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how to stop procrastinating

Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this … but I never wanted to host a podcast! (Spoiler alert: I’m glad I did. I am so proud of today’s episode on procrastinating!)

For years, my agents, my team, and even my mom would say to me, “Gabby, you should totally start a show! You LOVE talking!”

Yep, I do.

And that was the problem. 

I thought I would be one of those annoying podcast hosts who just talks over their guests, not letting them get a word in edgewise.

But then, one of my agents helped me bust through my resistance. 

 “Gabby, let’s be real,” he said. “A good podcast is just a good conversation. It’s like the juiciest talk you’ve ever eavesdropped on during a train ride.” 

THAT’s when I got it.

Good conversation, I can DO — and I can do it with joy! So I called up my friend Fearne Cotton, recorded the first Big Talk episode of Dear Gabby … and the rest is history. 

Now here we are, 38 freaking life-changing episodes later, and I cannot imagine my life without this incredible creative outlet.

I cherish this weekly opportunity to connect with all of you. 

What the heck took me so long!?

what’s your procrastination story? 

What are you procrastinating doing that could bring you a sigh of relief, create more joy in your life, or open YOU up to creative possibilities? 

Whatever it is, I’m going to help you tackle it with joy and ease — TODAY!

NO more procrastinating, my friend! You’re going to learn how to stop procrastinating! Isn’t that exciting?!

Let’s check off your to-do list together on this episode of Dear Gabby

^^This may overwhelm you. You may be thinking, “No thanks, Gabby, I’d rather relax and enjoy my morning smoothie than file that paperwork, book that checkup, or [insert any other action item you’re sooooo not looking forward to].”

I get it. But, don’t stop reading. 

bust through blocks & get sh*& done!

Trust me: There’s a reason you’ve been procrastinating certain tasks, and today’s Dear Gabby episode will help you bust through all your blocks to getting sh*t done.

>>>Let me give you my step-by-step guide to powerful productivity. 

in today’s episode, you’ll learn:
  • The hidden fear that keeps us stuck in procrastination—and how to overcome it
  • The only goal you need to set for yourself every single day (this will make you so much more productive … and more joyful!) 
  • How to take the pressure off and make it FUN to work through your to-do list 
  • How to stop sweeping things under the rug, and broach difficult conversations with grace (<– this is something we ALL put off)
  • How to ignite your Super Attractor energy and start manifesting your desires with ease!  

achieve success

I’ll also share the one thing you can do TODAY to start creating miraculous changes in your life. This is such a powerful technique, and I’ll explain it step-by-step on today’s Dear Gabby. 

For now, here are your CliffsNotes:


pick an action

Pick one small action you can take right now that will move you closer to finishing whatever it is you’ve been putting off.


have fun

After you’ve chosen your action, have fun with it. Really lean into the spirit of joy. This will give you a major boost of momentum.


do it daily

Take your small action daily for 40 days. 


keep me posted

And … let me know how it goes! In your Dear Gabby reviews, keep me posted on your progress. 

before you know it, you’ll learn how to stop procrastinating and start creating

make creation a success

Creation — not procrastination — will be your new habit. 

Even if you’ve been a big-time procrastinator in the past, don’t sweat it. The part of us that wants to procrastinate is really just there to protect us. We think that by putting something off, we can avoid feelings of disappointment if that thing doesn’t turn out as planned. 

Actually, when we deny ourselves the chance to take action on our desires, we miss the miracle.


So let today be your turning point. 

And if you need any more encouragement to take action on your desires, I can HOOK YOU UP, my friend.

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