Practicing Noninterference: How to Get Out of the Way and Let the Universe Support You!

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I’ve heard from so many people who are reading The Universe Has Your Back. I’m so happy it’s in your hands. It makes me so happy to know that the book is out there, serving you and supporting you.

One of the lessons throughout the book as you start to embark on the journey is to be in the practice of noninterference.

Watch the video below and keep reading for further guidance.

What does it mean to practice noninterference?

When you practice noninterference, you start to allow your relationship with the Universe to grow and expand as you feel the synchronicity of love around you. You feel the support of a presence that you may not have ever felt before.

In this practice you learn how to get out of the way as often as possible and not interfere with the natural order.

We need to get out of the way

Often we want to get all in the mix of what’s going on and try to control outcomes. When do we do this, we actually block the support of the Universe.

There is a lesson in The Universe Has Your Back that says: Pay attention to noninterference. Notice how your day shifts when you commit to love. A Course in Miracles says: You need not do anything. You don’t need to “work” miracles or “make” anything happen. You merely align with your true love nature and allow your eyes to see what you desire.

The Course teaches that miracles are habits and they are involuntary.

We want to get into the habit of simply being in the presence of love and joy. We want to allow, witness, surrender and practice noninterference.

This is going to be hard for all you control freaks out there. And I’m one of you! I want to be in everything and know all the details. But there’s a time to slow down, sit back and trust. Rely on the Universe to work through other people so you can be supported. And trust that as you surrender more, more can be revealed.

Rely on the support of the Universe

In any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation and stillness. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWe don’t need to do anything other than be receptive to the guidance that comes. This relaxed relationship with the Universe gives us a chance to be at peace. Whenever we forget our peaceful nature we can ask the Universe to remind us what is real.

So practice noninterference as you read The Universe Has Your Back and in your daily life once you finish the book. Get out of the way and let the Universe support you!

Use the tools and lessons, create that connection and then get out of the way. See what unfolds. Let the miracles happen naturally.

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