My Hot New Look!

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Woo hoo! Check out my hot new vlog! By infusing inspiration and love into my weekly vlogs I was rewarded by Youtube. Thousands applied and 16 were chosen to be Youtube Next Vloggers! As part of this amazing program I received $5,000 in video equipment and today I’m showing off the goods in this new vlog!

The Spirit Junkie message in today’s vlog is to stay focused on what opens your heart and inspires you fully. When you infuse your hobbies with love and inspiration they will be fully supported by the Universe.

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  1. Gabby–love the new set and new vibe. Your capacity to speak from the heart is so inspiring. What a open heart and throat chakra you have…

    This message is right on time for me, as I continue to nurture my small creative endeavors and watch them become seeded, and then slowly grow and eventually–start to bloom!


  2. Gteat look Gabby. Hey, I’ll be online listening to you do meaning is the new money all the way from NZ the NEXT day!!! Isn’t it weird how time bends 😉

  3. Infinite and Eternal Blessings to you and all.
    Congratulations and continued evolving success!
    Love. Light. Peace.

  4. Could not agree more, Gabby! We need to make our passions our purpose in life and not thrust them off to the side. Bliss should never be something we have to make time for; instead, it must be at the forefront of our lives. Thank you for living an “inspired” life that we can all learn from and use as motivation for creating our own best lives. There is just nothing quite like being a spirit junkie; that’s for sure!

  5. Congratulations, Gabby!! So happy for you sister! Thank-you for the Love, inspiration and guidance you share with the world. LOVE your new look!:)

  6. Thank you Gabby! It amazes me how I always hear exactly what I need to at the right time! You are awesome.

  7. Looking great Gabby! Keep those inspiring vlogs coming our way! It’s amazing the impact your presence has had in my daily life. I started by reading Spirit Junkie and am now reading your first book (doing things kinda backwards I guess) I listen to your guided meditations every day and they are really helping me letting go of the ego and the fears the ego creates. You are truly a gift to all of us and you are making a powerful shift happen in our world and ourselves. Thank you. Geneviève from Montréal, Canada.

  8. Gabby!!! I’m soooo ing~spiiired by your awesome success!! You ROCK girlfriend :=)) congrats on You Tube Next Blogger!! thanks for sharing your passion and encouraging others to do the same … The video set BG is soooo hi-rez, clear and looks beautiful! Good choice in colors and white-ness, lightness (spirit aura serene feeling) !!! Oooh I’m too excited for words !!! Blessings to you !!!! LOVE !

  9. Gabby,
    What’s great about you is that you offer the world a chance to see the tangible results of living the life of a Spirit Junkie. Thank you for allowing us to experience this miracle with you. Congratulations and many blessings!

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