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  1. This is it!!!!!!!!!! The week is here!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely overjoyed for you and for all the women who will have the pleasure to read this book. I KNOW many more women will be lead to you and your energy and be able to bring all this positive energy to their life. JUST LIKE I DID


  2. Your first book moved me and I gave it out to friends as gifts. I can’t imagine what Spirit Junkie will do. I am thrilled and grateful for you and all of your hard work. Your message resonates with so many of us and we deeply love you for it. BEST WISHES to one hell of a lady! xoxo

    -NB xo

  3. OMG is right!!! Wow, how exciting Miss Gabby! But there is one thing I think missing from your upcoming tour- a stop in HONOLULU!!! Please oh please consider coming to Hawaii… my spirit needs to see and hear you speak!
    Peace, Aloha, and Love

  4. Went to Barnes and Nobel yesterday to pick it up. Not in… I was called today…. it is now there. Good luck Gabby, congratulations, ox Jeanne

  5. Noon Central time 9/14/11. Pre ordered the Spirit Junkie book and can’t believe it just arrived. I am very excited to start reading….will have to wait a bit as I have just had cataract surgery. Really didn’t expect it this quickly…yea me

  6. gabby, i just got your book today im totally feeling you. its like the universe brought me to you and your teachings, for real. i am glad to have your beautiful smiling face sitting next to me now, reminding me of whats real, and to inspiring me to keep on my search for the truth. i have been feeling as if i need to like, fully get back to my self and just wanted to thank you for being here!!! much love to you sister!! i hope i can make it when you come to la. xxxooo
    p.s. totally spreadin the word

  7. Gabby~
    There are no coincidences…I know this to be true. You came into my life this summer, via a dear friend. I have had so much fun listening to your vlog and now owning both of your books~they are beautiful. My husband and I have been studying the Course for a few years now. Your messages have assisted in making the Course resonate inside of me even more, thank you! I wish you the best with your launch and am loving spreading your message to all the sweet peeps in my life. Come to Jackson Hole, WY and launch~ we’d love to have you 🙂

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