My experience with John of God

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In my book Spirit Junkie I share the story of my experience visiting the famous medium from Brazil know as, John of God. Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey featured John of God on her OWN TV show, Next Chapter. Oprah’s visit to Brazil inspired me to share my John of God experience with you. In this video I tell the story of how this miracle man guided my spiritual awakening, reorganized my plans and changed my life forever.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    Really great blog this week! I’m really interested in reiki healing and just wondered what your thoughts were on this subject.

  2. Sat Nam Gabrielle,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! My mom also told me about John of God after receiving a distant healing from the Entities which work through him. She encouraged me to try the distant healing, which I was totally open to so now I am taking the passiflora daily and meditating and praying. I watched Oprah’s program last night and was shocked by some of the graphic footage from the physical surgeries. Nonetheless, I hope to someday have the good fortune of making a visit to Brazil to see him in person.

  3. Hi Gabrielle,
    I am not surprised at all that I aligned with you on this subject.We all need the right guidance and usually our spiritual path,healing and relationships are what matter most to us who have opened to the Way.The opening we have made fors allow us to see more as we are ready to see more truth and grow in inner faith.The strength you received is evident.Sometimes something happens and it stalls our a cae stalling.If we use that space to look deeper rather than to keep fighting the flow its brings a profound peace.
    Peace joy love prosperity to you Gabrielle,
    Ps I would love to visit Brazil,i too am teaching writing ,starting conscious healing and coaching…its a great time for me ,however these shifts bring up relationship concerns as we sometimes feel drawn to go it alone..Whats for us doesnt go by Us!( thats an Irish saying)but if it pauses for us we must be open to listening and acting on our guidance and this is true for me now.I have the courage and strength and your message and example reinforced that!

  4. Hello Gabby,
    I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for being a shining, radiant light and guide to healing my own fear based thinking and choosing Love in all things. I love your book May Cause Miracles and am working daily on practicing the principles with who I am and how I show up in the world.
    You have touched my life in a profound way. Thank you – thank you for sharing your gifts!
    Love and Light be with you~

  5. Wow, Gabby… I went to an Omega class given by Kris Carr and while I was there, I met a woman who told me that both of her children were dying of cancer. She told me that one was recovering, but the next was not. She then said that she was taking him to see John of God.

    The reason she shared this info with me was because I had shared with the audience that I have a rare genetic blood disorder that has been seriously helped by juicing and a vegan diet. The woman gave me contact information for a tour guide who takes people to see John of God.

    I was very skeptical, just as you were, but your words make me want to go. Brazil was never among the top places I’ve wanted to travel to. Maybe I should make an exception. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for being such a beautiful light in the world.

    <3 Josephine

  6. When I first saw you, it was in Vancouver with Danielle LaPorte, I was in IIN – as my website shows. I went through over 60 hours of being cyber bullied in their closed moderated group, and no moderator stepped in to protect me. I am no longer in IIN as a result. I have been writing my book – MY OWN PRISON – about having anorexia, and how I ended up here, hoping to help others avoid this same fate. In Vancouver, you said I would succeed as I was focused on service, and that’s entirely true. (I was the first to speak – all in white). I am still struggling with everything I was then. My anorexic life has left me unable to drive – dependent on my Dad for income, my son for rides….and a full set of dentures so very painful I rarely eat. I want to do so very many things for myself, but this anorexia has cost me so very much. My only friend is my Dad, everyone else is just facebook friends. I do not have the money to enroll in the Spiritual things I need, so how can I help myself further? I meditate and pray, and write my book, take my puppy out for walks and struggle as mediator between my Dad and Son, to somehow stay positive and happy – keep my vibrations high, but it has become increasingly difficult, almost impossible to do this. I need help and I don’t know where to turn anymore.

    1. Myshelle-Marie,

      You have gone through so much, and I just wanted to write and say that I really value your strength and courage and positivity. I’m no expert, so I won’t offer any advice, just the suggestion that it sounds like you are a bit isolated. Maybe there are free, local support groups that could help fulfill and support you in ways that your family isn’t able to right now.

      I also want to leave this link below; it’s from a healer named Jennifer Hoffman – you can find her on Spirit Library – and her posts have been really helpful for me. This week’s post is: “Q&A: I Am Being Grateful But When Will This Change?”

    2. Hi Myshelle-Marie, I wanted to jump in here as well and send some love your way. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is a friend and anorexia survivor who is a great resource and inspiration. She can be found at

      I totally agree with Gabby that you’ll succeed when you’re focus is on service. I noticed on your website you offer a lot of different services but you don’t talk a lot about your story and challenges you’re facing. I know that can be painful but that’s also how you shine your light in the world and help other people going through similar things. What you give, you will receive and it will lead to a deep sense of fulfillment. As you share and give support to others, you will receive that support you’re sharing. Have you seen The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown? Check it out:

      Sending you love and hoping you will have the strength to be vulnerable and be a light for so many others.


    3. Hi Myshelle-Marie,

      I also felt called to write you something. Especially since I see my friend Anne-Shophie’s name being mentioned in the comments too!

      You have achieved so much already. I feel so proud of you in my heart. I do hear you on feeling lonely and unsure about what to do next. Reaching out here is a great way of helping yourself!

      I don’t know if you are on, but earlier today I wrote a post in there about offering to mentor a young woman who struggles (or who has a history) with mental illness. I have personal experience with everything from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm and suicidal behaviour myself, so I know what I’m talkin’ about! Anyways, I wanted to offer you the same. E-mail me to if you see this and feel called.

      Sending you much love and praying for you.


  7. Thanks for your talk on John of God today – you are right, I felt very moved. Perhaps because I have lost my normally solid footing in this last horrid week and feel like I am drifting downwards that I sought out this moment. Not sure where it will take me but I am aware I need to clean everything (NOT housework). love Catriona

  8. Hi Gabby!! loved your experience.. to be honest between work, my kids and my MAY Cause Miracles guidebook week 3!.. I barely have time to open all of my emails but somehow I had to click on this one an took the 6 mins to watch the video. I loved it and I feel in a similar place. Althought financially I am not ready to go to Brazil, I am ready to receive deeper answers and understand more about my mission. Can you send me some info on John of God? how to reach out to him for healing?

    Thank you for sharing!! it was perfect for me.

  9. This December I had a fire in my loft. The next day my friend Fabiola Giuberti Bergi came over and brought a crystal that had been blessed by John of God while she was home in Brazil. She told me to do what I want with it…”keep it, give it away, it will find it’s purpose.” I put it in my jeans pocket and was frantic to discover it was gone and I had lost it. A few days later I found it next to my son’s loft bed. I had to sleep in my son’s spare bed in his room and it must have fallen out. I put it on a shelf by his bedside next to a jade Buddha I had given him for his birthday a few years ago. We have not spoken of this. There are no words needed. Sometimes things are best unspoken. All he knows is he came across this beautiful tear drop crystal in his room and it now lives by his bed. And I know that it was meant for him. The whole experience was humbling and quiet. I can barely articulate the serenity that I experienced through this blessing from John of God.
    Thank you for reading.
    Thank you Gabby for providing this forum for me to share this story.
    with love and in gratitude-

    1. Wahe Guru Tara, thanks so much for sharing the “visceral” humility and quiet serenity with this experience.
      love and gratitude to you, yours and all sentient beings.
      Sat Nam.

  10. Inspiring story Gabby. It’s funny because I was thinking about John of God the other day and then along comes your vlog. I can relate to what you said about having the feeling of wanting to know and understand more. Maybe one day I will experience this miracle man myself!
    Thank you for sharing
    <3 Lauren

  11. Hi Gabrielle, I am so sad to find out that John of God just came to Toronto this past weekend and I was away in NYC. How can I find out where else he will be traveling to, or when he will next be in Canada?

  12. Gabby – you are absolutely stunning! I see pure beauty inside and out when watching this VLOG. I am so grateful for being open to receive guidance and messages thru your various teachings. You are an inspiration to me! I dvr’d the John of God special and will watch it in the next few days. Continued thanks for all of your work and gifts you give to the world. Many blessings to you my friend and soul sister :). Love, Shana

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with John of God. I’ve heard about him before and find what he does fascinating. My friend Judy is in Brazil right now and plans to visit him while she is there. Can’t wait to hear of her experience as well!

  14. Thanks Gabby. There was a documentary about John of God here in England about 5 yrs ago. Would love to have seen Oparah’s next chapter yesterday but can’t get own in the U.K yet.
    Really looking forward to more synchronicity on hearing more about him.

  15. Gabby, this yearning to know more and feel it is so deep within me and I totally resonate with your message here. Thanks for sharing it, and I will be waiting for signs for John of God or other great spiritual teachers to come to me. Blessings, babe.
    Karen Fitzgerald

  16. Gabby,

    This is wrecking my soul! I happened upon the Oprah special yesterday and watched it last night. I KNOW that this, that HE was supposed to find me. Now I have no idea what to do with it! I’ve asked for guidance, for help in defining my life’s purpose, as I know there’s something bigger that I am meant to do. In fact, that’s how you found me. I just need direction. Once you knew, how did you have the courage to get out there and do what you were called to do?

    Thank you in advance. You are a blessing and inspire me daily!

    -Amber O.

    1. Hi Amber,
      I did the exact same thing, Oprah and Gabby are my life coaches they are truly a blessing. I believe through disciplined meditations and listening to the “inner voice” , watching for signs “Synchronicty” you can be guided to your own path of realization. Just be still and listen, you’ll know what to do. πŸ™‚

  17. I have a crystal in my home from John of God….its one of my favorites and no small coincidence that the casa sits on a massive deposit of quartz crystal. Brazil is the largest exporter of quartz crystal. I believe this is a place on the planet that has amazing healing properties.
    I have done spiritual work in Brazil, but with a different spiritual practice. Working with mediums is very powerful and transforming. If you cant make the trip to John of God, I have worked with 2 amazing healers that work with the angelic realm, that are the real deal. They are called YouAngelYou, based out of Sisters Oregon. They do remote healing as well. Thanks for this! Joao de Deus is a blessing.

  18. To add on to my previous question – I am studying ACIM, I am reading May Cause Miracles and I am enrolled in BSchool. I am immersing myself in all that I want and I am open, however I still feel this unsettled anxious feeling. I do at times have moments of synchronicity, but more often than not I feel icky. Is it that I am not ready? Or am I just over thinking everything?

    1. Hi Clarissa,
      I have been following Gabbys work for a while now and those anxious feelings are normal. They are coming up like steam out of a kettle if you will, so they can be addressed. I know it might take some work but once you have worked through it and conquered your fears, own you stuff, release anger, look at life through love and compassion things will shift in amazing ways. Like Gabby says, “when in doubt be of service”. Help anyone anytime you can, love, forgiveness and gratitude are the best healers you can receive on a daily basis. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  19. My ego critic was never able to see past the reality that existed with my eyes. Then I had no choice but to change my life and perceptions because I had ‘hit bottom’, it was time. Now with all my experiences I do believe these healers exist, are capable of making miracles happen for others. My hope is that eventually we will all be healers to this magnitude to heal ourselves, the planet and life beyond this reality. It is our purpose to love and it is our mission to learn how and live it.

    Gabby, you were my first step towards true healing. My life has changed completely and I am now knowing my purpose and living my mission. Big Hugs Sister πŸ™‚ Thank You for picking up the call.


  20. Dear Gabby, thank you sharing your experience with John of God. He is on my bucket list for sure and hope he returns to Omega Institute soon , but I have a knowing — thanks to your sharing — that he already is. I searched for omega institute/John of God. And up came the YouTube film of one such appearance of JOD with no sound except the song, Just Another Ordinary Miracle. In a few moments I was sobbing and this continued for some time. My heart was broken from losing my family over a period of a few years and due to the ” coincidence” of this search result I was able to release the sorrow. I so appreciate your witnessing of your experience… Thank you so much! Have a blessed day!

  21. I also went to see John of God in 2008. Two years ago I flicked through a copy of Spirit Junkie in my Barnes and Noble, straight to the page on your experience with JoG, I then knew we had some things in common and have been enjoying your books, website, etc ever since.
    My life was truly never the same after my first visit to see JoG. I now go each year for my spiritual wash, cleanse, inspiration and nurturing. Those who go there say there is life before John of God and after John of God, I couldn’t agree more. After 6 visits I am finally embodying the fact that we will never really cognitively understand what is going on there. It is such a humbling and heart opening experience, that words really can not describe or explain the phenomenal experiences there. We are blessed to have a healer in our times like him. Gabby thanks for all your work!! Your Casa sis! xo

  22. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your story. It takes a brave heart to be so open. I pray for that quality.
    Love and Light to you!

  23. Thank you Gabby for sharing your profound experience with John of God. I have been hearing about John of God through the various spiritual activities that i engage in for spiritual growth. I am not surprised to hear that you had an awakening and your mother is healed. I think that John of God is a reminder that we all can be channels if we open ourself up to the divine within and seek to serve. Thank you for your message and willingness to go deeper on this spiritual path.

  24. Hi Gabby,
    Thank You so much for your teachings…..first heard of John of God through Wayne Dyers miraculous Meeting and healing. I know when the time is right I will visit John of God Myself and I also know our paths will also cross and we will meet. love and gratitude….

  25. That’s amazing Gabby.

    John of God was on Oprah last night and I can only imagine how many people will be flocking to him now. It was evident that he is a medium and that he channels, again, I’m amazed that this was on Oprah LOL

    I think that faith plays such a huge part in all of this and although I respect John of God and his work I would like to see people TRUST their OWN inner guidance and connect with their OWN healing powers as opposed to giving that power to somebody else.

  26. As a Brazilian, I grew up with an openness to all possibilities of spirituality. And I am grateful that you are sharing these experiences to allow other people to see beyond what we THINK is possible and what is REALLY possible.
    Thank you.

  27. Hey Gabby you have a typo for the word: experience as of this post.
    Here’s my take on John Of God. I’m not opposed to him but what concerns me is that he is a metaphor for “religious search” that continues and continues. With all the books, teachers and ACIM and other religious texts, it seems that people are spending most of their time and money chasing for a spiritual feeling from one GURU to the next. I think John of God meets the needs for some. But I feel like the spirituality niche is starting to become more material than spiritual. I don’t believe spirituality need be so complex. It’s time to go “within”; that is where the answers are. Sure some teachers can “bring it out”; but how many do you need? Quite frankly, I think many people, for instance, can search you tube and find out about teachers and then see who they resonate with, if there is the need. But to pay plane fare and then 1600 dollars to go to another country, isn’t necessary for anyone. I know that these TV celebrities are trying to expose people to different teachers; but for a novice I can see people spending lots of dollars chasing spiritual teachers around the world. Even the likes of Ram Dass who has done his share of searching talks in his books about “simplicity”. Many people don’t realize that there are boomer age teachers who have been there and done that and they can learn from them before feeling they have to start going here and there for teachers. There are free videos online, at TED that can give you some exposure and help with your inner search. I just wanted to post this as another alternative for someone now thinking that because you and O both have gone to John of God that perhaps they should too. I know people who make their decisions based on popularity of the teachers who endorse these people. Thanks for your video.

  28. Hi Gabby – I’m so glad that both you and Oprah are sharing your experiences. I, too, made the trek from LA to San Paulo to Brazilia to that remote village Abadiania way back in September 1998. My always ahead of her time mother asked me to join her and like yourself I went thinking I was going with her to keep her safe. Until last year, I had not told a single person about this experience because I felt no one could understand or accept my explanation of what happened. Thanks for opening the door a little more so others can see the Light.

  29. How do I find my own John of God experience? Where do I begin my pilgrimage?

    Dearest Gabrielle,
    I pray this finds it’s way to you. Basically, this a cry for help.
    You came to me through my very brave and courageous daughter, Emily. The two of you even look the same. Yet this girl left home barely 17 to dance with the Pennsylvania Ballet Company. At 19, she took a train to Penn Station and auditioned for a Broadway show. Because she had no fear – she got it! She defied the odds and has been in NYC for almost 11 years. A true New Yorker, she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. But she has had her moments – many – when the City wanted to eat her alive. Your book Spiritual Junkie changed her life.
    She sent me your message about self-love after my 6th hospitalization in a Mental Health Unit in 3 years – This time for an overdose of pills trying to dull the pain of anxiety and fear I thought was a side-effect of Chantix (to stop smoking). But to be honest, I’m not really sure. This was just 9 days ago. When I became sleepy, I got scared and called 911 and I was off to a Mental Unit that did nothing for me increase the number of numbing medications I already take. I can call this a cry for help for many different things, but I know it’s about the grief, remorse, mourning and loss of my second husband. It has never been resolved and I don’t know how it ever can be. I will try to be quick, but I was married to my first husband for 18 rocky, unstable and physically abusive years though he did give me four incredible children. My second husband, Michael, came into my life doing theatre – my safe playground. We had an incredibly happy marriage and he helped to raise my teen-aged children – And he was really the only father Emily really knew. But there must have been something lacking. When my first boyfriend, whom I had known since I was 11, came back to my life through, we began to correspond. It was appealing to me to get back to a time long before my first marriage when life was simple and I was still a “Golden Girl” – Confident, popular, successful with a budding career in television and commercials. He saw me as the 16-year-old I used to be. Unfortunately, I turned my back on Michael and we had an affair.
    Michael eventually found out through letters on my lap-top. He was so ready to forgive, but I was so confused. And when I was ready, Michael had moved on. I never took to the time to reflect within myself. Fearful I would be old and alone, I married my high school sweetheart. I left Ventura County in Southern California and moved to the San Diego area. In essence, I had not only divorced my husband, but also my friends, the nearness of my children and grandchildren, my community, the respect of the theatre world that respected me, my home and most of all myself.
    I am a shell of what I was at one time. I have tried to reduce my pill intake because my children say I am not the same person anymore. Does that surprise me ? Not at all…
    I still love my previous husband, to the point of obsession and still am grieving his loss which has been like a death to me. I remain in therapy infinitely, take dozens of mind-destroying pills daily prescribed by my psychiatrist based on his diagnosis of my “bi-polar manic episode of my affair” (his description), I have no friends, and once with a full-career in arts management, I find I can no longer work without sabotaging it somehow. I do not even leave the house.
    I am going to be watching your life stream event over the weekend, and I am currently reading “Spiritual Junkie.” I am hungry for relief and answers and a new way to be myself. I feel I have gone beyond crisis and yet no one seems to be able to help me put my sordid past behind me. I am paralyzed and cannot move on. Despite five grandchildren and my beautiful family and my patient husband who has put up with more junk than anyone should be allowed, I cannot see past my many blessings emotionally. I just see the overwhelming and debilitating sadness and the hurt I have caused.
    I will be in New York from April 15th to the 20th to visit my daughter. Do you ever see people or is your calendar too full? Or am I too old to be one of your followers? Or can you provide a referral or recommend resources during that time or in North County San Diego? I really feel I have hit the wall for the last time. Obviously I need to move on, but no one knows how to get me there. How does one find an experience like the one you had with John of God? Where do I go to find the inner-peace I so desperately need? Is there a teacher for me? Is this a bi-polar manic episode to even presume you are reading this? Or that anyone really cares?
    Thank you for taking the time to hear my cry… I hope to hear from you or someone from your staff in the near future.
    Mary Ann
    High Hearts

    Mary Ann Van Sickle

  30. Gabby,
    Where do I begin…?? Late last year my very fit father went into heart failure back home in the UK. I rushed home to see him. We nearly lost him.
    Well….he believes he has a guardian angel, in fact we had many a discussion about asking angels for assistance when I was home.
    I just got off a call with my mum. Dad had a heart scan today….his heart is working very well now which they were pleasantly surprised about, his clot is gone, he can now come off some of his meds, he doesn’t require daily monitoring from home anymore, he can come off a tablet which was preventing him from having surgery he badly needs to a collapsed ankle & they are so happy with him πŸ˜‰
    I am so thrilled that he truly believed he would be healed and now proof is here…
    Your book May Cause Miracles helped my journey through this worrisome time.
    Many thanks xx

  31. Yay for Gabby and John of God! I am in my second year of seeking healing with Western Medicine and am about over it! MCM came to me in the New Year and I cannot believe the effect it has had already in my life. I will be attending Gaby’s event Thursday evening and am counting the hours! Many blessing on you, Gabby B! You light my way!

  32. Hi Gabby
    I’m interested in finding out if you have contact information on the distance healing that can be done with John of God? I watched him on Oprah years ago & have read about him though you and Wayne Dyer who I know personally did the distance healing. If you could give me any information on that I would be so grateful!! Thanks so much!

  33. Gabby,
    I remember reading about your John of God experience in Spirit Junkie and it came across as a really defining moment for you on your spiritual journey.
    I’m at a period in my life where I am trusting more and more in my own inner voice and guidance. My spiritual journey began 2 years ago when I packed in my city job to pursue my own coaching business which I have been steadily building for the last two years. It made no sense from the ‘ego’ but something inside of me was literally crying out for me to leave (pop onto my website and you can read my latest blog post about it which I think you’ll like πŸ™‚ ) Something inside of me is guiding me to give even more fully to my clients and community and this is seeing a whole new revamp of my work.
    And get this. I have just booked my honeymoon to Brazil over Christmas. It didn’t make sense why but I felt a strong calling to visit this vibrant country…. and I have a strong, intuitive feeling that John of God may also be a part of my journey. I’ll keep you updated! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your wonderful work X

  34. Dear Gabby,

    Your vlog touched my heart today. I remember reading about your experience with John of God in Spirit Junkie over a year ago. I was amazed to find myself feeling more open to accepting the presence of God in my own life, simply by reading about your spiritual awakening. Fear had its fangs deep in my skin at that time and my life was in complete chaos as a result. Your guidance helped me to see that there is a better way, and I decided to choose love instead of fear. I’ve been on a wild, amazing, and beautiful journey with God ever since.
    Now, I want to go even deeper and have my own visceral experience of what God means to me, too. I believe that watching this vlog is a divine gift and encouragement on my journey of healing.
    Thank-you Gabby πŸ™‚

  35. Gabby,

    I loved hearing your experience with John of God. I read about him in O magazine, and I am looking forward to watching Oprah’s experience on Next Chapter. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but the word “experience” is misspelled in your heading. I’m a college-level composition (English) instructor, but if I can help your organization by proofreading (which I’m really, really good at), please let me know.

  36. How does the every day person get the opportunity, resources, etc. to go to Brazil and be in the presence of John of God for greater awakening, healing, etc. At this exact moment I am at the place in my life where I know God & the universe is the one & only source for everything in my life & everything flowing into my life, yet I have a very strong feeling/urge that some very big, good, positive changes are manifesting & flowing into my life – and I want the opportunity to travel to see John of God. Do I just hold strong to my faith & affirm this desire – will John of God realize this. I hope to hear from you. YOUR VIDEO WAS PRESENTED TO ME FOR A REASON, A SPIRITUAL REASON.
    Thank you, thank you so much.

    1. staying in brazil where john of god works is very inexpensive and he sees people for free. so your main expense is the flight. i say, hold the vision and pray for the resources to come to you. they will. they always do.

  37. I was so fascinated to know more about him. And glad Oprah chose to do a Next Chapter piece on him. In the Metaphysical Bookstore I work in, we sell crystals that have been blessed by John of God. I love crystals and had been told that ones blessed by John of God vibrate on a different frequency and have a totally different energy, but I had no idea the magnitude of this mans miracles!

  38. Hi Gabby,

    My partner received spiritual surgery from John of God.
    My partner had just gone through extensive treatment for cancer and it got to the point where the doctors were unable to do anything more for him.
    His choice to visit John of God not only saved his life, but cured him of his cancer!
    This man is a true miracle worker.
    We are planning a trip to Brazil later this year to visit John of God to offer our thanks and to receive a blessing for the future!

  39. Hi Gabby,
    I had the pleasure of seeing you speak on your book tour for may cause miracles in LA. I have finished you book and am enjoying the guidance. I can’t explain how but I have followed my guidance to Morocco where I currently am. I feel myself changing and becoming more who I am meant to be each day. I love the process and I feel that soon I will be sitting with John of God. Thank you for the books you write and the love you share with all those who need it.
    Love, Mariah

  40. Gabby,
    Great feature! I am reading miracles and every time I read ~ing I get tripped up! What the heck is the ~ing? Your spirit? Help or it’s going to take me a long time to finish the book πŸ˜‰

  41. Gabby,
    Thank you so much for your courageous talk on John of God. It’s beautiful to hear other people’s personal spiritual journey. I’m reminded each time, I’m not alone. It’s def something that has been on my radar to do. Thank you for reminding me!

  42. John of God was in Toronto this past weekend and is currently on tour. You can google the tour dates and places. I think there is a stop in Germany and Switzerland this summer. Unfortunately I was working and couldn’t attend. Hopefully next time.

  43. I can’t believe the coincidences here. Or, rather, I can believe it but still…

    Gabby, I discovered you through spotify – of all places. I was looking out for some new music, and I searched for Marie Forleo because I thought that if she had a profile she would have some awesome tunes on there. However, through the Marie Forleo playlist by the OWNTV – I found you. LOVED your playlists and started listening to your talks. And then all of a sudden EVERYBODY is talkin’ about you. Two of my friends – completely unrelated to each other mention you within one week. And when I went to the bookstore to pick up your book – MCM was there – in the wrong shelf. Right before my eyes. I was incredibly moved by reading about John of God in Spirit Junkie (read all your books in one weekend, haha!) and I listened to some more of your talks. In one talk someone asks about your necklace, and you say the triangle is a symbol of John of God. Guess what!? Last weekend someone gave me a triangle necklace out of the blue and I have been wearing it ever since. And now this video shows up!?

    I know I am meant to learn from you, Gabby. Thank you.

  44. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve been going to John of God’s healing center, the Casa, for 15 years now and working as both a support medium there and as a guide, at John’s request. I take 10 groups of people there each year, so if people want info on my trips, they can email me at And I also wrote a very informative book about him which is also great preparation for people wanting to go there: The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus. Blessings to all – Josie

  45. Feeling so blessed!! For some reason this message went to spam and I just discovered it today and oh my oh my, it surely is divine timing. Feeling very connected to source in the past week, thanks in part to your May Cause Miracles Interview Series! So thankful my boyfriend, Ballard, introduced me to your work years ago. So many blessings to your continued growth and mine, too!!

  46. Hi Gabrielle
    I am new to you site and books, but you have with no doubt been guided to me, and I am deeply grateful for that. I have just gotten back from a crystal healing here in Amsterdam where I live, and then I thought lets look at Gabby’s site, and here you are telling about your own experience with John of God. I have just finished Spirit Junkie. A Beautiful and insightful book.
    Again I feel blessed as I have studied A Course in Miracles for a few years, but put down the book. Now I kept seeing GB letters in the street and was literally guided to your book.
    And I am now back at studying A Course in Miracles, but with a whole new tool and insight by my side. Namely you and your book.
    Thank you so much for sharing your own life experience in such a honest and sincere way. But also just with so much insight in the Course and how you used it and managed to look at yourself so honestly. That I find completely up lifting and a great new way for me to combat my ego and stay tuned in on Love and the Miracle.
    I was also guided to the John of God connection that I have here in Amsterdam, which is a first hand connection and a wonderful Brazilian woman that has worked with John of God for many years. I am very fortunate to have her in my life, but I heard those last words in your talk on John of God, and I know that I will have to go there in person.
    Thanks for that.
    Much love to you

  47. Thank you for some other informative website.
    Where else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect means?
    I’ve a challenge that I’m just now operating on, and I’ve
    been on the glance out for such info.

  48. You are a Warrior of Peace, Gabrielle! I don’t know you in person, but just from watching this video I feel very proud of you πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I feel that shifting my perspective in the way you describe is like a hardcore weight-lifting session – especially when I’ve been hurt and feel every right to hurt back. When I finally get myself to the point of being WILLING to look at what I could learn, everything starts to change.

    Sending you much love!

  49. Gabby, how do we go there I went to the website but only found links with organized tours? Is ther one you would recommend or if it is possible to go individually, where can we fin the address?
    Thank you for your advice.

  50. HI Gabby! Love your books and following you! I also love your Mother Mary necklace you posted a picture of! Where can I buy one? Love it! Many blessings, Sue

  51. Thank You for sharing! Where did you get that beautiful triangle necklace? It is inspiring. And where should I look to find a John of God Triangle?

  52. I’d like to know how I can get to see john of god? How did you arrange to get there? What do I have to do?

  53. Hi Gabby – I absolutely love your crystal pyramid pendant. Where did you get yours? Have been trying to find one online for a while now. Thanks!

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