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Before she became the digital marketing diva she is today, Amy Porterfield was rocking out content for Tony Robbins. And though she’s the first to admit that she had a pretty cool boss, Amy’s deepest desire was to work for herself. I relate to this in such a major way. 

When I was 22 and running my first PR business, I used to carry a book that was called (and I kid you not) How to Make a Living Without a Job. It’s not that I didn’t want to work—I had a deep desire to teach, even back then. It’s just that I wanted to feel limitless in what I could achieve. And I didn’t want any cubicle, boss or glass ceiling to contain me. 

If you’re a Dear Gabby listener, it’s likely that you crave freedom and abundance too. But it’s easy to get tripped up on that when it comes to your career. I’ve seen so many of my friends and students struggle with the same limited thinking. Who am I to start a business? So-and-so has already done it, why should I? And the biggie: What skills do I have that someone would PAY for? Do these mantras sound familiar? Good. It means you’re on the right track. 

bust through blocks to financial freedom

recent poll from job site found that 95 percent of respondents were considering leaving their jobs. Moments of doubt can be your greatest teachers. So if you’ve found yourself at your desk lately, thinking, “This isn’t working,” then congratulations. You’ve just begun to recognize that there’s a possibility of something more. And now you have a blueprint for how to get there. 

In this Dear Gabby episode, Amy and I will reshape your limited mindset. We’ll help you bust through blocks to financial freedom, one by one.

listen to this episode to learn:
  • The BEST business tool you can have in your kit
  • What it means to have a “10% edge” (hint: my 75-year-old mom has it in spades) 
  • How to shut down your inner critic so you can create abundance in your career
  • Why you own the capacity to create financial freedom, whether you know it or not 

In our chat, Amy blew my mind by sharing the story of one of her students, who made $62,000 by following Amy’s advice on her first try. This student was a single mom who was holding down two jobs that barely covered her bills. But after taking one of Amy’s courses, she gained the confidence to share her candy apple recipe with her community—and the rest is five-figure history. But I haven’t even told you the best part yet: This miracle-minded mama used store-bought caramel to make her goodies..

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