My Favorite Spiritual Mother’s Day Gifts for 2017

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Mother’s Day is coming up! To celebrate, I’m super psyched to share some of my favorite spiritual Mother’s Day gifts.

Give these to your mom, to a friend or sister with kids, or even yourself.

Whether your mother is super spiritual or whether spirituality is more your thing, I’ve picked out awesome gifts that will make the holiday special for both of you.

Enjoy my favorite spiritual Mother’s Day gifts….

spiritual mother's day gift1. Satya Jewelry
I’m obsessed with Satya! My dear friend Satya designs jewelry that’s not only beautiful but also has a deeper meaning. Wearing her amazing pieces makes me feel like a spiritual goddess! I gathered up my favorite designs to share with you, like delicate gold necklaces, stunning malas, bracelets with powerful crystals and more.

Check out my favorite Satya designs and give your mom beautiful spiritual jewelry! Use code GABBY20 to get 20% off all those designs plus most other pieces on Satya’s website.

Shop Satya’s jewelry.

the universe has your back 2. The Universe Has Your Back Book Club
Since I published The Universe Has Your Back last year, many women have told me they’ve read the book with their moms and blasted open a whole new realm of their relationship! Gift your mom a copy of the book and read it together.

You can set up regular lunch/coffee/Skype dates to read favorite passages out loud, discuss it, try exercises and begin co-creating with the Universe! This is a really fab and unique way to deepen your bond. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, e-book and audiobook!

Shop The Universe Has Your Back.

3. Kripalu Weekend Retreat

My annual Kripalu summer retreat is a favorite for moms and daughters! This is such a special experience and one she’ll never forget. This year our theme is The Universe Has Your Back, and over the course of a long weekend we’ll dive deep to transform fear into faith and start living a divinely guided life! This is a truly transformational trip. I look forward to this retreat every year and love to connect in such an intimate way.

The retreat takes place at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, from July 21 to 23, 2017. Get the details and register here!

Give the gift of my Kripalu retreat!

4. Wayne Dyer’s Book Memories of Heaven
spiritual mothers day giftsWayne Dyer was a dear friend of mine and one of my most cherished mentors. My bookshelves are filled with his books!

It’s hard to pick just one as a Mother’s Day gift, but I think Memories of Heaven is perfect. Your mom will absolutely love these stories. Wayne and his coauthor, Dee Garnes, had talked about how the people who know the most about God are those who have most recently been in the midst of divine presence: infants and toddlers. Dee herself had experienced it with her own child.

So Wayne and Dee issued an open invite to parents around the world, asking if they’d ever heard their young kids express memories from before they were born. The responses blew them away.

Maybe give her a box of tissues with this one! I promise any tears will be happy tears. 🙂

Shop Memories of Heaven.

5. Miracles Now Card Deck
spiritual mothers day giftsI love and use my Miracles Now card deck all the time! This card deck includes 62 affirmations for spiritual growth and healing, and each one is gorgeously illustrated. You can start each day by shuffling the deck and seeing what miracle arises, or whenever you need a miracle you can place your hand on the deck and ask the Universe for guidance!

This deck is so fun and such a fast way to shift into a high-vibe state. Everyone can use a Miracle Now….

Shop the Miracles Now Card Deck.

I hope you enjoy this roundup! I know your mom will flip for any of these spiritual Mother’s Day gifts. I hope this serves you.

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