How to Take Action from a Place of Power

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This weekend a new president was inaugurated. And the next day millions of people marched in protest. Across the world, the full spectrum of emotions could be witnessed. It’s left many of us to wonder, “What’s next?” It’s my belief that this is a time to deepen our spiritual practice. More so than before, we need a greater connection to love and faith and to our daily commitment to compassion and forgiveness.

Does this mean we roll over and give in? No, of course not. Rather, it means that we operate far better from a place of love and understanding than fear and hate. You can access that true power when you learn how to take spiritually aligned action.

In this video I share my thoughts on these times and how we can show up with our true power. Press play and share if this video serves you.

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  1. Yes perfect timing<3
    I decided yesterday to delete my social media apps for a week to realign. I've been drawn in to the political issues and have warred with speaking our Loving Truth & just disengaging. All of this is doing what it's purposed to do in contrast, forcing us to unite and dig up underlying issues in order to heal those aspects of this society. Like you said, the anger & passion is important to release… we've expressed ourselves, now it's time to do the work. I was in tears with the heavy energy, and today I decided to readjust, clear & focus on moving forward in spiritual healing & actions.
    Love to You ✨

  2. Thanks Gabby. I’ve been seeking guidance to deal with the current state of affairs with grace and efficacy. So many of us feel/have felt victimized and disempowered (myself included). My ultimate goal/prayer is that our world leaders have the strength, guidance, support & cooperation they need for our (humanity’s) highest good; that they have all of the energy, love, vision & resources for our highest good. Thank you to everyone here seeking a loving, kind & compassionate response to what’s happening.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I was called to look up your meditations this morning, and stumbled upon this. The march on Saturday was an amazing, uplifting event. But then when I got on social media to share my experience, my “high” came tumbling down. I’ve been searching myself this week with how I will react and move forward. Your thoughts in this video are mirroring what my heart has been calling. THANK YOU! I look forward to continuing to raise awareness with love and ignoring the negative. <3

  4. Hey Gabrielle, thanks so much for sharing this. It blessed my soul and confirmed that restraint from being lulled into social media drama was best. Funny thing is the night before you posted I was writing a poem about this and went to bed feeling like it wasn’t quite finished. After watching I knew for sure I needed to add a few lines. Blessings. Here is the poem.

    Step Into Your Power
    Move forward my dear, go live with grit and grace
    Step Into Your Power
    Go slow and steady, it’s the tortoise who wins this race
    Step Into Your Power
    The time to be You begins right here, right now
    Step Into Your Power
    Ask for Guidance and then you will know just how
    Step Into Your Power
    It exists in this instant, not in the future or past
    Step Into Your Power
    It’s yours, not theirs, believe it and your future will be vast
    Step Into Your Power
    Rise above hate, spread love and you will have greater impact
    Step Into Your Power
    Pray, then act and Goodness beyond your dreams you will attract

    xo Erika Lynne Jones

  5. I just watched this today and it was the most beautiful and well said video! I absolutely loved it. I agree we need to be more compassionate and kind towards each other. We need to work together to solve problems and not against each other.
    I will definitely be sharing this video with my friends and family! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week!

  6. Beautifully said & felt. I was at the march in D.C. and the feeling of gorgeous energy of oneness was palpable & present.
    My ardent wish is that the leaders of our nation would hear this message, “sit on your fingers and pray”.
    Lets all keep spreading words of oneness, inclusivity & love.

  7. I don’t usually say the F word – let alone type it – but this is fucking awesome. I was numbing out to my feelings about it and the anger and fear I am denying is spilling into other areas of my life. Like “oh everything is cool. I’m fine” but then it is being “Released” else where in many forms.

  8. Thank you for this video. Coming from a place of mindful awareness is ideal before responding in any situation, so take a breath, ground into the moment, notice how you’re feeling, say a prayer, and then speak up. We can’t remain silent. The compassionate voice needs to be heard loud and clear now more than ever.

  9. Thank you so much Gabby! It is a very challenging time, but I do believe that this is going to allow others to rise. I do believe (more than ever) that LOVE is going to be what sparks a revolution. I am really working on my own path in preparation to lead, support and love the people. You have contributed greatly to my path and transformation. Love and gratitude! xo

  10. Thank you Gabby!
    I shifted from hopelessness and anger to surrounding myself with white light and pink sparkles. And then I shot that light straight out of me all the way across the nation to the capitol. And then I marched. I was astounded by the overall feeling of love, tolerance, and kindness in everyone I encountered.
    Thank you Gabby for articulating so well and affirming this for me, we can do both.

  11. So clearly, beautifully and right-to-the-point spoken of you Gaby, i’m so with you in the belief that our oneness in Love can make a worldchanger. Love & light, Stina

  12. Thank you for all the love in this video and in your heart Gabby! In such a challenging time of division between family and friends the most important thing to remember is to come from a place of love. When those we love choose not to come from a place of compassion, that is when we send them more love.
    Love and Sparkles to you Gabby!

  13. Great message to contemplate! I believe, for many, we are in the process of grief – each are at their respective stage. Any stages (denial, confused, sad, angry, despair, etc) is an okay place to be. Where we do not do ourselves, or humanity, any service would be to get stuck in any one stage. I loved the energy, the solidarity, and overall “Statement” that was expressed by the movement on Saturday. That being said – my personal sign said “Do not hold a Chair for Despair; instead RSVP –> Return to Hope, Speak Up, Value Your Truth, and take un-Precedented Action.” My Spiritual Practice is to always feel empowered to Speak Up and Express my Truth in a firm, but respectful, manner and to Make a Stand against policy and actions that do not align with my core values. And, at the same time, hold ALL in Love, knowing that everything is a part of the whole. Creation can be messy! I believe we are in the process of creating an even greater existence. Thanks for your video!

  14. Gabby this could not be more true for me this week. They say the universe works through people and girl, you are the angel of truth for me today! I have done exactly this on very emotive issue and hopefully I have affected even one person’s way of engaging on this issue. You are amazeballs!!!

  15. I’ve been dealing with trying to balance my emotions with what has been happening these past few months, and I know I’ve felt like laying waste to all of the hateful bigots online and around where I live. But then I remember how Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela also dealt with hatred, rage, and fear far more palpable and stifling than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced yet made drastic, more positive change in the world by not giving in to fear and hatred but embraced love instead. I am taking your messages from “The Universe Has Your Back” to heart about surrendering to the universe and letting it guide me, as sometimes I feel I don’t know what to do next.

  16. Hey Gabby,you are a beautiful soul.
    I totally agree with you that this world needs more compassion , love and understanding and we should operate at this junction from a positive aligned space. May the Universe Belss Us All.
    Your doing Great Work

  17. The holy Bible says about being more like christ full of spiritual love and peace the Bible is the teaching of gods victory.

  18. Thank you Gabby. I’ve been on this path for a long time–and I value your loving, awesome support to become a better me. Sharing your message with anyone who will listen 🙂 You are a blessing.

  19. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to march because i believe in choosing peace and love not fighting against ehat I dont want but when I woke up Saturday morning I heard to go and take my 11 year old daughter. There were angry people there but our only experience was love and joy. So glad you put some words to my feelings and instincts on this. Love to you, Gabby.

    1. It’s so powerful to listen to your inner voice, and I’m so glad it lead you to experiencing so much love and joy 🙂 Big love to you! xo

  20. Get rid of all bitterness,rage and anger,brawling and slander,along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another,forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.

    -Ephesians 4:31-32

  21. You have literally helped me focus and relax. The universe has given me the gift of finding you. I’ve been watching video after video…. just amazing. Thanks girl:)

  22. Gabby I love you so much and thank you for putting into words what my heart is saying!!!! I totally agree with you. Even when we are not maybe crazy about someone send them love, not hate and hope that the energy will help them make the right decisions.

  23. I agree completely! Everyonehas their own political opinion and they are entitled to it…but when their opinions and protests turn into riots and rage that cannot be acceptable. It seems that so many of the people chanting “Love Trumps Hate” are not setting the example of acting in a loving manner. If someone looks hard enough, they can see the good in a person, including Presodent Trump. When he stated in his inauguration speech that we are “protected by God” and “when u open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice” he is 100 percent correct…and based off of the many prayers during the ceremony, I see someone who wants to be led by a higher power…so let’s set an example for the rest of the world that love really is what we need to unite our country, pray for our fellow citizens, pray for ourselves, pray for President Trump, and have faith that we are protected by a power greater than us.

  24. It’s important to engage with the world from a place of love – anything else is fear (and not real according to ACIM). However, one has the responsibility to speak the truth and some untruths aren’t kind. Marianne Williamson warns against using spirituality as an excuse to avoid what is happening in the world.
    What are your thoughts?

  25. Hey Gabby, so good to hear from you on this topic. It is a massive undertaking and we all can do our part. When we remember we are all one and can lift each other up to the higher vibration, we will be heard. I love that. I love that speaking, praying, meditating, eating, walking, marching, everything we do, if done from a place of love, will allow others to hear us and we will reconnect with them. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your love.

    I love you too.

  26. YES! Thank you for this message. I wonder what it would be like if every protester (or even 10%) went to a protest while being aware and mindful in the spirit of love.

  27. Thank you for this. ♥ My concern with focusing on love in this kind of situation is that we become too willing to remain silent when other people are getting (or going to be) hurt, for fear of messing with our vibration. This is what I am struggling with right now: If we choose to stay quiet, then we are most definitely complicit in whatever damage and pain gets inflicted. But if we stand up and speak out, are we going to pour energy into that darkness and inadvertently make it stronger? I haven’t found an answer yet. Saturday’s marches brought tears to my eyes — such a beautiful show of unity and conviction, all around the world. That’s the way to do it. But I agree that the focus must now be on what comes next.

  28. Thanks Gabby,

    There are so many levels that we can address this from. Are we in this illusion and riveted to it? Too bad, let it go! Look inside at the Dear One there wanting to express love, compassion and unity.
    Live in the moment, yes right now. Not before not after but now. What do you see. Who are you? What do you want your “expression” to be?
    Our Presence, our reverence and intention for all creates our circumstances. With love to all that is, let’s create what we desire.


  29. Thank you so much Gabby! We created a Maharishi Effect after reading your book The Universe Has Your Back!!! So exciting. Share love, share peace, and be the light.
    We hold space every day at 2 p.m EST. We just had day 114!!! Thank you!!!!

  30. Thank you so much for speaking on this. We do have to come from a place of love we can’t fight hate with hate no one wins. We can match the rhetoric we want to stop by doing the same.

    As for the law of attraction, we need to see our part in this because when you focus on what you don’t want you end up inviting it into your life.

    Thank you for sharing this and for being brave enough to read the comments online. I for one have decided to protect my light bubble and send light and love into the world.

    We have to change the approach and perhaps this is the Universes way of revealing what needs to be done.

    I know this is only the beginning and definitely time for light workers to double up effort and heal.

    This is me venturing out of my bubble because the Universe sent me your email today.

    Thank you.

    1. OMG! I was moved to write the above comment 3 minutes into the video. I just finished the whole thing and I was like, check, check, yes, yes, wow, no don’t cry, yes, yes.

      Inspired, this video was inspired. No coincidences. Yes, Gabby, many people feel like you do. Thanks for articulating it.

      Share, share.

  31. Thank you for this video. I will share it everywhere! I have literally felt sick to my stomach all week because of all of the hateful and angry comments. I had to stop looking at my Facebook feed because it hurt to read such awful things. Even Madonna yelling out to a crowd that she had thought so often about blowing up the White House. I loved what you said about sending angels to surround the White House, praying, meditating, and aligning ourselves with peace and God. What we think about, we bring about, so if we are thinking hateful things and wishing our new president/administration failure and doom, we all suffer. Much love to you! xox

  32. Thank you Gabby for your wonderful insights! I very much want to share your love and wealth of wisdom but for me, this video is like that penny I know the angels meant for only me (in my circle out here, that is) to find. I am surrounded by negative people who would only scoff at something this beautiful and I am tempted to keep this for me, so I can continue to work on my Self and rise up, out, and above the proverbial “mud” like a lotus does. Yet still, I may give sharing a shot. After all, Mother Teresa spread love where there was none and she made quite an impact, yes?
    Again, thank you!

  33. Thanks Gabby! I have to tell you I’m a writer, and just yesterday I wrote about this issue. I too said the hate has to stop bc it is ineffective and I can’t hear the message when it’s being screamed at me. I talked about meeting in the middle and having a conversation and coming from a different angle. Thanks for sharing. I feel a synchronicity moment with you. So happy you put this out there. Grateful
    Love and Gratitude,
    Traci Halpin ☺

  34. Thank you for this beautiful message. This is the first time I’ve had any desire to get involved in politics, and I’m really struggling with many of the issues that you touched on. I’ve found myself falling down the Twitter rabbit hole in recent weeks. I often question whether it’s a waste of time to weigh in on social media – but on the other hand, I think there could be specific issues where popular opinion could affect decisions and behavior (for example, addressing conflict of interest issues). Thanks again!

      1. Bless you for the message that many need to hear. Ya kickstarted a meditation and prayer movement that is so badly needed.
        Bless you for speaking up in a loving thoughtful conscious way.
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart! XO

    1. Yes we need to center on Love, whether or not we are political opponents. If we can act from a position of love, who can stops us? Lets Truth be our guide to determine which leaders we support. The planet and future generations expect that from us.

  35. THANK YOU Gabby for this video and talking about the Law of Attraction and love. I’ve been feeling so beaten down by the divisive nature of social media these days, where the things that I enjoyed, I’m now avoiding. By reinvigorating my connection to love within me, I feel so much better in just the short time you’ve spoken. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Much love to you.

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