How I Went from PR Party Girl to Self-Help Author

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In my early 20s, I went through a radical career transition.

I started as a wild New York City PR girl and transformed into a motivational speaker and self-help author.

It may sound unlikely, but it’s exactly what happened.

Of course, it took time, as many Spirit Junkies who are familiar with my story know. And this major career and life transition came with plenty of bumps.

It took me two years to make the switch. For a while I felt like I really needed to hold on tightly to my PR job. I was afraid to let go of my financial security and step outside my comfort zone. Check out my video to learn about how I went from PR girl to self-help author, and then read on for more.


You may know the feeling well.

But at the same time, I hated being in limbo. I was constantly pulled between the desire to stay safe and the desire to take the leap and follow my dream.

And it felt like I was moving in slow motion.

In retrospect, the two years I spent in transition offered me great spiritual guidance.

I deepened my faith, fine-tuned my speaking skills and prepared myself financially and emotionally for the changes ahead.

The truth is, transition is an art.

Maybe you’re leaving corporate America to become your own boss.

Maybe you want to find a more soulful position in your current field, or infuse your career with your spiritual values and principles.

Maybe you’re ready to take your business to the next level and do something huge.

Whatever it is, transition can be tricky. Your ego likes to jump in at these times, convincing you that those old, limiting habits and patterns are actually safer and better. (The ego does not like change!)

But I’m happy to say I’m on the other side of things now.

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  1. Hey Gabby-
    I’m excited for Sunday night….I need this badly. I want OUT of my current position while I”m building my own businesses outside of this but it’s slow. And honestly, belief alone won’t pay my bills. So I can’t just leave like I could have in my 20’s. I”m 36 years old. I have a mortgage and bills. I need health insurance. But I”m trying to build my Arbonne business and it’s a struggle. I”m not sure what to do. I’ve always wanted to write, but can’t just do that. Feeling lost. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Amy, I know that this training will serve you greatly and the fact that you already have a side gig that lights you up is amazing. Sunday will rock your world xoxo

    2. Hi Amy, I was an arbone consultant for 2 years. It changed my life in so many ways but it also fed into my darkness which is what I believe causes so much struggle. But I went from working in a sales job feeling lost and lonely to living in Ibiza coaching others to live an authentic life. Happy to connect further! 😉

  2. Gabby, thank you. I’m feeling so disenchanted lately. I’m trying to stay sober, to learn about yoga and meditation and to apply all of the powerful tools that these modules have to offer to my own life. I want to turn my recovery into a career. I want to be of service to others in a big, BIG way.

    As of now, I’m a cashier at Walmart. I’m depressed. I’m uninspired. I’m broke, discouraged, and I have no driver’s license.

    I know I have to take action to make change but I’M SO PARALYZED!

    Is this Fear? It must be. But how can I kick it’s ass?!

    1. First of all, bless you on your sober journey. Massive love your way. Secondly, girl, I hope you signed up for the training because I know it will serve you greatly. You saw this post for a reason. Keep going.

  3. Running my technical and artistic businesses parallel to each other. Thank you very much for always being my supportive best friend with your books and videos, even though we never met.

  4. Chère Gabby,
    You are Soooooo talking to me this morning !! I was hesitating to cancelled my registry !!
    Thank you the Universe for that little Miracle You are truly An Angel sent from up above You are so right on target i am actually in transition for the past year finding real joy in sharing my true abilities of giving can’t wait to hear You on Sunday !!

    Long & Joyful Life to You & your Love One !!

    Ps I am a little confuse, I live in Québec when should I connect Sunday to be live ?

  5. I just finished my first fictional novel. It has been my dream to be an Author since I was 6! It has taken me almost 7 years to finish this book; I got married, had two more babies, and had other businesses going. However, my last pregnancy and birth almost killed myself and my son. I have been struggling ever since. I found out in December I have a blood clot in my brain in addition to extra cerebral fluid that needs to be drained. I had to face my mortality to really focus on my dream…..I rarely open my 100’s of emails from people, but totally open yours when I have some extra time. Where I always love your message, have your book The Universe Has Your Back on my nightstand, your message today brought me to tears. I also have only an 8th grade education. I was a party girl super early on, became a teen mom and well we’d be here all day if I shared the rest of my life’s saga…I rarely comment on things, but had to say THANK YOU for sharing your Author story because as I edit and rewrite my manuscript my brain bully is going nutso in regard to it not being good enough, it never getting published, blah this video is incredibly inspirational for me! Congrats on book #6!


  6. Hey Gabby, thanks for the inspiration.
    I first came across your talks in 2015 on YouTube when I was looking for “a spiritual teacher” my mentor told me to look out for and I found resonance in your youtube talks.
    2 years later, I am now building my own consulting business and my Ego held me back for months, I am still on the journey of fighting my ego and it hasn’t been easy. I was so pumped to see that you have a talk on this, sadly, I will be traveling that day.
    Will you be posting this recording anywhere? It is also my 31st birthday that day, so this would be a dream come true for me. All the best to you xo

  7. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks for the video, I needed an extra motivation today to start my module on B-School. I know I want to do my service through the path of awareness and preaching by example, I just sometimes lose motivation. I feel have nothing to give out and that makes me lose motivation. A year ago I was so motivated I quit my job and move out of my country to start a coaching certification, but now, it has been just too much overwhelmed and I feel the instant gratification is affecting my vision, I have been procrastinating my modules in B-school cause I feel like a fraud since I have no clue how can I serve right now. I ask in my prayers every day and listen in my meditations but cannot seem to find an answer. Any hack for finding out how are we supposed to serve right now?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Gabby,

    After your video I went and wrote the 3 things that I love to do as a choice. It is Writing(LGBTQ Coming of Age/Love Stories), Inclusion Programming/Training, Business Strategy & Operations. I feel like my past work experience has led to my writing and role as an operational guru to develop and care for employees/business growth. I feel like now that I know that my career may not look like everyone else’s and unique to my gifts how do I explain it to others? How do I translate my knowledge, skills and abilities to others in an authentic way? In the past I’ve been so stressed about making an income and getting a job. I really want to convey it in a way so that I can serve, add value and do what I love AND be paid versus being stressed. Thank so much in advance for your wisdom, encouragement and help. P.S. I live above a Balinese Furniture Shop and the couple that owns the store have no background whatsover. They just love it and are so kind. Perhaps Zack(h) could chat with them about selling his furniture 🙂

  9. Thank you Gabby for this video! I love this! Its very inspiring how you started and how you continue to release that energy of joy when you speak. Will be trusting that inner joy, next time I feel it in order to let it guide me, and let it align my life mission with my business mission <3 Thanks and sending you good vibes!!

  10. Thanks for your tips Gabby. You mentioned to think of 3 things I do for free that I love. Sometimes I get confused. I know I love motivating and inspiring people, which I do with my instagram and my writing. I’ve been working on a memoir and sometimes I question myself ig I really want to write a book. How do I know?
    Thanks ,

  11. I’m so excited for this. I’m in such a big transition of change. I was laid off from my dream corporate job in October, but I was working for a local company by December. I didn’t really give myself too much time to deal with that transition, but I know I’m where I need to be at this moment. I’ve never worked for a company that’s growing and I’m currently creating my own department, policies, procedures, calendars, you name it. It’s exciting AND terrifying!

    I’m also working May Cause Miracles and it has been so helpful. I’m working on self-care, self-love, forgiveness and gratitude. I was so overcome with emotions yesterday that I began crying at church. I’m also trying to navigate the beginnings of a sober life. The last few weeks have been hard and I’ve turned to alcohol way too many times. I think I’m beginning to realize that the binge drinking no longer serves me. It’s scary to admit that because it’s been part of my life for almost 20 years.

    Anyway, THANK YOU GABBY!

  12. Gabby!!! I had an epiphany while I was in the shower, thinking about your I realized I can motivate and inspire people and do it through writing, but it doesn’t have to be a book! There are other ways to do that too!! Not sure about the book yet, but this realization gave me freedom!!
    You rock!!
    Thank you so much and I can’t wait for Sunday!!

  13. You are incredible! On my second listen of “The Universe Has Your Back” and on day 19 of “A Course in Miracles.” Thank you! I am SO grateful for you!

  14. Just signed up! Excited..

    I resonate with your past so much and I love that I came across you on Lewis Howes a while back and have since bought all your books!

    Thanks for being the beautiful soul you are and putting all your positive work out there – you are amazing!

    1. yay! thank you for sharing this, Fiona. I’m super psyched you’ll be doing the training! It’s going to rock.
      g xo

  15. I’m in much need of clarity. I am going through a life change and can’t make decisions out of fear. Not even sure what I am fearing. Then I will psyche myself up and say- just follow your heart- and then not trust that either….fear

    1. Carla, I hope you join the training on March 26th. I feel it could really serve you and help you gain clarity. If you join live, there will be a chat portion too where you can connect with others. I feel it could help you to know you are not alone in this!
      big love,
      g xo

  16. I love this Gabby! I really needed to hear this. I am also in PR and working on my first kids book. It’s been in the works for almost two years and I am ready to get it out there:). Thank you for the heartfelt guidance!

  17. Holler from the West Coast of Canada! Getting very inspired as I sit w an afternoon tea before work starts. Glad I came across this video and looking forward to Sun night

  18. Hi Gabby – I missed the March 2017 event (lessons that you learned from navigating your career transition). I’m curious if you will you be offering it again sometime in the near future?

  19. Hi Gabby

    I would really love to know how to get training as a life coach via your programme?

    Is there an online method or live.

    I am ready to follow my true path 🙂 and I have been following your work for the last 3 years since my sister died of cancer and it has set my on my spiritual journey even further – thank you


    1. I want to first take a moment to honor your sister’s life and memory and offer my condolences – I am so sorry you lost her and I have no doubt she would be so proud of you for this!

      You can join the waitlist for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital here, and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens! If you are on my main mailing list you will also learn as soon as the live course opens for enrollment. 🙂

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