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We all want to learn how to be more productive, and years ago, I thought endless hustling was the only way! But I’m here to tell you that there is a whole other way to be. 

There’s a way of life that allows you to accomplish everything you want while feeling expansive, peaceful and as if you have unlimited time. 

But it took me a while to believe that. 

I used to overwork to the point of exhaustion. My health was suffering, my relationships were suffering. And frankly, even though I was doing great work in the outside world, on the inside I was burned the f— out. 

You see, there was a part of me that believed I had to hustle and push myself to be successful. This part of me was running the show, showing up for every work meeting, every book launch and even in my personal relationships. 

Now? That part of me is on a beach somewhere! Imagine her sipping a nonalcoholic piña colada and taking a well-deserved break. She knows that hustling isn’t the way to be more productive. 

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How did I go from living in a state of chronic stress to being THIS ^^ chill? 

Here’s how.

marie doesn’t do overwhelm

My friend Marie Forleo, who’s my guest on today’s Dear Gabby, has a similar story of transitioning from burnout to joy and expansion. (You may know Marie as the host of Marie TV, or as the founder of the incredible digital Time Genius course … more on that later!) 

Back in 2020, Marie’s doctor looked at her one day after reading her lab results. “Wow, Marie,” the doc said. “I can’t believe you can get out of bed in the morning.” Marie’s adrenals were completely out of whack!

You see, Marie had an internal belief system that she had to push herself, hustle hard and completely burn out in order to keep her successful business afloat. 

Then she had an epiphany that completely changed her perspective on how to be productive. That epiphany arrived in the form of four words, which felt like a divine download. 

I don’t do overwhelm.

—Marie Forleo

After making that her mantra, Marie learned how to make her time work for her. She reclaimed her joy and her health. And she saw her productivity soar … even though she was taking more time off to just “relish in the white space” on her calendar. 

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Gabby Bernstein and Marie Forleo

Marie and I aren’t the only ones who have pushed ourselves to the point of burnout, believing that this is how to be productive. 

As Marie says in today’s Dear Gabby, “If you struggle with burnout, overwhelm or overwork— or if you have this feeling that you can’t ever stop and you feel guilty when you do—it’s not your fault. You’re not broken, and you’re certainly not weak. You’ve just inherited this very broken and dysfunctional philosophy around time.” 

But you can change your philosophy about time, starting today. 

in this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why two words — “I don’t” — are so effective in changing habits and resisting temptations (There’s science to back this up!)
  • How to become more conscious of your beliefs around time … and how to shift those beliefs so you feel less overwhelmed and more inspired
  • The #1 thing that holds you back from being productive, even if you’re the most organized person you know 
  • How to use Marie’s 85 Percent Rule to become more productive (and WAY more relaxed) at work 
the paradigm of time

Learning to manage your time, bust through burnout and reclaim your joy isn’t just something that takes place in the physical world. 

It’s actually a very spiritual practice! 

To learn how to be productive in a way that really serves you, you have to look within, get very clear on your beliefs about time and productivity and become willing to shift those beliefs. 

And with this willingness, you can open yourself up to embrace what Marie calls “the new paradigm of time.” 

When you live in this new paradigm, you are a time genius! There’s more space in your calendar to do everything you want to do … and you have the energy to do it! You’re kinder to yourself. You’re sleeping well. And you feel more connected to joy and inspiration.

My Big Talk with Marie Forleo will change your relationship with time and give you a brand new understanding of how to be productive. I can’t wait for you to listen!

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