OMG I’m Going on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

This Sunday I’ll be featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo accompanied me for a segment on next-generation thought leaders. Sitting next to Oprah for this hour-long interview, I was able to understand the magnitude of her mission. Learn more about my experience in today’s video and the blog below.

Last Monday I got a frantic call from my mother. She breathlessly told me, “There’s someone on your Facebook fan page writing nasty things about you! But don’t worry, honey, I responded and set her straight.” I laughed and said, “Thanks for sticking up for me, Mom, but that’s not how I handle negativity on the Internet.” I went on to explain that as a spiritual student and teacher I must practice what I preach. By bringing my spiritual practice to these situations I intuitively know how to handle haters on the Internet. I helped my mother understand that engaging in the negativity only invests in the negativity. Rather than defend myself and fight back, I’ve learned to see these encounters as divine spiritual assignments. Through compassion, defenselessness and forgiveness, I’ve come to see how mindfully dealing with Internet haters can only strengthen my spiritual faith.

As the Universe would have it, that wouldn’t be my only conversation about Internet haters that week. The following day I was in Chicago, shooting a segment of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. What was one of Oprah’s first questions to my panel? She asked how we handle haters on the Internet! My immediate responses was, “Forgive and delete.” I explained how I use forgiveness and several other spiritual principles to shine light on the darkness of the Internet.

If you’re anything like my mother, it’s time to put down the boxing gloves and use my three spiritual tools for handling haters online.

Step 1: It’s Not About You

When people attack us on the Internet, many of us immediately assume that the attack has merit and means there’s something wrong with us. I choose to have a different perspective—I like to have compassion for these folks. Let’s face it: A happy person won’t waste their time posting negativity on positive people’s pages. Therefore, we must have a tremendous amount of compassion for these people. Anyone who wastes their time and energy spreading negativity clearly needs more light in their life. Begin your practice by saying a prayer for the person. Simply say, “I pray for you to release your negativity and see love instead. I pray for you to be happy.” This prayer will immediately reconnect you to a sense of compassion and help you let go of your anger.

Step 2: “In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies”

As a student and a teacher of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, I’ve come to learn that “insistence means investment.” When we invest in the illusions of others by defending ourselves or fighting back, we only invest deeper into the craziness. Engaging in negativity creates more of it. Therefore, instead of fighting back or becoming defensive, I remind myself of the Course’s message, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” Choosing to release defensiveness helps us steer far away from creating more drama. Fighting back is like yelling at a barking dog. There’s no good outcome. Instead, practice defenselessness and witness how much energy and time you save avoiding more drama.

Step 3: Forgive and Delete

The final step is the clutch move. As I said to Oprah, we must forgive and delete. Oprah was pretty psyched to learn that we can actually manage our social media fans. Though we don’t have full control over what people say, we can block nasty people and hide hateful comments. But rather than block and hide with an energy of resentment, let’s forgive first. Forgiveness helps us detach from the negative energy cord that can live even through the Twittersphere or the Facebook universe. Energy is in everything. If we don’t clean up our energy through forgiveness, we’ll continue to carry negativity. In the case of handling haters on the Internet, it’s imperative that you practice the F word and forgive.

Steps one and two will prime for forgiveness. Compassion will reconnect you to a sense of oneness and defenselessness, which will help you put down the boxing gloves and settle into a new perspective. The final step is to let go fully and forgive. In this step you’ll use prayer once again. Simply say, “I pray to forgive you and release you.” Then feel free to block the user or hide the comment. If you have the power to clear the feed, let that become part of your practice. There’s no reason to let negative comments linger. Simply forgive and delete.

Practice Positive Posting
These three steps will help you navigate negative comments on the Internet, but what’s most important is to practice raising the positive energy around you. Where there is darkness we need to bring more light. Therefore, join me in 30 Days of Positive Posting. Commit to refrain completely from negative posts and only share positivity. Post your favorite quotes, retweet inspiring nuggets of wisdom, Instagram enlightening photos, and pin beautiful pictures that make you smile. Our greatest response to negative posts is a positive one. If we all join together to share more positivity and love on the Internet, the energy of love will heighten. And when love spreads, there’s less space for negativity. Join us on November 18 for Super Soul Sunday and keep us posted on how your 30 days of positive posting shifts your energy and your life.

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  1. Awesome stuff Gabby!!

    I have a strong vision to be sitting exactly where you are sitting next to that incredible energy of a woman called Oprah!! I have just published my first book “Hungry”-Feed Your Soul, and am working on a book and concept I have been working on for the past few years called “Soulmap”. It is very inspiring to see you on SSS with Oprah, and it fuels me to finish this second book so I have more to share with her when I do get to finally present on her show!! Incredible stuff, and love the comments re the negativity. Shining the light is the only place to be……love, light, and blessings to you! Congrats!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this article! I’ve experienced and have been a little fearful of this internet hatred before, and these tips on how to forgive and let go are excellent! The deleting part is very important for your readers as well–for example, there is a music blog that I love, but many immature, apparently very unhappy people get into comment wars on there, calling each other terrible names as they hide behind their screens where they feel more secure. I love the blog itself, and there are certain comments I like reading because I enjoy peoples’ different perspectives; but the fact that I have to dig through countless negative comments makes me want to check out the blog less. I often have an icky feeling after reading it BECAUSE of some of these comments. It’s important to keep your blog a happy, safe, positive environment for all of those who really support you and your message!

    1. PS- you were FABULOUS on Super Soul Sunday! The three of you were! It was great to see younger people on there spreading messages of peace, love, and spirituality. xoxo

  3. Hi Gabby!! Go Orange!! (lol..I’m and S.U. Alum as well!!) I just have to echo Barbara’s comment. I too teared up with you in that moment when it hit you that you were indeed living the manifestation of your dreams to the highest level!! Blessings on you, and continued success as you continue with this great work!!!

  4. Hello Gabby! I saw the Oprah interview and was amazed at how God is using you. I can relate to looking for love in all the wrong places, not fitting in and believing that God as a purpose other then pain for me. I write inspirational poems, songs and video concepts. I was blessed to fulfill two published book dreams. Anywaiy at the end of your interview with Oprah I teared up with you, because in that moment that hit you of not only where you were, but that you are truly blessed to be a blessing! That ‘s a reality I too pray and hope to live. God bless you all on Gods journey for your life’s. Love, peace, and Faith!!! 🙂

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to send you some love and support today, as I contemplate a conversation that went on this past weekend at my home. I was thrilled to hear you were taking part in Super Soul Sunday with Oprah on 11/18. My father and stepmother happened to be in town staying with us, and if anyone needed some Super added to their Soul’s it would be them :-)! I made sure the t.v. went on at 10:59 and I was THRILLED that my family watched the whole program. Then, I was hit with a comment that I found so insulting, demeaning and sad, yet at the same time a good conversation to start. My stepmother said “I wonder if these people would be as popular if they weren’t so good looking.” My immediate reaction was “Of course, it’s about their message!” Then, I thought of the weight of what was said…it wasn’t a racist or sexist comment, but wasn’t it just as bad?! So, the implication is good looking people shouldn’t be honored and heard for expressing their knowledge? Or worse popularity is ONLY based on looks? As I contemplated this more and more I thought…I am enamored with a southern 60+ year old female minister named Joyce Meyer, I could listen to Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson’s wisdom ALL day, I am entranced by a 40 year old speaker from Rwanda named Immaculee Ilibagiza, there are priests at my church who inspire me more each Sunday. Finally, the 3 of you and Oprah who on Super Soul Sunday and every time I listen to you amaze me with your message and fortitude. I just listed various people of all looks, walks of life and genders who reach millions of people all with the same message…LOVE, FORGIVE, SERVE. Maybe a middle age southerner who follows Joyce Meyer would never take the time the time to put on gabbybtv. or The Daily Love, but maybe a 20 year old hottie would…then again maybe it’s visa/versa! It takes all types, looks and life experiences to reach the masses and THANK GOD for that! I would like to think that I am one of many who can look past someone’s looks, good or bad, and see simply the love and the Holy Spirit that is working through them to change lives! Thought I would share that experience with you and get your thoughts, as well as thank you for what you do…keep going we need your voices! God Bless!! Kristin S.

    1. thank you for this beautiful post. When stuff like this comes up I turn to the course exercise, “I am not a body I am free.” Just repeat that and you’ll remember who we all really are. I believe you already know. God bless u sister. xo

    2. Kristin, I couldn’t agree with you more!! I thought all 3 of them on Super Soul Sunday were amazing! Loved all of these messages. I too am a huge Joyce Meyer fan. My sisters and I went to the Womens Conference in St. Louis. She is amazing! I believe she’s pushing 70 years old. Oprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Sarah BanBreathnach, Caroline Myss, Elizabeth Lesser, are some of my favorite teachers and they’ve ALL been on Super Soul Sunday. So now I have 3 new teachers (Gabrielle being one of them) that I can’t wait to follow and learn what they have to teach! How exciting!

  6. I saw you on Super Soul Sunday. I’m a new big fan!!! To be perfectly honest, I was a little hesitant with you being so young. I have so many teachers that I follow and they tend to be a bit older. You opened my eyes and more importantly my heart to something different. I went to your website and downloaded your Abundance teaching on itunes. I’m LOVING it already. I’ve made my list last night in my journal of all the people I need to Forgive and Release. I had an AHA moment realizing I’ve been holding on to so much unforgiveness I was most likely blocking miracles…I will continue to follow you and read your books. You have a new devotee!!!! Please continue your teachings on meditation and may you continue to be blessed with your talents. THANK YOU!!

  7. Wow- what great challenge I will share this with my followers for sure! Though I don’t post negativity or participate- it does sting a little when I see it. I always bless the buggers but I love the concept of choosing to be defenceless. Lets stay focused on doing what we are called to do and not what we are called! Be well, shine one!

  8. Congrats on your success! I listened to your “Manifest Your Desires” podcast from Jan. 2009 on Monday and your sharings about yourself are now manifested! 🙂 Congrats!!! You go girl!!!

  9. So excited your dreams are coming true for you but so upset I can’t watch the episode here in the UK! Purlease, please, please can you see if there is any way you can put it on your site or somewhere else for peeps who heart you, Marie and Mastin (obvs Opera too!) to watch?! Congrats again!

  10. Great post! The lesson of not fighting back against negativity has been coming up so much lately in my own journey. SO excited to see you on Super Soul Sunday. You are such an inspiration. XO

  11. Gab I am sooo sooo sooo excited for you!!! This is totally amazing I am doing a serious breakdance in a dress In Spirit Kriapalu walk the runway strut it girl dance party for you “call me maybe?!?” LOL This truly gives inspiration to me and so many others as we have heard you manifest this dream for years, CONGRATS. I am so thankful for you on this journey as I have deepened my spiritual practice and life applying your teachings and it is truly amazing and I without a doubt in my heart know working my spiritual practice like its no ones business well the universe has our backs and abundance is everywhere. I especially love the blog which as we know has been my hangup in the fear world well guess what sister my first video was posted and I did not look at the comments of course it was bold and I chose to share me walking on fire (firewalk transformation like tony robbins and Oprah) but yup I am out there finally virtually and as you told me on God Is Your Publicist “Get over it” message heard loud and clear! Thank you thank you. I look at my vision board and I see your signed “medidating album cover saying “expect Miracles” above “Power O” from her magazine love the synchronicity of the universe. Keep on rocking sister cant wait for Kripalu 13

  12. The concept of Haters online or anywhere else for that never occurred to me until recently. I always heard about Haters but I didn’t think one individual could be harmful to another for the sole purpose of meanness. Recently the hard truth came apparent and a realization of MEAN and Nasty people in the world was encountered. This does not bother me what does is when children bully we think we need to teach them better but when adults do it we think who taught them this? Leaving the negative comments for others to view is good because it really opens a window into their lack of soul but Forgiveness and deleting sounds good too! Thanks for helping me not take this personal.

  13. I Love the connected and inspired thinking. I just finished shooting a healthy living tip for my youtube channel all about positive thinking, and then I read this.

    I love the connected ONE mind rising and sharing it with the world. I am all about it and I will commit to 30 days of positve posting!

    Love you girl. Keep rocking it.

  14. Love this post! Isn’t crazy how one negative comment can steal your joy for the entire day if you let it?!! Forgive and delete. That is my new mantra. That is a tweet!

    Congrats on Oprah and I can’t wait to see the show on Sunday!

  15. Hellllllooo. Hope you are well Gabby. I am SO SO EXCITED that you are on OPRAH!!! Yippppeeeee. I knew that one day you would be on there. I would rather watch Oprah on a Sunday then do anything else. She is just amazing!!! Thank you for all your work I am truely grateful. I came to see you in London and I am hoping you are going to be in the UK next year. Also I can not wait to buy your new book yipppeeeeee. Love Sarah xx

  16. Gabby, I’m super excited for you and extremely stoked to watch the episode!! However, I won’t be able to catch the program on Sunday in the morning, will it be shown again or available online somewhere after the air date? I really don’t want to miss this one! Much love! Kristin

  17. Aww, congrats Gabby! What a beautiful gift! I’ll definitely tune in on Sunday. I’m living vicariously through you. Sitting and chatting with Oprah is one of my big dreams, too 🙂

  18. Gabby,
    I love that your mom defended you but I love your response even more! My mother has always been a champion of your first point and while I never understood it as a girl, I totally get it now.
    Can’t wait for Super Soul Sunday!
    p.s. If I pre-order your book here in Canada (on amazon) am I still eligible for the free gifts?

  19. Such an wonderful Vlog and message today!!! Its so great this vlog went up today on 11/12/12 because I remember at your lecture last year on 11/11/11 you stating your vision at the Deepak home base that you were going to sit with oprah. Making it happen, girl! So amazing and inspiring! Huge congrats and appreciation for all you do!

  20. Gabby,

    Congratulations on everything you have achieved! You are an inspiration to us all! I wish you the best in all that you do. You are speaking what we I need to hear and I’m so thankful to have found your work. You have helped me heal. Thank you so much!!

  21. Hi Gabby,

    I am SO over the moon happy for you! I was a student in a vision workshop three years ago that you helped lead with LWL in NY and I have never forgotten you talking about this dream of yours. I have always knows you would meet Oprah and so excited to watch you on SSS. I watch this show every week and fills my spirit. Happy week to you!!!

  22. Gabby, I just meditated & asked the universe to show me how to handle a face-to-face chat I am having with my ex (also father of our son) in 2 days. I am working on themes around empowerment just now & I feel the universe has given me an opportunity to heal some old wounds through this conversation.
    When I finished my meditation, your blog was the first thing in my inbox. The timing is perfect. I know you are focussing on online negativity however I feel certain I can use your methodology in a face-to-face situation. You have reminded me not to ‘bite’ when he accuses me of nasty things. You have reminded me to sit in my confidence, to bless him, to forgive him.
    Thank-you Gabby & thank-you Universe. Yet again, what I needed to hear at the perfect time.
    Katie x (we met in London – hope you are using your affirmation notebook!! xx)

  23. What an insightful reminder. I definitely agree that hate and negativity is never about the person it’s directed towards. Typically our success is a mirror for others to examine what they are doing (or not doing) in their lives.
    It’s equally important for those of us who have ever sipped on the Haterade or felt the twinges of jealousy to ask ourselves,”Why is this coming up for me? What do I wish I were doing? What is the truth about these feelings?” Then pray and get to work! 🙂
    Thanks for a great message Gabby.
    Love and blessings,

  24. Congratulations Gabby! Glad you are a living witness of living beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

  25. Congratulations Gabby!!! I recall listening to your early lectures from around 2009, etc. talking about Oprah and your love for her and now to see you on her show is just so cool. My heart is constantly filled with love and happiness and gratitude and you have played such a major role in me getting to this amazing state. I am grateful for you!!!

  26. I usually like your Facebook posts but the other day I found myself posting a comment of encouragement on your green juice shift. I think that’s a natural reaction to your commitment for purposeful positivity in your corner of the Facebook Universe. I love this post. The work that you’ve done on the inside is reflected in your actions & teachings.

    The truth you bring forth is much appreciated in my day to day life so thank you!

  27. This is amazing! I can incorporate these lessons when I am talking with my middle school students! I am a counselor in a large urban middle school. I have used various ways to introduce forgiveness without talking about spirituality. It has worked beautifully this year! Thank you for another amazing tool! I LOVE your books!!


  28. Thank so much Gabi–just what I needed to hear today. I’m ToTaLLy in for the 30 daYs of POSITIVE POSTING! I have printed our your steps and will keep them next to my laptop when I blog!
    Lots of love! Can’t wait 4 you, Mastin, & Marie next Sunday!

  29. Gabby –
    I am incredibly excited for you and am really psyched for the love you are bringing to the masses. You are going to have your own show! I can feel it!
    Sending so much love,
    Corinne xo

  30. I am so excited for your message to be broader. I love you guys…you are on the right mission. I can’t wait to my generation (40 something) get wind of this new flow of thought leaders. You all rock!

  31. Get em Gab! Loved this. Such an important conversation these days. Through break-ups, mean postings, bringing more light in just always seems to make it better. Thanks for this and can’t wait to see Super Soul Sunday. It falls on my b-day the perfect gift 🙂

  32. Nothing makes me more proud and excited then to see this all come to fruition. I am absolutely thrilled for you and for the world who are about to know you! Sending love.

    Nitika <3

      1. I love the person you persevered to be! I have been following you a lot the past month and you really helped me to make it through a rough transition in my life Thank You!!
        Yours Truely,John

  33. Wow. What a timely and powerful post, Gabrielle. I just had my first real experience with internet “haters” last week. It was shocking. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had been primed just months before by a family member that unexpectedly unleashed some seriously hurtful things my way. Then I read this post and, whew, looks like I’m on the right track. I didn’t invest, breathed deep, got clear about who I was which is independent of others opinions of me, let go… and centered on love and forgiveness. Awesome. And a moment where I was truly able to witness my own growth. Double awesome.

    Now triple awesome is being introduced to you thanks to hearing about you, Marie, and Mastin appearing on Super Soul Sunday next weekend! I’m a big admirer of both Marie and Mastin so I’m pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward to reading more of your insights.

    Congratulations on being part of such a phenomenal group! I’ll be seeing you next Sunday!

    Best, UB

  34. Whoot! Whoot! Gabby, so happy for yall and thank you for this post! I wrote an essay for CNN about the rampant hatred on social media for CNN earlier this year…then I read the comments section after it was published. I was LIVID, then angry…for DAYS. I wish I could say I was as spiritual about it as you were. I found myself praying, then re-reading. My husband finally put me on computer lock down! It was the best thing he did. He said you can’t play at a national level and expect not to have haters. Sadly, so people want to bring us down no matter what, but you’ve given some great advise to move spiritually across the web. Thank you! I really enjoyed meeting you at RHH Live. Shine your light, girl! Can’t wait to see you and Marie on OPRAH! YIPEEEE!

      1. I`m so glad you finally get to be with power womans group I am male but feel a deep connection with what woman are going through!!!
        Sincerly, John

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