Out Your Ego

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Shine light on the dark corners of your mind. The darkness cannot survive in the light.

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  1. Loved your video today! You are a beautiful LIGHT…God bless you! You are a “Soul Sister” through & through, Girl! Can’t wait to have you on our show to be a part of the Circle!
    Much love,
    Desiree xo

  2. Hi Gabby! I am very thrilled that I just found your website in such a transformation moment in my life….I am a little confused when it comes to the EGO desires..does it mean that willing to be successful with you job is pure ego?…or is it maybe when what you are really trying to do is just elevate yourself to a better status?…it means that any profession we do should focus mainly on serve others? cause I teach dance, I do share, but I also want ot perform sometimes…and I don’t find a serving others unless if I think as performing a way of entertaining, sharing art, sharing love for dancing….is it the my EGO that wants me to perform and be seen? thanks!!!!! I know this question is long but I have been thinking on this for a while…..
    you are a inspiration..

  3. Hey Gabby,

    Really a wonderful Vlog about Ego,
    I should say,the last night my entire mind was so fulfilled miserable and contagious thoughts about my best girlf,because we havent talked for two weeks,it has been imbalanced time for us,and I was so angry inside of me that why she is not writting me and email,whats wrong with her,and I am wondering,was it my Ego who was so unhappy? and I felt that this morning I am definately going to email her because i am tired if this crazy no-talking time,but something in my soul or mind,was resisting to write her,because i felt like I am begging to her second time to talk with me and to write first,and I dont know how to distinguish when is my ego and when I am guided,in some cases,But luckily I have found her email to me this morning,and Its like the Universe reliesed me from my miserable mind,dont know,but that happen,

    Love You all 🙂

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