Are You Manic Manifesting?

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Tell me if this sounds like you? 

“I’ve made lists. I’ve built the vision board. I’m praying and journaling. I’ve said it a thousand times, I told all my friends. I’m doing everything right, but it’s STILL NOT HAPPENING! What am I doing wrong?” 

Believe me, you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

In late 2017, I was getting ready to publish my book Judgment Detox. Writing this book had been a beautiful and transformational experience. But when it came time to launch it, I let myself get really stressed out.

I became overwhelmed with fear. I felt like there were so many factors out of my control, and I felt pressured to perform.

I got so caught up in my fear that I tried to control everything in order to feel safe. An old story of mine started playing in my mind on a loop: “If I don’t do it, no one else will.” I wouldn’t let anyone support me. Not my team, not my friends and not the Universe.

Instead, I tried to force the Universe to give me the results I wanted. But my energy was so chaotic and fearful that I unconsciously repelled my desires.

I was seriously out of alignment with my Super Attractor power. I wasn’t co-creating my reality… 

I was manic manifesting.

What Is Manic Manifesting?

Check out this video to see how Manic Manifesting unfolds:

Manic manifesting happens when we try to control our manifestations. It’s very common, because we all get hung up on outcomes. We all want things to go a certain way.

Here’s the thing: We can have all the spiritual tools in the world, but if we don’t tune in to the Universe, we can’t receive what we desire.

When we try to control or manipulate our manifestations, our energy becomes frantic and needy. This is a very low-vibration energy that simply doesn’t match the high, loving vibration of the Universe. Our energy attracts its likeness, so in this low-vibe state you’re a magnet for more low-vibe situations and experiences.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being clear. But, it’s not about having a perfect vision board or the most amazing list. You can do all that work, spend a lot of time with the list and talking about what you want, but you forget to assume the energy of what it feels like to be in that manifestation. 

So whether you want a new relationship, more money, a better attitude, a more solid relationship to your family, there is a way to stop manic manifesting and experience a quantum shift.  To do that you must commit to see things differently. 

The moment you decide to feel better,  you’re going to think better and have a better life. 

We manifest when we align with an energy of joy

Gabby Bernstein manifesting joy in the snow

Those of us on a spiritual path can sometimes think, “If I meditate enough, pray enough, talk about what I want enough, create a vision board, if I do enough spiritual work, then anything I want will just come to me.”

Sorry folks, manifesting isn’t about “getting” and “making.” It’s about being. It’s about being in the energy of love, joy and faith.

When we align with an energy of joy, inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm, we are truly manifesting. Aligning with that presence of joy now gives you the momentum to attract more of its likeness.

So how can you get back to a place of joy, let go of that need to control and start attracting what you want?

How To Stop Manic Manifesting

I want to give you 3 steps you can start following today to stop manic manifesting and start attracting what you want.

Step 1: Recognize that you’re manic manifesting

The first step is to get honest about how you’re trying to control your manifestations.

When you notice that you’re obsessing over an outcome or catch yourself trying to play tricks with the Universe, begin by simply witnessing your behavior without any judgment. 

The sooner you recognize how you’re manic manifesting, the sooner you can surrender and get back into alignment.

Step 2: Pray for the highest good

Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deck

The fastest way to release a needy and controlling vibe is to stop praying for what you think you need and instead pray for the highest good for all.

Whenever you pray for the highest good, you get your agenda out of the way. You surrender to the Universe’s plan and release your own.

When you’re fixated on what you think is best, you could be blocking something even greater! What you think you need is often in the way of what’s of the highest good for you.

Step 3: Focus on how you want to feel

I have a whole chapter in Super Attractor called “It’s Good to Feel Good.” That’s how important this step is.

Gabby bernstein holding a universe has your back mug, manifesting

Here’s an excerpt from that chapter:

…Many of us don’t even realize that feeling bad is a decision we’ve made. We think things like, “I’ll feel good when I get clean bill of health.” Or, “I’ll feel good when I have the money in the bank.”

When we do this, we’re putting the outcome before the feeling. We have it all twisted! We think that we must live in fear in order to get something we want, which will then allow us to feel good. But the truth is that once you feel good, you start to easily attract what you desire! When we make feeling good our priority, everything else can flow.

There are a couple of easy ways to focus on how you want to feel so you can stop manic manifesting and start co-creating.


A Miracle Member once asked me this question on a Facebook Live: “If I’m wishing for love to enter my life, do I need to focus on manifesting love and not on the hope that the really cute guy next door will be the one?”

I told her, “If you focus on thinking that he’s got to be the one, you’re manic manifesting. Instead, start focusing on what it feels like to be in the presence of love. One way to do that is to put your attention on the love that’s already in your life — like the love in your friendships and your family.”

When you appreciate what’s thriving in your life, you attract even more of it.


You have the power to create the world you want to see! Spend a few minutes a day visualizing what you want (and most importantly, how you want to feel). This practice is called creative visualization.

Watch this video for my guidance:

As I say in the video, being in that feeling is what truly manifests your desires into form. You start to feel what you want to create even before it you can see it.

When you start focusing on how you want to feel, you can stop manic manifesting and start allowing.

How I stopped manic manifesting and got back into alignment

In the midst of my last book tour, it became clear to me that I was badly out of alignment. My energy wasn’t supporting what I wanted.

One night I told my husband that I was done with the drama and misery. I said, “I’m getting more help and I’m clearing space to focus on my gifts.”

My words were a prayer that shifted my energy within seconds. I started focusing on how I wanted to feel, daydreaming about feeling supported and free. I elevated my energy, began effortlessly attracting and wrapped up my book tour in California feeling awesome.

This happened because I stopped manic manifesting and told the Universe I was ready to realign.

Remember: When you release your desires to the care of the Universe, you will be given much more than you could ever imagine.

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  1. This was a really inspirational read and a much needed reminder that we are all able to attract our desires. It’s so important as we enter a new year to continue aligning with the universe – I appreciate all your spiritual wisdom, challenges and guidance throughout the process Gabby, you have truly impacted my life in the most amazing ways!

  2. Hey Gabby……like the “Staind” acoustic hit, “It’s been awhile”…….

    This is an excellent post to begin 2021!

    I built a crackling fire New Years Eve, and thumbed through “Super Attractor” again. This post, and your book, will be a reference for me this entire year. I would read a few pages, then daze into the fire.

    Thanks for the help you give me, and, to others!


  3. There is a powerful force in the universe that is already working, but you may not be tapped into it so that it can benefit your life. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we put out into the world, but you must understand and use its critical tenets if you want this principle of the universe to work for you.

  4. I so needed to read this today. Thank you! Question about the workshop….I bought Super Attractor when it was first released. I read it immediately! Love it! Do I have access to the workshop? If so where do I find it? Thank you.

  5. Hi Gabby,
    I purchased Super Attractor several months ago after seeing you on the Tamaron Hall show. I was hooked! Loved your charisma and energy as it spoke directly to me. Since I have the Audio book Super Attractor, how do I access the Manifesting jump Workshop video?
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the great contribution you have made to my life.
    I love you and start each day reading your blogs and watching your video’s.

      1. Hey Gabby,
        I was given Super Attractor for my birthday and I absolutely loved it. I’ve taken so much from your words, have felt inspired, and read the morning mantras every day. Thank you so much.
        Since the book was a gift, I unfortunately don’t have the receipt. Would it still be possible to access the Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop as I’d love to do it?

  6. I really love this blog post – it is what I needed to hear right now. Thank you! I have a question about the workshop though. I bought “Super Attractor” in a store and not online. How can I access the workshop?

  7. i really want my relationship to work with a guy and we were in love(i still am and i think he is too)but because of some reasons we had to take some time apart!i pray every day that he loves me and we will be all good again and visualize the day that it happens and i’m pretty sure that he still loves me and we work this out even if right now it seems it never happens but i’m sure the universe gives me what i want and God hears me!i wanted to ask you that is what i’m doing and saying is wrong and manic manifesting?what should i do?i really just want HIM and nothing else and i’m insistent on that!sorry it’s long but appreciate ALOT if u answer❤️

  8. Thank you! This was very helpful. You have truly changed my life in many ways!
    I do feel I am manic manifesting, as I am in time crunch to get a new job. I just lost my job and have to provide for my girls.
    I wake up nervous and meditate with you and feel better. How can I just let go and trust it will all work out?
    I feel like journal, meditate, listen to to much maybe – manic manic!

    Grateful for you xo

  9. How does this work if you are a specific manifester based on human design? Obviously do not want to be manic about manifesting and write down exactly what I want but then leave it up the God/Universe to work with me to create it. How do you feel about this approach? Does it take away from surrender?

    1. It’s important to get clear and communicate your dreams and desires to the Universe. And with that clarity, fully surrendering the outcome, meaning that you’re open to the greatest possible outcome. While you leave the details up to the Universe, it’s vital that you continue to take aligned action to move towards your desires. When taking aligned action and trusting the Universe, you’ll move forward in flow.

  10. What do we have to do if we already manifested on something very specific, like « I want my relationship with this guy to work ». Do we tell the Universe we wanat to take it back, do we manifest again on something more based on the feeling, do we just let it go like this and hope for the best? ahah…

    1. Stephanie, it can be very difficult to let go of our need to control and to trust in the Universe. When you ask for guidance and pray for the highest good, the Universe gets to work. What unfolds for you may not be what you expected or thought you wanted, but it will ultimately be even better. I recommend starting a daily surrender practice, because surrender is not a one-time event. This post may serve you:

  11. Question: How do we hope for something specific that we want (and it was confirmed to me spiritually that it will happen), yet not be attached to the outcome? It sounds like opposing ideas, and I’m struggling most with understanding that.

    1. It’s tough. I know it is. I really really understand this one. And I believe it is often a moment to moment gig, releasing the outcome. The more relaxed we are around a desire, the more receptive we are. Our energy is aligned and we’re magnetic. It can be hard to accept that you may not receive exactly what you envisioned (although you may), but you can trust that you WILL receive what is of the highest good. I suggest leaning on a simple prayer or affirmation to release the desire as best you can. I say something like, “Universe, I’m turning this desire over to you. I ask for the highest good, and I’m stepping back and letting you lead the way.” Use it all the time. And put your focus on FEELING GOOD more than achieving any one particular outcome. Feel good right now, no matter what. xo

  12. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this video. My question is: Is it better to just focus on manifesting the way we want to feel (eg abundant, safe, loved, etc) rather than on any specifics at all? Is focusing on specifics in any way necessary or helpful?

    Thank you! xo

    1. Hi Amma! It’s great to get clear on what you want to manifest. I especially love journaling on my dreams. And once you have that clarity, leave it up to the Universe and release any attachment to those details. Try meditating or praying, which will help you to let go and trust that your dreams will show up in ways that you may have never imagined. <3

  13. Gabby. I cannot tell you how much joy I am feeling, genuine joy which is coming naturally. Overcoming cancer this year & losing 33lbs since May, if I take my off the ball then the universe let’s me know about it. Be, Do, Have. Thank you for being my guru in your guidance & love . I’m Alive . When you coming to the UK

  14. Gabby, reading over manic manifesting and I find it rather interesting. I recently discovered while listening to a podcast on “How To Manifest Your Desires”. I had never heard of this practice and had no idea it even existed. The one thing I had heard over and over is you needed to be specific on saying what you wanted. If you wanted someone new in your life then say what color hair, what you wanted from them etc. I am looking for employment and I was to write down my exact criteria and it would happen. Well can I just say it hasn’t appeared as of yet. Yes I am trying to keep positive and open minded even though those fear based negative thoughts pop up. I like your way of thinking and will try to have a more open mind to what the universe is sending instead. thanks

    1. Thanks for sharing here Laura! It’s great to get clarity on what you want and even journal about it and pray on it. And then, surrender your desires to the Universe, trusting that it will manifest in perfect timing. Things often show up in ways we could never imagine! <3

  15. Hi Gabby,
    When you talked about praying for the Highest good for all, and not focusing on an outcome, it sounded right. but just after that, you teach to visualize the specific outcome you want to get.
    How does it go together ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hadas! It’s great to have clarity on what you want, envision it, even write about it. And then, release that vision to the Universe, trusting that your desire will be taken care of, in a way that is for the greatest good of all. It often comes alive in ways that we could never imagine.

  16. This made me clear I manic manifest. I am so specific and detailed and it’s not happening the way ‘I want it to.’ It is time to pray for the highest good and Surrender to the Universe’s plan. Looking forward to your workshop next week and the book! Thank you!

  17. Gabby, sometimes though it is hard to be in the joy while feeling fearful, not loved, not lovable. Clearing that is the first step it seems, before we can even visualise the joy, hope and the love that is around us. So many of us are steeped in the negative, the old inherited patterns from childhood, and /or actual difficulties in our lives. Feeling the love is not possible until we accept that we are in a state of fear – and we sometimes need quite a while to process the letting go of fear. THEN we can start to find the positive, even if it’s just the faintest glimmer of the positive, that we are deserving rather than undeserving.

    1. Thank you for showing up and bravely sharing here. Sending you lots of love and continued healing.

  18. Dear Gabby,
    I’ve been overlooking the most important part of manifesting. Your book sounds like the way to learn to surrender and let the Universe take over. I tend to get too specific and wonder why things aren’t happening! Thank you for your timeliness of this post. Love and blessings! ❤

  19. Hi


    It all makes so much sense
    Your talk on visualising manifestation and feeling it

    Thank you

  20. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this post. At a time of ups and downs where I feel I have to figure myself out each day, your post reminded me that I need to welcome what the Universe has in store for me without question or wariness. I am setting an intention to remain more aware of how I am manic manifesting. Your work has helped me in such an incredible way during my tough time.

    With Light,

  21. Yes! Thank you Gabby! I have been extremely needy and pushing my own agenda. The highest good!! Perfect!!

  22. Once again, when I ask the universe for help I’m led to one of your blogs that is just the advice I needed at this time. I have realised I have been manic manifesting about love entering my life! And here I see the same words about someone in my situation. Thank you, through your books and blogs you really have had such a positive effect on my life

  23. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This is the message I needed today for many areas of my life. Thanks Gabby. You picked up my vibe. Sending love and light to you and your family.

  24. I really, really needed this! I was obsessing about the outcome I think I need for an online series I’m creating and worrying anxiously over whether it will turn out that way or not. Surrendering to the Universe by praying instead for the highest good for everyone has helped to calm my anxiety almost instantly. Thank you 🙂

  25. Dearest Gabby, I totally resonate with your messages and positive outlook to be our best selves. I ordered ALL your books, journals & cards & they just arrived… Planning to read one/week… starting tomorrow… What order do you recommend??? Xo

    1. Amazing Susanna! So excited that this all resonates with you! Start with the book that you feel most called and connected to and know it’s the one for you. This is an awesome step in trusting your inner guidance. Sending you big hugs! XOX

  26. Hi Gabby, thank you for this interesting message. I have been working very hard to follow your guidance of believing that you are abundant in order to create abundance (I hope I have read that correctly), and it has started happening for me financially with small steps to reduce my massive debt. However – just as I come to rely on the universe to help me with this, I get told that I could lose my job. I live in any area which has a bullying culture and this is the only job, out of many I have been in and left, where there is no bullying culture and I’m afraid that my fragile environment of a fairly decent job and gradually reducing my debt, will shatter. I am trying not to manically manifest this into not happening but it has come at the same time as I am having to sell my house because of debt and where house prices are plummeting because of an awful national crisis. How do I trust that the universe truly has my back in this situation so I don’t feel so hopeless. Thanks. X

    1. Trust that there is an even better plan in store for you. I love hearing about all the steps you are taking and the proof you’re already receiving. Continue to know that these small steps will add to a big impact. You are on a good path. <3

      1. Thank you Gabby for your reply. I have just watched your video about making miracles if you surrender to love. I am really trying hard to follow this and as you can see I am making progress. But can I ask, how do I stay on course when I suffer abuse or rejection from someone I love and have trusted? I have to deal with ongoing situations where I’m ridiculed a lot and not loved, which entirely drag me down, and sometimes I just lose myself and don’t feel as if I have the strength to get up anymore. I keep my distance from these situations but nevertheless they are in my life, unfortunately. Thank you.

        1. Keep showing up for yourself like you are here Ann. Take it one day at a time. Honor all of your shifts, both big and small, as well as your dedication to your healing. <3

  27. OMG.
    I Will take this post like a sign of the universe.
    Because lately i’m being feeling so confused and lost. Because i want to control my thoughts and if i dont get what i want ,when i want it… makes me feel angry with me and the universe. So, after that, i only can think about the things that i am afraid of . And i think if i cant stop that thoughts. I will get that in my life and suddenly i am paralyzed, and i dont know how to continue and how to enjoy and the most important thing how to attract my desires.

    So… this blog taught me… that i have to enjoy and release. Because the universe has my back… and the best is yet to come.

    Thank you sooooo much.

    Xoxo from México

  28. Ive been unemployed for the last month and trying to find a new career path. This instability has made it difficult for my wife and I plan to get pregnant.
    Needless to say I feel like I’m manic manifesting. Wanting to trust that it will all work out I can’t help but worry about the future.
    This was a great read for me today and I’m hoping to realign with some positive thoughts.

  29. Thank you so much! That’s just what I needed right now! Trying to control things makes me feel so bad and out of alignment with love and the Universe! Thanks for showing how to get back!

    1. So glad this work is serving you Nadine. Continue to trust in the guidance you receive and expect miracles. xoxo

  30. Wow!! This is so powerful and came to me at the absolute perfect time. I was realizing that I was “manic manifesting” however had not yet put words to it. I have been searching for love and manifesting about the one person instead of the true experience. I believe that getting into the feeling of loving and being loved will bring this into my life with the right partner instead of someone that may not be. Thank you Gabby!!

  31. That was an awesome blog post! So much valuable info packed in your writing and video clips. I’m a teacher…and I know that’s good teaching because I learned so much from it! Thank you. P.S. I’ve been tagging you in my Twitter posts (@angecensoplano) w/ my book b/c you’ve helped me so much 🙂 .

    1. Grateful that these blogs and tools are inspiring you Angela! Sending you big hugs and lots of appreciation! XOX

  32. I can only comment in Dutch because there is no real word for it in English, but it is something like It runs like a charm. Het loopt als een tierelier. It makes me so happy when i say it, it makes me smile bigtime!

  33. Gabby, thank you for putting this together. There are times when I am super aligned, and there are other time where I find myself getting really panicked about outcomes and have a challenging time choosing thoughts that are vibrationally higher. Frankly I think I get scared of my own joy. Where should I start?

    1. Know that feeling joyful and happy is your birthright! You deserve it! The best place to start is by incorporating the 3 steps in this blog and commit to them for the next month. Practice them daily and start to notice all the shifts in your life. <3

    1. Continue to put these steps into your daily routine and be open to seeing and feeling some big shifts! <3

  34. Gabby, I have been waiting for this blog post! I read it more than once and will probably revisit it. I was recently thinking how your new book will be so timely (as they all are) and when am I going to be able to pre-order the book and needless to say, this blog popped up!

    Life has taken me for a spin as a contract that I had at a job ended and a relationship that I have been in has not been in a positive state. I know with both of these things I have been manic manifesting, been controlling, and my anxiety has taken over rather than letting the universe do its thing. So I need to let go as holding on will not help… I’ve been praying for the healing and for these two situations in particular.

    So thank you for this post and for this book as I know it is already speaking to me, my heart and my soul. For I want to be a Super Attractor. <3

    1. You’re doing great work Amanda. Continue to implement these tools and be open to all the ways that big shifts and miracles can show up for you. Sending hugs your way! XOX

  35. Love this! The Universe has been showing me I’m ready to grow & expand in ways I didn’t feel ready for. Daily I surrender my fear with faith & fun, trusting in The Universe’s plans for the Highest Good & my highest good, too. By meditating on my desires and imagining how I’d feel as if they’re already manifested has helped me raise my vibration in a way that creates a great momentum to attract them, and like-vibrational people and experiences. From seemingly small synchonicities to major miracles my life has become light and joy. A practice I learned from The Universe Has Your Back that has changed my life. Thank you! Can’t wait for Super Attractor!

  36. Thank you for this Gabby, as always. 🙂 I love your white light meditation and do it often, but sometimes I get confused between having the specific image of what I want during this meditation and letting it go to receive what is for the highest good. It seems like if I focus on something specific during a creative visualization, I am manic manifesting instead of letting go and being open to infinite possibilities. Could I ask what are your thoughts on this?

    1. It’s great to have clarity on your dreams and desires and to announce them to the Universe. And once you do, let go of any specific outcome, trusting the Universe will let it unfold, maybe in a way that you could have never imagined. This is being open to the highest good for all. <3

  37. This was the first post that popped up on my Facebook this morning and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With so much noise happening in my world, I’ve realised I have been manic manifesting for too long now! I pray for the highest good of all and put my faith and love back to the universe ❤️
    I am looking forward to reading Super Attractor – you sincerely continue to encourage and inspire me, thank you

  38. My new intention – to appreciate and value the quality and quantity of time I have available with my children.
    Ideally, I’d like to manifest more time with them while still providing financially for them and all the fun adventures we take: basics of food, clothing, shelter, and fun of competitive cheer, beach vacations, gym memberships, run races, etc.

  39. Manifesting couldn’t be more important to me right now. I have so much change in my life and so many decisions to make. Its all positive but negative thoughts keep creeping in because I’m out of alignment. So I really relate to this post. I need your book! I’m ordering it now.

    1. Thanks for showing up here Michele. Continue to implement the steps in the blog and be open to some major shifts. Sending lots of love your way. <3

  40. Your such an inspiration to me Gabby. Your words have helped me get out of a dark place in my life. Using your principles have truly changed my life. Can’t wait to read the new book! Much love to you always. <3

  41. I’m ready to be a super attractor! I pray for love, joy and happiness. Looking forward to joining you on August 11. Love and blessings, JANINE

  42. I will commit to raise my energy level by going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so I both meditate and exercise before my workday begins.

  43. Thank you Gabby. I cannot wait for September, literally! I desire to spend more time with my children and start my own business to enable me to do this. I have my sight on my dream house and I am manic manifesting all the time. I am ready to stop, and listen for guidance. Your post has really helped.

  44. Gabby, just listening to you speak is a gift! You have really helped me to stay calm, go with the flow, and bring more abundance into my life. Thank you!

  45. I ordered the book and can’t wait to join you on August 11th!
    This workshop is also a result of my co-creation with Universe. Last night I prayed for a beautiful surprise and this is the first one!
    See you in NYC!

  46. I want to attract more happiness, laughter and feel supported by the universe.
    Thanks Gabby for your post. It’s given me hope for the future. I’ve been suffering from depression and I’m hoping to get rid of it so I can live happily. Xx

  47. My desire is financial freedom. I am in control of my finances. I know how much money I have coming in and going out. I have all the money I need and want.

    1. Beautiful Lisa! Showing up here and sharing is a sign that you are ready and open to some big shifts.

  48. Thank you for this! I have been realizing how I am trying to force outcomes and was just sharing this last nite with a friend at dinner.

    Of course! Your new book info appeared in my inbox this morning. What joy!

    My intention is to flow with what the Universe has for me and be open to possibilities and more love n the journey.

      1. Gabby, such wonderful words of wisdom. They arrived to me in perfect time, thank you! Keep up the positive vibrations and living your joy!

  49. Thank you, Gabby! for this amazing blog post. I have pre-ordered my Copy of Super Attractor and I cannot wait to attend your workshop in NYC.
    But before that, I wanted to express a few things. I am an International Student on F1- Visa. I graduated Master’s of Sciences in Computer Engineering this May 2019. I am on this 90-day conditional period(July 1st – October 1st), where I have to find a Job which will sponsor me H1B-Visa. If I am unable to find a job I will have to go back to India.
    So, I am beyond stressed. When I started applying for Jobs the fear of not being worth it and Am I good Enough crept in.
    Since the past few days, I have been feeling stuck and depressed but more importantly Scared. The fear of ” What if I don’t get a job?”, Because I apply for 100 jobs in a day and I get 2 interview calls.
    So I feel that Super Attractor has come at the right time for me. I really want to know how to get over that fear stop questioning and start “Being”. How to find a Job when you have 90 days condition.

    1. Thanks for showing up here Duhita! When applying for jobs, allow yourself to get into a place of alignment so that you’re making decisions and taking action from a place of love and trust and not major fear. In order to get started right now, commit to practicing the steps I shared in the blog and do them daily. Be open to all the major shifts and keep returning to your inner guidance. When the voice of fear comes up, return to these practices. Sending lots of love your way. <3

  50. Thank you for talking about manic manifesting. I didn’t realize that’s happening in my life at this moment. Your message could not have come at a better time!

  51. Wow….I needed to hear that at the right moment!!!! Thank you so much Gabby for reminding me! I am ready to realign and can’t wait to read your new book. I thank the universe for you!

      1. I choose to live in joy, I feel healthy! I live a life free from debt. I needed this today! I have been way out of alignment and doing some serious manic manifestation!

      2. I’m so ready for this, yesterday I decided I wanted to do a 90 day meditation kundalini, 11x for my soulmate. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I release my desires and I’m ready to surrender. Thank you so much. Waheguru!!

  52. Hello,
    I am a big fan of yours and very much would like to get a copy of your book. I really enjoyed Judgement Detox (sorry to hear of your struggles around that time).

    I cannot afford anything these days though as I have been recovering from an extremely rare illness that I almost died from. It is a miracle to be alive and making medical history with my recovery in NYC (I listened to Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life during 2 rounds of nonFDA approved chemotherapy that I had 6 years ago) and run positive affirmations daily to keep improving my health and life.

    Since there is no medical foundation for SPS, I was advised to set up a page for assistance

    I met Marianne Williamson in NYC 2 years agoo and she was kind enough to give me a copy of ACIM and also of her new book. She also helped to spread the word of my page t get much needed fund raising support, and made a generous donation to my page herself which was so kind and helpful.

    Would you be able to help me get support to my page, and perhaps a copy of your new book? I would really appreciate it very much, it would make a literal life saving difference and be the highlight of my month/year.

    A NYC editor also wrote an article about my story because he wants to help me get much needed support and raise awareness as I have been alone, and have used my mind as a PT and also spiritually to save my life. This is a link to the article:

    Can you please help me get supports? I am daily in the practice of positive thoughts and trying to manifest the best outcomes. Yet I don;t have enough money for my treatments required to get better, for enough food, or other bills that need to be paid which is why I was told to set up the page to raise money since no one can survive and recover from SPS alone. Thank you very much, all my best.

  53. I intend on living life through my heart. My only plan is not a plan at all, it’s just to live in peace, freedom and independence. I follow my heart and let the universe guide me. Keeping my heart line open is the best feeling. It allows me to call out my thoughts, recognize them only as a thought, and thank them kindly for coming. Simply saying to the thought with compassion, I choose to follow my heart. That is my intention.

  54. Dear Gabby,
    I just pre-ordered your book and currently I’m reading Spirit Junkie. Recently I had to make a very difficult decision on whether to have surgery or take on a documentary project I very much wanted to do. I was worried about disappointing the tv network that offered it, worried I was giving up an opportunity to tell some important stories. As a director and showrunner (executive producer), saying yes to a project is a big commitment, and one that is not easily replaced since it is my job to create the vision, tone and story. I trusted my gut, had the surgery on my shoulder and am 10 days post op. I’ve been working to keep the “you’ll never work again” demons at bay, yet I know it was the right decision and ultimately need to work on trusting there is more to come, there is abundance.

    Thank you for the authenticity you bring to everything you do. As a storyteller, I know how hard it can be to create a message that cuts through, that resonates and comes from the heart. I look forward to seeing you at the live event in NYC.

    PS: We have something in common…the same alma mater:) xo

    1. This is awesome Sara! Grateful to witness you using these tools and tapping into that inner guidance. Big hugs! XOX

  55. I need to manifest more affluence. I have some bills coming up that I will need help from the Universe in order to pay them. I have let go before and nothing happens. I need help now! This makes me feel like a loser. I can’t seem to make anything happen on the higher vibrational level.

  56. I release my manic manifesting to the universe and instead I pray for the highest good of all, knowing that the universe will deliver great gifts to me if I get out of its way!

  57. So true!! Lovely post. Classic “right, i forgot to chill!” Feeling i have three msin goals: a happy healthy relationship, selfpublishing my kids Book and opening my own place. Right and ferl happy, relaxed and pretty! Just like that of course. So i wrote to do lists, manifested, set daily goals and mantras etc. Etc. The last weeks My insomnia came back, if i sleep i grind My teeth again, i SM easily irtitated att work but since i am doing all my spiritual homework i didnt make the connection between manic manifesting and My tiredness. Today i said ” sometimes doing nothing leads to everything” and now i read this post. I start doing nothing today and just focus on how i want to feel again ❤️ looking forward to your book!! And thank you for a great post. Cool timing ❤️

  58. Thank you so much Gabby! This post came in divine right timing, because exactly today something didn’t work out the way that I wanted it and I caught myself dropping into disappointment, thinking if this didn’t work out, I won’t get ‘it’. But I surrender and expect something better, more aligned, for the highest good. I’m super excited for your new book. I think I’ll preorder 🙂 Sending Love

  59. Thank you so much Gabby for sharing this post! I have definitely been manic manifesting but I”m setting the intention now to let go, concentrate on the joy and feel the outcomes before they arrive. Thank you

  60. Thanks so much Gabby! This came exactly at the time when I most needed it. In fact, I got caught up in manic manifestation last weekend, but didn’t know it at the time. I just felt miserable. This morning I followed your advice to ask the Universe for help. Just simply „please help me, I’m stuck“. And here it is, your advice that was so desperately needed. I’m putting this to good use right away. I feel different already, lighter, clearer, focused. Thank you so much! ❤️

  61. I start going to the gym and my back is strong, healthy and supports me. I take action at work with inspired ideas and make tangible progress. I have an amazing partner who is my soul twin. We are attracted to each other physically, mentally and spiritually and surround each other with love, fun and support. I live in a state of joy and love and welcome the highest good for all.

  62. This is outstanding. Exactly what I needed this morning. So stressed and trying to control. I am stepping back and know I am manic manifesting. Not how I want to feel at all. Realigning! Thanks x

  63. Hi Gabby,

    thanks for sharing!!

    I’m totally manic manifesting more and more now!

    Last year I moved immensely into my feminine ; of surrender, Trust and ease, receiving, the Yin.
    So now I felt it’s time for cultivating the “masculine” within me; pushing a little bit more, knowing the clear goal, direction, with confidence.
    I started this thing called “100 day challenge”

    One of my goals is making 100 k dollars by the end of the year. I set this goal very recently.

    I still am not making anything at all and that is stressing me out.

    Before this I focused a lot more on how I wanted to feel, in short;
    playfulness, joy
    confidence, courage
    love, loving, connected
    peaceful, lightness ,ease
    trusting, surrender
    grace, awe wonder, enthusiasm

    That worked very well because in a year I feel these things so much more on a regular basis which is awesome!

    It’s like short-circuiting, the feeling is what we truly want anyway, right!

    So anyway, I really feel that I am in need of making money now.

    Would you recommend just surrendering. Getting out of the way? Thinking & writing about the reasons why I need that money and how I will use it for the greater good of all? And not having that specific 100 k goal? What’s your take on this?


    Peace <3

    1. Sebastian, my friend, surrender is the name of the game. When you open up to a practice of surrender and deepen your relationship to the Universe, you will know whether your goals are divinely supported or coming from your ego. Remember that we do not “make” things happen – we receive miracles and manifest. Check out my Super Soul Sessions talk on the 5 steps to spiritual surrender and start your practice. Expect miracles.

  64. To be honest being connected with God’s alignment we can feel peace, Joy and God’s mercy grace upon us we release our need to manic menfest negative things the devil will try to mess with that. when I prayed about my life and situation I got a gut feeling that it wasn’t right to continue with the person who let me down before and possibly was going to use me when it suits him wasn’t worth chasing just to feel loved by a person I needed to seek love through God I started connecting with God with daily prayers meditation and Bible reading gratitude Journal everyday and I felt more happier within myself than before. I continued to show up to all Universal obstacles assignments since I was 10 each one has been intense situation someone​ died by suicide or cancer my father nearly died 3 times because of cancer and doctors failed to do their job correctly in New Zealand I still confronted my fear loss reaching out to God for support through it I was not alone. I even started doing gratitude Journal everyday and miracle morning routine.

  65. Hey Gabby,

    Thank’s for this gentle reminder. I downloaded (audible) your ‘the universe has your back’ book in December 2016, listened to it, got loads out of it but then kinda forgot everything (as you do!). This was a great prompt to re-listen and chill out!

  66. Oh my GOSH, your marketing is amaze. I’m happy you’re carrying a positive message with it – bc it is absolutely killer. Truly inspiring.

  67. I love this, thank you so much for this. I love the book thank you for writing it. I love the Manifesting Workshop. Thank you for everything. Love you.

      1. Hi Gabby – thank you for everything ! The timing of this topic is brilliant and brought a huge smile to my face !!! I have a question about the balance of surrendering and visioning/ asking the universe etc I often ask the universe for a sign that I am going in the right direction and within a week or less I typically receive the sign. In the last 18 months i have done this 3 times – and I am laughing now at myself as I was about to say jokingly that I don’t want to wear out my welcome or be manic by asking too much ! THat said – I have a business opportunity coming up for which I don’t have to make a decision for 30 days or so, and am listening to my heart and evaluating with my mind, and surrendering, and happy to follow my gut AND I asked for a sign about Proceeding. Is this manic ? I am not stressed. Woke up joyful and happier than I have been in ages today ( best sleep in months :). Thank you for insights ! Plan to get book and workshop. Thank you for your energy. Heather

        1. When you tap into that feeling of inner knowing, calmness, and joy, you are manifesting from a place of love and alignment. Sometimes this feeling can also be excited energy, which is different than manic energy. Keep trusting that inner guidance and move from a place of love. <3

  68. Gabby I am new to your blog, but an avid spiritual “junkie”! Me and my friends are starting a new book club and I’m wondering should we start with this book or your others? What other authors do you recommend besides yourself? I know you mentioned ” a course in miracles ” as one of your favorites… thank you!

  69. I have to have a lump sum of $ for a project/contract that came to me I say yes and need $ to pay, it was all synchronistic and very much aligned with my calling and gifts~ I asked for lump sum, now what? without it $ and time I can’t go forth

    1. Do you have my book, The Universe Has Your Back? I would highly recommend Chapter 11: When You Think You’ve Surrendered, Surrender More <3
      big love,

  70. Love this Gabby! Words of wisdom for sure. Would you say in consistency lies the key? We all know it’s okay to feel down, we’re human. But it’s when that becomes who you are…that’ when life stays stuck or just experiencing the same things over and over.

  71. How can I apply this to the workplace. All week long I dread the arrival of Friday. Our clinic is over scheduled, rushed, 10 minute lunchtime if any, grumpy patients and bitchy doctor. None of any of this I have any control over. I want to feel calm and be caring with my patients. I sometimes have tightness in my chest

  72. I really needed this today, Gabby, thank you! I read your book and loved it, and lately I have been manically manifesting and didn’t know how to stop! I am so glad now I can shift (with your suggestions).
    Ps I’ll have 7 years of sobriety in September, I love we have that connection
    Thank you!

  73. I just finished the audiobook of The Universe Has Your Back and I actually cried at the end. So many “miracles” were shown to me with the words you spoke that gave me faith in the Universe. I do manic manifest and was particularly interested in the surrender section, how fitting I opened up this email right after I completed the book. Thank you for your love and light.

  74. Thank you for this, Gabby! What a wonderful message and a great reminder to manifest the FEELINGS you’re trying to achieve. And, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way!

  75. This is the most magnificent and soul resonating thing I have ever read on the topic. I’ve been pondering how to set goals and manifest for years! Making a list of things always seemed so stressful and limiting, and focusing on feeling (both yours and the greater goods) is so much more liberating and fun! I was just speaking about this with a girlfriend on Saturday. Quite a sign. Thank you so much. Brilliant.

  76. I am manic manifesting. I get my sign often within 2 hours but no movement towards my right path. I want to trust in the signs but am afraid to trust it completely. I believe the path is right but am nervous. I have blocks to work through, I guess. Is your sign always the right path?

    1. you’re doing amazing, Maria. you’re so aware! We all have blocks and trusting the Universe takes practice, practice, practice!
      Your sign is just one of the ways the Universe speaks to you <3
      Have you read The Universe Has Your Back? I would highly recommend Chapter 7: Certainty Clears the Path for What
      You Desire.

      big love,

      1. Yes, I am very aware but often doubt myself when I shouldn’t! I’m very aware because I’ve educated myself from your books and talks, I soak it in and try to practise the best I can. I have read TUHYB twice and have given it to my friends in need. I’m trying to live my best life! Amazing book! Will wait for your newest one in January!

        When you are writing books and planning your talks, please know that you are helping one mind at a time gain some peace which is more valuable than any monetary asset one can accumulate! Continued success! Thank you for any answearing my comment!! I’m truly grateful ☺️ And wished you would comment! Ha ha! Namaste.

  77. This is so great and has come at the perfect most synchronistic moment for me, so thank you!! Another thing that helps me when I find myself manic manifesting (which is literally what it feels like— and it spirals fast b/c once I notice the controlling energy coming up, I judge it immediately and then get angry at myself for being so obsessive– it’s like a black spiraling hole), so what I’ve started doing when that happens is I try to come back to the present moment. Like I will literally start paying attention to the colors and the shapes that are in front of me RIGHT NOW, and breathing of course 😉 It helps bring me back to basics and then I can more easily surrender from there. xx

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