Practicing Noninterference: How to Get Out of the Way and Let the Universe Support You!

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I’ve heard from so many people who are reading The Universe Has Your Back. I’m so happy it’s in your hands. It makes me so happy to know that the book is out there, serving you and supporting you.

One of the lessons throughout the book as you start to embark on the journey is to be in the practice of noninterference.

Watch the video below and keep reading for further guidance.

What does it mean to practice noninterference?

When you practice noninterference, you start to allow your relationship with the Universe to grow and expand as you feel the synchronicity of love around you. You feel the support of a presence that you may not have ever felt before.

In this practice you learn how to get out of the way as often as possible and not interfere with the natural order.

We need to get out of the way

Often we want to get all in the mix of what’s going on and try to control outcomes. When do we do this, we actually block the support of the Universe.

There is a lesson in The Universe Has Your Back that says: Pay attention to noninterference. Notice how your day shifts when you commit to love. A Course in Miracles says: You need not do anything. You don’t need to “work” miracles or “make” anything happen. You merely align with your true love nature and allow your eyes to see what you desire.

The Course teaches that miracles are habits and they are involuntary.

We want to get into the habit of simply being in the presence of love and joy. We want to allow, witness, surrender and practice noninterference.

This is going to be hard for all you control freaks out there. And I’m one of you! I want to be in everything and know all the details. But there’s a time to slow down, sit back and trust. Rely on the Universe to work through other people so you can be supported. And trust that as you surrender more, more can be revealed.

Rely on the support of the Universe

In any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation and stillness. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWe don’t need to do anything other than be receptive to the guidance that comes. This relaxed relationship with the Universe gives us a chance to be at peace. Whenever we forget our peaceful nature we can ask the Universe to remind us what is real.

So practice noninterference as you read The Universe Has Your Back and in your daily life once you finish the book. Get out of the way and let the Universe support you!

Use the tools and lessons, create that connection and then get out of the way. See what unfolds. Let the miracles happen naturally.

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  2. I’ve been following you and The Course for a few years. Your books, videos, etc. have helped & inspired me tremendously! Reading The universe Has Your Back has truly given me exactly what I need to allow myself to be guided and not interfere! I’m a fellow control freak so I have to remind myself often but at least I’m practicing it consistently. Thank you you for your guidance XOXO Have a blessed 2017!

  3. I cannot tell you how perfect this message is for me today. About a week and a half ago, I had a conversation with the universe where I basically said “I’m done fighting whoever I’m supposed to be. Things are up to you now.” Two days later, I was unexpectedly laid off from a job that had become very toxic for me. As you can imagine, such a situation inspires some fear and uncertainty, even though I know it was the absolute right thing for me. I’m about two days from launching a kickstarter to write life visions for people, something that my rational brain still sort of balks at. This message was super-reassuring to me in a time where I’m working very hard not to revert to fear. And to think, all I needed to do was check my e-mail. That sly universe, always coming through in a pinch if we let it 🙂

  4. Thank you Gabby for such an important “universe” lesson. I am definitely a control freak! I have a PhD in engineering so naturally I tend to be very analytics about everything and I micro-analyze life. But running my own fashion business (switched my career path to align with my passion for fashion and empowering short/petite women), I have found that whenever I let go of overthinking or over worrying the outcomes of my marketing effort, the more satisfied I am with the results, even if the results don’t always end up with mathematically appealing returns. But it makes me feel that I have served someone and that makes me feel like I am on the right path. So thank you so much for this important reminder and practice of non-interference. I have been sharing your book and videos with friends who I know are ready for a major shift in life. SatNam! Stephanie –

  5. Hi Gabby,

    Love your work, I can feel it coming from the heart and being real. It really touches me when I listen or read your books. As I am starting on the spiritual and entrepreneurial path, it is a tough but rewarding journey. It is so much easier to have a role model and guide such as yourself. Please keep your work going.

    Lots of love xoxoxo


    PS. are you going to offer a course in marketing for women in the spiritual entrepreneur space? I feel like it is really needed and would love to learn from you as I am self-publishing my first book.

  6. i have been stepping back and opening myself to guidance. Sometimes it feels like I’m just sitting around and not going anywhere. I trust, I surrender but I’m not seeing the guidance. Any suggestions on removing these blocks?

  7. Thankyou Gabby! I have been reading and following you for some time now and your teachings have played a huge part with helping me to accept fear. I started a company last year ( I hope you recieved the tank I sent you) our message is to get outta your head and into your heart. We are bringing this message into schools, communities and workshops to promote mental wellness. It’s been amazing and your work has inspired me to do this purposeful work. Peace and Love -Sally

  8. LOVING me some TUHYB! I’ve studied The Course Of Miracles in the past, but today I am enjoying it and needing it in your venacular. I’m newly sober and this book is helping me deal with a trying boss as well as Recovery. I am so grateful I am sharing it with other addicts as well as my 3 adult children. It has opened great dialogue between us all. Encouraging one another with our “break throughs” because of this book. It’s awesome! We are so blessed. Thank you!

  9. Gabby, your message today is spot-on timing! It totally confirms what the Universe has been telling me. I recently involved MYSELF in a situation unnecessarily, because “I knew for sure” how the Universe was going to manifest something. Needless to say, it was a big let-down and sent me into a temporary tailspin. It’s so subtle how I keep trying to control everything! Anyway, I’m on-board now with practicing noninterference, trust, and surrender.

    BTW, things really started rockin in my life when I started reading your book. Actual, real stuff started happening! I’ve already sent 3 copies of “The Universe Has Your Back” to various family and friends. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  10. My husband and I are trying to buy a house in a very competitive market and with the practice of non interference I believe we will end up in exactly the perfect home. This is the type of situationist in the past where I tended to be over controlling and could potential sabotage the best outcome for us. It has been amazing to be a witness to the potential chaos then consciously choosing to settle in and practice non interference. Through meditation and non interference I have experienced peace with loosing what in one moment seeemed to be our dream home especially when things don’t seem fair or make sense. Having faith that this will all work out if I step aside and allow the universe to guide us. Hopefully our perfect house will find us soon. I will continue to be patient and follow my intuition as the universe works with us xo.

    1. I love this so much! You and I have very similar house hunting stories 🙂 Trust that the right home is on its way to you! xo


  12. Love your book Gabby – bought it on audio and listened to it many times over I find this particular process challenging/confusing because I’m never sure where my desire to own my life and make changes happen needs to take a backseat to Universal guidance. Do you have a view on this? How do we know when to step up and take action and also when to let go? Thanks so much

  13. Really love your book Gabby, thank you! Recently I asked the Universe for help with my health and not long after I ‘stumbled’ across a book advocating a vegan diet… Only a couple days in and I feel amazing! The Universe sure does have our backs 😉 xo

  14. So into…allowing, oars down; “light leaders!” . My inner self continues to change, hopefully evolve in positive ripples–for self & others! I love ❤️ learning as part of humanity, worldwide. At Christ Church, my family and I sat down front–mesmerized and intrigued and absorbed in your mindfulness, teachings, and shared real life experiences, Gabby!
    So appreciate all you offer!

  15. Awesome advice Girlfriend! You remind me to be still, to truly allow myself the confert of ” there is nothing more i need to do, then to love ” thanks babe, gift of the gab. I am in an amazing place with my life, I am in Love with my entire experience of life, I am not alone because I now know the Universe is right with me, thank you.

  16. Been on my spiritual journey and practice since end of last year, I listened to your book again last week and so much more sunk in the second time round, love this book Gabby – a masterpiece 🙂 x

    1. 🙂 I love that you can read the same book over and over again and get new messages every time! This happens to me too xo

  17. Maybe it’s just me, but I am not clear on how to practice noninterference. Do I need to read the book to understand?

  18. Thank you for reminding me and helping me to remember to ask the Universe for support and help and to remind me of what is real. Sending love.

  19. What about wanting to consciously manifest positive things in your life through your own conscious use of affirmations paired with feeling good? Like Abraham Hicks, and Tony Robbins talk about? Isn’t that CONSCIOUSLY interfering, (especially when you’re not feeling so good, and are trying to counteract negative feelings/thoughts?)

    1. It’s so powerful to work on consciously manifesting positive thoughts in your life 🙂 This work is all about tuning into a positive and expansive frequency; the more you practice positive perception, the more it will become your natural way of thinking. It allows you to look out for universal signs and opportunities with an open mind, helping you to be guided to the next right action. This is especially helpful with negative thoughts or feelings xo

  20. Recently, we lost a large client made up 75% of our small business revenue. Should I implement this practice of noninterference? I need things to happen. People are relying on me. How do you differentiate noninterference with the action that the universe wants you take?

  21. I asked the Universe for a sign this morning after meditation. I reiterated that I knew the Universe had my back.
    Scrolling through my mail I came upon your talk about non-interference. Taking that as a sign! Thanks, Gabby.

  22. may I ask…and I am guilty as charged …but work on it and feel growing better at trust and stepping out of way..but may I ask..even in personal relationships, gf’s….when you find you are always looking at yourself to see where is my role in this friction…and you openly own it….how do you just let it go and step out of the way..when the other persons don’t even want to consider….my control comes in here I guess with wanting to be open and discuss where both of us have contributed to the friction….but if the other person isn’t willing……makes you wrong no matter what……..send love? and just step aside? thanks so …..”I focus on the love that is around me and I expect miracles” #TUHYB by GB

    1. Wow! This is the exact same issue I am facing in my relationship. It is hard for me to “take full fault” when I want to discuss how we both contributed to the friction. I always end up choosing love and end up “taking it”. In my mind I feel that this is the right answer, however sometimes I feel as though I am giving up, or being a pushover. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

    2. Yes. This is difficult. Being loving—unconditional love—sometimes requires that I detach. Detach from the “other” person. When I see my dreams in glimpses…and I surrender…I feel aligned and on my journey. I am required to act—step into my dreams… and sometimes the “other person” is not willing to expand. So, let go. Go on. If they show up to meet me, or not, then I know whether they are part of my journey—their choice, not mine. And my choice is whether or not to thrive in the experiences I desire, or not… and I choose not to give up on me.

      Follow your heart and see who shows up. Carry on.

    3. Lisbeth!
      I hearT you for asking this. It is my daily struggle to stay in relationships in which I am the only person interested in spiritually healing and expanding. I am still so new to this but my experience is that some of my historical and even more casual relationships start to melt away. Asia they don’t fit anymore. It felt too one sided and then it feels lonely because we don’t connect in ways that used to work for me before I started my journey. I know this is meant to bring us closer, this process, but it only seems to do so in those relations where each of us is open to expansion.

      I will keep checking in here. Please feel free to visit me at my site. I think there are so many conversations to have. I feel like the process has left me fertile and barren for new and better relations. I have found the love of my life in my boyfriend whom 5 years ago I would never have considered. He is a spiritual giant without even knowing it. And on my less spiritually fit days, I wish for him to be taller, thinner, have more money and cooler shit. But we are so close and compatible and kindness and expansion are our shared values. We laugh a lot and I have never doubted my worth in his presence. Ok…enough for now!

  23. Hi, I just adore you and I love your book. Caring and compassion radiate from you and I am so lost because I know that is my calling to, to radiate compassion for others, but can’t find my way just yet. Love your book! Getting connected again.
    Thank you!

    1. You’re on your way 🙂 Practice self compassion and pray for others and you will start to see a big change!

  24. Hi Gabby.. my husband and I have read your book together, did the exercises, practiced the mediations and said the prayers – together. My husband suffers from anxiety and as a contract worker in the web design business, he is often thrown into new environments where he doubts his abilities. He becomes very anxious and I have to remind him to breath. He is working hard at letting things go and trusting the Universe, but is there a simple mantra he can say that would bring him right back into the moment and give him the confidence he needs to have a more positive experience? Thank you.

  25. Noninterference is the key to being touched for the Greater Good from Spirit. I was born a spiritual medium and learned early in life that the Universe will nudge and suggest a path…which very often means us changing our personal navigation! Thank you for all you share Gabby!

  26. I understand this, but then how do I keep my goal to have a healing business? I have a regular job, so if I just go about my day doing what I normally do, I will get what I normally get….a normal day job. Yes, it is ALSO a healing job, but I would like to expand what I do outside of that job. Where is the balance between go for our dreams and doing “nothing”?

  27. I just wanted to tell you my spiritual journey began last year and your book was a HUGE turning point for me. My connection with the universe gets better every day, thankyou so much x

  28. I have been practicing Kundalini for over 15 years and finally sharing it with my world of bankers. Recently someone told me about you and I am LOVING your work. You are engaging people in the NOW and there is a lot of POWER in it. KEEP SHINNING! Satnam

      1. Hi Gabby,
        I posted a comment which I thought was full of love and kindness, but I noticed it was removed or something. Did you take it down? Did I say something wrong?

    1. Yay! And this NYCbanker is thankful for that! Keep sharing with us, we are so often Type O as in Oblivious! And we need more Universe and Kundalini in our lives. A friend just asked me to go to Kundalini in the city with her this weekend – I can’t wait! xx

  29. This is such a great reminder. I struggle with this a great deal and it seems very paradoxical to me at times. I guess its just unclear to me as to when it is healthy to make decisions and take actions to improve your circumstances and your life and when you need to take your hands off the wheel… any input is welcome!

  30. Thank you so much Gabby for writing this awesome book. I’m a very sensitive person in many ways and I believe that i am working as an instrument through the divine wisdom. I felt very guided and aligned with the Universe while reading your book. The tool of Holy Triangle is a great way to consciously allow my ego to step aside so the Universe can do her thing. I’ve been sending your book as gifts to my friends as well and I hope they can benefit from your teaching as well! Hope to meet you in person one day in the near future! Much love (from Taipei, Taiwan), SatNam. Wish you the best for the coming Chinese New Year of Fire Phoenix!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the love 🙂 You are such a lightworker. I hope to see you soon too! xo

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