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“Playing small” has become a nationwide epidemic. Though, there was a point where my millennial fellows (formerly known as the “why not me” generation,) had the opportunity to rewrite life’s script and start “playing big.” But unfortunately our light was smothered by darkness and fear rained on our parade. About a year and a half ago our “why not me” mentality shifted to a “there’s no way” mentality. War, recession, global warming, unemployment, ponzi schemes and train wreck reality TV bled fear into our brains. We lost our anonymity to Facebook and lost our virginity to the world on someone’s profile status. We became inundated with messages and our brains had to work overtime to keep up with the computers that have become our dearest companions. In lieu of possible failure many of us flocked oversees to only return whenever the recession ends. Running, hiding, and tweeting have become our avoidance tactics that keep us from owning our power and playing big in life. And it all boils down to one simple choice – fear.

It is said that Jesus was able to walk on water and in his presence his disciples could too. Though, the instant that fear set in, they’d begin drowning. That’s much like how it went down for us. We took our first steps on water and when the world showed us fear we sank with it.

Sinking sucks when you’re conscious of your capacity to be great. For some, consciousness has led them to therapy, life coaches, yoga, meditation, or a book. Those of you are the lucky ones. You’ve screamed SOS and your raft appeared. Now you just need to grab it.

Oh – and don’t let go.

My mission in this lifetime is to provide you with that raft. But I can’t get you on it – you’ve gotta do the climbing. I aim to inspire you to be your greatest you, and to achieve everything you desire. I mean everything. Say no to fear, don’t mess around and as Marianne Williamson say’s, “work your faith like a muscle.”

I’m here to inspire you but I can’t force you to surrender. Being great doesn’t require sweat and blood, but it does require love. Show up for yourself one day at a time, pray big and expect miracles.

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