Miracles Now Card Reading for 2016

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Hey everybody! I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday season. Can you believe next week is 2016?! I always get a little antsy as one year winds down and another begins, so I love to do a card reading for some spiritual guidance and clarity.

This week, I turned to my Miracles Now card deck for just that. I decided to do a reading for all of us for 2016! Before turning on the camera, I chose three cards at random with the intention of how to prepare our energy for 2016. I gotta say, I think I picked well! The angels are on our side today. Once we go through each card, I’ll pick a fourth card on camera for some bonus inspiration. It’s pretty groovy. You’ll see.

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I’m confident that these cards will serve you greatly as we move into the new year. Watch the video and leave a comment letting me know your New Year’s resolution or what you want to focus your energy on in 2016. For now, hit play and see what the cards reveal. I hope this video serves you.

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  1. My new years resolution is not quite formulated yet ! But right now my goal is to surrender to the bigger power every part of my life and trust that I am being guided and open up to love and miracles that I block myself from by trying to control things to much !! Especially in my love live ( which is nothing right now haha, I am single) and also in my carrier 🙂

    Thank you ! Cant w8 to see you in London to start the year 🙂

  2. I cannot believe the first card you pulled! That’s the most important card for me in the deck and one that has come up repeatedly for me this year. I wondered if you could offer some guidance on leading from a space of love with people that are still immersed in the world of ego – I had a rough conversation with my rightwing leaning Uncle on Christmas Day and wondered how you would suggest I might have dealt with it! My inner voice the next day said calmly and knowingly, “Start with yourself” which resonates deeply but I would love to hear how you deal with these scenarios and encounters. Also, how do I reclaim the disowned part of my own shadow which I see in these people – namely, the skeptics! Thank you so much for all the content you have put out this year. I LOVE IT 🙂 All love and light, Sian xo

      1. In needing to be right. And just as I wrote that…. A thousand pennies just dropped!!! Wow. Boom! Thank you thank you thank you. Suddenly my whole year just fell into place 🙂 xoxox

  3. Thank you Gabby for the reading! It is difficult to look toward a new year when you are amidst so much struggle. However, it also important and beneficial to listen to the card readings to know that we are more in control than we feel. So I give my intention to being strong despite the outer circumstances and to know that I will prevail in light and spirit. Happy New Year to you!

  4. My biggest resolution for 2016 is to release perfection 🙂 To truly become aware of when she shows up, honor her, love her, forgive her, and choose again. I commit to a constant daily practice of surrendering, allowing, accepting and Being the Love and Light! While I love to serve and give, what I realized in 2015 was that I must first self-fully give to myself through practices of self-care, to speak Pure Truth and continue to accept all parts of myself. Loving myself even if I make a “mistake” (aka learn a lesson in meant to teach), or am not a perfect Zen Goddess 100% of the time! I’m beginning to believe as I step further into the essence that I am as a Goddess, it does not mean I’m perfect… Quite the contrary, I accept myself wholly and completely with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness! I look forward to being guided from this space of love and freedom as I can FEEL myself moving toward a new way to serve the world as a light worker and in excited!!! Thank you Gabby for being who you are and owning your gifts, as you have been a primary influence in my life!

  5. Hi! Thanks for reading these cards. The where we’re going card struck me the most. I’m becoming a life coach next year but am feeling guided to find more part time work to keep this dream afloat. Yet I just now got another rejection for my dream part time job! What the heck! I felt really guided to apply, too, and yet it’s been the third rejection letter I’ve gotten. I’d love some prayers and guidance of what’s going on. Thanks guys!

  6. My main doubt is also the dream I play more often with, which is: should I quit my lawyer job, leave the metropolis I live in now and go live 13,000 miles away in a place I absolutely love, but also had the chance to know better, not just through tourist dreamy eyes, i.e. Maui, HI? It sounds absurd right? And yet I keep being drawn to this idea, with absolutely no clue as to how to make it work. I wish there was more light as to the path ahead and claritiy whether this is a “let go” or something I should pursue.

  7. Hi Gabby 🙂

    Thank you for this reading 🙂
    When I was at your workshop in Dec 2013, in London, during a Q&A, I told you about my story in SA and the carjacking. You gave me great advice, I did stop for 6 months to search in which country I would settled down. After 2 years of deepening my spiritual search and practice, I believe that I am being guided to move back to Cape Town. I am a transformed miracle worker thanks to this ‘set back’ and this horrific experience.
    Today, I have a second child. So, this decision was very difficult to make, as it seems that fear controlled my future and my thought process. Today, I see the light and I want to see and feel the love too.
    Thank you for being one of my guide, one of my light, so I can write a new chapter in my life.
    So this message is a big ‘thank you’ !
    I wish you all the best for 2016 Gabby.
    Love and Light,

  8. My resolution is to leave my emotionally abusive relationship of ten years and lose the one hundred pounds I’ve put on since dealing with a sexual assault that happened in my childhood. I’ve been following you for years now Gabby and I don’t know what to do. I’m posting this at my lunch from my phone from a job that in no way serves me and sometimes I just want to run away. My New Years resolution is to tackle one of these things. I don’t know why I’m posting all of this right now. I guess I just needed to get it out. I wish all of you a beautiful new year.

    1. 5 weeks ago I fled from an abusive 5 year relationship and spent Christmas entirely alone, but free. While I was in this relationship all aspects of my life fell apart: my relationship with my sons is non existent right now; I left my job and haven’t the confidence to find another one; and generally haven’t taken very good care of myself. However, out of love for myself and life itself I took the first scary step and know that everything else will work itself out. I recognised that by staying in an abusive relationship I was actually mistreating myself and allowing everyone else to do so too!

      I read an email this morning from Louise Hay which said: “You have everything you need within” (and you probably already know what to do, just like I did)

  9. Floored… This reading- these cards… NAILED IT.
    Back to the breath i go as i continue my path to release the blocks and let love in. Sat Nam Gabby! I wish i could have been at your workshop un Vancouver at Semperviva! Next time!!!

  10. Oh and my 2016 resolution- to let go of the need to seek a relationship out of loneliness and instead to allow the truth of me to open my life for real partnering. This has been an ongoing journey, but now in my early thirties i have felt the fallout of not listening to my heart when i meet someone new and become overly emotionally invested too quickly for wrong reasons. A decade long relationship ended in 2015 and i am fast learning the lessons of self care, self love and empowerment. I remain open hearted so i can hear my self speak and honour her when i feel these deep emotions. Namaste to everyone here! Love yourselves!

  11. I heard the call in 2015 to support mothers to find simplicity and joy. I discovered Gabby and your teaching has spoken to me, everything you say is exactly what I need to hear to continue to move forward in my mission. My resolution for 2016 is to really put myself out into the world and fully offer my service to busy moms who are searching for simplicity and joy. Gabby thank you for inspiring me and keeping me on track, it means the world to me. Have a joyful new year!

  12. My resolution is to publish the book I have written in 2015. (I’m still in need of an editor). It’s a work of heart and I that it will truly provide healing for those in need.

    I also wish to dance more, belly dancing specifically, and I want to share my singing voice without fear.

    Happy New Year, Gabby 🙂

  13. Hey Gabby
    At the end of 2014 I was in place where I didn’t know myself anymore and I felt completely exhausted…somehow I came across your book ” may cause miracles” 🙂
    My energy completely changes because of the 40 days programme, I felt a lot stronger and really fell in love with meditation!
    And for me it really caused a miracle!!
    At the end of the programme I found out that I was pregnant and I knew that I had to thank you for writing this book and helping me to change!
    I hope that I can improve my spiritual work next year even though it is difficult to find enough time with a baby around!

    Thanks for teaching me so much about spiritual work!
    Love and have a wonderful day!

  14. My biggest resolution for this new year is to have more confidence to attract more clients into my new business, to loose fear to start working again after nine years being a stay home mom.

  15. I want to build my confidence in 2016. To really feel comfortable in my own skin and release judgement of myself. I want to focus on service & show my kids how important it is to help others. Xo thanks gabby! Excited for the new year

  16. One of your lessons that’s stuck with me the most is future tripping and trying to control the outcome. This has been a constant source of wisdom for me and I’ve practiced this over and over again. It doesn’t always come natural, but it’s becoming more and more natural as I change my thinking and my perspective. I’ve tried very much to not attach an outcome to my relationship and just enjoy it’s blessings in my life. This has brought me so much joy! This is something I’ve also practiced around anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas etc…basically anytime gift giving is involved. I allow my boyfriend to show up in whatever way he feels called to express his love for me. This year I had the best Christmas I’ve had in many years, maybe ever! I know it was because of this space of allowing that I’ve tried to create between me and outcomes. I was surprised with tickets to see you at Wanderlust in Hollywood in February and I was so overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude that I literally had tears in my eyes!!! I can’t wait to see you! Much Love xo

  17. Dear Gabby, I was watching your reading and I was wondering what is behind you over your left shoulder? It looks like an bright angel and the tips of the wing is moving.

  18. Loved the card for 2016 it fits in so well with my belief that the will of God will never take me where the Grace of God will not protect me. Om shanti, Jyotika

  19. Thank you Gabby! These are wonderful intentions for the New Year!
    Two months ago I finally quit my day job to focus on building my own massage therapy practice! After years of holding myself back because of my own fears of burn out and inadequacy, I am so excited to bring love, light and the highest good into every aspect of my practice. So far, focusing on the abundance of love and light that it will never run out has made a huge shift in my life. I’m looking forward amazing things into the New Year!
    P.S I gave the Miracles Now Deck to my sister-in-law for Christmas and she LOVED it!!!

  20. I so resonated with first 2 cards as exactly on that path, and past 24hrs have felt a bigger and more than usual internal positive rush of love, as I read abt law of attraction and decided to act on how to focus on how good things make me feel to attract more, as that’s how the law works.. in the past I was more visualising what I want to manifest.. with minimal results and confused feelings..

    the 3rd card was like icing on the cake to stay focused on the commitment I’m heading for, now that a lot of my internal healing, ditching my old life to find myself whilst travelling to house sit as a great way to see new places for free, has evolved me into the energy healer and light worker I’m becoming.. feeling so much divine love is DIVINE, lol 🙂

  21. I loved this card reading! I feel like it truly resignates with me. The card that spoke to me the most was “there is always a solution of the highest good.”

    I’ve been thinking about applying to different jobs in order to better my career and learn more, but I’m not sure if it’s the right move right now or if it’s just fear talking. This video reminded me to bring loving energy into whatever I chose and know that there is a solution of the highest good.

    Thanks Gabby! Have a wonderful new year! Can’t wait to see crazy sexy miracles in January!


  22. Dear Gabby, I’m so excited about 2016! For a few years I have been a voice trying to get a “Homeless Shelter” open in my home town, So. Lake Tahoe, Ca. It finally happened Dec.18th (YIPPY) I can hardly wait to be of service in so many area’s to help these people get back on their feet and promote hope, faith and our “love thy neighbor” philosophy. I also have some personal goals I’d like to challenge and just share what I can along the way toward Peace:) I luv you girl. Thanks for the beautiful year of inspiration. X/O Karena

  23. Well this year has been a huge year for me. It’s a year where I have to break my old habits and set myself free from addiction. I have not fully break free from those yet. Mainly because I keep giving up in between.

    So my new year resolution for 2016 is basically to listen to my inner voice and really follow it. Commit to that voice. 🙂

  24. I am grateful to you for your messages of hope, Love and Light. Thank you for your contribution in helping me move forward through my journey. Your reading for 2016 is quite accurate and timely. God bless. May you continue to inspire others for many, many more years to come.

  25. I think that is the perfect message for me – I will be finishing up my yoga teacher training and I want to go forth and spread the love! thx Gabby

  26. Hi gabby – that honestly felt like a personal reading just for me, it really hit the nail on the head. I’ve been struggling this year with dicifering the difference between pushing and inspired action as I can’t tell the difference until afterwards (with the benefit of hindsight!). In the moment when I have a choice to make, and there are two perfectly viable options, whee neither feel like controlling from a place of the ego, how do I know which option to choose, even with the simplest of small choices rather than life altering big ones? I meditate but never feel called to a certain path (meditation seems to bring me peave rather than guidance). This would be a great get more gabby topic, as I really feel like this confusion is holding me back yet I’ve come so far in other areas of enlightenment. Your guidance would be very helpful. Thanks so much. Xxx

  27. Thank you for the card reading !
    There is always a solution of the highest good is gone be my mantra this year ! Last night I head a big dream of horses who run over me, strange but it was with a message that the power of GOD is so strong that you can’t get over it and that the ways of GOD are unsearchable !
    Waw how amasing is this ! It’s so the same with what the card dek tells us 🙂
    Lots of love for you Gabby and your great work !
    Happy 2016 ! xoxo

  28. My focus for 2016 is to MOVE! Physically move more– start running again after being injured, build more strength in my yoga practice & slowly work up to hiking longer distances to prep for the Trans-Catalina trail with my dear friend–but also take action on things I’ve always wanted to do but have been too fearful or worried to do. I’m finishing up putting together my recipe ebook that’s been sitting in word doc for over a year; I also am planning two trips: one to NYC & the other to the Grand Canyon, both with my amazing & supportive parents! I’m done watching my life go by, waiting to do things “when I feel better, when my health issues disappear.” 2016 is the year BIG THINGS are going to happen! No excuses, no self-judgment, no self-hate, just love <3

  29. I’ve been trying to reflect on three questions at the turn of the year but found myself unable to focus, to come up with ANYTHING to put on paper. While all four cards of your reading resonate with me, the BONUS card is just that! I “turned to my breath” and have been able to complete my reflections. Many thanks – and peace and blessings to you in New Year 2016!

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