How I Went from PR Party Girl to Self-Help Author

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In my early 20s, I went through a radical career transition.

I started as a wild New York City PR girl and transformed into a motivational speaker and self-help author.

It may sound unlikely, but it’s exactly what happened.

Of course, it took time, as many Spirit Junkies who are familiar with my story know. And this major career and life transition came with plenty of bumps.

It took me two years to make the switch. For a while I felt like I really needed to hold on tightly to my PR job. I was afraid to let go of my financial security and step outside my comfort zone. Check out my video to learn about how I went from PR girl to self-help author, and then read on for more.


You may know the feeling well.

But at the same time, I hated being in limbo. I was constantly pulled between the desire to stay safe and the desire to take the leap and follow my dream.

And it felt like I was moving in slow motion.

In retrospect, the two years I spent in transition offered me great spiritual guidance.

I deepened my faith, fine-tuned my speaking skills and prepared myself financially and emotionally for the changes ahead.

The truth is, transition is an art.

Maybe you’re leaving corporate America to become your own boss.

Maybe you want to find a more soulful position in your current field, or infuse your career with your spiritual values and principles.

Maybe you’re ready to take your business to the next level and do something huge.

Whatever it is, transition can be tricky. Your ego likes to jump in at these times, convincing you that those old, limiting habits and patterns are actually safer and better. (The ego does not like change!)

But I’m happy to say I’m on the other side of things now.

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