and give back, to be more thoughtful within themselves and what they can give as their service, as their gift. So many people are asking me, “What is my service, MaryAnn? What am I supposed to be doing?” Because that anxious feeling of wanting to do something, not only with COVID, but through Black Lives Matter and everything that we’re seeing socially, people are on the edge of their seat wanting to give something back.

The timing is something that I give off to the universe. I surrender to time. This is a pivotal moment and a beautiful moment to really pay attention and to understand. I’ve been doing this meditation where I surround the world with a thousand angels and I put light into every continent, every person, every country, every illness, everything that we can do collectively.

If we can pay attention to that more and pick up on that pace, we can really make this moment a healing moment. So for me, it’s been about pausing, healing, giving, serving. These are the types of words that I’m hearing. Yes, people are going through anxiety, but they’re experiencing this because they really want to figure out how they can serve and heal themselves.

Selfish is not a bad word.

You have to take care of yourself first so that you can give to others. And people are really wanting to learn that right now—that’s been a repetitive theme for months.

Quote for Medium Roundup


Melanie: It’s not just the COVID experience, but also the Black Lives Matter experience that is coming though for me. I am black, I experience this all the time. What I’ve realized is that there’s so many people that want a change, and they’ve been wanting a change. There’s a lot of parts of me that need to be healed. And there’s a lot of things that are coming up for me.

When I bring awareness to what needs healing—bring light to it, forgive it and love it—that’s when change happens.

Pushing it down, staying busy and doing things that are meaningless isn’t going to help us. We need to stop avoiding. People are now realizing the things that are really important as well as the things that are meaningless. So we are starting to make this shift and become more aware of what matters—and act on it.

Melanie Millard Medium Quote

Gabby: Yes! When we’re forced to be still or when we have the space to really reflect, that’s when real change can happen. That has to start from within ourselves.

To have any form of activism in the world, we have to active a change within ourselves.

And that, for me, is a message I’ve been hearing over and over. It’s like, “Clean your world up so that you can help serve the world.”


Rebecca: We’re going through this ascension process and we’re supposed to be heading towards a more kind, loving way we show up in the world. We’ve been so overwhelmed and caught up, it’s been challenging to get back to that place of center and be an example for people around us. In my readings, I’ve heard over and over…soul contracts and soul purpose. People are really hungry to know why am I here and how can I serve? So I’ve been working to empower people to find that purpose and start giving. Because when you serve, you give, and you automatically shift out of that frequency of fear, negativity and all that frenetic energy back into your power—into that place of divine service.

Before we’re born, we were set up with our team of spirit guides. We were given a loose blueprint for our lives (aka a Soul Contract). We may be here to balance out karma or to be of service. Either way, we show up as teachers or students and grow and evolve our souls. This loose blueprint has certain events that are going to show up. When I do readings I’ll see ranges of ages. Today I had a reading and I said, “Are you between 62 and 64?” And she said, “Yes, I’m 64.” So I explained that when she turns 65, her whole life’s going to get easier because all the hard stuff has shown up before this. Now she’s supposed to move forward through grace and ease, not pain and struggle. And she said, “My birthday is tomorrow.” And I’m like, “Of course it is. You’re doing this now to celebrate you and all the hard work and heavy lifting that you’ve done.”

We have the ability to choose the path we take and the free will to co-create our lives. Certain things are destined to show up, but you have the free will and the power to choose.

Rebecca Rosen medium quote


John: When something of this magnitude happens, it’s a time of transformation. We shouldn’t look at it as a bad thing. For a lot of people that’s going to be a challenge. I asked a client once, “What did you learn from that relationship?” And she said, “What do you mean what I learned? It was a hardball relationship.” Then I kindly said, “Don’t you realize even the worst relationship can be the biggest spiritual change agent for you?” That’s exactly what we’re going through at this time.

We’re being forced to look at ourselves, our surroundings and shift our priorities.

We have to be there for others. I was in the supermarket recently and decided to purchase some sunflowers. In the checkout line an elderly woman commented on their beauty. In that moment, I knew I needed to serve. I bought them and immediately turned around and gave them to her. She teared up and I knew she needed them.

Maybe she went home and said, “You know what? Everything is going to be okay.” Little things can make a big difference.

John Holland Medium quote


I hope these messages served you greatly! What’s most important is that we know we’re not alone. Developing a spiritual relationship of your own understanding will offer you great support and guidance during these difficult times.

If you want more guidance from these mediums you can watch the entire sixty-minute interview inside my Miracle Membership.

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We closed our powerful interview with a prayer. This prayer is for everyone. For those who are sick and suffering, those who do not have the privilege of having had a spiritual awakening, those who may not have recognized within themselves their ability to connect to spirit, to feel held, to feel supported and to feel guided.

I hope this interview offered you guidance and hope. I send you off with love and ask that your spirit guides and angels make their presence known to you. In any moment you can call on spiritual guidance and you will always receive the messages that you need. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you feel supported at this time.

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  1. Dear Gabby,it is exactly as you say.
    After a while you start to move on the spiritual path, the help you need and messages you were hoping for begin to show up! And yes,you will know that it is a message to you because it’s going to be something ordinary and of extraordinary beauty meant just for you. You will ask yourself:is this a coincidence?Than you know the answer!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring messages. Thank you so very much! I really needed to listen to this.
    A huge hug
    Love and light to you

  3. Thank you for sharing this guidance. And thank you for the beautiful prayer / meditation. It was grounding and inclusive xx

  4. ‘Service will change your brain’ really spoke to me. I’ve been working with a lot of people who feel lost right now. Although this year has been unsettling it has also provided me with so much clarity serving those around me. I have been taking inspired messy action for years but now I am taking intentional aligned action. Thank you for brining these words of wisdom to us.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing and reaching out to us. Needed more than you will ever know. You are just awesome !!!❤️

  6. Beautiful and relevant. During these times i am ever so grateful for my awakening. I pray everyone reaches there in this life for everyone deserves release and peace.
    Smeeta from UK

  7. Thank you for this. I needed this prayer today. I live in Portland OR and lost my job due to the unrest 2 months ago. I had only had the job for 9 days. I had left a stable job that I had stayed in for convenience but that was crushing my spirit. I was very nervous to make a leap downtown during the time of unrest but my gut was telling me it was the right thing. So when I lost the job in only 9 days I was crushed and in shock. I remember leaving with my stuff in tears standing in front of the 3 elevators that led down from my 1th floor. I stood waiting seeing 11 11 11 on each elevator and it set a little alarm inside me. Attention, all is well. Two months later I am working in a much better job that I would never have received had I not leaped with faith out of the soul crushing mundane job. I am finding my new job challenging in a great ways, as it is entirely different from the job I previously worked in health care and involves public speaking which I know I am meant to do. I am speaking to a government institution audience this week addressing safety during this Pandemic. I am aware of the little voice that says I am not good enough and can’t do it and continue to say back ” There was a time that I believed you and I don’t anymore.” Gabby, your book Universe Has Got Your Back saved my ass 3 years ago. I think what you do is remarkable and inspiring. I opened my email today to see this Blog and skimmed through fast with little time. I played the Prayer. Amen and So IT IS! I felt this and needed this support today. Thank you t all of you. Your wonderful intentions and prayer. I am always supported and love my divine team of support.

  8. Now I want to buy sunflowers for everyone ❤️ I’m going through the grief of losing my young adult son. This was helpful. I thought, I will join a friend and volunteer to help at a horse barn. Thank you all for your contributions. I too will meditate on bringing my light into the world where healing is needed.

  9. Thank you, Gabby. I really needed this today. It has really help me re-center. You are making a difference in this world!

  10. Thank you for such loving messages
    I’ve been told now a numerous times (by tarot masters among others) that I have a curse or a bad carnaited thing on my aura keeping me down.
    And after read your post I wonder if you know how I can get rid of it or heal it or both. Ansestery healing? Or spell fixing?
    I have 2 daughters who can see auras but the oldest don’t want to see and the youngest are too young to understand what she is seeing
    My self, I am a healer of some sort. I make people feel better. Inside, emotionally. And I make people get along. I don’t know how I do it. I just noticed because I see a pattern after my 40 years here. I think I was one of those indigo children. I just put 2 and 2 together just resently when I remembered my child telling me my aura (like purpleblue) 7 years ago and like 2 weeks ago when I read about indigo.
    I know now I have green yellow aura, and I’ve been in trouble lately. In to drinking and very problematic life. But I don’t know the mening of these colours.. And I don’t know where I’m stuck. I just know I’m drained and manifesting bad things… It wasn’t always like this. But somehow this has become my new paradigm aftar living it for so many years.
    Can you see why or recommend me a treat?
    My best regards

    1. Hi Kajsa,
      First you may want take a look at a couple of Gabby’s additional blog posts around angels and guides:

      I think you will also find this passage from Gabby’s book Super Attractor helpful:
      “Being willing to connect with your spirit guides opens the door to guidance, but you want to be conscious not to leave the door wide open for any guide to step in. Think about it like this: You’re throwing a party and you want only the most positive and loving people to show up. Therefore, you make a guest list and are sure not to invite anyone who doesn’t support you.

      Similarly, welcoming your guides into your consciousness requires an invitation. If you’re not clear about the type of guides you’re willing to connect to, then it’s possible to attract lower-vibration beings that do not serve your highest good. You decide who you want to invite to the party that is you. My medium mentors have taught me that the best way to begin connecting to our guides is to recite a prayer. One I commonly say is, Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know.”

      Finally, I also suggest checking out Rebecca Rosen’s book Spirited, as well as MaryAnn DiMarco’s book, Believe, Ask, Act.


  11. I love this, really resonated with me! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful guidance!

  12. Thank you so much. I am a spiritual person since I was a teenager. I constantly want to keep growing and evolving. This year was a tough year for all of us and our planet. Also, I was diagnosed with cancer, primary myelofibrosis a rare blood disease. I discovered you on January 1st and did your meditation and challenged. While in the hospital getting a several biopsies, a bone marrow transplant (would be my cure) besides my daily prayers I did your challenges in your book as well. I kept a journal. I listened to different healing music as well. Reading your book while a month in the hospital has helped me get through all the challenges fears and pain. Along with my spiritual guides and angels. Today I am cancer free alleluiah I am so grateful I found you in my search for healing. You are a big part of my healing process and everyday I meditated and still do with your healing meditation #7 which is my number. And other great ones. Thank you Gabby for all the beautiful gifts you share with us for being my teacher and for all the love you give. love and light, Vaitiare

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Vaitiare. So glad to hear that you are cancer free! We’re celebrating this miracle moment with you and we’re so glad that Gabby’s work has served you. May you continue to be guided to the right and perfect resources to support you on your healing journey! xoxo

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