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Did you know that you have an entire spiritual team surrounding you—waiting for you to ask for help?

On today’s episode of Dear Gabby, I’ll give you three steps to tap into this support and get spiritual guidance fast. This connection will bring you immense relief and a profound sense of certainty that the Universe has your back. 

When we nurture our spiritual connection to the Universe through practices like prayer and meditation, we build an unshakeable foundation of faith and trust that carries us through any obstacle. 

Cultivating a spiritual relationship means we have a loving force that is always guiding us, even when our logical minds can’t make sense of things. The more we lean into this connection, the more readily we can surrender our plans and trust in a higher power.

This doesn’t mean life becomes perfect and free of challenges. But it does mean when fear arises, we know we can hand it over to the Universe. When we’re in a tough spot, we can pray for spiritual solutions. Little by little, we realize we’re truly supported and can relax into the flow of life.

By choosing to nurture your spiritual connection daily, you gain access to a power far beyond (and within) yourself. 

In this episode you’ll learn to:

  • ask your guides for help and support
  • strengthen your spiritual connection and deepen your faith
  • follow your intuition, even if it counters your ego’s desire
  • recognize signs from deceased loved ones to prove they’re still guiding us
  • surrender and allow the highest good for all to unfold

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