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dear gabby #74 jul 25, 2022 emotional wellbeing

dear gabby, how do i handle the fear of the world?

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Days before the war broke out in Ukraine, a young woman messaged me. “Gabby, I live in Kiev,” she wrote. “I need a prayer right now,” 

The moment I received that message, I felt the spirit of my grandmother by my side. I could hear her whispering into my ear, Help this girl. 

My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. And the people who helped her survive are the reason I’m here today. 

Really take that in: An entire generation of my family exists because people helped just one individual—my grandmother! 

the ripple of kindness

In the face of tragedy, destruction and international crises, it’s easy to feel powerless. But in these times, I just remember my grandmother’s story. I remember that kindness has a ripple effect.

I remember that kindness is my origin story.  


So my feeling is this: If I can help one life, then I’ve done my job. And I want to empower you with the same feeling of hope today. 

Whether you want to help someone who’s struggling through a crisis or help yourself feel more resilient, today’s Dear Gabby is for you. 

This episode is very special. When Polish psychologist Joanna Chmura asked me to appear on her podcast, I was thrilled to accept the invitation. I couldn’t wait to speak to the people of Eastern Europe—and I felt an instant connection with Joanna.  

“I can’t wait to be your friend after this,” I told her as the podcast wrapped. Not only does Joanna look like an angel, but there’s an angelic presence coursing through her. 

She’s someone who’s clearly working with Spirit to bring messages of hope and spiritual resilience to the world. And I wanted to bring those messages to you! 

So on Dear Gabby today, I’m sharing my interview from Joanna’s Story to Tell podcast. If you need a massive injection of hope, this is it!

listen to this episode to learn:
  • How to take care of yourself in times of crisis (and why this is the least selfish thing you can do)  
  • A MAJOR spiritual lesson I learned from my kittens 
  • A mindset shift that will keep you connected to hope … no matter what 
  • The eight qualities you can tap into to become your highest self (these qualities are present in all of us) 
  • The four techniques I use to tame anxiety on the spot

the desire to heal

I want you to remember this: In times of crisis, we start to connect to people we never would have connected to before. 

pretenses dissolve, boundaries dissolve, and the unified desire to heal becomes a stronger force between people

When 9-11 happened in the United States, I lived in downtown Manhattan. As I walked around the city streets in the aftermath of that horrific event, I knew that I had a choice.

the lens of humanity

I could have walked around looking through the lens of fear. The fear was there, of course—but I worked through it. And I chose to see through the lens of humanity instead. 

Looking at the world in this way, I was able to witness humanity in its greatness. I witnessed people who never would have communicated before having loving conversations. I  witnessed cab drivers pick homeless people up off the street and drive them uptown.

After witnessing people in their full, true humanity, I vowed to stay in that vision forever. This has been a cornerstone of my spiritual practice, and this view of the world has helped me feel more resilient and full of hope … no matter what’s going on in the world. How different would your life be if you committed to seeing the world through the lens of humanity? I hope you give it a try—if only for a day! And this Dear Gabby will inspire you to stay in that vision.

feel more resilient

Joanna asked me a beautiful question as we were wrapping up our interview. “Gabby,” she said, “how can we speak to people in crisis when we don’t have any answers for them?” 

My answer: the eight C’s. 

The eight C’s, which I write about in my new book, Happy Days, are the qualities we can tap into to become the highest version of ourselves. (This is also known as Self, with a capital S.) 

Those qualities are compassion, curiosity, calmness, connectedness, creativity, courage, clarity and confidence. When you meet anyone while embodying those qualities, you will support them. It’s not what you say; it’s how you show up. Your presence is your power. And I hope this episode of Dear Gabby helps you tap into your presence.

get more gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode. 

  • Joanna Chmura is a psychologist who names courage as her speciality. Through her individual and group counseling services—and through her Story to Tell podcast—Joanna gives people the support they need to lead courageous lives. You can learn more about my extraordinary new friend here
  • In this episode of Dear Gabby, I reference two of my books. The Universe Has Your Back is about transforming fear into faith, and it couldn’t be more relevant for today’s topic.
  • Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace is for anyone who’s ready to do some deeper work to liberate themselves from trauma. This book delves more into the eight qualities of Self that I touch upon in this episode. 
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