Practice What You Teach

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Hi Spirit Junkies!
This video is for anyone carrying an inspirational message. The goal of this vlog is to remind you to always practice what you teach. If you’re teaching gratitude, BE GRATEFUL. If you’re teaching compassion, BE COMPASSIONATE. If you’re teaching forgiveness, PRACTICE THE F WORD. Walk your talk:)

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  1. This is a great message Gabby. 🙂 I’ve been in a very transitional place right now and I’ll be working through my own program which is something I created to be usable over and over again for my audience. Definitely learning from my own words and walking my walk. You inspire me! xo

  2. You speak the truth… I Love your message and energy. Most definitely adding more ~ing to my LIFE.

    Peace and Angel Blessings,


  3. Hey, Gabby! Thanks for today’s message! It is a great reminder to me that I will be a better coach, partner, parent, friend, student when I prioritize my self-care and learning.

    I have seen how when I am in the flow with my own practice, things just happen. Opportunities to serve come to me, people share their good news with me, and I feel more connected. It still takes mindfulness for me to be in that place, and that’s great!


  4. It is so easy to get SO excited about all I’m learning that I just want to go out and tell everyone. But I am holding myself back and biting my tongue. While I’ve seen a lot of changes, I still have a long way to go. Thanks for the reminder to keep centered and keep practicing.

  5. Great message Gabby!! I just went over this in Bible Study over the weekend…how to be a good role model..and you have to basically lead by example. Would you want someone looking up to you if you did something other than what you preached? The person you are at home alone is the person you should be around others! I’ve been having a huge spiritual shift over te past year and it’s really crazy that I just spoke about this topic over the weekend and it’s here again! Happy Monday!!! Xoxo

  6. Gabby thanks for the Divine reminder and guidance! Your message truly inspires me to delve deeper into my own spiritual work as a spirit junkie. Thanks for the message.

    Much love,

  7. Gabby…You have a great way on capturing an audience with your wonderful way with words! Adding more ‘ing everyday and listening to your daily messages has helped me regain focus again! Taking baby steps each day to regain a quality of life and stand by everything I beleive in while becoming a Sprit Junkie 🙂 Can’t wait to get to one of your lectures in NYC, THANK YOU and I sending all my friends your way ! You’re amazing!

  8. This was such a nice complement to something my ~ing taught me this weekend. I kept thinking “I know the right way to live, you should be that way too” with some people in my life, and I really needed to refocus on living the way I know is right so that others can meet me in that place instead of just lecturing them and not being fully committed to it myself. I love the reinforcement today to remind me to do the things for others that I want them to do (for themselves and me). xoxo

  9. Love it !!!!! For sone reason this hits home better than practice what you preach hahah i like teach better ! 🙂

  10. This is such as empowering message – that it all begins with us and being tapped into our authenticity. I will take this with me into the future as I work towards my dreams!

  11. Gabby,
    Beautiful! This totally resonates with me. I find when I am not practicing my own uplifting practice of creating art, I truly feel lacking in my authenticity. I feel disconnected and totally YUCKY! When I am totally immersed in my practice of creating, my classroom (yes, an actual art room) and my mind is at peace. Thanks so much for this post…I love it and it totally validates how I had been feeling! love ya!

  12. Thanks Gaby, this is a timely message, earlier this week I didn’t walk my talk. I reflected on it and spoke to the person involved. I was forgiven and your vlog reinforces how impoertant this is. thank you x

  13. Great reminder for me this week, Gabby! I’m actually in the middle of a 7-day juice fast right now, and part of doing the fast for me has been taking it easy, which I really haven’t done in a long while. During this time, I really want to reconnect with the tenets I teach to others and make sure that I am soaking up all the goodness, as well. I know that practicing what I preach only makes me a better teacher, so great message to share with all of us!

  14. Dearest Gabby, I’ve just finished your ING book, which has led me to this Vlog, and I gotta shout out a massive THANK YOU for your work! I’ve been searching for this information for so many years, and here it is, wrapped in this candy of a book and meditations. Can’t wait to read the next and the next! You’ve rocked my world, girl!!

  15. Funny how things come together. Today I published my first blog!! I had been wanting to do it for months and I finally did it. Once it was published I thought how am I gonna get people to read it. Later I check my emails and decide to check out this vlog! wow what timing! lol! love it when the universe sends messages loud and clear. Thank you Gabby!

  16. “…make sure YOU are listening to you.” So powerful. Thank you Gabby. I recently took a huge step towards my own personal healing. I knew it may mean my career and influence on others was slowed for a time but something in me told me if I wanted to heal others I needed to heal myself. Your Vlog has confirmed exactly what my ~ing has been telling me, as always 🙂 Thank you!


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