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How to Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities & Establish a Direct Line to Spirit

Today, I’m going to tell you how you can be your own medium, and tap into your psychic abilities. But first, let me tell you about that time I met a psychic in the greenroom … It was seriously wild!  I was backstage, getting ready to go hit the set and talk about angels. (How … Read more


The #1 Way to Chill the Eff Out!

Want to chill the eff out … for real? You’re in the right place! But first, I have a story for you.  I remember this so vividly, even though it took place 16 years ago.  Seriously, I can smell the incense!!! … Flashback to 2006.  I’m sitting on a meditation pillow in my New York … Read more


How to Connect to the Spiritual Realm and the Guidance Around You — With Martha Beck

When I ducked into my recording studio to chat with Martha Beck for this episode of the Dear Gabby podcast, my kitten Jimi Blue sauntered in after me. (Jimi couldn’t WAIT to hear about the spiritual realm.) Martha is a world-renowned life coach, speaker and author. She has such profound wisdom on connecting with the spiritual realm, … Read more


How to Take Care of Your Energy in Times of Crisis

During these times of crisis, I’ve been thinking about my grandmother a lot. My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. She escaped from her home country at the start of World War II. She found safe-haven in Switzerland, and survived the war.  Many of her family members did not.  So I don’t just believe that someone’s … Read more


3 Manifesting Tips for Your Career

If you’re looking for manifesting tips for your career, you can be your own best teacher. What can you learn from your past experience? For me, I think back to a day decades ago, when I leaned a powerful lesson about business … and forgiveness. I was the first one on the ski slopes. The … Read more


The First Step to Feeling Free From The Past

Last December, I spent a few days in New York City. I was there to record the Audible audiobook for my new book Happy Days, starting with chapter 1 about feeling free — and I was prepared!  Or, so I thought … I wore my softest leggings to be cozy for the read.  On the … Read more


Happy Days: A Sneak Peek at My New Book!

O.M.G. My new book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, is out this week!!! (In case you’re reading this later, the book launched on February 22, 2022.) This. is. big. It’s a privilege to be an author. Not just because I can share my work with the world, … Read more


Dear Gabby, How Do I Know I’m Manifesting?

I love this line from A Course in Miracles. “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.” I think about this often when I’m manifesting something, or if I ever feel myself getting impatient. This line has been a backbone of my spiritual practice. But it’s not just something … Read more


Co-Create with the Universe & Manifest Your Dreams

In 2015, I was writing my book The Universe Has Your Back. I finished it a month early, sent it off to my publisher … And then I reread the manuscript.  It. sucked.  Seriously! It was baddddddd.   The book was choppy, disconnected, and clearly not written from the heart.  Just as I buried my head … Read more


Shift Your Perspective and Change Your Life

For all of 2020, I was doing fertility treatments an hour and a half away from home … and I needed to shift my perspective.   Every month, the treatments weren’t working.  I was flooded with hormones, I was nervous about COVID. I was annoyed about traffic. And I was growing increasingly frustrated. I almost … Read more


How to Live a Spiritual Life—With Rainn Wilson & Reza Aslan 

In 2020 I released an Audible Original about how to live a spiritual life by tapping into your own inner wisdom. It was called You Are the Guru. The audiobook came out right after I received the heartbreaking news …  Yet again, one of my so-called gurus had been exposed. This person had committed horrific … Read more


Turn Your Setbacks Into Success

I was in my New York City apartment, clearing out the place that I’d lived in for a decade. Talk about setbacks … packing can be grueling!  But moving homes also gives us the chance to reflect on how far we’ve come. And I have to say, going through my bookshelf was pretty trippy.  I … Read more


3 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

Picture it. My skirt was up to here and my hair extensions were down to there. Talk about confidence. I was feelin’ it in a MAJOR way. Or, so I thought.  I was 25 years old, posing for a (clothed!) photoshoot in Maxim magazine. And the topic was … How to be a power girl.  … Read more


4 Ways to Stop Overthinking

My wedding favors were blessings. (I was not overthinking this aspect of wedding planning!)  When I was getting married, my best friend, Micaela—who’s basically my rabbi—said the most amazing thing to me.  “Gabby,” she said as she adjusted my veil, “you are the closest to God you’ve ever been today. On your wedding day, you … Read more

How to Know You’re on the Right Path

I once made a seasoned, salty, New York Times reporter gasp — and it was a sure sign that I was on the right path! (I tell the whole story in today’s bonus episode of Dear Gabby.) This was back in 2009, when I was just kicking off my career as a spiritual teacher. (<<– … Read more


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