Miracles Now Card Reading for 2016

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Hey everybody! I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday season. Can you believe next week is 2016?! I always get a little antsy as one year winds down and another begins, so I love to do a card reading for some spiritual guidance and clarity.

This week, I turned to my Miracles Now card deck for just that. I decided to do a reading for all of us for 2016! Before turning on the camera, I chose three cards at random with the intention of how to prepare our energy for 2016. I gotta say, I think I picked well! The angels are on our side today. Once we go through each card, I’ll pick a fourth card on camera for some bonus inspiration. It’s pretty groovy. You’ll see.

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I’m confident that these cards will serve you greatly as we move into the new year. Watch the video and leave a comment letting me know your New Year’s resolution or what you want to focus your energy on in 2016. For now, hit play and see what the cards reveal. I hope this video serves you.

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